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I pressed send on my computer then changed the address and pressed send again.

“So what do you think?” I asked three days.

“So how long have you been writing these fantasies and sending them to Marcus?”

“A couple of years, only the bits about other men, then when Marcus gets home we act out his part,” I said with a grin.

“And what do you think Jeff would say?”

“Well it was his fault in a way. I mean you remember me telling you, how I caught him looking at me when I walked out of the shower naked?”

“Yeah you thought Marcus had come home early.”

I laughed remembering the shock on both of our faces.

“Yeah well I told Marcus, and we laughed about it, but a few days later he mentioned it as he screwed me, and it sort of grew from that. Then I remembered finding the handcuffs in the drawer at your house after his accident. He asked me to get a pen and there they were. God he blushed when I pulled them out,” I giggled.

“He always liked being helpless on the bed. But I don’t think he would go that far like in your fantasies.”

“Maybe not,” I said with a chuckle.

“So was any of that with my husband true?”

“The day he watched Marcus rub the sun cream in my back. We had a right giggle about it. Marcus said he saw Jeff drooling over me from the behind the curtain. You remember when he broke his leg and stayed with us, when you went on that course?”

She nodded.

“I always used people we knew in the stories Marcus liked that. He enjoys it most when I use Jeff.”

“Yeah so do I,” She said, after a few seconds silence.

“The time we went to the pub and met Jeff’s friends was as well. Only I couldn’t play darts so I just watching and dreamed that up. Then the panties thing that was true.”

“What you caught him, with your panties?” she asked shocked.

“I found them under his pillow when he went to the hospital. I just left them there.”

“God Mandy. And Marcus likes all these stories?”

“He was the one who suggested me being married to Jeff, and the wimp thing. I’ve made up other stories that we act out too, but I really enjoyed this one especially as it had this unexpected twist, that even I couldn’t have dreamt up.”

She looked at me and smiled with that sparkle in her eyes.

“So bursa yabancı escort are you going to ask me anything else, or do we get down to business?”

We both grinned at each other.

I slipped under the sheets and found her wet pussy with my tongue. I gently licked and tasted her, listening to her moans. I slipped two fingers into her cunt and slowly eased them back and forth. I could feel her thigh muscle twitch as she neared an orgasm. Her hand gently covered my head encouraging me to go deeper. Her leg movements slowly increased until she gasped and pulled a little harder on my hair. A long low sigh slowly escaped from deep within her.

We lay cuddling on the bed again not speaking for ages.

“You know you could have put me in a better light in your fantasy. I mean I’m not the wicked mother-in-law.”

“God no Hazel you are the sweetest and sexiest woman I know. But I just wanted to tease Marcus; it makes him wild when I pretend I don’t like you. Sort of makes him more passionate.”

I sucked her nipple into my mouth and nibbled a little just how she likes.

“So when did you start to fancy me?”

“The day we kissed on New Years Eve, and you grabbed my ass, not the sort of thing a mother-in-law would do.”

“Well you went straight for my lips,” she said, with a grin.

“And you sucked my tongue in. God it’s a good job we were all drunk and Jeff was in the loo,” I said laughing.

“So what did Marcus say?”

“He told me he saw us in the mirror. So I had to confess to him about my little experiments with a couple of friends when I was young. I expected him to hit the roof. I mean I was drunk and just twittering on about how sexy I thought you were. I mean I nearly gave the game away when we started dating, and I said I thought you were pretty and sexy.”

“So when did he tell…..”


Hazel and I looked at each other.

“Shit is he going to be pissed now!”

The bedroom door opened and in walked Marcus.

“So this is what you two get up to when I’m out.”

“Sorry Marcus,” I whispered.

Hazel got out of bed and I watched her lovely round ass sway over to her son. She reached up with her arms and slipped them round his neck. I watched the pissed off look bursa sınırsız escort on my husband’s face slowly melt, as she kissed him long and slowly. I could just imagine her soft warm tongue slip slowly around his mouth. She always kissed with a soft tongue and very gently, no matter how aroused she was. It was a woman’s kiss, so soft and so bloody sexy. She looked down at me with a shy smile.

