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Hi I’m Amy Baxter and I’m a marriage counselor and sex therapist working towards my master’s degree at the local university. I am part of a psychiatric clinic with Psychiatrist Robert Mead who is also my boss. My therapy style is a little bit unconventional and definitely more hands on than most. Performance reviews with Dr. Mead have highlighted the positives along with some complaints. I assured him that no one has been forced to do anything they did not want to do.

“I don’t think I need to tell you Ms. Baxter about the risks involved in regards to litigation, not to mention the possible loss of our license to practice psychology here if you have any serious violations?” asked Dr. Mead.

“No, that scenario is crystal clear to me.” I replied.

“Well good, I wouldn’t want to interfere in your therapy practice, but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least remind you. What are you currently working on?”

“I have my first therapy session with a mother and son this morning. The mother, Helen Curren, has been frustrated with her son, Eddie Curren, who has been stealing her panties and sniffing them while he masturbates.” I replied.

“Hmm, well keep me posted and I hope you can help them.” Dr. Mead told me.

At 10:00 am Helen and her son Eddie showed up at my office for their therapy session. My receptionist Linda showed them in and I had them sit on my couch. Helen is a White, forty-nine year old divorced mother to her nineteen year old son. She was wearing professional attire consisting of a crisp white blouse, tan skirt, nude pantyhose, & tan high heels. She confirmed her professional look by saying she was an office manager.

Her son Eddie is a freshman at the same university I am attending, and he was dressed in torn blue jeans, t-shirt, & tennis shoes. I got the impression that Helen was somewhat disappointed in her slacker son. I asked her to tell me what brought them to me today.

“Well Dr. Baxter, I’m a little bit ashamed to admit that Eddie here has been stealing my worn panties out of the laundry hamper at home.”

“I see, please go on.” I replied.

“Not only that, but I caught him sniffing them and masturbating in his room last week. It’s just disgusting & gross! Not to mention very frustrating for me.”

“Hmm, very interesting. Eddie is there a reason why you are stealing your mother’s panties & masturbating with them?” I asked.

“I just love the smell of them after she has worn them all day, and it turns me on to no end.” Eddie replied.

I made note of Helen’s reactions to her son’s answer and even though she was frustrated with his actions; she also seemed to appreciate the compliment of how good her pussy smelled and that it turned him on when he masturbated. I felt this would be a good test case for the mere-exposure effect theory. Eddie told me he currently didn’t have a girlfriend & Helen admitted that she wasn’t dating anyone either right now.

They were both open şişli bayan escort to my aggressive hands on approach in therapy and were eager to get started. For myself, I’m always excited to gauge the reactions of my clients when starting our sessions for the first time and these two were no different. I told Eddie to take his clothes off while I reached under my skirt to take my panties off. The shocked expression on Helen’s face was priceless.

“Is this how you treat all your clients?” she asked.

“Only when their issues include sexual related problems and hang ups.” I replied as I walked over towards her naked, handsome son and stretched my pink thong panty over his head with the crotch covering his nose & mouth.

“Now Eddie, I want you to experience another woman’s panty scent. Thinking of your mother catching you masturbating while sniffing her panties really turned me on. Hopefully you can smell my arousal in my panties? Your cock is getting hard so I guess so!”

Helen sat next to her son and was staring at his now fully erect cock. I pulled a cordless magic wand vibrator out of my desk and walked towards the hypnotized with lust MILF. I told her to take her skirt off & informed Eddie that I was going to make his mother cum multiple times in her panties and pantyhose. This caused him to start playing with his cock, and I told him that I wanted him to masturbate & ejaculate his cum all over his mother’s legs.

I was unmerciful in my assault on Helen’s clit & pussy with the vibrator. I was able to coax four orgasms out of her while Eddie shot stream after stream of cum onto both of Helen’s legs. Cum was running down her nylon clad legs all the way down to her high heels. I told Helen to just leave it there to dry. They were scheduled to meet with me for another session next week so I gave them specific instructions for the coming week.

Eddie was allowed to keep my panties and I told him to masturbate numerous times with them & cum on them every time. He was also instructed to not use his mother’s panties all week.

For Helen she was to wear the same white panties & nude pantyhose she wore today everyday to work & at home without washing them. She was also given the magic wand and instructed to masturbate the same way I had done to her two times a day. Eddie was tasked with sending me photos of Helen’s attire each day along with her masturbation activity to confirm her compliance.

“What will your subordinates think of you when they see the dried cum on your pantyhose each day Helen? What if they knew it was your horny son who had blasted his semen on them?” I asked her.

“They would think you were a real cum slut Mom!” Eddie responded causing his mother to blush. After escorting them out of my office I told Linda not to disturb me for an hour. I then masturbated to multiple orgasms while thinking about mom & son following my instructions for them this week.

The following week when Helen şişli escort I was pleased to see Helen’s cum stained pantyhose. It even looked like Eddie may have added some new ones since we last met. Eddie presented me with my thong panties that were extremely crusty with his dried cum. God I love virile young teenage males & their sexual stamina!

