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Big Tits

Except for the empty window seat next to me the small turbo-prop commuter plane flying from DFW to Fort Smith, Arkansas, was full. I hate flying on small commuter planes. I also hate to fly on Friday or to work on Saturday, but above all else I hate to be out of town on Halloween and not have my party. Today all four of my extreme dislikes were coming to fruition. Normally I would be putting on the final touches for my Halloween party. A party held in my home on the lake where beautiful women outnumber the men. Clothing after ten o’clock optional.

The case containing my lap top computer and work papers was crammed under the seat in front of me. The seat barely held my six foot frame and there was nowhere to stretch out my legs. My dark pinstripe suit coat was in the overhead bin and hopefully would not be too wrinkled. My firm’s number one client was forcing me to make this unpleasant trip to represent them in last minute negotiations to acquire a billion dollar healthcare company headquartered in, of all places, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

It was rumored that the opposing side would try to get a copy of the negotiating position contained on my computer. That simply was not going to happen. I’ve played this game before. I also have an advantage; I’m a practicing witch.

Two minutes before the plane was scheduled to leave, and just when I thought I might get lucky and not have a seatmate, the middle aged flight attendant called out through the open aircraft entryway to a yet unseen person.

“You just made it. I was just about to close the door.”

My heart skipped a beat. I took in a deep breath and just stared at the exotic raven haired beauty that stood breathing hard in the front of the plane. Hallelujah, my seatmate was one gorgeous woman. A woman worthy of a Halloween spell; a summoning spell of erotic seduction.

My emerald green eyes soaked in every detail of her beauty. She was a treat worthy of getting into my hotel room and into my bed. Maybe the evening wouldn’t be a total loss after all. Her shoulder length raven hair accented her olive completion. She appeared to be Italian, or maybe of European descent with a mixture of Native American. Her black dress stopped several inches above her knees. The dress was more appropriate for a party than a trip. She was about five feet seven, not thin, but then she wasn’t overweight. It was apparent from the way she carried herself that she was all woman. The dress buttoned down the front with a low cut collar. The top was not tight and from where I was sitting it concealed the true size of her breasts.

When she turned and looked down the aisle for her seat I noticed a bag similar to mine hanging from her left shoulder. The last button on the dress was just below her crotch. When she walked the dress parted revealing smooth bare thighs. My little brain kicked in and started demanding blood.

I quickly got a magazine from the seat pocket in front of me and held it over my lap. I stood up as she approached with the magazine held in such a manner as to conceal the bulge in my suit pants. I smiled and showed by set of perfect white teeth. Close up she was even more beautiful. She was about six inches shorter than me. Her body would fit perfectly beneath mine.

We made eye contact and she smiled. Her eyes were cobalt blue. She looked into my green eyes and returned my smile. Her full lips were covered by a light pink lip gloss. The image of those soft lips wrapped around the head of my stiff cock flashed into my mind. Her perfect white teeth were accentuated by her flawless complexion.

“I’m sorry you have to get up on my account.” She said in a soft silky voice.

She smelled of spice and incense. Her breath had a cinnamon sweetness. She dropped the bag from her shoulder onto my seat and reached up to open the overhead bin. The top of her dress opened slightly. I stared at a mound of smooth tan skin that flowed up over the edge of a black lace half bra. My first impression had been correct. She was dressed for a party and not for a flight. My brief glimpse removed any question about the size of her breasts. She was a C cup and more than a mouth full.

“The top bin won’t hold your computer. You’ll have to put it under the seat in front of you like I did.” I saw her glance at her seat and then under the seat in front of her. “Why don’t you let me put your bag under your seat for you?” I asked.

“Thanks, that’d be so wonderful. In this short dress there’s no way that I can gracefully bend down and put it there myself.”

We both reached for her bag resting in my seat. My hand brushed the bare skin of her right arm. I maintained the skin to skin contact briefly and cast the first part of my Halloween spell. I picked up her bag and sat down in my seat. I leaned over and pushed her computer carrying case under her seat. With my right hand concealing the tent between my legs I stood up so she could sit down.

“God, I need a stiff—-drink,” she whispered in my ear as she brushed by me on her way to her seat. Her hair smelled of coconut. I got a whiff of her bakırköy escort erotic perfume. It was a scent that I did not recognize. For a brief instance the thought ‘glamour spell’ flashed into my mind. Her dress was made of a soft material that accentuated her firm heart shaped butt.

