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Brandon came home early to an empty, quiet house. There wasn’t any of the usual noise so he simply assumed everyone was out. Work was pretty hectic today too and he was beat. He’s been working overtime the past few weeks per his wife’s suggestion. Lily asked him every day to earn a bit more money by working extra hours. He was exhausted and he missed her, but he couldn’t say no. Brandon didn’t even know why she was so eager about it; they weren’t rich, but they were hardly financially unstable either.

Maybe she wanted to go on an expensive trip somewhere for their upcoming anniversary, he thought. Frankly, it never occurred to him that his wife’s been making him leave so she can get royally fucked in every single part of their house. Their anniversary didn’t even cross her addicted mind.

He was also equally unaware that the love of his life’s happy memories of him were being completely rewritten with rough, nasty, depraved sex with his son’s hung bully on a game cafe nearby.

He headed straight to his bedroom, his eyes already threatening to shut tight. Whenever they’re home, the house was rowdy with the sound of video games. Sure, he missed that kind of youthful atmosphere. James wasn’t as lively as he used to be and Alyssa hasn’t been at home for the longest time, but it gets tiring sometimes–especially when you’re working overtime at his age. Maybe it was a good thing they weren’t here right now, Brandon thought. He could catch up on some sleep this way.

He expected to see a clean and neatly-made bed, a courtesy unfailingly brought to him by his beautiful, thoughtful wife since 26 years ago–when they bought this beautiful house.

When he opened the door, however, he was shocked to see his son–James on the bed, lapping up his tongue on a pillow. With his shorts completely off, he was pumping his penis with some sort of foamy, creamy substance Brandon could only assume was the boy’s own cum. He looked like he just finished. Spurts of semen laid uselessly on his stomach before he used it as lube to continue masturbating. His son was masturbating in his room.

The TV was on too, but Brandon didn’t see what was playing–he was pretty stunned. Only sounds of wet fucking and eager grunts reached his ears. It was probably a porno because women in real life don’t scream like that.

Not in his experience, either with Lily or his past flings.

He heard his son moan and scream into the pillow as his dick spurted more rivulets of cum in his tightly-clenched, hand. When he finally came down from his euphoric high, James reluctantly removed the pillow from his face.

That’s when he saw his father standing by the door and froze. James’ face turned deadly pale as they locked gazes. Brandon was similarly speechless. He had no idea what to say or even feel. It was his room. Him and his wife’s. He caught his son jacking off on their room while weirdly making out with a pillow. What are you even supposed to say to that? Was he supposed to angry because it was their room? Then again, he remembered what it was like being that young. Still, he should know better, right?

Brandon’s mind was a mess. Still, he didn’t show it on his face. He let out a cough and said simply, “Clean up. Meet me outside in 5 minutes.”

Brandon then closed the door.

He breathed deeply. He felt like he handled that situation well, considering his inexperience with the whole thing. James was, after all, his only son. Sure, he and Lily tried to get pregnant years after James, but his wife wasn’t the most sexually active woman even then. She’s only gotten wilder recently–about two years ago, if he remembered correctly. She’d come home sometimes, begging to be fucked right into the door as he enters her in one thrust–something he never could do before. It was wetter and slimier than he remembered too, not that he was complaining.

Sometimes, she even discharges this kind of liquid that’s extremely similar to….a man’s cum. It shocked him the first time it happened. Brandon even suspected her with infidelity, but she told him that was normal for her when she gets her motor running so he didn’t really pursue it any further. What kind of lunatic would sleep with her husband after letting another guy cum inside her anyway? His wife wasn’t like that; he knew her. Brandon trusted Lily with all his heart.

Plus, the discharge didn’t even feel bad. In fact, he looked forward to it over time. If he was being honest, it made sex feel way better….damn it, he got a boner. He realized he and Lily hadn’t done it in a while. Ever since Alyssa moved back in, they couldn’t really get some alone time. Brandon shook his head; he went off on a tangent.

