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This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman’s biography.

Feedback and constructive criticism is very much appreciated, and I encourage feedback for ideas.

This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 1 – Good Morning, Town & County!

4:30am, Monday, April 16th.

“Push, baby, push!” I gasped as Laura and I cycled on our stationary bikes. These newfangled devices had screen monitors that showed not only our ‘course’ layout, but where we were in relation to each other. The cycling became harder as we pedaled ‘uphill’, and easier on the downhills.

And the course was also a testament to the new technology. I’d programmed in the cycling course for the Town & County Triathlon. Laura and I were going to enter the race as a team, and we were training for it. I need not say the physical training would help me in the upcoming Police Boxing Matches, as well. And working out together did not hurt our relationship, either.

The idea started when Cindy decided that she might be able to train for the race again. I was much less than happy to hear that, but said I’d race with her if she was able to do it. The swimming part was good for both of us. However, when Cindy exerted herself during her training runs, her lung that was damaged in the firefight with Ned’s thugs began becoming inflamed again. I was not the only one that told Cindy she could not continue that regimen… it is possible that the Chief of Police had a few words of fatherly advice for her, as well.

So then Laura brought up the idea that she could train as my partner in the race. We would have no real expectations of winning, but we’d give it a go if my back held up. And so far, it was doing okay. The running hurt my knees more than my back. Having to lean over for the cycling is what caused my injured vertebrae to complain.

Laura ‘caught up’ to me, and we pedaled on, grinding along the uphill road that would take us by The Cabin, on the screen, that is. It would soon become a downhill ride as we rode past the University and into Town. Unlike real life, there was no traffic on this virtual road…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

6:15am. Cindy Ross was in the 2d bedroom of her condo apartment, getting dressed. She always dressed in this room, as Callie was asleep in their bed in the main bedroom.

She was playing ‘I Like Chopin (Techno)’, and was dancing to it in her underwear, which was a lacy light blue bra and lacy light blue panties. She was grinding her hips, shaking her booty, twerking to the music. Then she whirled around and stopped…

“Oh, don’t stop on my account.” said Callie, smiling brightly, her eyes twinkling with lust. She’d been watching Cindy dance, and had liked what she was seeing.

“Oh! I didn’t know you were there.” said Cindy.

“Keep dancing your dance, baby.” said Callie, who then smiled her beautiful smile and advanced upon Cindy. “On second thought, let’s dance another dance.” She guided Cindy to the bed and pushed her back.

“Callie!…” protested Cindy. “I’m going to be late for work!”

“Yes.” said Callie. “You might be late for work. And when you see that the world doesn’t end, you’ll know it’ll be all right. But right now, I’m going to rock your world.”

With that, the beautiful blonde eased up Cindy’s toned body until their head were aligned, then Callie kissed Cindy’s mouth in a deep, tongue-twining kiss. Then Callie worked her way back down Cindy’s body, kissing and nibbling her, paying some attention to Cindy’s breasts, then working down Cindy’s quivering, taut abs to the treasure below…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Fox Two News!” shouted the lovely redheaded reporterette at 7:00am, Monday, April 16th. “Fox Two News has learned that State Attorney General Karl Handel will name an Independent State Counsel to investigate Governor Val Jared. Jared is accused of using law enforcement to intimidate two women that brought sexual impropriety charges against the Governor, and he is also being investigated for potentially aiding a cover-up in the assassination of superstar singer Jasmine Nix.”

“Governor Jared will have three business days, or 72 hours, to oppose the naming of the Independent State Counsel,” said Bettina, “and if he does, the Legislature will be called into special session. The Legislature could then override the Governor’s objection with 60% of the vote in each chamber.”

“Legal experts say that it would be very bad for the Governor to oppose the Independent State Counsel, as it would make the Governor appear to be guilty. Experts bahis firmaları also agree that the Governor’s objection would cost the Republicans badly in the State Elections this November.”

“And with the political primaries coming up on May 8th,” continued Bettina, “the current political races are beginning to shape up. According to Public Policy Polling’s Karl Frazier, Della Harlow is well ahead in the Democrat primary for Sheriff, and former Police Chief Griswold is running unopposed now for the Republican nod. In the Mayor’s race, it appears that Eldrick X. Weaver is beginning to take the lead for the Democrat nod, but the Republican race is much tighter, with Sheriff Daniel Allgood leading Council Member Loran Michaels 48-47%, within the margin of error.”