Each of the front pockets of my custom made suit pants contained a special section. In the special section next to my crotch were two plastic airline bottles of Chivas Regal twelve year old scotch. The TSA had never detected them in their special hiding place. I reached into my right pants pocket and into my special compartment. My hand emerged with two small bottles of premium scotch whiskey. I sat down and leaned over against her. The softness of her arm sent an electric charge through my body.

“Put your hand in mine and I’ll give you an early Halloween treat.” Her hand felt warm and smooth against mine. I cast the second part of my spell.

“Her cobalt blue eyes opened wide in delight. A soft moan of pleasure escaped from her luscious full lips. “How did you ever—?”

“It’s a trade secret. TSA never suspects. Sorry, but I don’t have any ice or anything to mix it with.”

“Chivas was meant to be drunk straight. My daddy told me that I should learn to drink my whiskey, tea, and coffee straight, or not at all.” She bent over, unscrewed the top, and turned the bottled up emptying its contents into her mouth in one swig. She grimaced and shook her head. “Damn, that was good. Thanks.” She extended her hand. “I’m Autumn Sage.” She wore clear nail polish over well maintained and manicured nails.

Her hand was soft and warm, while her grip was firm. I looked into her stunning big blue eyes and felt electric sparks of desire shoot through my body. “Jack Morgan,” I stammered. She released my hand and I opened my bottle and downed its fiery contents in one gulp. It burned all the way down. It seemed that my empty stomach absorbed the alcohol almost immediately.

The flight attendant announced the safety features of the aircraft and then said that we were about to take off. Autumn leaned against me and wrapped herself around my right arm. I felt the heat of her body through my dress shirt. I looked down. The top button of her dress was undone. I could see the dark top of the areola of her right breast peaking over the lace of her black half bra. Her taunt nipples formed two raised nubs in the soft fabric of her dress. I imagined my lips slowly sucking her engorged nipple deep into my mouth. My cock strained painfully against the confines of my pants. I leaned over and she nuzzled my ear. Her breath was hot and erotic.

“Hold me,” she whispered. “Takeoffs scare me.”

Just under her cinnamon breath was a hint of alcohol from the scotch. I kissed the top of her raven hair. She interlaced her fingers in mine and squeezed my hand as the plane’s engines roared with the power necessary for takeoff. I cast the final part of my Halloween spell. She leaned against me in an act of intimacy and trust.

The perception of time is relative. There is slow time, medium time, and fast time. Sometimes there is super slow time where everything is so slow that nothing escapes your attention and is forever locked in your memory. At this point the flight went in super fast time. Autumn snuggled against me. I enjoyed the view of her open dress and the sight of the mounds of the top half of her smooth inviting breasts. During the flight I learned that she was thirty, divorced, no children, on the pill, has had no man in her life for over a year, and has no STD’s. She is a computer expert and that due to her job it had been almost a year since she last had sex. She had been on her way to a Halloween party when her boss demanded that she go to Fort Smith immediately to evaluate a critical system problem with their largest client. Her airline ticket was waiting for her, and “no” she did not have time to change. Her assistant had gone to her house to pack her bags and would meet her at the airport.

The jolt of the plane landing brought me back to normal time. Autumn raised her head from my shoulder and let go of my arm. She kissed me on the cheek. Her lips felt soft and warm. Her sensual breath in my ear sent shivers of anticipation up and down my spine.

“Do you have a rent car?” She asked.

“No, this trip was a last minute thing. No time to reserve a car.”

“I’ve got a rent car. Since we’re staying at the same hotel why don’t you ride with me? Besides, I promised you a drink.”

It was an invitation I couldn’t refuse. “Thanks, I’m looking forward to that drink and an opportunity to get to know you better.”

Autumn winked at me and smiled. I wondered if she could read my mind.

When we arrived at the hotel we left our bags in her car. I followed her to the front desk and enjoyed the view of her luscious rear.

“Autumn Sage, and I have a reservation.” Her voice announced in a total business tone. It was a side of her that I had not seen on the plane.

I watched her put her rewards membership beşiktaş escort card on the counter along with her credit card. The clerk looked past her and at me with a questioning expression.