In any case, he needed to have a talk with James about this. He recalled the sounds he heard from the room. The DVD player was up and running–his innocent son actually has CDs of porn just lying around the house. That was weird, right? Who even bought disks nowadays? The internet can play a shit ton of porn güvenilir bahis in an instant, why did he have to buy a CD? No, the real question was why exactly in their room? Was it just for the DVD player? He couldn’t have found the disk from there, right? It certainly didn’t belong to Brandon, that’s for sure. He’s never watched a single porno since marrying Lily. He and his wife (mostly his wife) believed it constituted as a form of cheating and infidelity to even imagine another person.

As for the possibility that it was his wife’s, he found that even more absurd. His wife doesn’t watch porn, Lily specifically stated that even when they were still dating. She found it disrespectful how most of it was centered on male pleasure–the money shot, in other words. She found it essentially degrading for women. And over the years, he started to agree.

That said, the voices of the moaning women in the video his son was getting off to sounded extremely familiar. He laughed at the thought; is it possible his son masturbated to the exact same videos he himself obsessively watched when he was younger?

If so, then the apple doesn’t really fall far from the tree, huh?


“Hey, kiddo. Sit down.”

James obeyed, now fully dressed and clean. His state of mind though? Not so much. He didn’t know how much his dad saw. Did he see his wife and daughter happily gobbling on a big dick, looking like the fucking opposites of their respectable, feminist selves? Did he see them deepthroat the shit out of his young, hung bully while moaning; as if sucking his dick was actual sex and they were feeling it right from their mouth and into their dripping pussies? James felt on edge. What was his father going to say?

“Look. I know you’re young and constantly horny. I’ve been there, but doing it on your parents’ room? That wasn’t cool, kiddo.”

James heaved a sigh of relief. Brandon saw nothing. He didn’t see.

The son didn’t hear anything his father said after that. His mind helplessly started wandering over to the contents of this CD he was holding in his hand again.

He took a deep breath. James accepted it now. Nothing turned him on more than seeing his respectable loved ones be broken down by the only man he hated in his entire life. Alex was right; he was a bonafide cuck. Maybe that really was all he could ever be. James’ heart ached. It hurts so fucking much. It hurt so much emotionally, but his dick never felt harder than it did watching his mom and his role-model sister sucking and rimming his bully. His orgasms were fucking undeniable.

Maybe he really was broken inside, James thought. He looked at his dad. Brandon kept talking, thinking the pep-talk would shape the kind of man James would be.

But his son knew better. He was struggling to accept it until now, but there was essentially no other choice but to do so. His son knew what kind of man he wanted to be–the kind of “man” he already was.

He pretended he listened though.

“Do you understand me, James?” Brandon asked gently. In his eyes, his son looked vulnerable, susceptible to his words.

James replied, “Yeah. I’m really sorry, Dad. It won’t ever happen again.”

Brandon smiled from ear to ear. He was happy his son understood his intentions. Damn, he was better at this than he thought.

“Alright, kiddo. I know this is a pretty embarrassing conversation, but I’m really glad you listened. And please, don’t let this happen again. If you want to jerk one off, you’re more than welcome to do so at your own room. Alright, go. I’m gonna catch some sleep.”

James left the second his dad finished his sentence and ran straight to his room, holding the CD in his shaky hands.

Brandon laughed at the comedic haste and proceeded to catch some sleep on the bed, right after changing the pillows obviously.


Alyssa regretted it. She didn’t know what came over her. Seeing James every day triggered an enormous amount of guilt: guilt that should’ve been enough at the time to prevent her from FUCKING that sexist pig four days ago. She fucked up. Alyssa fucked up so bad.

God, the sex was so fucking good that it didn’t seem so bad at first. She could only scream as Alex casually fucked her into multiple orgasms despite never being capable of one her entire fucking life. It was amazing, otherworldly, heavenly, ethereal–whatever fucking adjectives you can think of, the cock was all that combined and more. It was unbelievable how good of a fuck Alex was. The sex was so raw. Animalistic. Mind-fucking. Brain-melting. Alyssa couldn’t believe how good it felt. She couldn’t afford to care about anything else when he was inside her. This was four days ago, but she remembered it like it was yesterday. When Alex left that evening and her oblivious brother arrived from school, she was still completely fine and dandy. Alyssa even thought it was underwhelming. Did she even care about her brother as much as she thought?

