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The flight touched down at London Heathrow at 10:10 AM. After a ten minute taxi to the gate, Jake and Stephanie disembarked. They said goodbye to the lovely flight attendant and made their way to customs. After clearing customs they made their way to the baggage claim. Stephanie stayed back as Jake moved into the crowd to retrieve their bags. Several minutes later Jake emerged from the crowd with their suitcases.

“That was brutal,” he said.

They made their way towards the exit. As they neared, Jake saw a familiar face.

“Melvin!” Jake called.

Melvin waved and hurried to meet his guests.

“Jake, how are you?” he said, shaking Jake’s hand firmly. “How was the flight?”

“Amazing, thanks to you booking us business class,” Jake said. “Didn’t know you had that kind of pull at Cambridge.”

“Being chair of the department has it’s perks,” Melvin said. “And this must be your lovely wife, Stephanie.”

He leaned in and kissed Stephanie on the cheek.

“Stephanie, Melvin Tomlinson,” Jake said.

“A pleasure,” Stephanie smiled.

“The pleasure is mine,” Melvin said. “Shall we go? I’ve got a car for us.”

They exited the building and to the parking area. It was a lovely morning. The air was warm, and a gentle breeze was blowing. They arrived at the car, and Jake put the luggage in the trunk, or boot, as they called it in England. They got in the car, with Melvin and and Jake in the front, and Stephanie in the back.

“I know you prefer local flavor, so we’ve put you up at the Strand Palace Hotel,” Melvin said.

“How far are we from Cambridge?” Stephanie asked.

“Almost two hours,” Jake said. “We can take the train, can’t we, Melvin?”

“You could,” Melvin said. “But you’d be going way out of your way.”

“What?” Jake asked. “I thought the conference was at Cambridge.”

Melvin chuckled.

“I said Cambridge was sponsoring it, Jake. It’s actually being held in London at the Millennium Conference Center at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel. We’re expecting a decent gathering.”

The car slowed and pulled up to the curb.

“Here we are,” Melvin said. “Your hotel. I expect you’ll want to rest before tonight. I’ll send a car for you around five.”

“What’s the dress code?” Stephanie asked.

“In your American terms, business casual,” Melvin answered, smiling.

Jake grabbed the luggage from the trunk.

“Thanks again, Melvin,” he said, shaking his professor’s hand.

“See you tonight!” Melvin said.

Jake and Stephanie entered the hotel lobby and moved to the check-in desk.

“Welcome ayvalık escort to the Strand Palace Hotel,” the desk clerk said. “Checking in?”

“Yes,” Jake replied. “Jake and Stephanie Smith.”

“Yes,” the clerk said. “You’re on the third floor, king-size bed.”

The clerk handed them their key-cards.

“Enjoy your stay!” she said.

“Thank you,” Jake said.

They took the elevator to the third floor and found their room. The first thing that struck them upon entering was the size of the room. It wasn’t quite as spacious as American hotel rooms, but it made efficient use of what space there was. Immediately off to the right was the king-sized bed with a large glass mirror behind it. The bed faced a small wall-mounted cabinet, upon which sat a coffee pot and two mugs engraved with the hotel name. To the right of the bed was a small table and two plush chairs. The table sat next to the window, which offered a great view of downtown London. A small hallway to the left led to the closet and the bathroom.

“We’re finally here,” Jake sighed, putting the luggage against the wall. “Want to rest?”

“Not exactly,” Stephanie smirked.

Stephanie moved to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him hard on the mouth. Jake wrapped his arms around his beautiful wife and pulled her tightly to him. He moved his lips on hers, pressing hard against her mouth. Stephanie loved when Jake kissed her like this. She could feel his passion and love, and it excited her. She moaned softly into his mouth. Jake lifted her shirt. Stephanie raised her arms as her shirt was lifted up and off her body. Stephanie had worn a comfortable sports bra for the long journey; it, too, joined her shirt on the floor. Jake picked her up; she held tight. Jake moved her to the bed and laid her down. He moved his lips down to her neck.

“Oh, Jake,” Stephanie gasped.

Jake’s lips lingered on Stephanie’s soft, smooth neck. Stephanie’s gasps of pleasure continued as he kissed her. He moved down her body. His mouth soon found his wife’s breasts. Her nipples were hard with arousal. Jake flicked her nipples with his tongue.

“Fuck,” Stephanie gasped.

Jake continued flicking her nipples with his tongue. Stephanie’s moans grew louder. Jake took her breasts in his mouth, sucking them hard. Stephanie grabbed her husband’s head and moaned louder. Jake continued making his way down his wife’s hot body. He kissed her stomach, eliciting another gasp. He reached out and began to slid Stephanie’s pants off. His lips and tongue moved lower.

“Oh, god,” Stephanie escort ayvalık moaned, knowing what was coming.