“And while the non-partisan D.A.’s race will not be decided on May 8th,” Bettina went on, “Paulina Patterson has jumped to a lead over incumbent D.A. Gil Krasney and State Attorney Jenna Stiles. Patterson is polling 40%, Stiles 30%, and Krasney is at 10% with another 20% undecided.”

Bettina finished up: “And tomorrow night’s Council meeting may be very important for our Police Force! Captain Briscoe of the TCPD’s Public Relations Department will become Campus Police Commissioner, as current Commissioner Dexter Robinson is retiring. The TCPD is not saying who might move into the Public Relations slot, but any move might start a chain reaction of events that could see several Officers promoted.”

“Chief Moynahan was also surprisingly reticent to discuss the open Deputy Chief slot.” said Bettina. “When asked previously, he has stated that there is no consideration to fill that slot, but Fox Two News has learned that there could be renewed consideration to fill the position…”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Oooh, formality!” exclaimed Joanne Warner as she caught sight of me and Teresa as we came into the coffee klatch. “What’s the occasion?”

I was wearing a dark blue necktie over my light blue uniform shirt, as I’d be wearing my Duty Dress jacket later in the morning. Teresa was wearing a leather sash belt over her light blue shirt, and metal Captain’s bars instead of soft shoulderboards, which was correct when wearing the sash belt. Our uniforms were pressed and creased properly and tightly, our patent leather shoes shined to military specifications.

“We’ve got Journalism Day today.” I said. “All three high schools will send their Journalism students as well as Beta Clubbers, their best and brightest, to the Criminal Justice building on the University Campus. Captain Croyle and I were invited to answer their questions.”

“Are we going to have any kids following us around?” asked Teddy Parker, “like Alison and Chris did that time?”

“Not this time.” I said. “And we would’ve been open to that, but nobody wanted to.”

“That’s too bad.” said Theo Washington. “I’d love to have a couple of kids from Booker T. Washington High School follow me around for a day. Black kids need to see the good side of the Police Force, and Police in general.”

“I’ll contact the school and relay your invitation.” I said.

“So, Commander,” said Joanne Warner brightly, “when do I take over as Deputy Chief?”

“In about ten years.” I replied, drawing laughter. “Seriously, what you just heard was Bettina speculating. Kinda like the way she uses the term ‘experts’. She wouldn’t know what an ‘expert’ was if he or she came up to her and beat her down silly.”

“Yeah, who would they put in that position, anyway?” asked Teresa.

“I think the Chief wants Rudistan in that position.” I said, teasing Rudistan.

“Oh I’m ready to run with it, Commander!” Rudistan said jovially.

“No, and I have much better plans for you, anyway.” I said cryptically. “But y’all will just have to wait to see what those plans are.”

Just then, Cindy Ross came into the MCD room, blushing. “Sorry I’m late, sir.” she said before going to the coffeepots.”

“You’re not late.” I said. “None of us officially have to be here until 7:45am.”

“What?” Jerome Davis yelled, pretending shock. “I was told I had to be here every morning at 6:30!” He was joking.

“That’s because you make the coffee every morning.” I said with a grin. “If you’re not here, then I have to make the coffee. And then everyone starts complaining about how weak it is.”

“So I take it they don’t consider people for the Commander position based upon how they make the coffee, sir?” asked Rudistan with great joviality.

“No… thank God.” I replied. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Cindy had relaxed considerably when I said she wasn’t really late. Now why is she worried about that? And for that matter, I idly wondered, why was she later than normal getting here?… oh, of course: Callie must’ve pulled Cindy back into bed… lucky Cindy…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“This is Priya Ajmani, KSTD Five-Alive News in the Morning!” said the lovely Indian reporterette at 8:00am as Cindy, kaçak iddaa Teresa, and I watched in my office. “The lawsuit by Citizens For Police Accountability, which had wanted to force Sheriff Allgood to suspend Commander Troy for the helicopter incident the Thursday before last, was dismissed with prejudice by Judge Rodney K. Watts over the weekend.”