She güvenilir bahis siteleri was confused about the total lack of guilt at first, but she welcomed it; she even entertained the idea of doing it again. Her mind was just full of cock and sex and how much better it was than anything in her life.

It took half a day before the adrenaline ran out and the bouts of guilt and rationality started hitting her in doses. You see, Alyssa knew how bad it was the whole time he was doing her raw in her parents’ marital bed–but she felt so good then that she didn’t care. The next morning was a different case, however.

She dreamt about James. The dream was a memory, a recollection of how she promised James she would protect him years ago when they were still children. Especially from the bullies that were making fun of him for being smaller and thinner than kids his age.

When she woke up from the dream, Alyssa slowly realized the gravity of what she’s done. Free from the influence of the overwhelming lust clouding her mind, she suddenly felt “awake”. She realized the things she fucking said towards the camera in the heat of the moment. The hurtful words that came out of her mouth. What if James or her dad sees the tape? What then?

She wanted to scream. Alyssa wanted to scream that she didn’t mean it. She couldn’t. Ever. Her family was the most important thing for her. No amount of good, mind-melting sex can change that. And what about her career? If Alex releases that tape online, she could say goodbye to her profession, along with the license she worked her entire life for. She’d… probably say goodbye to James forever. He’d never forgive her. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

Her heart sank. She felt like she was in a nightmare. What came over her? It was insanely unbelievable. It was like Alex had a fucking mental, hypnotic grip on her at the time. She knew her sexuality was repressed more than she would’ve liked. She also knew she was fucking sexually frustrated, but what the fuck was that? Alyssa had always been the rational one. The natural-born leader.

The feminist.

But the moment she touched that big, fat dick, she lost her cool. She became the type of woman she abhorred with a passion.

But fuck, she couldn’t help it. When she stroked it, she immediately knew she had to try it in her life at least once. Or twice.

Maybe three times.

Who the fuck was she kidding? She was literally about to go to a gaming cafe with her mom for a seventh.

But she’s just doing this for the tape. That’s understandable, right? Just one month and then she’ll be free. Sure, the bully mentioned he already deleted his virtual copy. He also assured her that the physical one was never going to be released, but Alyssa didn’t spend her entire life honing her mind just to fall for the psychological tricks of a bully, right? A thorough woman like her needed something more than fucking words.

She needed proof. Fact. Evidence. She needed it to be deleted in front of her. Only then can she spit on the sexist pig’s face. And she fucking will.

It’s all for the tape, Alyssa repeatedly told herself every time she let him disrespect her; as if it would justify the things she was allowing him to do; as if it would somehow vindicate her from allowing her brother’s bully to fuck her mouth, tits, and pussy anytime he liked, just because she wasn’t sure he deleted his copy.

Alyssa responded to every single one of his booty calls these past four days. Tears always threatened to fall from her eyes every time she picked up the phone and answered, thinking how she was essentially spitting on her brother’s dignity by sleeping with his bully.

Spitting on her father for joining her depraved cheating mother, instead of telling him and stopping the affair.

But she couldn’t help it. God, Alyssa couldn’t fucking help it. When she bends and offers herself to him–and he thrusts his dick in? She forgets the guilt and the emotional torture momentarily.

The sex was that fucking good.

It’s the last thing she ever wanted to admit in the whole world, but it’s true. The man was irresistible. His charismatic magnetism, his jacked body, his sexual prowess–all of it did wonders to her, both mentally and physically. And his fat dick. Fuck. It’s the biggest, most beautiful thing she’s ever seen in a man. Anyone who’d hear her thoughts would think she was just blowing the guy’s dick and ego, which she was–literally, but she was telling the fucking truth. Exaggerations were what perfectly described Alex as a man. Overplaying wasn’t even possible in his case. That’s how good his dick felt. Every fucking time! The sight of it never failed to make her pussy drip; the smell of it could immediately send her head reeling. Even just holding it in her hand gave her undeniable joy and she couldn’t fathom how or why. Alyssa felt momentary, but unbreakable pride, taking the glorious dick in her hand…and then her mouth.

Then, she felt overwhelming iddaa siteleri regret and guilt every single time after the sex was over. It came to a point where she tried quitting by using weed to calm her thoughts.

