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“. . . So, you say you’re just wearing a white tank top and panties, huh?”

“Yeah – nuthin’ fancy, just a white cotton top with a little bit of lace in the front. It’s a bit too small you know, cuz it shrunk a bit, so it’s pretty tight across my breasts.”

“Hmmm . . . I’m imagining that. Can you see the colour of your nipples through the material?”

“Well, my nipples are really hard and sticking out against the material, but I can’t really see the colour. Wait a minute . . .” He hears the sound of water in the background. ” . . .oooohhhh that feels nice. I threw water all over the front of my top – it’s so refreshing! Oh, the top is almost sheer now and really clinging! Yup my nipples are nice and dark rosy pink. MMMmmm . . “

“Uh huh. And what do your panties look like?”

“Well let’s see. They’re this stretchy, sheer, lacy material, what there is of it. They barely cover my trimmed bush and bottom.”

“Hey, nice. I like it when women wear stretchy lace panties. It makes slipping my hand down into them easier. Wanna know what I’m wearing?”

“Sure – of course.”

“Just tight faded jeans with a shredded hole in the right knee and another rip at the top of my left thigh. I got snagged by a nail once so now I’ve got a small scar on my leg. My ex- girlfriend loved to lick it when I wore these jeans. We almost got kicked off a bus once when she leaned over and did that. She was a bit wild.”

“Mmmmmmm tight jeans and hot licks!”

“Yeah but they won’t be on much longer though. I’m already getting hard and we haven’t even gotten started yet! Oh and I’m not wearing anything else. Just these jeans.”

“No underwear? Hhmmmm.”

“Yeah feels very, uh free. Wonder what it would feel like to go out and walk down the street like this.”

“I’ve done that before, wearing a skirt though. A long loose one and a garter belt, stockings and a blouse but no bra. I’m not very big busted so I can get away with it. I got so horny walking down the street knowing that I had on no panties. It was a hot day with a cool breeze and when the wind blew just right, it would go right up between my legs and blow on my wet pussy. It was all I could do not to stop in my tracks, spread my legs and let the breeze play with me.”

“Wow, that’s like something from the movies or rock video, you know, where they show the straight-laced school teacher or secretary with her hair pulled back in a real tight bun, wearing a shapeless outfit down to there and buttoned up to there. But then after hours she pulls down her hair, rips open her blouse and what do you know – she’s got these really great tits falling out of her black lacy bra, with hard pink nipples showing through the lace. Then she pulls off her skirt and she’s wearing tiny black thong panties and black lace garter belt. Man! Do you think that really happens?”

“Sure. You never know what someone is wearing under his or her clothes. Just the same as you never know from looking at someone what kind of person they are. Party animal or homebody. Looks are deceiving.”

“Yeah. Well people look at me and know that I like to party! I just wanna have fun while I can. And this phone sex stuff seemed like a great way to have fun. Do you drink?”

“Yeah – I’m having a bit of wine now and its making me feel all warm and relaxed. I’m just lying here on my bed with a couple of candles lit. Mmmmm my nipples are really hard and sticking out . . . Damn!”

“What’s wrong?”

“My top has dried out already. My body must be really hot, literally. Hang on a second . . .” He hears a muffled sound as she places the receiver on the bed. “There that’s better. Now we’re both topless!”

“Oh yeah. Bare tits and hard nipples. So how small are your boobs anyway?”

“They’re a nice handful, a bit more then my hand but enough to fill a man’s open hand. Mmmmm a strong hand firmly covering them with rough callused palms pressing against my hard pointy nipples . . . mmmmmm! They’re nice and firm and jiggle when I walk or when I sit up like this and shake my shoulders.”

“Oh yeah babe! Shake ’em. Shake those tits for me!”

“Mmmmm nice hard nipples. Unfortunately, my tits aren’t big enough that I can lift them up and lick them. I really envy women who can do that. It must be mind blowing to be able to lick your own nipples . . . OHhh! I heard that! Moaning already are you? And just what are you, ah up to huh?”

“Just rubbing myself through my jeans. I saw a movie on a TV one night – one of those adult ones you know? And this one woman had these really big tits, so big that she could lift them up, lick the top of them and suck her own nipples. I got so hard I almost came in my pants. Good thing kurtköy eve gelen escort I wasn’t alone that night. My ex-girlfriend loves porno movies as much as I do. She unzipped my jeans, pulled out my cock, then whipped out her tits and let me fuck them while I watched the slut on TV go at it. Fuck, I wish you were sitting here with me so I could play with your little titties and pull on your hard nipples.”

