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Ass Gape

Life has its ups and downs and I have of late been in a period of change and reflection. Among those changes have been thoughts and emotions that have kept me away from writing for some time, but as with all passions my desire to write has rekindled within my heart and I find myself looking to my own past for the spark of inspiration.

I find myself looking back some thirty years to the days of my youth. Days filled with the nervous insecurities that a boy in his late teens feels as he becomes a man and the searing carnal desires that force that change upon him. Or at the very least did for me.

It was my senior year of high school and at that time my thoughts were fixated on a girl who has since become my own personal favorite memory. A girl in my mind but a young woman as well, at least in so much as I was a man rather than a boy.

Amanda was a pretty girl, slim of build with wonderfully thick brown hair that she kept cut rather short. I remember feeling excited by this as I enjoyed kissing her neck and feeling her shudder with youthful delight at my attentions. Amanda was always very responsive to my touch as if she too felt the burning of desire rise in her blood at the prospect of physical intimacy. We were both new to those feelings and I am sure she felt the yearning for them as strongly as I did.

We had been close for a couple of years and it had been she who had given me my first kiss. It had been but a quick peck on my lips but I could swear that the tingling moisture she left on them stayed with me for hours that day.

On an off we played, slowly daring each other further and further, but always backing off before it went too far. It was the summer before our senior year and I was eighteen when I first touched her bare breasts.

We had been in my house alone and as I slid my hand up under her top, she moved her body slightly to the side, providing me room to explore her warm skin underneath. As my hand cupped her boob, and my fingers played over her already hard nipple, she kissed me deeply, letting her tongue find mine. As we kissed, our hands played over each other, touching and caressing each other until we were both almost breathless. Still we were not ready to dare more, and she finally went home, leaving me quivering with excitement.

We met again whenever we could be alone, learning about each other’s bodies and what power a touch or a kiss held. It mamak escort was almost fall before she first took my cock into her hand and slowly stroked and kissed me to distraction. I slipped my fingers over her labia and found a spot that made her tremble until she shivered and moaned. She finally forced my hand away and at my urging, took me into her mouth.

Amanda seemed to enjoy the feeling of my cock as she sucked on me and let her tongue slide deliciously under my shaft as she moved over me. She worked it slowly until I was fully aroused and my hips began pumping up to meet her lips as they moved lower.

The feeling of her lips on my excited cock was incredible and I felt orgasm begin to swell in my balls but all too soon she tasted the tangy flavor of precum and pulled away. She thought I had cum in her mouth and was furious at me for not warning her. I was at my wits end when she stopped and was only able to convince her that I had not by stroking my own cock in front of her. She seemed fascinated by the thick ropes of cum that sprayed onto my stomach as I came. She was even willing to rub it into my skin and told me she loved how hot it felt.

So it was that just before Christmas she told me that she would be babysitting for a neighbor who would be gone for the night. The child she was to watch was barely able to walk and we both knew that a special moment had arrived for us.

It was dark before I made my way there. I remember carefully looking around to be certain that no one saw me approach the house.

Amanda had been waiting for me and quietly opened the door as I came up the walk. Moments later we were in a bedroom and I kissed her as deeply as I ever had. She put a finger over my lips and whispered for me to be quiet. She was afraid of waking the baby.

We then lay on the bed and everything seemed to slow down. I remember Amanda lying on her back as I lay on my side next to her. When my lips touched hers she answered my touch hotly, flicking her tongue against mine until she guided my hand to her breast.

Understanding her need and feeling the blood rush in my veins, I slowly unbuttoned her top, exposing the lace bra she had worn. I opened her shirt and let my hand float up and down her belly for several long moments. I can remember the incredible look in her eyes as I finally unbuttoned her jeans.

Amanda seemed uncomfortable ankara masaj yapan escort with me still being clothed, and before I could lower her zipper she began pulling my shirt up. As I sat up to remove my shirt, she sat up with me and allowed me to unclasp her bra. She then did something that I had not expected. She bent forward and nibbled at my nipple.

The sensation of her lips on my chest was like liquid fire and I actually gasped at the delicious shivers that ran down my body and made my cock throb in my shorts.

I ran my fingers over her small buds as she slowly bit at my own until she reclined back down on the bed.

Amanda did not have large boobs at that time. They were firm though and she was so pale skinned I could see the blue veins running into them. I brought my mouth down on one and kissed it hard. Amanda had always enjoyed this and had at times told me that they were so sensitive that she needed me to flutter my lips over one and then the other, rarely allowing me to dwell on one for long.

I moved down her body kissing her belly and gently taking her soft skin between my teeth. I could feel her breath becoming deep as I reached her pants and she held it completely as I drew the zipper down.

She watched me intently as I took hold of her jeans and she lifted her hips when I began pulling them down. Soon I had them off of her cleanly shaven legs and tossed them onto the floor.

Amanda cupped her breasts in her hands as I pulled my pants off and smiled as my underwear followed. Looking back I think she was glad I was the first to be completely nude.

Amanda was still wearing the insignificant protection of her white panties as I lay next to her. She took my cock into her hand and squeezed me rhythmically as we kissed. Her hand felt hot on my shaft and her very slight strokes made me pulse with desire for her. I began rubbing her pussy through her panties and we petted each other like this for what seemed an eternity.

Amanda was the one who finally began removing her panties, exposing her very wet and enflamed sex to me. When I moved over her she willingly spread her legs and let me move in between them. We spoke hardly at all, neither of us having the words, but as I rubbed my cock against her wetness and found the place where my tip slid in a bit I stopped. “I want to do this so badly Amanda.” I mithatpaşa escort said as my cock pressed lightly against her. “Are you sure you want to?”

Amanda looked scared but told me she needed it too, so with that I moved forward strongly, forcing my cock into her channel. Amanda closed her eyes as I did and winced visibly as her tightness stopped my movements. I’d like to say I knew why or would have stopped if I did, but I didn’t really understand what virginity was for a girl, and anyway I was too consumed by my own need to be able to stop.

When Amanda’s legs curled around my calves I pushed hard and my cock slipped deeply into her. Amanda gasped loudly and her body became tense as I started moving within her. I felt a hot warm rush of moistness and began driving into her with hard even thrusts while she whimpered beneath me.

Soon though her whimpers stopped and her eyes met mine. She drew my mouth to hers and even as I drove into her she sucked my lower lip into her mouth with a hunger that stole my breath away. Her arms wrapped around the back of my neck and she moved her body with mine as we experienced the joy of being totally intimate with each other.

She felt so tight and her passage closed on my shaft in a way that would be difficult to explain to a man who had not felt it. I was able to move into her easily yet her pussy seemed to cling to my cock as I pulled out. Her wetness coated me so wonderfully that my skin tingled as the speed of my thrusts increased.

Amanda seemed to be feeling a combination of sensations that overwhelmed her. She just held on and moaned each time my cock slid into her. Her fingers dug into my back and she pulled on my, urging me on in my heated desire to take her completely.

When I felt my orgasm approach I slid my cock hard into her channel, and shuddering violently, released myself into her body.

It wasn’t until I rolled onto my back and my soaked cock slipped out of her that I saw the blood from her lost virginity. I was somewhat frightened but she was calm and said she had known she would bleed when I entered her.

We made love three more times that night until we were both exhausted and to this day it was one of the best sexual experiences of my life.

If she was questioned later about the blood on the sheets by the family whom she was babysitting for she never told me. Our relationship ended sometime later and we soon lost contact, but part of me will always remember my first time with her and I am thankful I could experience it with a girl who matched my own desire so closely.

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