“I’m Jack Morgan, and I also have a reservation.” I said in my best professional voice.

“Certainly Ms. Sage, Mr. Morgan. If both of you could initial the rates on your check in form and then sign them. Mr. Morgan, I also need your credit card. You both are in luck, I have adjoining rooms on the second floor away from the elevators and ice machine.”

I expected Autumn to protest, but instead she turned to me with a mischievous smile.

“Ms. Sage, as a reward for your patronage we placed a complimentary bottle of wine in your room.”

Free wine! I was impressed. We parked her car and carried our bags up to the second floor. Autumn had a corner room and mine connected to hers through a duel door way. We would be well out of the way of any prying eyes.

She paused in front of her door. “give me about twenty minutes to freshen up. Then, what do you say we open the free bottle of wine. If it’s not any good then we can go down to the bar.”

“Works for me. I’ll leave my side of the doors open; just come on in when you’re ready.”

There was a twinkle in Autumn’s eyes. I swear they morphed into even a darker blue. She smiled and opened her door. I watched her go in and then I unlocked my door. My room was a business upgrade with a king size bed, desk with an internet connection, a TV, and recliner chair. Unlike most hotel rooms this one smelled of fresh flowers. I sat my computer bag on the small desk, unpacked and hung up my clothes.

I quickly stripped naked and stepped into a hot shower. All during the shower I was planning my seduction of Autumn. She was a prize that I intended to take as my Halloween treat. After my quick shower, I brushed my teeth and shaved. I pulled out my special formula cologne and sprayed it over my body.

My plan was to dress so that I could get naked as quickly as possible short of just ripping my clothes off. I put on a white short sleeve shirt and left it unbuttoned half way down. It wouldn’t hurt for her to see my muscular chest. I pulled on a pair of soft black Dockers, no boxers. I slipped my bare feet into a pair of soft brown loafers. After a quick once over in the mirror I walked over and opened my side of the back to back doors that separated our two rooms. When Autumn opened her side she would find a clear path to my den of seduction.

I turned my back to the connecting doors and walked a couple of steps. There was a soft knock behind me.

“Trick or treat,” Autumn said in a seductive voice.

I turned and saw that her door was open, but there was no sign of my intended prize. “Treat,” I responded.

“I hope you like my costume,” she said as she stepped through the doorway. “This is my bar maid costume.”

The air rushed out of my lungs and for a moment I just stood there with my mouth open. “Wow, you look drop dead gorgeous.” My hard cock strained to break through its cloth barrier. She had two hotel glasses filled with what looked like red wine. But my mind was not on the wine. Both my big and little brains were totally mesmerized by her erotic beauty and her revealing costume.

My raven haired beauty wore a sheer white bar maid costume straight out of one of the old pirate movies. Only her dress was more revealing. The white dress highlighted her enticing olive skin. Her legs were bare as were her feet. The top was pulled down off her shoulders down to a line that only covered the top half of her mounding chest. The bottom of the dress stopped mid-thigh. I imagined her firm long brown legs wrapped around me as I thrust deep into her hot wet pussy. I could clearly see the dark outline of her areolas. Two dark taunt nipples thrust out against the sheer white material. The skirt portion of the dress had just enough flair in it that I couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties.

She handed me the glass of wine and I downed it in one long drink. For a fleeting second I sensed an underlying aftertaste. Autumn smiled and did the same to hers. I dropped my glass to the carpet and took her into my arms. Her body was a perfect fit to mine. Through the thin material of her dress I felt her nipples against my bare chest.

Women like to know that they are desirable and that they turn you on. They hate wishy washy men when it comes to making the first move. The moment to take action that will lead to great hot sweaty sex is fleeting. Wait too long and the opportunity is lost forever. Wait too long and a woman who could have been yours in bed will never be your sexual companion, instead you will just be “friends” or worse she will hate you for not fucking her.

Her lips were hot and demanding. Her kiss tasted of mint and chocolate with an undertone of fruity wine. There was also a slight taste that I could not identify. She parted her lips to accept my tongue. Her mouth was wanton with desire. In one quick move I wrapped beylikdüzü escort my fists around the top of her dress and in one swift action pulled it down and off her. It lay pooled at her feet. She was naked except for a brief white thong that barely covered the V of her sexual heat. My mouth went to her left nipple. She moaned. Her hands cupped the back of my head. Her fingers worked their magic on my scalp and the back of my neck. I pulled her left breast deep into my mouth. My tongue played with her sensitive nub of flesh while my left hand gently tugged her right nipple. I slowly rolled her engorged bud between my thumb and fingers, pulling and twisting it as I worked her body like a finely tuned instrument. I felt her breathing quicken.

