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I stood in contemplation, fingers lingering over the rows of corked bottles in front of me. I had a decision to make, was I going to drown my sorrows in white or red wine this evening. I still couldn’t believe that Marcus had gone. I knew I’d been a bitch to live with at times, but I never thought it would come to this. It felt so final, especially now he’d returned for all his things. It was like part of the house was empty and now it would just be me and four walls to stare at. A life of meals for one and masturbation seemed to stretch in front of me like an endless road. I was 25 and it felt like life was over. A familiar voice broke my chain of thought.

“Don’t take too long, we close in two hours!”

I turned to see Hayden grinning widely at me from behind the counter. The comedian of the corner shop, and probably the only 47 year old that I had ever had a girly crush on since as far back as I could remember. I had been so indulged in my own misery I had failed to notice he was there.

“Cheeky!”. I called back at him, plucking an extra large bottle of red from the shelf. He laughed to himself before turning back to the little old lady he was serving. At least he’d managed to make me smile, despite having endured what could possibly have been the worst day of my life so far. By the time I had completed my shopping, which took all of five minutes, I was the only customer in the shop. Hayden was bent over, restocking the cigarette display, I got his attention by slamming down my basket on the counter.

“Bad day?” He asked brightly picking up my wine bottle to scan.

“Do you need to ask!” I snapped, and then regretting it added, “Marcus has left me.” I felt my bottom lip wobbling as the words left my mouth. Hayden gave me a sympathetic look.

“Well,if you ever fancy some company call in to my place. ” He offered. ” I know what it’s like, the first few weeks on your own.” He glanced down at this point and I remembered that his wife had walked out on him a year or two ago. It obviously still struck a nerve, I didn’t know the ins and outs of what had happened, only the village gossip.

“Thanks Hayden, that would be nice”. I smiled at him, and headed home.

By ten thirty that night I was knocking at the front door of number thirty. Wearing my cropped jeans and white shirt, wine bottle in hand. A very red faced Hayden looked at me in horror as he opened the door. “Deanne!”

“You did say it was ok to come over.”

He moved nervously from one foot to the other,looking sheepishly at the floor. “Yeah I know but..”

“So here I am and I bought a bottle.” He remained motionless in the doorway, casino şirketleri I could make out strange noises from the background.

“What’s that?” I pushed past him into the sitting room. I found myself face to face with the television screen, moans of pleasure came from the blonde haired woman on the screen as a dainty Chinese girl thrust a large pink dildo into her gaping pussy. I covered my mouth in a snigger as I could feel Hayden behind me blushing to death.

“I guess it makes a change from football!” I joked,smiling up at him.

“I wasn’t expecting you tonight” He replied,nervously running his hand through his hair.

“Obviously! Shall I leave then?” I turned to head for the door.

“No, no deanne stay.” I felt his large hand firmly on my shoulder. ” I’ll get some glasses” He insisted and headed off to the kitchen. The video was still playing, I took a seat on the couch and glanced around the room. It was softly lit, fragrant candles stood on tall holders sending out the subtle hint of cinnamon.

“Those candles smell so good.” I sighed as he returned with the glasses and sat down beside me. I noticed he did not get too close.

“Oh they’re just the ones that Jane left behind, you know she was into all that aromatherapy stuff. About the only things she didn’t take.”

I watched him as he uncorked and poured the wine. I felt as if I had really put my foot in it, I knew that he didn’t like talking about Jane. Yet he still smiled as he passed me a glass, that sexy little smile that always made my tummy do backflips inside. The moment was broken by a loud cry from the girl on the screen. He laughed as I jumped.

“Sorry, I think you’re sat on the remote control Dee!” He’d obviously got over his earlier embarrassment.

I jumped up and handed it to him.

“I’d better turn it off”

“I don’t mind, leave it on. I watch plenty of it at home anyway.” As soon as the words left my mouth I bit my tongue, why the hell did I say that.Hayden turned, his eyebrows raised in surprise. I expected a witty sarcastic remark but none came. He sat back down beside me, still at the opposite end of the sofa. I shot occasional sidewards glances but he gave nothing away, his brown eyes fixed on the screen. As a naughty after thought I glanced down to his jeans, I wanted to know if he was as aroused as I was. My curiosity was unrewarded as his t shirt covered any interesting bulges that would have been given away. I drained my glass and poured another.

Half an hour later we had got through two bottles of wine and ‘oral adventures’ was almost ended. I sat one end of the sofa, every casino firmaları now and then squeezing my thighs together, I felt so horny that I was sure I was making a damp patch on the throw. I looked back over at Hayden, he sat in deep thought, biting the tip of his ring finger. I knew he wanted to say something.