“MMMmmmmm oh yeah. That would feel so good. Mmmmm . . . I’m squeezing my tits pretending it’s your hands on them. So hot, so strong, squeezing them and pushing them together, kneading them with your hands. Can you feel my hard nipples against your palms? My big hard nipples?”

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Sqeeeezzzeee them for me. Yeah!”

“Mmmmmmm I just rubbed the cold wet wine glass against one of the nipples. Oh, it made my nipple all wet and really hard now! It looks like someone just licked it. Oohh, I just love having my nipples licked. I love the feeling of a hot, wet tongue flicking quickly over the tip of the nipple. Or a flattened tongue slowly circling the nipple and licking my tits all over. And I really love the feeling of soft, wet lips sucking and pulling on my nipples real slow and hard. I could just sit here all night and have someone suck on my nipples and lick my tits I just love it so much!”

“If I were there, I’d be playing with them as long as you would stand it. I love playing with tits. Big ones, small ones, firm ones, soft ones. Doesn’t matter what size – I love ’em all. I love watching women in the summer walking down the street. With some of those bras they wear these days, man, you can see everything! And they don’t stop their boobs from bouncing either. Hah! I heard that sigh! My ex-girlfriend loved having her tits licked and sucked. She even poured Irish Cream all over them once, straddled my chest and pushed them down onto my face making me lick them clean, as if I needed any encouragement! Then she slid down and poured the rest of the Cream all over my cock and balls and licked up every drop . . . including my creamy contribution. Ah ha! Was that a moan this time? Hmmmm really getting into this phone sex thing aren’t you!”

“Sure am! That’s a darned good combination! Soft tits and a hard cock covered in a creamy liquid. Gotta try that one sometime! What else did she like you do with her tits?”

“Well, sometimes we’d park way out on this deserted road and fool around. She loved it when I’d push her back against the door, yank open her top and lick her tits all over sometimes not even touching her nipples. I’d tease her just licking all that soft warm skin making her tits nice and wet.”

“Oh, yeah – making out in the car! Keep going . . .”

“She’d grab my head and push a big hard nipple into my mouth when she couldn’t stand it anymore. I’d suck it as hard as I could, pulling and twisting it with my lips and even suck in as much flesh around the nipple as I could . . .”

” . . . ooooohhhhh yyyeeaahhh . . .”

“Ya like that huh? I’d just kept sucking and sucking, going back and forth to both nipples, sometimes running my tongue over her tits and between them to get to the other one. She’d get so hot! She’d start moaning and groaning and breathing heavy. She didn’t care if anyone drove by and saw us or not! One time she got so damned horny, she shoved me down so my head was between her legs – and she was still wearing her jeans! I couldn’t believe the heat coming off her pussy through them she was that excited! I didn’t even get the chance to undo her pants or anything, cuz she was holding my head down there, humping against my face. All I could do was put my mouth over the crotch of her jeans and blew hot air through them and nibble through the material. She came so hard and fast, I had to hold her hips down to keep from getting a fat lip.”

“Oh yeah! I know what that’s like, being so hot and horny from having my nipples sucked. So, what did she do for you after? I mean, she got off, what about you?”

“Well, I let her catch her breath and then I leaned back against the door. I had already unzipped my jeans when I was doing her, cuz I was so hard. She caught on pretty fast to what I wanted. Next thing I knew her head was in my crotch with she her lips wrapped around my boner. And could she ever suck! I came shooting loads of hot cream right down her throat. She took every drop and licked her lips afterwards looking for more! She sure loved sucking me off, yup!”

“I’ll bet! You know, as soon as you said your face was between her legs, I moved my right hand from my tit and placed it between my legs. I can feel how hot I am through my panties. OOhhh, kurtköy genç escort I can even feel my juices leaking through the crotch. Maybe I should start thinking of taking them off. What do you think?”

“Fuckin’ good idea! Then you can see you pretty little trimmed bush. How much of it do you shave?”

