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((Authors Note –

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

Hope you’ll bear with me on this one!

I started with the best intentions of keeping this down to a couple of pages, but I got too interested in the characters to rush it, so it’s a bit longer than I intended…

Hope you find it a good read though and as always I’d love to read your comments – and see you vote!

Duke ))


1.A Minor Problem

The look that I gave him should have left him consumed by fire.

Just a pile of smouldering ashes!

How could he have got me into this ridiculous mess?!! And the way that my cousin Peter just casually shrugged, and stared back at me with those innocent, pleading eyes just infuriated me even more. I mentally called up another bolt of lightning!!

I suppose I ought to explain.

It’s not that I blame Peter for everything that goes wrong in my life, but…

You see we’re really close, even though I’m four years older and sometimes feel like a substitute mother! We were brought up in the same small Leicestershire village, played together a lot when we were young, and because his own mother died in a car accident when he was nine, I sort of, well, took over. God, that makes me sound old! But here I am, an honours graduate from Oxford , slim, medium height with silky, shoulder length straw blond hair. A youthful twenty three year old with my life opening up in front of me.

Or it was until just a few moments ago!!

I know that it’s not really his fault that he knows instinctively how to push my buttons. And what makes it even more annoying is that he doesn’t even know that he’s doing it! He just naturally gets into all sorts of scrapes in his life and when he’s run out of options to get out of them on his own, he passes everything over to his older ‘sis’, Janine, me, to sort out. Christ, I’m not even his biological Sister either!! Of course, it’s not usually anything that serious. Maybe just a local farmer or two to placate like when, as a ten year old, he’d inadvertently burned down a haystack while trying to prove that you really can get sparks from flints!

“I didn’t really expect it to work,” he’d explained innocently later with a sheepish expression spread across his youthful features, small locks of sandy hair blowing in the breeze, ” …and it was … well, sort of … like homework after all!”

It’s like I said , buttons again! I’d just spent the whole of the previous week chivvying him about doing his homework after he’d come home with a bad school report and his father had gone ballistic! So it was all my fault then!

I checked in his direction again. Disappointingly, there was no sign of the lightning bolt and he was still looking back at me angelically, totally confident that I would wave a magic wand and somehow get us out of this, his latest and most spectacular scrape to date! With that heavy weight of expectation on my shoulder I sucked in a deep breath and glared at him again.

And that air of total innocence just served to remind me that he’d been the one responsible for breaking my heart, the reason why I’d just jetted off around the world with my best friend to try and forget the pain, forget Jamie! Well, that may be a little strong I suppose. You see Peter didn’t have a clue about what was happening on that fateful Spring afternoon in Hampshire. He was just being his usual helpful, innocent self I suppose.

2.A Worrying Moment

I’d actually been quite surprised to make the garden party at all. It was only because I’d been unexpectedly released early from an open day at my prospective new employers when one of their key staff came down with a bug of some kind that I’d arrived at the country hotel three hours earlier than I’d expected. So, after I’d dropped off my overnight bag in our room, I’d headed straight down to the garden tents, bathed in warm sunshine, and full of family members celebrating the umpteenth anniversary of my aunt and uncle.

I was thinking delicious thoughts about Jamie, my handsome Scottish boyfriend of almost two years as I’d fielded felicitations from friends and family and searched high and low for his flame red hair. He’d sounded disappointed when I’d told him that I’d be delayed until the evening , but I’d promised him something ‘special’ for later to make up. I’d gone out the day before to purchase his ‘surprise’ and I’d been feeling a little annoyed that the sexy new suspenders set was still packed up in my case and not sliding silkily over my bare skin. I’d shivered slightly in anticipation of the way that he’d look at me later as I undressed and the way that he’d slowly, ever so slowly, slide off my underwear before…

“Oh, Hi Janine, great to see you …” it had been Peter, sauntering over with a stunning blonde girl on his arm that I’d never met before, “…weren’t you coming down later??”

I’d tried hard not to be ‘mum’ as I let my gaze run critically over his latest conquest. bursa escort She was taller than me and wore a long, lemon summer dress that clung to her young curves very fetchingly. It was quite conservative from the waist down, but the halter top dipped so low and her twin orbs pushed so high that her cleavage was quite breathtaking. I couldn’t help my eyes as they widened in surprise, before my eyebrows narrowed.

