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The mistress sat upon her chair seductively gazing down upon the two individuals before her. She was 5’10” and about 140lbs. in her mid-twenties with long flowing brunette hair and supple breasts. Her gaze fell upon a pair of 18 year olds in a dimly lit open room that resembled a warm basement somewhere lost in the suburbs. One of them was a very petite girl with long golden blonde hair, standing almost equal in height, but appearing much weaker and skinnier than the mistress herself. The young girl had very perky and firm breasts and a comparable ass which worked to complement the young boy next to her. The man stood much more firmly, and was nearly 6 feet tall sporting a very strong and athletic build with short, clean brown hair.

“You may stand before me Jessica and Cody” the mistress said firmly.

They both rose to their feet and crept closer apprehensively approaching the cloaked chair. Jessica and Cody both stood nearly naked; Jessica’s virgin body glistening and sweat covered as she stole a look at Cody’s long and soft penis hanging nearly 4 inches long between his legs. Jessica had known the mistress for many weeks, but this was the first time she had agreed to play the role of slave after her long run at the University Gym. She shook with adrenaline as she watched the mistress’s boy standing at attention, ready to follow her every direction for her personal enjoyment.

Jessica had bumped into the mistress out in the foyer earlier, and had confessed her curiosity and willingness to play out the mistress’s fantasy. She was instructed to continue her workout and then appear for the mistress wearing only her socks and sneakers.

“Come Slave Jessica” the mistress commanded, pointing to a box on the floor in front of the chair.

Jessica obliged and bent down, unlatching it and pulling out a small caged contraption. She looked up at the mistress, puzzled.

“Well, what’re you waiting for…lock him up” she commanded growing impatient.

Jessica moved over to the strong boy at her side and moved down to her knees before taking his soft penis in her hand and forcing it into the odd cage. She struggled slightly trying to force his entire shaft into the device, causing him to groan quietly as she pressed his head against the end of the cage before latching the device to the base of his dick.

“Good” the mistress said, smiling at Jessica. “Now tell me, how do your feet feel tonight?”

“They are incredibly sweaty, mistress” Jessica said a little puzzled by the question.

“Remove your left shoe kemalpaşa escort and tease Slave Cody” the mistress said with a laugh as she watched Jessica blush in embarrassment.

Jessica followed the mistress’s instructions and pulled off her pink gym sneaker holding it over the man’s face and forcing him to smell her fresh sweat.

“Do you like that? Do you like how stinky and smelly my sweaty feet are after I go to the gym?” Jessica said seductively as she forced the man to continue smelling her shoe.

Jessica giggled and bent down, taking off her ankle sock and dangling it in front of her face as she winced from the strong scent.

“Oh my socks smell so bad Slave Cody. They’re so very sweaty and I’ve been wearing them for almost four days. My socks are so gross…do you want to smell my sweaty socks?”

Jessica dangled her faded pink ankle sock over the man’s caged penis allowing the sweat soaked fabric to softly rub against his shaft, and the mistress laughed as he squirmed and moaned as his penis swelled and pressed tightly against the bars confining him. Jessica joined in the laughter as she forced her dirty sock over the man’s face and forced him to smell her sweat. The man gently whimpered as his penis began to spasm and swelled trying to erect itself, but only pressing more painfully against the restrictive device.

Enjoying herself now, Jessica continued holding her sweaty sock over the man’s face and forcing him to indulge in his foot fetish as she gently slid the mesh of her gym sneaker along the head and shaft of the man’s agonizing penis. The mistress watched intently as her slaves teased each other and Jessica begin sliding the man’s penis into her sweaty sneaker.

Cody winced as he felt his penis swelling and pushing out from the gaps in the device’s confinement, but was only met with more pain as he felt his dick rubbing against the rough and damp insole of Jessica’s shoe. He couldn’t help but become more and more aroused as he continued smelling the thick and overpowering perfume of Jessica’s sock, but the combined pleasures from her sock and shoe were becoming too much to bear as he felt the warmth of her foot sweat still emanating from the soaking wet fabric of Jessica’s gym shoe.

Jessica couldn’t help but smile as she pulled the man’s dick from her shoe and saw him squirting a thick stream of precum along the length of her insole. She giggled as she looked into her sneaker and saw the thick white fluid seeping into the fabric.

“Alright…you’ve had escort kemalpaşa your fun now Slave Jessica” the mistress said in a taunting tone.” She tossed a small key onto the ground and motioned for Cody to be released from the device.