“However, he allowed a countersuit by Commander Donald Troy to stand. The countersuit, which is now a standalone complaint, contends that the CFPA not only defamed Commander Troy, but was malicious and intended to harm Commander Troy financially. It is unusual for such a complaint to be allowed to go forward, and the CFPA is appealing both the dismissal of their complaint as well as allowing Commander Troy’s suit to continue.”

“In State news,” continued the lovely Priya, “Five-Alive News has learned that Attorney General Karl Handel will name an Independent State Counsel this morning in a Press Conference at the State Capitol. Sources tell Five-Alive News that the Independent Counsel will be Robert Mullen, who recently resigned from the Town & County Public Safety Inspector General’s Office as their lead counsel.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Crap.” said Cindy, glancing sideways at me. I was just shaking my head slowly, looking down at an imaginary speck of dust on my desk.

“And the Governor is not going to oppose it, is he?” asked Teresa, most very astutely.

“I’m guessing he won’t.” I said. “And ‘crap’ is not nearly a strong enough term to describe how I feel about Mullen being the one appointed.”

“Get your own legal defense fund ready, Don.” warned Cindy.

“I’ve already alerted Mike G. Todd.” I said. “But yeah, I suspect this whole pile of shit is more about getting at me than getting at the Governor.”

“It’s always all about you, Commander.” Cindy replied. I just looked darkly at her through my eyebrows, not even bothering to wave a red crowbar in her general direction. Cindy got the hint that she’d pushed it on that one, and that I wasn’t in the mood. She settled back down, looking chastened.

“Seriously, Don,” said Teresa, “why do you think it’s you they’re after, more than the Governor, at least?”

“Two reasons.” I said. “First, the things they’re investigating. The FBI had me examine their findings in the Jasmine Nix case, and I think some people want to make some kind of hay over that. And that case with Rodman and Braselton… hell, the women confessed to their crimes, copped pleas… but they think they can turn it around and say the Governor had me intimidate them into confessions. And though that is not the case, those that want to believe it will be given plenty of reason to do so.”

“And the second reason,” I said, “is appointing Mullen as the Independent Counsel. He was after my blood on two separate occasions while working with the I.G. office, so much so that he was relieved for bias both times. They’re appointing him because it’s my blood they want, and he wants.”

“God damn these bastards.” Cindy said out of frustration. “They hate you because you’re the best Detective and Law Enforcement Officer in the State, and for nothing more. For God’s sake, why do some people hate those that are doing good for People?”

“I dunno.” I replied, knowing Cindy’s question was rhetorical, but wanting to answer it anyway. “I’ve seen so much senselessness in politics that I stopped asking myself that a long time ago. But to answer your question more practically… I’m in their way. They know that as long as I’m here, with an SBI Reserve Badge and FBI Consultant’s badge along with being Police Commander here… they can’t do the things they want to do. Ergo, they have to remove me. And their several past attempts to assassinate me have not been successful, so they’re trying the legalities route now.”

“They don’t just want to kill you, Don.” Teresa said. “That’s not their way. They want to beat you. They want to humiliate you and drag you through the mud first. To kill you is to make a martyr of you, and cause your friends to rise up and crush them in retaliation; to destroy your reputation so that you have no friends, and any friends you do have will be held in check, is their necessary first step.”

“Mighty astute of you, Ms. Political Atheist.” I said. Then I straightened up in my chair and said: “But, I’m not dead yet. So, let’s see what we’re going to do today to run this Police Department…”

Part 2 – Students and Teachers

At 10:00am, Captain Teresa Croyle and I stepped onto the stage of the classroom in the Criminal Justice Building on the University Campus. It was like a small auditorium, with about 125 seats, and looked like a stage set for a financial show on TV. Our chairs were comfortable.

?I noticed the seating arrangement. To my left (the stage’s right) sat the kids from BTW High. In the middle were the Town High students, and to my right were the County High students. It was unfortunate that the BTW contingent was kaçak bahis smaller than the other two high schools, but I was glad they did sent some students.

