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Two weeks later, when we both had our periods behind us, Julie and I began running out of new ideas to keep Steve guessing what we’d come up with next. She and I asked him if he’d mind too much if we went to the nudist camp while he was at work. We thought maybe just getting out there might help us come up with some new things.

“Not at all.” He quickly responded. “Just don’t drink and drive.”

“I don’t need alcohol to get naked in public now.” I told him, “I’m way past that.”

“Okay then, you two have fun . . . while I’m slaving away trying to support the three of us.”

He said that jokingly, and we took it that way. He made plenty of money as an Investment Banker to support us many times over.

We arrived at the nudist camp around eleven, checked in and paid our dues. Dotty suggested that we become members of the camp and join AANR if we were going to come back very often. When we told her we’d talk to our husband about it, she raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment, So Julie told her, “Yes, we’re both married to him. My last name is different only because Florida won’t let us make it legal.”

Actually, her papers were pending to have her name legally changed back to her maiden name, so hers would be the same as ours. That would simplify maters a lot.

“Nice.” Dotty responded. “I wish Tom would find another wife to help me with the cooking and chores . . . and I could go to sleep when he’s in the mood for sex and I’m not.”

Julie had been right when she’d told me the men would pay a lot more attention to us without Steve there. They went out of their way to strike up conversations with us. They still tried to keep their staring from being too apparent, but some of them simply couldn’t help themselves. When I caught one of them, he quickly apologized. I didn’t tell him I enjoyed it. Instead I said, “Don’t worry about it.

“Just don’t let your wife catch you.” Julie added with a giggle.

There weren’t nearly as many people at the camp or in the pool on weekdays, so we were relaxing in the water when another man came over to us. “Weren’t you two here a few weeks ago with a guy—I assume a husband of one of you?”

“Yes” Julie answered him, “But actually, we’re both married to him.”

He did little to hide his surprise. “Interesting, he’s a very, very lucky man.”

I laughed, “Yes his is, and thank you for saying it.”

“You’re welcome. Now, the reason I came over—wait, I’m Jake Carlson.” After we introduced ourselves and each shook his hand, he continued, “Please pardon me for being so bold, and please don’t be offended by what I’m about to ask, but one never knows unless he asks.”

Julie giggled again, “Don’t be shy. What’s on your mind?”

“Well, there are some things out here—some ‘activities’ they don’t tell you about at the office.”

“Oh, do tell.” I urged him to get on with it.

“At the far end of the road is a curve and mostly permanent residents. We have a very nice party room with a hot tub and things, and a group of us have parties there every Saturday night . . . sometimes more often.”

Julie giggled, “I suspect these aren’t Tupperware parties. Am I right?”

His face turned red, “Uh, well no . . . they aren’t. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you’re invited—the three of you . . . anytime. It’s a very nice place. Would you like to see it—that is, if you’re into that kind of thing?”

I just shrugged, so Julie said, “Sure, why not?”

“My golf cart is right over there.”

“Let us dry off and grab our shoes. We’ll be right there.”

It was a tight fit in the golf cart with all three of us in the front seat, but he didn’t seem to mind at all hehe. And he wasn’t kidding. It was a very nice place. It was a separate building in back of his double-wide mobile home. It was all wood—like in the design of a lob cabin inside and out. Inside the large room, the most prominent feature was a very large hot tub. Between the hot tub and the wall behind it was a large deck, level with the top of the hot tub. In the center of the deck was a pole—the same kind strip clubs have for their dancers.

The other side of the room had 4 stuffed leather chairs and 2 leather sofas arranged in a semi circle. There were 3 large screen TVs on the walls. In one corner was a shower—no stall, just a matt and drain. The floor of the room was tile, and there was another drain in the center of the room. In another corner was a toilet—again, no stall, and a small sink.

“Oh my gawd!” Julie and I both gasped in unison. “This is fantastic.”

“Yeah” He said, “Most people like it.”

“Don’t worry about the toilet not being private. If you don’t feel comfortable using it, or if you have to do more than pee, you can use the bathroom in the house.”

“That’s nice to know.” I responded.

Julie spoke up while swishing her hand across the water of the hot tub, “So, Jake, if we were to attend one of your parties, would we be expected to fool around with anyone and everyone, or could we keep our playing just between the 3 of us?”