Jessica moved down and picked up the small key, lifting up the man’s aching penis to unlatch the lock. She slowly opened the device and slid it off of the man’s penis gently giggling as she saw the deep pressure marks imbedded in the swollen penis. After removing the device, Jessica let out a loud surprised gasp as the man’s penis swelled to its full erection.

Cody’s penis towered almost eleven inches in length, and the mistress let out an excited giggle as he held up Jessica’s size 6 gym shoe for comparison. He slid his entire length into her sneaker and smiled as he showed Jessica how much larger his penis was than her feet.

“Bend her over and force yourself into Slave Jessica’s virgin body” the mistress commanded laughing as she watched Jessica’s face turn to terror. Cody moved towards Jessica and forced her to bend over, as she protested, insisting her virgin vagina was much too tight. Ignoring Jessica’s plea, Cody pressed his swollen head hard against her vagina, feeling the tightness of her virgin body protesting his entrance. He pressed harder against her, and felt his tip begin to penetrate as Jessica let out a muffled moan. After slowly inching his way into Jessica’s tight body, he pressed harder once more and moaned loudly as the entire length of his penis slipped deep into her vagina and pressed against her cervix. Jessica let out a loud scream as the pain of her vagina stretching became unbearable and she fell forward onto the ground where her body gently spasmed from the penetration.

“You will be taught the proper behavior of a female slave” the mistress said glaring at Jessica from her seat. “Use the sock and teach Slave Jessica some manners before you finish” she commanded.

Cody bent down, smiling at Jessica, and grabbed her ankle sock stretching it over his massive penis. He bent her over once again and pressed the rough head of his cock against her vagina.

“It’s too dry” Jessica said, begging Cody to stop. “You’re the only one you can blame for that” replied the mistress as she gave Cody the signal to continue. Cody gently pressed his penis with Jessica’s sweaty and stiff sock into her vagina as it began to slide in much easier. The rough fabric drug along Jessica’s vagina as she contained her screams with all her might. Cody’s kemalpaşa escort bayan penis flinched inside of her and she whimpered gently feeling him pulling out and driving back into her. Cody continued to press deep into her vagina as he watched her agonizing face relax and turn to one of pleasure.

“Are you enjoying that you slut?” Cody said laughing as Jessica nodded her head. He pulled the full length of his dick from her and stroked gently, feeling the dampness of Jessica’s sweaty sock. Cody repositioned his penis and pressed forcefully against Jessica’s tight ass as she whimpered in protest. His socked penis slid painfully into her anus as Jessica moaned in pain. Tears streamed down Jessica’s face as Cody plummeted his rough, swollen penis into her gaped ass, feeling her body loosen.

Jessica fell to the floor, gaped and exhausted as she ran her fingers over he ravaged asshole and vagina. She looked up only to see Cody forcing his socked penis deep into her mouth. His penis pressed deep into Jessica’s throat and she eventually gagged, gasping for air and nearly puking before Cody removed his penis momentarily.

“Do you like the taste of your sweaty feet and gaped ass?” the mistress laughed as Jessica apprehensively shook her head and took the long penis in her hand. She gently licked his head, wincing at the taste before Jessica felt the man’s strong arms on the back of her head. The long penis was forced all the way down her throat as she gagged trying to hold back tears. Cody held his dick down Jessica’s throat for nearly a minute at a time, flexing his dick and forcing her to gag on his length. Cody moaned in ecstasy as he pulled his dick from Jessica’s throat, leaving her gasping for air. He moved behind her and removed her other gym shoe as he positioned his long penis between her bare and socked feet, forcing her to stroke him. Jessica quickly slid her feet along Cody’s penis, wrapping her toes around his shaft and bringing him to the edge of orgasm.

The mistress moved from her seat and walked to Cody, taking Jessica’s left shoe from the ground and forcing it onto Cody’s orgasming penis. Cody moaned as his penis spasmed hard and exploded, shooting thick ropes of sticky cum into Jessica’s gym shoe. A deep pool of white cum formed in Jessica’s pink gym shoe as cum began sliding onto the sole from the sides of her sneaker. The mistress laughed as she forced Jessica’s damp sock onto her foot and into her clean shoe, while forcing her sweaty sock onto her other foot and into the cum filled sneaker. Jessica whimpered as thick cum squirted between her toes and was slowly seeping through the mesh of her sweaty running shoes as she ran her fingers along her gaped ass and cried gently. The mistress laughed as she walked to the door and closed it with a latch from the outside, leaving Jessica and Cody alone inside the dark room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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