Peter had been quick to chip in before I said anything untoward though, and I could see that he was secretly pleased at my reaction!

“This is Chloe, she’s come with cousin Veronica. I’ve offered to show her round and introduce her to everyone.”

I’d given him a slightly old fashioned look before smiling and greeting his new friend, “Hello Chloe, I’m Janine, Peter’s long suffering cousin. It’s amazing how selfless he can be at times like this isn’t it? But…” I’d watched Peter cringe as he’d wondered what I would say, ” … just remember, don’t believe a word he says …about anything!”

Peter seemed to have inherited his fair share of family intelligence though and he’d quickly interrupted before I could say anything more disparaging, “Are you looking for Jamie? I’m sure that I saw him heading over towards the old Summer House a short while ago with Patsy.”

His attempted diversion had been completely successful! At the mere mention of ‘her’ name the hair on the back of my neck had prickled up, and I’d felt a shiver run up my spine.

My old school nemesis Patsy hated being called Patricia, and I’d used the latter expression continuously to annoy her when we were younger. We were hardly friends! She also had what I thought was a very well deserved reputation as a man-eater, even at her relatively tender age! Of course I’d known that Jamie and I were completely solid as a couple, so there’d been no reason to worry had there? Nevertheless, I’d bidden Chloe a hasty goodbye, flashed what I’d hoped was a confident, carefree smile at Peter and set off towards the Summer House.

It was, I knew, a small wooden building tucked away in a little glade of tall trees and shielded from the main gardens by a long, thick laurel hedge. Perfect for a bit of peace and quiet , perfect for a bit of soulful self-reflection (I’d been there before!), perfect for bit of …

“Oh stop it!” I’d chided myself in annoyance as my sense of disquiet had deepened, “…we’re solid … we’re …and he must know that I’d kill him if he ever … but it’s ok …he wouldn’t …”

Inadvertently I’d picked up my pace as I’d followed the hedge up a short slope and my casual saunter as I’d left Peter and Chloe had gradually progressed to a brisk walk but I’d pulled up quickly as I’d reached the end of the hedge and turned to look down the gentle grass incline to see the white wooden building come into sight. Then I’d taken a quick step back!

I’d found Jamie …and I’d found Patsy!

She was wearing a bright green summer dress with large white buttons running all the way down from the v-neck at the front. The dress flared out stylishly from her wide hips, almost down to knee level. Relatively demur for her! Her long black raven hair was curled at the ends and was tumbling over her shoulders. I’d imagined that she’d been wearing a deep red lipstick, but hadn’t been able to confirm it at the time because Jamie’s flame red hair was in the way.

And it was in the way because his lips were planted onto hers!!

3.A Painful Memory

I’d gasped as I’d seen how tightly they were embraced, hands roving over shoulders and sides as their mouths worked enthusiastically on each other. I’d been frozen to the spot in shock at the sight of them. I’d peeped through the hedge for a few minutes longer whilst my mind whirled.

“Right!” I’d told myself impatiently, “Get down there and break them up – before it gets out of hand! You can kill him later!”

But I’d stayed frozen to the spot in a positive maelstrom of indecision. Deep down I am uneasy about confrontation…and this had looked like being a first class stormer!

The action by the Summer House hadn’t stopped just because I wasn’t able to make up my mind though. My eyes widened as I watched his hands run up her sides and begin to massage her boobs through the thin material of her dress. She’d half pulled away and gasped in surprise at the contact, and the little devil had quickly taken advantage, shifting his devious fingers to the white buttons of her dress and quickly dragging them open all the way down to her navel! Now, as the dress gaped, her remarkable orbs were half on display. They’d been pushed together and upwards by a bottle green platform bra and looking positively delectable. Then she’d dragged him back to her as their lips met again and they’d resumed that molten looking kiss but now his wandering hands slipped inside her dress and began to roam freely over her bare skin.

Inside, I’d been astonished that I’d just stood there and let it happen. I’d had to draw back, close my eyes and bursa escort bayan swallow because seeing his hands working away inside her dress had been having a disturbing affect on me. After all, I’d known exactly how good they felt on my own skin and watching her blissful expression was reminding me of how I’d probably looked when I was melting in his arms that way! Bastard!