Bettina Wurtzburg had somehow managed to corral the ‘moderator’ position, and was with us on stage, though this session was not being recorded (and it is possible I was ‘helping’ make sure of that). Bettina introduced us, and the applause for Teresa was relatively strong, as many still remembered seeing on their televisions what she’d done on Christmas Eve.

“How do you want to start off?” Bettina asked.

“Why don’t we just open it up for your questions.” I said to the audience.

A kid from County High with big glasses and very curly brown hair, in every way the stereotype of a ‘geek’, got up and introduced himself as ‘Tim’. “How did you get to be Police Commander at such a young age?” he asked in a geeky, nasal voice.

“I’ll take that one.” Teresa said, then turned to face the student. “Commander Troy got where he is due to his leadership abilities as well as his Detective abilities. He was a military officer coming out of college. If you think about it, the military has these Lieutenants and Captains in their twenties leading companies of soldiers. Commander Troy came to us with that experience. He is also far and away the best Detective I’ve ever seen, and he has solved some crimes and cleaned up corruption at an incredible level. With all that, he’s just perfect for the Commander position, and we’re lucky to have him not only on our Police Force, but leading it.”

“But how do other older, more experienced Officers feel about that?” whined Tim, following up.

“They’re either professionals and do their jobs,” said Teresa, “or they can find employment elsewhere. Commander Troy is where he is, and they are where they are and not where he is, because he is that good, and they have not risen to his standard.”

A girl from the Town High group stood up, introducing herself as ‘Lisa’. “Commander, how did you get the name ‘Iron Crowbar’?”

“Well,” I said wryly as Teresa failed to suppress a giggle, “it’s a long story, but I began carrying the crowbar in place of a billy stick, and one of my Officers dubbed me ‘the Iron Crowbar’, and it stuck. And I’ve carried it since.” I held up my red crowbar as I said sonorously but severely: “And like the Lone Ranger’s mask, this crowbar stands for the Law.”

“Who’s the Lone Ranger?” asked someone in the audience. I couldn’t tell who said it, and I wondered if he was joking or being serious.

A black girl from BTW High got up and introduced herself as ‘Tasheeka’. “Commander, the Town & County Police Force had one of the highest rates of complaints of racial discrimination in the State.” She cited some numbers, then said “And this past year had the second-highest number of over all complaints against the Police in this State. What do you say to those numbers, and what are you doing to increase racial diversity in your Police Department?

“Oh, come on.” someone on the County High side said, and I could feel the tension growing in the room on that side, as well as the BTW side.

“No, it’s a legitimate question.” I said, holding up my hand in County High’s general direction. “Tasheeka, your numbers on the racial complaints, how old is that data?”

“I don’t have the year on those.” Tasheeka said. “But the overall complaints number is from this last year, published by the State a month ago.”

“Okay, good.” I said. “If memory serves me correctly, the racial data is from about five to six years ago. More recent data will show that our Town & County Police have had the largest percentage drop in race-based complaints in the last five years.”

“Also,” I continued, “anyone can make a complaint about the Police. You guys could go and complain that Commander Troy wasted your time today with this discussion.”

“And knowing these guys,” said Teresa, “they probably will.”

“I hope not.” I said as some students laughed. “But to my point: there’s a difference between ‘complaints made’ and ‘verified complaints’. For example, yes, the TCPD had the second-highest number of complaints in the State last year. But eighty percent of those complaints last year, a full four out of five, were made by one group: the Citizens For Police Accountability. The CFPA is a political organization with a PAC that raises money for politicians they favor, and they raise that money by publicly attacking the Police as often as they can.”

“However,” I continued, “the number of verified complaints against the TCPD are the second-lowest in our State, and not a single complaint by the CFPA has been verified and upheld. Not one. So I think we’re doing better than some of those numbers would suggest.”

“As to racial diversity,” I said, “two of my four MCD Detectives are black. Half of my Precinct Captains and Lieutenants are black. The person in charge of Personnel & Records is Hispanic. And our numbers of overall Officers is right about the same percentages as the population of this region of the country. Last but not least, we’re not black and white in the Force, we’re all Police Blue. And we have to be that way to do our jobs both individually and as a team.”

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