Jake kissed Stephanie’s mound. She was totally swollen, ready for him. He kissed around her opening, teasing and taunting Stephanie with his tongue. He moved away to Stephanie’s inner thighs, kissing slowly up towards her slit. Stephanie moaned and gasped. She wanted him to bury his tongue deep inside her. Jake licked around her opening. He took her lips in his mouth and sucked gently.

“Oh, shit!” Stephanie moaned. “That feels amazing, Jake! Don’t stop!”

Jake continued sucking Stephanie’s pussy lips. He began to suck harder. Stephanie was writhing in pleasure. Jake placed his arms over her abdomen to hold her still so he could taste her.

“Do you want it?” Jake asked.

“Oh, fuck yes, Jake,” Stephanie groaned. “Lick my pussy!”

Jake moved his tongue to his wife’s glistening slit. Stephanie nearly screamed as he slid his tongue up and down her entrance. He moved his tongue to her clit and flicked it.

“Fuck!” his wife screamed.

Jake continued licking up and down, occasionally teasing her clitoris. Stephanie felt like she was going to explode. Every nerve in and around her pussy was firing. Perhaps it was because she had already been so horny, but she’d never felt anything like this. Jake slid his tongue inside her. Stephanie moaned louder. She reached for a pillow and covered her face so her screams wouldn’t alert the entire hotel to her pleasure. Jake pressed his tongue inside her, as deep as he could go. He felt his wife shuddering and quivering. He could taste her warm nectar. His cock was throbbing; he could feel the precum dripping from his erect cock. He pulled his tongue out. He moved to Stephanie’s clit and began to suck. She was trying with all that was in her to hold back. She couldn’t.

“Fuck!” she screamed into her pillow.

Jake watched as her pussy pulsed. Her juices flowed like a river bursting through a dam. Jake licked as her juices flowed. Stephanie shook and shivered through her orgasm. Finally she lay still. She looked down at Jake, still between her legs.

“Oh, god, Jake where did you learn to do that?” she asked.

“Years of practice,” Jake replied. “Are you ready for bed now?”

“Did you cum?” Stephanie asked.

“No,” Jake answered.

“Then no,” Stephanie said.

She crawled to the edge of the bed and bent over.

“Fuck my ass,” she said.

Jake was taken aback. The last time they’d even tried anal was their wedding night. It had felt good, but the ayvalık escort bayan next morning Stephanie had sworn she’d never do it again.

“Are you sure, baby?” Jake asked.

“I said fuck my ass!” Stephanie repeated. “Make me scream!”

“If you say so,” Jake smiled.

He pressed his erect cock against her hole. Stephanie whimpered. She was very tight, and Jake’s cock was thick. She reached behind her and spread her cheeks.

“There’s lube in my suitcase,” Stephanie said.

“You thought of everything, didn’t you?”

Jake opened his wife’s suitcase and quickly located the lube. He poured a liberal amount onto his throbbing manhood. He was nearly dripping now. He pressed again into his wife’s hole. Stephanie nearly screamed as he entered her. She was extremely tight.

“Oh, shit, Jake!” Stephanie yelled. “You’re so big inside me!”

“You’re so tight!” Jake moaned.

He began to thrust, slowly and gently. Stephanie whimpered as he began to fuck her. He pressed deeper. Stephanie yelled into her pillow as he went all the way inside her. It hurt, yes, but it also felt amazing. At this angle, Jake was hitting her g-spot through the thin wall separating her ass and pussy. Stephanie wanted everything Jake could give her.

“Harder,” she gasped.

Jake began to pound her. He fucked her hard and fast now. Stephanie was whimpering with each hard, deep thrust. She could feel her husband throbbing inside her. It wouldn’t be long now. Jake slowed his thrusting. He pulled about halfway out then thrust all the way in. Stephanie screamed as his cock stretched her.

“Fuck my ass, Jake! Fuck me like the dirty wife I am!”

“Take it, Stephanie!” Jake grunted.

“Yes, baby, give it to me! Give me your hot load!”

Jake fucked her harder. Stephanie didn’t know how much more she could take. She heard Jake grunting louder. He was about to explode. Stephanie buried her face in her pillow and screamed again. It sent Jake over the edge.

“Fuck!” he yelled.

Stephanie felt her husband spasming inside her. Then she felt his warm thick sperm filling her ass. She couldn’t believe how much Jake had in him. It was nearly thirty seconds before he ceased. Jake pulled out; cum was dripping from Stephanie’s ass.

“Did you fill me?” Stephanie asked, now completely exhausted.

“Yes,” Jake panted. “You’re dripping.”

“I hate you,” Stephanie said. “Hand me my panties.”

Jake handed them to his wife. She lay on her stomach as she put them on, then she went to the bathroom. Jake soon heard the shower. Stephanie poked her head out of the bathroom.

“Coming?” she said.

Jake joined her in the bathroom. Stephanie slid open the glass door to the spacious shower. She put her head under the water. She looked at Jake.

“After that, I better get a damn good shower massage,” she said.

“Ah, the things we do for love,” Jake smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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