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She was checking her schedule for the day; she had to clean the first 4 floors of the hotels, 40 rooms by herself. Just great! She was just thankful she was in the a/c today; it was so hot out. She put her hair up in a clip, tied her apron on grabbed her cart and started. She progressed quite quickly and was glad she was solo today. Sometimes it was great working alone; she had her music and her thoughts. No one was going to slow her down today.

Finally the last room! She was ahead of schedule and was feeling good about her accomplishment for the day. She decided to do the beds first, vacuum and then finally finish up in the bathroom. When she had a plan, time went by quickly; well after 40 rooms you would think so…..

She was so involved in her housekeeping that she failed to realize someone had come into the room, and she jumped when she saw him in the mirror standing by the beds.

‘I didn’t mean to startle you….’ he said, he even raised his hand as a peace offering.

Well, now that she practically jumped out of her skin she noticed that the few top buttons on her shirt were undone. She thought to herself he probably didn’t even notice. She was wrong.

‘Can I help you sir with something? I believe this room is not yet available for check in.’ she smiled politely.

‘I am not here to check in miss, but I was wondering if you found my gold bracelet. I believe I dropped it between the bed and nightstand. ‘He was motioning to her the bed on the left.

‘Yes, I found it! It’s in my apron which is in the bathroom, I will go get it for you’ she maintained eye contact and could feel herself beginning to blush. She had to look away or she would fall flat on her face. He was quite attractive actually; those blue eyes were the bluest she had ever seen. She pegged him to be 35, not athletic but proportionally built; she was imagining what his cock would look like. Her thoughts were beginning to race to what she would like to do to him. It didn’t matter if he was married or not, she just wanted a good fuck. Especially after working all day…… in this heat. A good fuck in the shower would be so perfect.

‘Here you go. I hope you enjoyed your stay, sir?’ she handed him the bracelet. He took her hand and looked her in the eyes and smiled at her.

‘Actually, I was quite disappointed with a few things. Maybe you can make them up to me? I don’t really like to complain, however….’ he started

‘I am sure sir if you had a complaint that management could do something for you. Sometimes things are out of my control. What are some of the things that you didn’t like?’ She was now curious as she bonus veren siteler could feel some sort of chemistry between them. It didn’t seem he was in any hurry to leave either.

“Well, room service was late, I wanted more towels and you didn’t come to tuck me in’ Direct contact, no smiling. He was wondering if she would bite back. She did.

‘I am sure if you spoke to management, they could appease you somehow. As for me tucking you in, what kind of hotel do you think this is? I believe this is a form of harassment….besides your a grown man you don’t need tucking in’ she stood there with arms crossed under her breasts, which made them rise a little higher now. With the two buttons undone, he did sneak a peak at them.

‘I apologize miss, forgive me for my behaviour.’ His eyes looked into hers and dropped down to her breasts, he was smiling. He knew he wanted to fuck her and he sensed that she did too, he proceeded to go slowly.

‘Are you done for the day? I would really like to give you a reward for finding my bracelet.’ He tried to sound sincere and was watching her do the finish touches in the bathroom. She was beginning to think he aggravating her, but she loved it.

‘Oh yeah, what kind of reward?’ she was thinking what she would like to do to him and it brought a smile to her face.

‘By the look on your face, I take that as a yes?’ He was trying to look for her name tag but couldn’t find it on her uniform. ‘My name is John, by the way. And you are…?’ he was waiting just outside by her cart now. She seemed like she was almost done. He was looking at her ass and was wondering if she was wearing anything under that little uniform. He was picturing what she would like naked, her breasts were nice and perky, nice small waist and ass. What he would like to do to that ass, nice and round, perfect for grabbing and….he needed to focus fast and he could feel his cock getting hard.

‘Jacqui, nice to meet you John’ she extended her hand and they shook, while he looked at her with those intense blue eyes. Once again, she could feel the heat rising in her cheeks. He didn’t seem to let go of her hand.

‘So Jacqui, meet me at the B it was like he was waiting forever for it. He took the hem of her uniform and was trying to get his hand underneath it to know if she was panty less. Oh fuck, she was! He was grinding into her and he was grateful she was responding. She was moaning his name which drove him nuts. He pulled away; he wanted to spend hours with her. Perfect timing that his meeting was cancelled for the day, now he could spend it fucking this girl all day and into the bedava bahis evening. Life is grand, he thought!