“Excellent istanbul escort question.” He responded. Many in our group started just watching the fun and playing between themselves. Some have moved on to playing with others in the group, but some have not. They are all welcome to attend, if they obey the rules.”

“Rules?” I inquired.

“We don’t like it when people just want to watch us. If you attend, we would appreciate it if you would participate—even if it’s with your spouse—spouses, in your case. Other than that, we only have 3 rules: First and foremost, ‘No means No’. Second, you have to BYOB—even mixers and ice. And lastly, no bodily fluids in the hot tub. The rest of the place can be sanitized, and it is after every party, but the hot tub is more difficult.”

Julie giggled, “No cumming in the hot tub. Got it.”

“And that’s why we put in the shower.” He added with a chuckle.

I gave him his answer, “Well, we’ll have to talk to our husband, but as far as I’m concerned, count us in.”

“Awesome, now c’mon. I’ll drive you back to the pool.”

On the way back to the pool, Jake said people usually start showing up around 9 pm. And then he suggested we show up early and meet people as they come in, instead of several at a time or one right after the other. “Besides, it’ll give you a chance to get to know us prior to things heating up.”

* * *

We told Steve about the invitation, and he said he thought it might be fun, so we made plans to attend that coming Saturday. Steve then shocked me by suggesting we make another trip to the State Park during the day on Saturday, and then attend the party later that evening.

“Really?” I asked in an astonished tone.

Julie spoke up with a giggle, “If you’d seen him while he was watching you last time, you wouldn’t be so surprised.”

* * *

When Saturday came and we were driving out to the State Park, Steve shocked me again by saying right out of the blue, “Deb, Julie and I talked about it and we don’t mind if you want to ‘play’ a little more if you feel like it.”

I let that soak into my brain for a few seconds before saying, “Play . . . a little more, huh. What did you two have in mind?”

He shrugged and then said awkwardly, “Well, we didn’t . . . we just thought you might want to . . . hell I don’t know.”

When I looked into the backseat, Julie was silently offering up her suggestion. She was making a jack off motion with her hand.

I thought about it the rest of the way to the park, but hadn’t made up my mind by the time we got there. And even during the long hike up to “my curve” in the path, I still didn’t know quite how I felt about the idea. I had no desire to “play” with anyone but Steve and Julie. The idea just didn’t set well with me.

When two girls, probably in their early twenties came up the hill, I got an idea. I walked out onto the opposite side of the curve and, just as I’d done with the two men last time, I met them right in the middle of the curve. They lowered their eyes and tried to ignore me on the way by, but I stepped in front of them.

“Girls, on your way up the hill, did you by any chance see a man wearing a yellow polo shirt and white shorts, carrying some extra clothes? My husband is playing his idea of a practical joke on me. All I agreed to do was pose for one nude picture off in the trees. He took the damn picture and then scampered off with my clothes. He yelled back that they would be waiting for me in the car.”

The girls both finally looked up at me. One giggled while the other just smiled. “Sorry, but we didn’t see him. He’s probably back where he took the picture looking for you.”

The other girl hadn’t taken her eyes off my tits the whole time, “Don’t those” she said, pointing to my nipple clamps. “Don’t they hurt?”

I chuckled, “They’re adjustable. You can set them to whatever tension you like. I started out with them on a very light setting, but I’ve been setting them tighter lately. And when you’re about to cum, a little tug on the chain will send you into outer space.”

“Wow!” One said, but the other one was less shy. She said, “I can imagine. I know I like her to pinch or bite mine hard when I cum.”

“Judy!” the other girl exclaimed as she hit her friend across the bicep.

The first girl looked at her shy friend and said, “Like she cares if we’re bi!” And then she looked back at me, “Well, I’m bi. She’s lez.”

“Oh my gawd!” the shy girl half screamed. “I can’t believe you’re telling a total stranger about me—us.”

“That’s okay. Don’t worry about it, hon. I’m very, very bi myself. In fact, we have a three way marriage. I have a husband and a wife and he has two wives etc…”

“Oh my gawd!” the less shy of the two exclaimed, “That’s fucking awesome. So you have the best of both worlds, and your husband is living every boy’s—man’s fantasy. Fucking awesome!”

“Yep. My wife is very bi too, so we all get along great together.”

“Gawd, I’m so, so jealous of you—I mean even other than your incredible avrupa yakası escort body—but that too.”

“Well, if I had a pen, I’d give you my number and we could have lunch sometime, but alas.” I said, holding my arms out from my sides.