“Well, once I shaved it all off, just to see what it felt like. I mean ALL the hair in front and right between my legs. It felt great. Too bad I hadn’t done that before I went walking around in a skirt and no panties. Anyway, that night I got the best pussy licking ever! My boyfriend just kept running his tongue all over the bare skin. It was so incredible! I just came and came before he barely got started. He was so turned on by my bald mound and orgasms that we balled all night long! I let the hair in front grow back and keep it trimmed into a nice strip but I still completely shave around my pussy lips so they’re nice, smooth and lickable. Did I finally hear the sound of a zipper? What took you so long?”

“That shaved pussy licking just got me so hard. Man! Just thinking of all that pink, slippery, wet cunt flesh. My cock is standing straight up and throbbing. And it’s definitely more than a handful I can tell you, since it’s in my hand right now. Yeah, I’m stroking my cock for you babe, slowly. You ever watch a guy beat off?”

“Actually a few times. My ex sometimes liked to do that. He’d be fucking me and suddenly pull out, straddle me and jerk off all over my stomach just like the porn guys do. Sometimes he wouldn’t even fuck me, he’d just jerk off all over my tits. Usually he would eat me first, sometimes after. I really got off on watching his hand stroking his hard cock. Sometimes he’d play with his balls at the same time and sometimes I’d do it for him. It was great. Have you ever done that, you know, masturbated in front of someone?”

” ‘Fraid not. But I’d like to for sure! My ex-girlfriend used to give me a hand job and let me cum all over her tits. That was cool.”

“Yeah, there’s nothing like watching a guy’s cock pumping in his fist, hearing him moaning and groaning and then shooting all that nice creamy cum all over my tits and stomach. I like to run my hands all over my wet tits afterwards and lick the cum off them. Mmmmm tasty!”

“Finger lickin’ good huh?”

“You bet. You know what else is finger lickin’ good? When a guy pumps his fingers in and out of my wet muff and then sucks the juice off afterwards. I love a guy who appreciates a tasty pussy.”

“Oh yeah, sweet. I love cunt cream. But, did you ever lick your pussy juice off his fingers for him?”

“Mmmmm nnoooo, but sometimes he’d kiss me after going down on me. Man, his lips would be so soft and hot after eating me. I’ve never really given much thought to doing it with a woman – sorry – I know that’s a BIG male fantasy, but somehow I didn’t mind tasting my own pussy on his lips. Mind you, he was the best kisser! And could he ever eat pussy, like it was going out of style. I had to practically drag him up for air. I remember one time, we were at his place, it was a beautiful hot summer night and we took it into our minds to go out into the fenced backyard and get it on. So off we went, fully dressed and when we got to the fence he had me turn around and grab hold of it. Well, he reached around, undid my jeans pulled them off and spread my legs as far apart as possible. I mean, I was completely exposed and open from the waist down. Then he knelt down behind me and licked my pussy from top to bottom. He just kept running his tongue all over it flicking my clit and then fucking me with it. Man – it was so good! I was so fucking hot standing outside like that with my boyfriend’s face between my legs.”

“You’re kidding! Outside? What about the neighbours?”

“It was two o’clock or so in the morning and really dark, not even any moonlight. No one could have seen us without night vision binocs. Anyway, that was the last thing on our minds. And we were really quiet. That was the hardest part. Wouldn’t have wanted to get the neighbourhood hounds howling! But he got me off right then and there. Didn’t take long I was so turned on! Oohhhh was that rustling sound your jeans finally coming off, huh?”

“Yeah, I think it’s time I got naked. Anyway, I had to stop jacking off for a minute cuz I was getting’ too close to blowing my load!”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I had to stop stroking my pussy too. By the way, I just took my panties off. The crotch is soaked with pussy juice.”

“Wow, if I were there I’d lick them clean then dive down and lick your hot wet cunt dry.”

“Oh yeah . . . wait, hang on a minute. I need kurtköy kendi evi olan escort to get some more wine.”

“Sure, that’s a good idea. Maybe we should cool down for a minute. I’ll just go stand in front of the fridge for a few minutes, cool off and grab something other than my cock – ha ha – grab a beer that is.”


“Hi, I’m back . . . hello . . .?”

“Hey there, yeah I’m still here. Believe me, I’m not going anywhere in this condition. So, did you get more wine?”

