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I wouldn’t say that I’m an unreasonable man, just a man who has expectations. Sexual expectations and rightfully so. i’m 51 now, married, son is 19 and moved out with friends. But I may look like a normal, everyday kind of man, but in truth I am actually quite a pervert and a bit cocky and arrogant.

It arouses me just to think of having sex with someone other than my wife and I do it any chance I get. I guess I should mention that my wife and I have an understanding. The reason I married her is because she’s insecure and will do what it takes to please me. She understands that when I’m out I don’t have to explain where I was and even why it took me so long to get home. If she disagrees with this, then she knows where the door is. Otherwise, she’s a good cook, great at cleaning and laundry and she sucks my cock when I tell her to.

But I’m not here to talk about my wife or my marriage. I’m here to talk about how much I get a thrill from fucking around. I’m bisexual and very much a fan of anal sex. For this reason, I have even obtained services from young ladies I find on the street who need a hand. I usually take them to a dive motel out of the way and then I’ll get them onto their knees to suck my big 8″ cock. I’ve been seeing whores now since escort london before I was married and that was over 22 years ago. I enjoy paying them and then taking full control, fucking their pretty little mouths and then maybe I’ll fuck their used up cunts for a while, but before long I like to stick my cock up their pretty little ass. It even thrills me when they don’t really want it., because then I give it to them anyway. If they become noisy, I have no trouble taking my briefs from wherever I threw them and stuffing them into the gal’s mouth to shut her up, or sometimes I’ll weigh her down and put a hand over her mouth. The resistance feels great and makes me fuck harder and then I start to feel euphoric as I stuff it up inside them as hard as I can and ejaculate into their bowels. Sometimes I pull out and feed my cum to them and make them suck my cock after it was up their tight shitbox. Believe me, I take care of them just fine, but I do things my way and expect to be satisfied when I’m done.

Now for guys, I really like these ones they call “twinks” around 18 or 19 (of course I always assume they are) but I’d let any man suck my cock and most I’ll screw in the ass, but preferably the twinks. I like how innocent and sweet they look sometimes. Just like escort service my son Chris….and by the way, my son has joined me for business trips in the past. I’d take him on some here and there and of course we had the same hotel room. But these trips is when my son was looking at me in my business shirt and briefs after I’d get back from a meeting. I’d watch the TV and I’d look at him and there he was checking out my package. I thought “fuck, really???”. So, after a few more times of catching him to make sure, I stared at him until finally he looked up and saw I’d been watching him. He looked scared as hell when he realized I saw what he was looking at.

So I asked him if he wanted to suck my cock, right out and why not? Didn’t want to beat around the damn bush about it! He actually smirked for a second and then I started massaging my package in my briefs and then pulled it out and he came over to where I sat and got on his knees and started sucking my cock. My own goddamn son! I was really getting off on watching him do this, since I had thought about it many times before but I had never suspected he was into guys. As he sucked m cock I was wondering, even fantasizing about other guys he’d sucked off. Were they all boys his age? Older men? escorts in london How long had he been doing this? I found all that out later, but at that moment I was feeling the heat of my son’s mouth working it’s way up my hard prick. I pushed his head down and started to pump his mouth. I started talking dirty to him, telling him to suck his father’s cock…to feel dad fuck his face. And before long I pushed my cock down his throat and he gagged but I held it down and pumped my seed right down into it so he swallowed every drop. This activity became a habit on future business trips and he eventually told me he’d sucked a couple of friend’s cocks and that was about it, but he’d wanted to suck my cock since he started getting erections. He also likes girls but he likes guys just the same.

When he comes over to visit, he visits with me and his mama and then I take him for a drive just to “talk” but we end up a couple of counties away so we can check into a motel and he can suck my cock. and then I fuck him in the ass, which I didn’t start doing until about a year ago. He was scared for me to do it and I was patient, but then lost it and talked him into it. His unfucked hole was so goddamn tight I didn’t last more than 1.5 minutes jamming my cock as much as it would go into his tight little sphincter.

My wife would have a big shit fit if she knew what I do…and there’s more to tell but I gotta stroke my cock and hit the hay. Night folks!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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