“I have one.” The bi girl said, and quickly dug in her fanny pack and produced a pen. Then she held out her palm for me to write on. While I was, she said, “Perhaps you could bring your wife. We’d love to meet her.”

I gave them each a tight hug, whispering to the lez girl, “Just be who you are, dear. It’s a new world out there. People will accept you for who you are.”

“Oh right!” She said, but not in a hateful way, “Try telling that to my preacher dad and my fucking prude of a mother. They’re paying my tuition, and they’d cut that off in a New York minute.”

“I’m surprised to hear that.” I said flatly.

“What? That preachers and prudes wouldn’t accept having a lesbian for a daughter?”

“No, not that—I totally understand that. I’m just surprised to hear that New York has its own version of a minute.” And we all laughed and went our separate ways.

“That was fun” I told Steve and Julie when I was with them again behind the rocks. “Not like with the men, but oddly erotic.”

“Where did you come up with that bullshit story?” Julie asked laughing.

“It just came to me while waiting for them to make their way up the hill. I didn’t know what I was going to tell them until they were almost to me.”

“It was brilliant.” Steve praised, “The whole thing was fun to watch.”

“But it didn’t make him jack off.” Julie said with a giggle.

“Well, if the right ones come along, maybe that will change.”

* * *

It was over thirty minutes before we saw three boys coming up the hill. They were probably in their early to mid twenties. I hadn’t counted on three, but it was getting late and we had a long walk back to our car. I made my move.

I liked the story I’d told the girls, and I decided it would be sexier if the guys didn’t know I loved showing off. They were already elbowing each other and saying things I couldn’t hear by the time we got close. “Hey guys . . .” And I repeated the story.

One of them said without looking up at my face, “Nope, sorry. We didn’t see him.”

“Oh well, I guess if he wants the whole fucking world to see me naked, he’s going to get what he asked for. I’m tired of hiding in the bushes or behind a tree every time someone comes along. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I do.” Said the one who’d been the boldest about staring at my body. “I was hoping to see some beautiful birds or a raccoon or something, but I guess you’ll do.”

One of the others caught on, “Yeah, same old boring shit, but I guess I’ll suffer through it.” That brought a fit of laughter from all four of us.

“You’re too kind.” I said, still laughing.

“Those have to hurt like hell.” One of them said, pointing to my nipple clamps.

“Nah, they’re not that bad. You get used to it. You should try it. They really intensify my orgasms, and I’ve heard they do the same for men. Wanna try them for a minute or two?”

“Ouch! I’ll pass”, which was echoed by the other two.

“That’s ‘contempt prior to investigation'”, I scolded them.

“That’s what?”

“What does that mean?” Another asked.

“Saying you don’t like something before you’ve tried it. Hell, if I did that, I’d never have tried anal sex, or eating pussy, or any of the other things I’ve learned to love.”

“You . . . you like doing those things—I mean, you don’t do them just because your husband wants you to—you really enjoy it?”

“Gawd yes! I love my husband fucking my ass even more than he loves doing it. And my wife . . . her pussy is as sweet as honey. There are very few things in life more wonderful than the taste of a sweet pussy—except female cum, of course. That’s even sweeter. I can cum just from tasting hers.”

“Your . . . your wife? Is that what you said?”

“Yes, I’m in a three-way marriage. My husband has two wives, and I have—well you know—one of each.”

“Holy shit! The one with the southern drawl exclaimed, “That’s hotter than a branding iron.”

“No shit!” The other two agreed almost in unison.

“Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that being with two women and watching them get it on is every man’s fantasy. Actually, I’d never even thought about it until it just happened one night when I was a bit tipsy. So I tried it, and I was hooked instantly. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my wife. He took her clothes too, but she still hides when someone comes along. She’s hiding in the bushes right over there, aren’t you, Julie?”

“Yeah, I’m here.” She called out. “Please just get rid of them so we can go find Steve.”

I was laughing inwardly at how quickly Julie thought on her feet—playing right along. When I looked back at them, I noticed for the first time that they were all tenting their shorts, but only one of them was trying to hide it. “Oh, I see all bahçelievler escort this talk about eating pussy and the fact that I love getting nailed in the ass is having an affect on the three of you, huh?”

One said, “Ya think?”

“DUH!” The one with the drawl said, and then he added “Hell, I was half way there before we got to you. Nice bod.”