I told them to strip but Helen was to leave on her bra, panties,and shoes. Once Eddie was naked I told him to put on his mother’s pantyhose. He had never worn pantyhose before so Helen helped him by showing him how to put them on properly. His hard on looked lovely tenting the hose crotch out. I had him lay on his back on the couch & instructed Helen to sit on his face so that he could experience the full aroma of her stinky panties. I also stuffed my crusty semen saturated thong into Helen’s mouth.

“I want to see how long it takes for you to suck your son’s hard cock while tasting my cum filled thong!” I told her. After a good ten minutes of Eddie trying to eat his mother’s pussy through her panties; Helen had had enough and pulled her panty crotch aside while spitting out the pink thong.

“Oh fuck Eddie, eat your mommy’s horny cunt!” she shouted.

While Eddie eagerly started to suck his mother’s now exposed pussy. Helen bent forward & took his nylon covered cock into her mouth. I was getting extremely horny myself now and stripped down to my bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings. I was going to get fully into this mom & son incest scene. I took my letter opener & cut the front of Helen’s pantyhose open to free Eddie’s cock and allow Helen to fully deepthroat it.

It didn’t take long and Eddie filled Helen’s mouth with his cum. What a beautiful sight to see as Helen came herself with strands of her son’s semen dripping off her chin. I had my hands in my panties playing with my clit and orgasmed hard. It was time to put my strap on cock in place. I instructed Helen to take her panties & shoes off while telling Eddie to leave the pantyhose on.

I gave Eddie some anal lube & told him to lube his mother’s asshole while I lubed up my fake cock. The time had come for me to start a threesome with mother & son on the floor of my office. Helen was on her side as I entered her ass with my cock. She was going to not only experience incest with her son, but also another first for her of double penetration. Eddie was given a condom and then I helped guide his cock into his mother’s pussy. With him still clad in Helen’s pantyhose he began to furiously fuck her cunt as I pounded her ass!

I unsnapped Helen’s bra & removed it to allow Eddie to suck on her tits as he fucked her. I then whispered into her ear, “You need it bad, you’re overdue to get fucked! Just accept it & enjoy the feeling of your son’s big cock in your horny & hungry cunt!” Helen began moaning and her body was shaking as another orgasm rocked her with Eddie & I fucking her holes. When Eddie filled his condom I took mecidiyeköy escort it from him and poured the copious load into the gaping asshole of his mother.

“I wish I had ten more cocks here to really fill your ass full of cum Helen.” I told her.

I wasn’t done with mother & son yet by a long shot. I had Helen get on her hands & knees while I sat in my chair in front of her. “You are now going to worship my feet while your son watches and fucks your high heel shoe. My feet have been in my heels all day so they should be good & sweaty by now especially after all this hot sex we just had.” I told them as I removed my heels. Eddie was instructed to sniff his mother’s panties while he fucked her shoe with his still hard cock.

Watching his prim & proper mother submit to my foot worship demands had a dramatic affect on Eddie as he used the high heel shoe like a masturbation sleeve on his cock. Helen was licking the sole of my foot & sucking on my stocking clad toes coating them with her saliva. I noticed her right hand had gone to her pussy and she was masturbating as she smelled & licked my sweaty feet.

“You’re going to cum on my foot Helen.” I told her as I stuck my right foot out in front of her. She got up and straddled my foot placing her crotch on top of it to hump it.

“Yeah that’s right Helen hump my foot while your son watches and fucks your shoe! Do you still have a problem with him sniffing your panties?” I asked her.

“No.” Helen moaned & sobbed as she continued to rub her pussy up & down on my foot. “Good, now I want you to cum on my foot right now!” I said as I stuck my big toe into her pussy. Eddie lost control and filled his mother’s shoe with another load of cum. Helen then coated my foot with her sticky pussy juice as she too had another orgasm.

Mother and son were completely & sexually spent after our session. I informed them that I would be making house calls on them frequently from now on. This would include them both worshipping my feet along with more threesome sex and mother and son incest. Eddie continued to sniff his mother’s panties, but not by stealing them as Helen would give them to her horny son frequently. He even developed a pantyhose fetish as I had hoped he would.

As a side note on Helen’s foot fetish , which developed during our sessions together, it really blossomed. Eddie found a girlfriend that liked to wear pantyhose named Julie. Julie didn’t believe a mom like Helen would beg me to let her worship my feet. One day she was at their house when I came by. All it took was for me to dangle my high heeled shoe on my toes in front of Helen.

“Please Dr. Baxter, let me lick & suck your sexy feet?” Helen begged. I told to get on her hands & knees while I took my shoes off.

Julie was totally shocked as Helen began her task. It was turning her on as well. “Why don’t you two fuck for me while Helen here finishes sucking my toes.” When Eddie told Julie he fucks his mother as well she wanted to watch.

I finger fucked young Julie as we watched Helen & Eddie prove their incest love for each other. Our threesomes regularly became foursomes when Julie was around. This was truly a successful outcome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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