“Yeah, in fact I just brought the whole bottle over. I’m sitting back again against the pillows with my knees bent and my legs spread wide with the bottle between them. Its cold, but you know its kind of a nice feeling. Hot wet pussy against cold wet glass – mmmmmm. You know I’ve heard of people using ice cubes to rub all over each other. I always thought that was kind of – I don’t know, not weird, but kind of defeats the purpose of getting each other hot you know? But this feels really good.”

“Hhmmmm yeah, I’ve heard of that too. Only what I heard was having a woman go down on a guy with a small bit of ice in her mouth. Don’t know though. I think I’ll just keep the beer bottle up here close to my mouth. But you do whatever you want with that hard bottle. You ever – you know – get so horny and – you know – need something hard filling your hot little pussy – well you know . . .”

“What, like a wine bottle? Is that what you want to know? Oohhh aren’t you naughty!”

“No! Well, yeah, that or a vibrator or dildo. Have you?”

“To anyone else, I would definitely say, ‘I beg your pardon! Of course not! How could you ask such a question?’ But since we’re both sitting around naked with our hands between our legs, it’s a bit too late for me to act like a prissy little virgin. So, the official answer is yes to the wine bottle and a vibrator. But the only vibrator I have is like a little tongue.”

“A toy vibrating tongue? Serious?”

“Oh yeah. I’m definitely serious. It’s this small vibrator – but it has this attachment at the end that’s shaped like a soft tongue and it vibrates so it feels like someone’s licking you.”

“And does it?”

“Yeah, it sure does. I let it lick my juicy pussy to get it nice and wet before I place it against my hard clit. I go back and forth like that until I cum. Doesn’t take long with that. It’s handy for quickies. Aaahhh, you’re moaning again. And do I hear wet sounds too? Did you oil your hands or something?”

“Yeah, massage oil – just a bit. And I didn’t oil my hands, I poured it right onto my cock and let it dribble down onto my balls then rubbed it all over my hard rod. Its all shiny now like someone’s been sucking on it. Oh yeah and the oil is flavoured like – what’s that white, creamy coconut-rum drink?”

“White and creamy huh? Oh you must mean a Pina Colada. Hhmmmm just imagine all those women sitting outside in the hot summer sun, wet, pink lips wrapped around long straws sucking back creamy Pina Coladas. Very subliminal. And I always thought I loved them for the taste. Wish I were sucking your Penis Colada right now. Real slllooowwwly, sucking and licking your hard cock, feeling it throb in my mouth. Up and down. Round and round. Mmmm all that white cream oozing slowly between my lips and down my throat as I suck you off. Mmmmmm.”

“Mmmm yeah aahh. There’s so much cum it dribbles out the sides of your mouth and down your chin. Doesn’t it? Oh yeah babe, I can hear wet sounds on you end too. Tell me what are you doing! Do you have a finger up your cunt yet?”

“Ooooohhhh yeah, I’ve got two fingers shoved in, fucking my pussy. No! Make that three fingers stuffed into it now. Oooohhhhhh if only you were between my legs, your big hard cock filling my cunt up and fucking me. Aaaahhhhh Wow you’re really pumping your cock now, aren’t you! Oh yeah it’s sounds so good. Oh I need the tongue!” (He hears a drawer open and then a soft buzzing sound.) “Ooooohhhhh yeah! Lick it babe! Yeah, lick my hot wet cunt hole. Lick my clit! Aaaahhhhh . . .”

“Oh yeah! Yeah! Do it babe! Yeah that’s it! Oh God! Oh God! OOOOhhhh yeah it’s soooooo goood . . . Oh man I can’t hold back any longer . . . Oh babe . . . I’m going to . . . cum . . . I’m going to . . .”

“Oh yeah, that’s it baby, cum all over me – cum all over my tits, oh yeah! OH YEAH! Oooooohhhhhh yyyyeessssss, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes . . .”

“Yeah, babe, aaahhh, all . . . over . . . your . . . tits! oooooooooo”

(Long pause)

“Oh yeah, that was something wasn’t it?”

“Yes it was really good mmmmm. So, what do you think, would you like to do it again?”

“You know I would. Yeah, I’d definitely do it again . . . if you wouldn’t mind. What do you think?”

“Sure – you’ve got my voice mail box number. Just leave me a message sometime and we’ll set up another “date”. Maybe we could ah, do “dinner” you know? Food can be just as much fun as the “tongue” or a cold bottle of wine. But I just need to know one thing first.”

“Yeah, anything.”

“What’s your name?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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