The third, the shy one that was still trying to hide is hardon didn’t respond at all.

“Guys, I’ve never been to college.” I lied, “But I’ve heard some pretty wild stories about what goes on there. You three are in college, aren’t you?” When they all acknowledged that I was right, I continued, “I’m sure you attend all sorts of parties, so I’m sure you get to see plenty of girls get it on, and I’m sure you’ve nailed some of them in the ass. Am I right?”

“Uh, well, no—at least not the parties we’ve been to—maybe in the bedroom some of that happened, but not out where we could see it.”

“Oh really? I just assumed . . . oh well, so what do you do? I’ve heard about circle jerks. Is that what you do?”

Two of them acted shocked, but the one with the southern drawl spoke up, “Nah—once or twice maybe, but that’s high school stuff. It’s mostly younger guys who do that.”

“Ahhhhh, I see. So you three are way past doing stuff like that, huh?”

“Pretty much, yeah.”

“Oh well, that’s too bad. I was hoping to see a circle jerk in person. I’d even be willing to provide the entertainment.”

The shy one finally grew a pair and spoke up. “What kind of entertainment?”

“Hum, let me see. If me joining the circle jerk and participating in it by playing with myself isn’t enough entertainment, perhaps I can convince my wife to come out here and we can make out for you and stuff. Would that get your interest?”

“Fuck yeah.” The one with the drawl exclaimed.

Another one, the shy one asked, “In the bushes?”

“Hell no.” I said firmly. “Right here in front of God and everyone. So, do we have a deal?” When they hesitated, I added, we might even help you a little, but just a little, mind you.”

“What if someone comes along?”

“Hell, we can see them long before they get close enough to see what we’re doing. I say we all go for it. Now get your shorts down and let me see those hard cocks.”

When all three of their cocks were in view, I went from one to the other, giving each one a good feel and a few strokes. And then I yelled, “Julie, get your ass out here, and I mean right fucking now.”

All eyes turned to the bushes, and Julie finally came climbing over the rocks, totally naked, of course.

“Awesome!” and “Holy Shit!” and “Fucking A” were the responses.

“Julie, hon, these young men think it might be a bit fun to see us make out and stuff. They all need a good cum right now, so what say we help them out a little.”

“My, my” She said, appraising the three hard cocks on display. She walked over to them and reached out her hand, closely examining each cock in turn. She gave each one several firm strokes before releasing it. “Very nice. I guess three beautiful cocks like these deserve some release, so yes, we should give them something to jack off about.” And with that, she stepped up to me and we engaged in a deep kiss, her hand finding my pussy immediately and rubbing it.

When we turned back toward them, Julie slid her arm around my waist and I brought my hand up to grope her near breast. We kissed again briefly, and then Julie said in a sexy purr, “Gawd, I can’t wait to see them all cum. I’m already so horny I’m going to need a good pussy eating later.”

I responded, “You won’t have to ask me twice, but I do have one question?”

“What’s your question, sweetie?”

“Is our husband going to be fucking that big hard cock of his in your ass or mine while we eat each others wet pussies?”

“Mine, I hope. I love it when he fucks my ass hard and fast.”

“Ummmmmm, me too.”

It was about that time, guy number one came, with guy number two only a minute behind him, but even after another two full minutes past that, the last one, the shy one, still hadn’t cum. Julie and I were working it hard. We were talking dirty to him and playing with each other in front of him, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, Julie walked up to him and cupped his balls, drawing his free hand to one of her tits. That did it. She barely stepped aside in time to keep from getting splattered with his flying cum.

* * *

Back in the car, Julie put her hand on Steve’s shoulder, “Well, did you jack off to that?”

“Honestly, no, but it was fun, and funny, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.”

“Me too” I said with a chuckle. “I think the new story worked better than just telling them I love people seeing me naked.”

“I did too, but one thing struck me.”

“Oh?” Steve raised an eyebrow. “What was that?”

“I’d almost forgotten what the average cock looked like. The largest of them was barely more than average.”

I chuckled, “Well, if all cocks were huge, our husband wouldn’t be awesomely special.”

“You’ve got that right, sweetie.”

“Oh, I get it now.” Steve chirped in, “I’m nothing but a big ole piece of meat to you two.”

“Oh no, baby . . . you’re much more than that to us. You also have a very talented tongue.” And we all laughed out loud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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