That’s when she realized getting fucked while high felt even better. Nevertheless, she tried.

Every time he called, she kept telling herself that it was going to be the last time–after all, he already told her he didn’t have the tape. What else could she do but believe?

But she always agreed as soon as he summons her like a fucking troop. She felt so easy every time then. Even now, Alex asked the mother-duo to wear matching dresses so he could take them both in it and she did. Like a fucking desperate whore. Fuck, what’s worse is the fact that her pussy is literally dripping right now.

She hated herself.

“Hey, our man ordered a room. His name’s Alex.” She heard Lily tell the receptionist.

The receptionist dialed something on the computer and told the duo where to go.

Lily said, “Thanks. Wow, I’ve never gotten fucked on a private room in a gaming cafe before.”

The male receptionist blushed as he looked at the beautiful women in front of him. They were dressed this licentiously for their “man,” and this MILF was so fucking open about it. They looked like a pair of expensive whores, ready to do the nastiest things you could ever imagine women doing. Lucky guy, he thought as he looked at their sexy backs.

Lily opened the door and Alyssa hesitantly followed in. She saw him sitting on the couch flippantly. The sight of him infuriated her, but she controlled herself. Her mom told her to keep calm for now.

Lily was actually the one who begged him delete the virtual copy he had of their depravity. She told her daughter that when the time was right, she’d make a deal to get that physical copy in exchange for something. She can do whatever she wants with it then. Destroy it, and the respectable surgeon’s career would be safe and sound. James and Brandon wouldn’t have to know anything about them too.

The opportunity would come soon, Lily reassured–as long as Alyssa follows her to please him every now and then. Butter him up a bit. Like how she did with James’ situation.

“It’s the only way, baby. Look at James, he never had to know what I did for him,” Lily repeatedly told her the morning she woke up crying, realizing what she’s fucking done; the debauchery she fucking participated to.

Her mom mentioned she’s been fucking Alex to reduce the bullying James had to go through for two years now. She also said James had no clue she was doing this–that fact comforted Alyssa somewhat. That’s right.

He doesn’t have to know about this.

For now though, she has to pay a greater price to avoid the situation from getting any worse. That’s the only reason Alyssa here. She needs to make sure the tape is really gone. Yeah. It’s ultimately for her career, her dad, and especially for James.

What else could it be?

Alyssa heard the man whistle, “Daaamn, you bitches look good tonight.”

“Thanks, daddy!” The mother bit her lower lip before opening her mouth eagerly for her reward. The bully spat directly on it.

Alyssa flinched at the degrading act as she kept quiet. The man stared at her, waiting for her to respond to his compliment. She didn’t.

Alex approached her. He slowly grabbed the sides of her neck with one hand and gradually put force on it as he said, “I complimented you, fuck-slut. You live for this. What did I teach you to say to men who compliment you?”

Alyssa struggled. Her already fuzzy brain turned even more confused. She uttered with difficulty, glaring at him slightly, “Thanks, daddy. It’s all t-this b-bitch is worth…!”

“And what do you do next?”

Alyssa fumed inwardly. He was a fucking asshole. The respectable surgeon gritted her teeth; she then humiliatingly opened her mouth.

Alex spat on her like she was a cheap fucking whore, his spit landing on several parts of her face instead of her open mouth. He probably did it on purpose to punish her for her initial lack of response. Alyssa didn’t want to repeat another offense today so she forced a smile through the whole ordeal. He stared for a few seconds before he kissed the corners of her lips sweetly. He said with a grin, “Good girl.”

And Alyssa gushed. She hated that she did. The insufferable man issued a lot of degradation, but there were occasional moments where he was nice and sweet; it pushed Alyssa deeper and deeper into this charade.

The contrast turned her on. From the occasional sweet gestures to the hard, demeaning slaps he issued on her body right after. All of it turned her on–because suddenly, some part of it felt like everything was just roleplay, and each and every one of his degrading acts simply become just that–an act. It gave the impression that he was actually a good person who’ll treat her nicely in real life–that these fucked-up degradations and demanded obedience was just bed stuff. He wouldn’t treat anyone horribly outside of bed, let alone blackmail them. That would also explain why he’s also never threatened to release the video even once, though he also didn’t give it back.

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