She nuzzled my left ear and whispered, “Fuck me. I need your hard cock deep inside of me.”

“All in due time, baby.” I said breaking my lip lock on her engorged nipple. My number one rule is the woman comes first. By adhering to this rule I have never had a woman leave my bed unsatisfied sexually.

I returned my attention to her inviting lips. I tasted her as our tongues slowly intertwined in a passionate dance. She returned my kiss with passion and a sexual hunger. She cupped my hard cock through my pants and slowly massed my balls. My cock grew to its full thick seven inches. Its smooth mushroom head rubbed painfully against my zipper searching for a release from its prison. I gripped her bare butt cheeks in my hands and guided her backwards towards my king size bed.

Autumn broke our embrace when she felt the edge of the bed against the back of her legs. It was my opportunity to take full advantage of the situation. My weight pushed her backward onto the bed. Her butt was on the edge of the bed with knees bent and her bare feet resting on the carpet. I pushed her legs together and hooked my thumbs inside the waist of her thong. In one swift motion I pulled her thong down to her bent knees and then down and off her feet.

I parted her legs and stood between them gazing down at her naked beauty. While my eyes visually mapped her nude features, I popped the buttons from my shirt and discarded it. Then I unzipped my pants and pulled them down to lay on the top of my loafer clad feet.

She lay on her back with her eyes closed and her arms reaching up to pull me down to her enticing sexual favors. Even laying down her breast were still semi erect from her chest. They were melon shaped except that her areola was raised in a small pear shape about the size of a silver dollar. It rose above her soft mound in a slope that ended with her taunt dark nipple at their peak. Her nipples were engorged and stood out a good half inch. Her olive skin was smooth on top of a flat stomach. From the firmness of her legs it was apparent that she exercised regularly.

My eyes focused on a small area of dark hair that outlined the opening of her vagina. A close cut patch marked the top of the opening that covered her clit.

She opened her eyes and stared at my uncircumcised seven inch thick penis. “Oh, baby, somebody’s glad to see me. Fuck me hard, now!” She demanded.

“First I need to sample the treat that you’re offering.”

I took hold of each of her wrists and pulled her arms down to her side. I kneeled between her legs and dipped my shoulders under her knees in such a manner that her wrists were pinned by her side. With her legs spread over my shoulders her pussy was totally exposed for my planned pleasure.

Autumn squirmed and tried to free her hands. The more she struggled the harder my cock became.

“Fuck me hard. Please.” She moaned.

I parted the outer lips of her pussy with my nose and reveled in the smell of her sexual juices. Her fluids had already coated the walls and outer lips of her pussy. She was in heat and ready to be fucked. But she was a treat that was meant to be savored, pleasured and slowly brought to a cosmic climax like no other she had ever experienced.

I tasted her and found her to be erotically sweet with a hint of saltiness. I buried my face in her Vulva. When my lips touched the nub of her clit she squirmed and tried to escape my probing tongue. My tongue peeled away the flesh that hooded her clit. I slowly kissed her clit and gently suckled it.

Her button became elongated as it emerged from its hooded protection. I slowly drew the sensitive center of her sex into my mouth. I sucked it deep into my mouth. I slowly flicked my tongue over her bud while I gently raked it with my teeth. The volume of her fluid increased and soon coated my nose and mouth making it difficult to breath. I came up for air.

Autumn was a moaner. The more I worked on her clit the more she thrashed and moaned. She constantly tried to free her hands. I love to fuck women who are very verbal in expressing their enjoyment. I love women who let me know they like what I’m doing to pleasure them.

I raised my head from between her muscular legs and looked across the plain of her flat stomach at her two ample mounds that rose up like two majestic peaks above the plain of her body. The two peaks were encircled by a cap of dark brown areolas. Each peak was topped by a taunt elongated nipple. My lips returned to her clit. I gently drew her pulsating nub back into my mouth. I sucked it, exposing her sensitive clit to the never ending friction of my flicking and licking tongue.

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