“So what do you do when you watch your porn collection?” He asked eventually.

“I get myself off in which ever way is easiest.” I replied, trying to shock him, or in the least make him a little uncomfortable. To my surprise he sat back against the arm of the sofa and said, “Show me.”

I smoothed my hands over my body, sliding down to my crotch and simulated how I would have touched myself. Enjoying my own display I licked my fingers and pushed them hard against my crotch up and down in long strokes.

“Oh Dee, you don’t know what that does to me. “

“I’d like to find out!” I said, staring intently into his deep brown eyes. He stood up and reached for my hands to pull me up too. We stood facing each other for a moment, before he leaned down to kiss me deeply on the lips. I melted hungrily into his embrace grabbing at his t shirt while he hurriedly unbuttoned my shirt. He stood back for a moment to gaze at my breasts, still encased in a silk bra. I unclipped the clasp, feeling the fabric slide down over my skin and fall to the floor.

“My god Dee, I’ve been fantasising about your tits every time you came in the shop.” He sighed, tentatively reaching to stroke the soft skin of my breast. He felt my breath quicken at his touch and drew back.

“Don’t stop!” I almost whispered.

“I’m not.” He grinned back, grabbing me around my waist and lifting me slightly before laying me out carefully onto the rug. I sank back into the white fur as he knelt beside me. Kissing one nipple and then the other, sucking each one until they hardened into peaks. It felt so good that I hadn’t even noticed he had expertly removed my jeans and thong. His kisses trailed down my stomach, pausing above my waist.

I was so desperate to get my hands on him that I pushed him back, pulling his t shirt from him and running my fingernails over his taut chest. He sat back on his knees as I unzipped him revealing his already erect cock.. Taking it in my hand I stroked along the full length, hearing him groan at my touch. Bending to take the tip between my lips, I sucked on him deeply. He tasted so good, I took his whole length as far as I could.

“Oh Dee, you are amazing, oh god I’m gonna cum if you carry on like that.”

“You wanna cum in my mouth?” I answered naughtily, looking up at him. He pushed me güvenilir casino back onto the warm rug.

“No, I haven’t finished yet.”

Thrusting my legs apart he gazed down at my rudely exposed pussy. Seemingly admiring it, I knew he could see every part of me as I was completely shaven. Breaking from his gaze he began to lick my soaking pussy lips,from top to bottom, lapping at my clit, sending little electric bolts of pleasure up my entire body. As Hayden intensified the pressure of his tongue on my clit I knew I was going to climax. He knew it too, stopping at once denying me my release. I moaned from my throat while he delicately sucked my labia, deliberately avoiding the one area that was going to push me over the edge. I lay there in ecstasy , the gentle strokes of his wet tongue sliding and exploring every fold of me. He knew I was unaware when he decided to return to my needy clit. Clamping his mouth over the sensitive bud, he tongued it in a hard, circular motion. I arched up beneath him, my breath quickening to squeaky gasps. As soon as his finger pushed inside me I bucked beneath him, coming noisily over his tongue and fingers. Hayden watched me coming over and over, as with just a nudge of his tongue my body was sent into yet another orgasm. Crawling forwards over me, he stopped to stare into my eyes.

“What do you want me to do now Deanne?”

“Hayden, fuck me.” I groaned, I wanted him so much it hurt.

Smiling,he just waited for a moment, knowing how wet and ready I was for him. The tip of his hard cock was at the edge of my slick pussy.

“Stop teasing me Hayden, fuck me, please!” I begged, my body tensing all over with desire.

Slowly he pushed inside me, every inch filling me up, closing his eyes in pleasure, I knew it felt just as good for him. He began fucking me slowly so I could feel his whole length sliding in and out of me, building up a pace as my shrieks became screams. Clenching the rug in my fists I came again as he pounded into me. Finally calling my name, his balls tightened and I felt his hot cum explode inside me. Collapsing on top of me he kissed me deeply, our tongues tasting each other’s lust as he gave me his last thrusts. I quivered in aftershocks as my body recovered. This man had awakened things inside that no other had, until now. Marcus and his selfish lovemaking, who had tried in vain to take me to this point was quickly forgotten. This was real sex. The first orgasms that I had not had to fake.

“You know, you taste like honey Dee.” He whispered into my ear.

“Do I?”

I felt a finger brush my lips and I gently kissed it into my mouth, it tasted warm and sweet. I wrapped my arms around him and nestled my head into his soft, downy chest. We fell asleep together, I lay contented in the strong arms of my older lover. Our desires sated for one evening, and I hoped that it wouldn’t be the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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