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A few weeks after returning home from her weekend at her parents house Alexa often thought about those two nights she enjoyed being ravished by Steve ( this story will be released soon), she knew he was to old for her being in his forties but thinking about him excited her on a daily basis.

She had tried to ignore her cheating and make the most of her marriage to Tim. She had however asked her mother if she could visit them again with one of her friends for a weekend away soon.

Her mum agreed it would be good for her to have a break and for her to suggest suitable dates.

Tim’s drinking and nights out with his mates continued on a fortnightly basis and he informed her that he had agreed to go on one of his mates stag event next weekend in Newcastle and another in Prague.

Alexa had then pencilled in a weekend at her parents for the Prague weekend but had no plans for his Newcastle event next weekend.

Being a trainee project manager with a multinational IT company Alexa’s good looks and figure had drawn the attention of several of the organisations senior managers and she had recently been asked to assist in several high profile sales presentations to prospective clients. She was often described as having mucky blonde hair which she kept fairly short and looked like a million dollars, she had a 34D breasts and was a size 10 figure and totally fuckable given her figure and her stunningly beautiful face.

One of these clients was a French multinational and her company had been selected as preferred suppliers for a new system build project. There were two final steps to complete to be awarded the contract a presentation to the French client project team in the Uk and a presentation to their Board in Paris a month later.

The date for the first presentation was arranged for the Friday after Tim’s trip to Prague for his mates stag event, and a prep meeting was arranged for the prior Monday where the Head of IT Sales and the Head of Project Delivery would review the proposed pitch to the client.

The team were informed that they should assume that they were presenting to the client at this meeting.

This would be a marvellous opportunity for Alexa to make a name for herself within her organisation and she planned to not miss the opportunity.

She had informed Tim that she needed to get her hair, nails done and purchase new clothes for the presentation but he took little notice, she was really pissed off with him.

After he left for Newcastle Alexa spent all Saturday morning at the beauty salon and then went shopping in the city for new clothes.

Following her extra marital adventures Alexa had felt guilty as hell when Tim returned from Newcastle she said “Melanie and me are going to my parents house this weekend, is that ok with you”

Tim took little notice but did reply “Yes of course enjoy yourself I’ll play golf with the boys all weekend”

She had arranged to pick up Melanie at 10:00 am on Friday morning to travel to her parents house

Melanie had the striking good looks of her mum 5′ 7″ in bare feet with blonde hair and a stunning figure 36D boobs and very fit body; her legs were stunning and she’d heard men almanbahis call her “sex on legs” on numerous occasions.

She had split up from her boyfriend six months earlier following finding out he was cheating on her for months, and she had not dated anybody since and had resisted a couple of dinner invitations. At 26 she was in her prime and turned heads everywhere she went.

Melanie loved clothes and had a wardrobe full of stunning casual and smart clothing and ample expensive luxury lingerie, unsure what to wear she mixed a selection into a largish suitcase for the weekend.

Alexa picked her up and they drove to her parents house

On the way Melanie asked “Do you know anybody our age in the area who can show us where to go out except your parents?”

Alexa replied “Only one of mum and dads friends Steve he’s about their age but fun and charming”

She did contemplate telling her about their relationship last time but thought better not.

En route Alexa received a call from her mum to say that they had been called up to Liverpool since her auntie was really unwell in hospital, but they should still go and have a good weekend ” I’ve left a set of keys with Steve who you met last time you came over, he lives at no44 down the road his number is ********”

They soon arrived at her parents and rang Steve who popped over with the house keys

Steve greeted Alexa with a hug and said “Lovely to meet you again, if you need anything txt or ring me”

Alexa asked “Can you suggest anywhere nice to go for lunch Steve?”

Steve replied “The Red Lion is half a mile away its my favourite lunchtime spot”

Alexa smiled and replied “Great we’ll give it a try thanks”

Steve smiled back and said “I may see you later there girls”

Melanie suspected there was something between them but said nothing

The girls then unpacked and decided to freshen up and head to the Red Lion for a snack and a glass of wine. Given it was autumn they both were dressed accordingly Alexa is figure hugging leggings with a snug white jumper and Melanie in skinny jeans with a pink jumper and they both looked stunning.

While Alexa went to the ladies Steve walked into the bar and was pleased to see her, he walked towards her and gave her a hug and a peck on her cheek, Alexa informed him that Melanie was one of her best friends and she was not aware of their liaison a few weeks earlier while smiling.

Alexa then said “I’d better rejoin Melanie “Can you recommend anywhere we can eat and drink tonight?”

Steve replied there is a classy cocktail bar a few miles out it’s called the Old Stables, I know the owner and can book you a table and give you a lift there and back if you want?”

Alexa smiled and replied “Thanks Steve that’s kind of you, are you doing anything?, if not you can join us?”

Steve replied “Not got any plans so far and I would love to join you stunning girls, I’ll text to confirm the booking”

Alexa smiled and said “Thanks hopefully see you later” and went to rejoin Melanie.

Steve watched as she walked away, he admired her arse and legs a remembered what a good fuck she’d been a few weekends earlier.