The anger had finally bubbled to the surface though and I’d finally taken a step forward round the end of the hedge, intent on finally announcing my presence, and maybe saving my boyfriend from himself. Or for me, depending on how you looked at it.

Snag was that they’d disappeared!

I’d looked around in a mini panic. It was only a few minutes since I’d last seen them after all, and they couldn’t have got that far locked together so tightly!!

Then I’d noticed that one of the Summer House patio doors was ajar. My eyes had widened again. Jesus, if they’d gone inside for privacy this must have been really serious between them! I’d hurried forward, down the grassy bank until I’d reached the wooden hut. Then I’d paused again, indecision fighting it’s way to the fore again. I’d looked around and spotted a side window, partially covered by a vine. It had looked like a good place to check out the inside before storming in and exacting retribution!

When I’d reached the window and peeped in, my worst fears had been confirmed. The room inside was fairly large, covered in wooden floorboards, a bookcase along the opposite wall, a small tea table by the door and a couple of wicker lounge chairs in one corner. In the centre though had been a comfortable looking chaise-lounge on an old, rather threadbare throw down carpet. And locked together still on the dull red carpet stood MY Jamie and that evil bitch! The kiss had been on-going when I’d spotted them, but almost on cue they paused for breath , breathing hard. Maybe there was still a chance to draw back, and I’d been searching for a glint of doubt, of guilt maybe in his eyes, but all I’d seen had been lust and desire!

As they pulled reluctantly apart I saw her trapped bosoms heaving inside her lacy bra. But not for long as she dragged her dress over her shoulders and let it crumple to her waist. Like any young stupid man, his eyes had widened and his mouth opened at the sight of her semi naked top. She’d not paused though and her hands had twisted behind her in one smooth movement, unhooking her bra clasp under her tumbling black hair and releasing the cups that had only just been controlling her taut 34b’s in the first place. As the flimsy material had fallen to the floor though she’d pulled her shoulders back and stared challengingly back at him, totally oblivious to my presence, her beautiful breasts totally bare. The large, light brown areolas looking like they were throbbing with desire and her darker nipples had stood out pertly, pointing straight at him, almost as if they were challenging him to do something about them!

So the rotten cad had! With a strangled grunt he’d stepped up to her, hands opening to cup her firm flesh. She’d watched him approach with a triumphant smile, but she’d closed her eyes and sucked in a deep breath as she’d felt his hands caress her prize boobs, sliding sensuously over their taut curves until eventually his fingers latched onto those pert nipples. She gasped as he squeezed and twisted and pulled at them, gently at first and then, quickly, more urgently!

It had been another moment of distress for me, because, apart from having to accept that my boyfriend had the self control of a worm, my own taut 32b’s had started to tingle inside my bra cups in sympathy as part of my mind imagined the feel of those tantalising fingers on my nipples! I’d felt ridiculous, and impotent, and flustered at the same moment!

Then his eyes, almost hypnotised by her breasts, had finally dragged themselves up to hers and he held her gaze as his head slowly dropped so that his lips could finally share the fun as he drew a stiff nipple into his mouth and began to suckle on it. This time her head shot back in ecstasy as his tongue and teeth got to work at her, and I’d gasped out loud in frustration! Those gorgeous lips should have been teasing my own hardened nips! Luckily they’d been much too busy enjoying each other to hear me!

Fortunately (maybe!) this peculiar torture for me hadn’t gone on too long and I’d managed to resist the urge to squeeze my own breasts for some relief. After he’d given both of her nipples a good working over and she’d started to moan with the pleasure of it he’d dropped onto his knees and quickly undone the rest of the dress buttons, dragging the material away from her and leaving her standing there like an absolute sex-pot! She’d been wearing a matching bottle green suspender belt and bikini briefs, the suspenders attached tautly to a pair of sheer grey stockings that hugged her thighs to within a couple of inches of her prominent mound.