“Can we?” she asked, sucking her little finger in that sexy nervous shy manner.

I looked at Marcus, and returned his smile.

“Sorry we couldn’t resist each other,” Hazel said, with her little coy expression.

“No you two never bloody can,” he moaned and then smiled, “I’m just pissed you started without me.”

I watched Hazel strip him, occasionally breaking just to give him a kiss. She dropped to her knees and gently pulled his pants down. I watched his cock spring up. She cradled it gently in her hand then slowly brought him to the bed. Slowly we moved together, this was always the slightly embarrassing point. Who was going to get what?

Marcus as usual left us to decide. I think he loved the uncertain moment between us all. Hazel made the first move and began kissing me. We kissed for a few moments enjoying each others feminine touch. I could feel Marcus getting into position.

“Come on you two have probably been at it all afternoon,” he said, with a cheeky grin.

Hazel and I grinned at each other and then went to work on his cock. We both licked up and down his hard shaft, I found this as sexy as hell, as now and then our tongues would touch; we would break off from Marcus’s cock and just kiss each other swapping the taste, from my husband, her son’s cock. I worked on his cock while Hazel knelt up and started kissing him. It wasn’t long before I found my tongue wandering in between Hazel’s legs. She tasted so deliciously wet that I took charge and gently pushed her on her back. I held Marcus’s cock and slowly teased it over her fanny lips and onto her clit. She closed her eyes letting the sensation of my slow soft motion drift across her pussy.

I began to rub his cock further into her entrance. He held it there as I removed my hand.

“Wait,” I told him.

I kissed my husband forcing my tongue into his mouth. We görükle escort smiled, and I put my hand on his lower back and gently pushed him forward, as my mother-in-law gasped, taking her son’s cock in her hot pretty pussy.

He started rocking and Hazel whimpered, her eyes closed and her mouth open.

I felt her hand on my arm and it fumbled its way down to my hand. She gripped me tight and wouldn’t let go, as what must have been a very powerful orgasm washed through her writhing body.

Marcus fucked her gently, rolling his hips slowly into her. He was knelt upright with his thighs under her hips. I bent forward and kissed her, she sucked my tongue right into her mouth, until she had to gently push me away and gasp quickly for air.

I felt her hand grasp desperately for my head.

“My nipple Amanda,” she panted.

I slipped my tongue on her nipple and sucked, and then gripped it with my teeth gently pulling it.

“Oh that’s, so nice,” she whimpered, in a dream like state.

Marcus now had my open pussy to explore, I felt a finger slip into me, softly and gently it rubbed. I pushed Hazel’s finger onto my clit and they both worked me until I shuddered to a deep and intense climax.

“Right I’d better go and get the kids,” Marcus said, as he pulled up his trousers.

“Marcus, why don’t you take the kids for something to eat?” I purred.

“OK you’ve got an hour, and then I’ll take mum home when I get back.”

I pulled a delighted Hazel back into bed, she thought we had finished for the day.

We kissed and cuddled for awhile then she moved down between my legs.

“You know Mandy, I think you really do enjoy teasing Marcus and me,” she said with a grin.

I felt her tongue on my clit causing little spasms ripple through my body.

“Of course I do you are both very special to me.”

So how did I find out about Hazel and her son?

She had come round one day when I had gone into town. Jackie was at school and Nick was at the nursery school.

I walked in and there was Hazel sat on Marcus’s knee. They were kissing passionately, and Marcus was fondling her breast. Neither of them moved they just waited for my reaction. I think they had decided to show me and hope for a favourable response. I moved very slowly towards them hardily daring to breath.

I bent my head, and slowly Hazel and I kissed her.

So if ever you see your mother-in-law with a strange smile on her face, as I did on my wedding day. Ask yourself does he love his mother maybe a little more than he should?

Enough to…

The end.

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