Jacqui agreed to meet him at the hotel. She went to go and put her stuff away, punched out, got refreshed and headed out to the B it even had a hot tub. Getting fucked in a hot tub, she only wished. The limo driver walked her to the elevator and then told her floor 21 and handed her the card to get into the room and that ‘he’ was waiting for her. He wished her well and left.

She decided to knock, no answer. She then inserted the card and got in; there was a large foyer and it seemed awkward that she was here. She put the card on the table and walked down this short hallway and decided to shout ‘hello, anybody here?’ She ran smack into him and he caught her in his arms.

‘Hi Jacqui, thanks for coming. Can I get you a drink?’ She asked for a glass of red wine which he gladly poured for her.

‘I usually don’t drink this early in the day. What are you drinking?’ she noticed that he did not have a drink anywhere.

‘Um, I don’t drink. But don’t let that stop you. I am having water with blueberries and lemon.’ He started to make this in front of her. Just a tall glass of water with some ice, handful of berries and 2 slices of lemon.

‘That looks good!’ she smiled at him. She was holding her glass next to her cheek and just looking into those blue eyes.

‘Let’s go Jacqui….’ he took her glass of wine from her, and led her into the bedroom suite. She was looking at everything, the decor, bedding, even the art on the wall. But now she was looking at him and she didn’t even noticed that he laid her gently on the bed. He was on top of her now, kissing her and grinding her. She started to unbutton his shirt; he got on his knees on either side of her and took it off himself. He loved feeling her fingers on his chest. He pushed himself off the bed and started to undo his belt buckle.

‘Can I do that?’ Jacqui slid to the edge of the bed, now her dress was up by the tops of her thighs. She undid his pants and quickly took out his cock; she started to rub his cock up and down and could feel it getting hard. She slipped out of her dress and left her heels on; as she was kissing him her hand was on his cock the whole time. He wanted to put his hands on her but she got on her knees and took his whole cock in her mouth. He watched her as she was sucking and licking, in and out. As she was sucking him she put her three fingertips on top of her pussy and started to rub.

‘Mmmmm, your cock is so good.’ She decided to really take him in by letting him fuck her mouth nice and slowly. Now deneme bonus her hands were on either side of his thighs and she let him fuck her mouth as she sucked and took him in. Her hands moved to her breasts to play with her nipples and she moaned for him.

‘Ooh baby, I am about to come.’ John looked at her and could tell she was ready for it. He shot his load into her mouth; she tried to swallow it all. Some slipped on her breasts and rubbed it over her nipples. She even took some and put it in her pussy.

‘That was fucking good…’she got up and slipped out of her shoes.

‘Now it’s your turn.’ A wicked smile crept over his face, and he was on top of her in a flash.

They were kissing and holding each other very tightly. She was so ready for him to fuck her now. She would forego the foreplay so that he can just take her now.

‘John, let’s go into a different room.’ She read that this suite had a hot tub and she knew exactly where it was. He now was curious but went along with it, and even got more excited when she found the hot tub room. This room was so amazing she thought, every woman should have this! In the centre of the room was an amazing hot tub, you could stand, walk and probably swim in it. To the right of it was a standing shower that could fit more than a few couples. A few feet away from the centre of the hot tub was a long bench, which looked like another good spot to fuck him.

‘Nice choice Jacqui’ He grabbed her ass and pulled her to him and his cock which was getting harder. He took her over to the hot tub, turned it on and helped her get in. After he got in she pulled him to her and kissed him aggressively. Her legs opened wide and up around his waist.

‘Oh fuck John! Just fuck me now…..’ He pulled away, sat down and took her with him. His lips were all over her, starting from her lips down to her neck. His hands were on her arms and then moved to her breasts where he sucked her nipples till they were hard. When she started to moan he bit them and then sucked, he held her breasts and licked her from nipple to nipple and roughly squeezing.

She was straddling him and took her hands to his cock and gently put it in her pussy. Her hands were now on his arms holding on tight. His hands moved to her waist and he was filling his cock into her. Up and down, in and out his cock filled her cunt so well, she was moaning and keeping up with his thrusts. She got off on him and turned his back to him, she wanted him to enter her from behind. She sat in his lap now and she could feel his cock entering her, he helped her move up and down. His cock was amazing, with his hard cock and warm water entering her she was about to come.

‘Fuck John, yeah, oh yeah’ She moaned to him as she came, and then fell back gently. He now had his hands on her breasts and was kissing her neck, one hand slipped into her wet cunt and decided to play some more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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