The imbecile had made a kind of animal like sound of escort bursa appreciation before his thumbs had slipped into the waistband of her tight briefs and started to drag them down, over her hips and gradually exposing her trimmed, black bush, and then her throbbing dark slit, just a few inches from his hungry eyes! He’d pulled her pants half way down her thighs before the weakling had been unable to resist any longer and his fingers lifted to cup her welcoming, hot mound and bush. This time her moan of pleasure had been audible to me and I’d gripped the edge of the window in impotent frustration. But for some reason that I still don’t understand, even though I was witnessing a red-hot act of betrayal, I’d not been able to bring myself to act … or to leave!

His fingers had soon got busy between her legs , teasing open the lips of her sex and exploring her inner folds and sensitive skin. It had been yet more torture for me, because I’d known from previous experience every move they’d made, felt every touch and caress. It had been galling to realise that I was probably getting just as wet between my legs as she was! Quickly she’d reached down though and guided his head into position so that he could get his lips into action, widening her stance slightly to open herself even more to him! I’d had to positively fight the urge to let my hand drift down and tend to the throbbing excitement that had begun to radiate out from between my own strained legs.

I’d been able to tell when his tongue had quickly got to work on her clit by the sudden shudder that ran through her and the way that her eyes squeezed shut as the waves of pleasure engulfed her. She’d rocked under the onslaught, just like I’d done so often in the past, and he’d gripped her bare buttocks tightly from behind to stabilise her! She’d not stood it for long though. A flash of desire had spread over her face as she finally pulled his head away from her fiery slit. She’d been breathing really hard and for a ridiculous moment I’d wondered if she was going to pull out of this at the last minute. ‘Ridiculous’ in the extreme!

She’d just told him that she’d had enough foreplay and she wanted him IN HER! She’d laid back on the chaise, one leg bent and foot on the carpet, the other she’d lifted and draped over the side. It left her slit totally gaping, every detail staring him, and me, in the eyes, her pink hole moist and glistening, as ready for action as it ever could be!

And my soon-to be-ex beau had been totally ready and willing, quickly stripping off his clothes and releasing that impressive cock of his. It was already stretched to its full, magnificent size and totally rigid, veins bulging. I’d sobbed a little as he’d almost jumped onto the cushions between her splayed out legs and fed himself up to her practically pulsating opening. He’d paused for just a second, perhaps checking that Patsy was really ready for this. It had been an unnecessary. She’d been ready for ages, and she’d pushed up her hips back at him to prove it!

Then his buttocks had tightened and he’d driven himself straight into her, deep and hard!

That was the moment when I’d finally managed to shut my eyes, grimacing as, in my mind, I’d ‘felt’ his familiar member penetrating my hot little lair as well!

It had been so surreal! How could my stupid body possibly have responded that way to such an act of betrayal!

I’d swallowed hard, thought about watching them fucking, but finally couldn’t stand any more punishment and I’d torn myself away. I’d managed to avoid my friends and relatives as I’d stumbled back to the hotel building and more or less kept my composure until I was in my (our!) room where I’d collapsed onto the soft bed and broken down into a sobbing heap. After almost two years of bliss with Jamie, it had felt like my world had collapsed.

4.A Tinge of Revenge

However, deep down I’m no cry-baby ,and the feelings of grief and self pity had quickly given way to anger and fury. I’d marched down to reception and returned with a big, sharp pair of scissors and proceeded to shred all his clothes. I’d then thrown his other belongings into his case and piled the strips of clothing on top, just inside the doorway.

When he’d finally returned an hour later with a cheery “Hey Jan baby are you in here, Peter told me

that you’ve arrived early. I’ve been looking for …oh!”

He’d clocked the pile of his belongings on the floor, and I’d arranged for his favourite shirt, shredded style, to be on top! I’d been sat on the bed, gradually seething away as I’d waited impatiently for the inevitable. My expression had been stony in the extreme!


Immediately I’d known from his guilty look that ‘he knew that I knew’ so to speak. It hadn’t stopped him trying to talk his way out of it though but in the middle of a whole string of excuses, platitudes and a bit of pleading I’d stood up purposefully, silently, furiously, sharp scissors still in hand. He’d taken one more look at the expression on my face, then the scissors again and he’d grabbed what he could and fled the scene with a departing oath. Thank God really, because just killing him wasn’t even close to what I’d been thinking of using the scissors for!

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