After almanbahis giriş returning to their table Alexa said to Melanie ” Just bumped into Steve by the bar and he has recommended a cocktail bar near for tonight he knows the owner and offered us a lift; so I asked him to join us, hope your ok with that?”

Melanie replied “That fine with me he’s quite dishy for his age”

A few hours later both Holly and Rachel after both had been drinking wine / G she joined Alexa in kissing the knob and wanking the shaft. Steve then asked the girls to strip for him and both did a slow strip down to their lingerie Alexa in her black underwear and Melanie in her white corset with tan stockings.

Steve also undressed and sat on the bed and pulled Alexa up the bed and laid her so his head was between her legs caressing her stockings, he then moved one hand and gently sipped her knickers to the side and inserted first one then two fingers in her soaping fanny his other hand grabbed her ample boobs which she released from her bra for him. He also quickly ran his tongue along her slit teasing her clit.

Melanie meanwhile was still playing with his cock amazed at it size and not sure if she could cope with his size.

After a few minutes of licking and fingering Alexa came in a shuddering climax and screaming

“Fuck me now, fuck me with that big cock Steve”

Always the gentleman he obliged getting up off the bed and gently moving Alexa to the beds edge, Melanie watched as he positioned his massive cock near her best friends slit, Melanie wanted to watch and instinctively held his cock as he moved into position she had one hand on his cock and one juggling his enormous balls and helped insert its head in Alexa’s welcoming slit she watched in amazement as the monster entered inch by inch with Alexa thrusting back.

Melanie then stood up and whispered in Steve’s ear “I’ve never been with a man with your size”

He replied “I will be gentle and take it slow with you I promise, lie down next to your Alexa and let me play with you”

Melanie laid down and Steve ran his hands gently up and down her magnificent stockinged legs while still pounding into Alexa he had to bite his lip to stop coming, he slowly reached Melanie’s g-string and felt her dampness sliding the material to one side he played with her clit and then fingered her with one then two then gently with three fingers.

Melanie was responding and was close to coming, by now Alexa was still being pounded and exploded in a multi orgasm shouting “Fuck me fuck me”.

Steve wanted to blast his cum inside Melanie though and pulled out of Alexa leaving her withering in on the bed.

Melanie’s was gushing by now and was close to coming, Steve really wanted to fuck he when she came but got on his knees to lick her while still fingering her to make sure she was soaking for his cock.

He also wanted to fuck her doggy style to allow him to feel her superb breasts and feel her stockinged legs, after a few minutes he gently turned her over and had her near the bed edge allowing him to stand near her wet cunt lips.

Melanie turned around and whispered “Please almanbahis giriş don’t come in me I’m not on the pill”

He then gently rubbed his massive took up and down her moist lips before inserting his knob inside her, she was throbbing at the sensation of being stretched like never before and came for the first time.

This resulted in her pussy becoming drenched and allowed Steve to slowing insert a few more inches into her.

Melanie reacted by moaning “Oh please be gentle and fuck me”

Steve continued to thrust gently into her gradually inserting more of his huge throbbing cock into her, he was also fondling her magnificent breasts and nipples through her corset which again took her over the edge. This allowed him to insert more cock inside her with 7 to 8 inches of his cock now inside her

Melanie turned her head around and whispered “Are you all inside me?”

He replied “nearly there” together he gently thrusted forward while Melanie pushed back to get his whole length inside

She moaned “Oh my god fuck me slowly”

William fucked her while gradually increasing his thrusts and within a few minutes he was ramming his cock half way out and fully inside her

Her moaning was wild and turned around whispered “Fuck me, fuck me I love your big cock”

Steve was struggling to hold back and avoided touching her breasts or stockings since he feared this would tip him over the edge.

They carried on fucking and Melanie again turned and said “Fill me with your cum, fill me”

He responded “Are you sure?”

She responded “Yes,yes,yes I want to feel you come inside me, fuck, fuck me, fill me”.

Steve wanted nothing more in the world since she was so beautiful, he gripped her legs feeling her fully fashioned stockings in his hands and against his thighs and grabbed her suspender straps while he prepared to shoot his load.

Melanie was pushing back against him and came again and repeated “Fuck me fill me please”

This took him over the edge and he came in an instant shooting his load deep inside her” Steve kept on pounding her till he eventually slipped his cock out of her and they both laid on the bed touching and snogging each other.

Alexa had watched quite a bit of their lovemaking and was amazed at the passion they both showed, she leaned over and whispered I’m going to have a shower.

Melanie and Steve continued to cuddle each other and within minutes Steve was rock hard again and he wanted to fuck her again

Melanie said “I’m worried about her pussy being stretched again so soon” and gently slid down till her lips found his cock, she also moved her legs over him so that his head was between her legs in a a 69 position.

Steve wasted no time and was soon licking he clit while Melanie was running her tongue up and down and round his helmet, this continued for about ten minutes with Steve finger fucking while still teasing her clit

Melanie lifted he head and said “Please make me come again” Steve then inserted his two index fingers into her and finger fucked her hard and within a minute she had come over his face.

Melanie could see that her kissing and licking his helmet and slit had brought him to the edge and she moved her hands to squeezing his balls with her nails

Steve gave a massive groan Steve came over her lips and in her mouth shouting “You sexy little slut I love your fucking body and you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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