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After another hectic week Barry and Stephan were able to relax and enjoy another perfect weekend, no mobile phones, no nothing to hinder their tranquillity and those very precious moments together.- sauntering through their favourite country walk where only the birds and country animals could be seen. Rarely a human being, maybe a farmer on his tractor but he was too busy to notice the happy couple.

Barry had parked the car in the local village where they bought some snacks and drinks and proceeded over a narrow bridge which led to the tow path along the winding river.

They’d rest a mile or two and nestle in the midst of some rushes to enjoy a few joys together before they continued, it was their special thing and soon they would take a left turning along a hedgerow path leading to the woods to which they’d grown so accustomed. There they could really chill with only the sound of the light breeze rustling through the overhead branches and the smell of the clean unpolluted country air, a perfect rendezvous to enjoy the pleasures of nature in every way, God given so the enjoyment of the soul and the fulfilment of the always so compelling and wanting carnal needs.

“Are you ready for a drink yet?” Barry asked as the reeds bent to the breeze.

“Not yet, I am just happy to be with you, you have helped me come put of that no-go period where all the world seemed to be against me” Stephan said quietly pressing gently the hand that caressed his inner thigh promising more to come.

“Just relax a while and let me simply caress you, Stephan. I too find you company so very relaxing and you look so good in your tight blue brush jeans and loose cotton shirt. You are such a temptation to me.”

Stephan smiled contentedly and closed his eyes in anticipation of what would follow. It was so wonderfully thrilling to feel Barry gently explore him and he was soon sent into a private world of his own as Barry so perfectly took him through his unzipped jeans, feeling his thrill rise when straight away the warmth of Barry’s mouth encompassed his ardour so beautifully, the sucking and the licking so beautifully blended with the pleasurable sounds and the perfect cradling of his young firm balls enhanced by Barry’s güvenilir bahis gentle tease.

They were a perfect pair in every way, very much in love and the smoothness of Barry’s touch made Stephan shiver with absolute delight in his mind were visions of how it was the weekend before when Barry took him completely over the trunk of a fallen oak and just how beautiful that was, even then he was feeling the suction of Barry’s throbbing withdrawals and the stretching of his immediate thrust, filling him again with the rich fullness of beautifully collaborated stiff cock.

He couldn’t wait to get to that special place in the woods once more and enjoy an action replay; he – bent fully over the width of the trunk like that in a stance which made him want to be all ass for his lover. Barry perhaps unzipping his custom made jeans with the zip at the back for easy access or maybe feeling the impatient need of his lover pulling down his jeans to his knees and then stroking him between his ass cheeks with his eight inch pride, ready for the fucking and always a feeling Stephan so much enjoyed, the thrusting of hot cock deep inside, the stretching, the pulling, the yelling and moaning; his buxom hind being shaken everywhere as the rough fuck built into its crescendo and. with a final thrust. Stephan felt the heat of Barry’s rich hot cream spurt inside and, as he withdrew, over his fresh fucked asshole too.

“You are so perfect for me, Stephan, I feel so happy with you and you don’t know how being with a younger guy makes it so special for me, your beautiful cock is made to be enjoyed, the gorgeous bending the middle and the ripe abundant head throbbing to the sucking, tasting so divine, tasting of you and all that is you.”

Soon they would be on their way, the brief thrill of the first touch of the weekend done, Stephan’s cock well massaged to a hot spurting crescendo and Barry wiping and cleaning with tissues before he placed it neatly in place and zipped up Stephan’s jeans as they took off once more feeling so very much as one again and looking forward to what was ahead when they reached the woods and their favourite spot.

Along the way Stephan took the opportunity to rub his partner up as he followed güvenilir bahis siteleri behind on the ledge of a hill. Barry would pause and enjoy the moment, in turn the feel of Barry’s credentials spurred then both on for that quality time together, It made Stephan feel belonging and wanted doing that, and Barry’s legs to allow Stephan more access. It was good and soon he knew he would be getting the full advantage of that steaming cock smothering his face. Barry liked that so much and so did he. That special build up to their waterloo and soon indeed they had reached the spot of the fallen tree where they would picnic and fuck.

The picnic could wait as always., there were more important and vital things to do. It was heaven to touch and feel again, to touch and feel each other simultaneously was magic and beautiful and soon they were in their exclusive heaven, heads nudged neatly between each other’s bare crotches – sometimes Barry on top and then Stephan, each finding perfect unison and freedom of doing their thing, Barry squeezing his partners balls as he took a deep ravishing mouthful and Stephan sniffing and enjoying the flavour of rich earthy pungent cock rummaging his mouth, spreading his cheeks as he relentlessly sucked and licked, deep throating and tasting the sweetness of the nectar from his plum -red pee-hole.

Barry enjoyed his special delight in stretching Stephan’s ass cheeks so wide apart so he could really taste his ravenous brown asshole between, sucking licking and probing with fingers and tongue, stretching it in readiness for that beautiful fuck to come. He enjoyed that so much, not wanting it to end, the beautiful sight of quality ass presented for his pleasure, and pleasure he did. He felt the throb below build with Stephan’s deep sucking as he sniffed the scent of asshole, a certain nectar that enticed him to lick and taste more, stretching and nudging that ass to the full. How was it that whoever was up there had the magic notion to make this such an appealing pastime, he sucked Stephan’s hole more, rimming it with his fingers, around and around and plunging a little as he heard Stephens agreeable response, the licking more after the finger stretching, wider now, easier to get iddaa siteleri his tongue inside to the full, Stephan wriggling as he did so, yelling for him not to stop what he was doing, he was in his element crouched over Barry’s head now, smothering his face with all, balls, cock and asshole, everything, they were as one, both enjoying it so very much, it was so wonderful and lovely, Barry had the taste and the smell of his partner now, in his throat, over his face – the pure unadulterated smell and taste of sex

“I love you ass, it is so beautiful and so raw, Stephan” he whispered between still sucking and licking and nudging Stephan’s perfect ass above him, swaying in a delight attractive way, enticing Barry to take it to the full yelling out that he is wanting the feel of hot thick throbbing cock inside him.

But Barry wasn’t relenting, not yet, he wanted more ass- more tasting and sucking, the feel of Stephan ass so special, he would be soundly spanked, across the trunk ten times, to liven the ass for the fucking, he would want it looking plum- red after the spanking for the most perfect of fucks. Seeing it bounce and judder like that, all the more fuckable.

Stephan whimpered, the stinging acute, but yet it was pleasurable the numbness setting in as Barry started to kiss and lick and suck it all over, soothing the pain into numbness which made it perfect for the fucking.

“Now you can have cock!” Barry said, it was their way. Lately Barry had grown accustomed to a brief spanking mode often enjoying it over his lap with Stephan’s very spankable ass at the ready.

But Stephan happily endured the pain for what would come afterwards and the feel of all Barry then did ,and the wonderful fucking afterwards was always well worth it.

The thrill of their fuck was complete. And they consumed their picnic, Stephan still feeling the throb inside like Barry was still there.

“Was that alright, Stephan?”


“I am glad, for tonight we will enjoy too, I have lots of things, new things to do which you may like.”

“Can’t wait!” Stephan replied and Barry laughed as it was all his partner could do to walk back to the car. He felt a pride that he had caused that, looking at Stephan’s tight ass as he trundled, slightly bow- legged before him. And even then , after all that, looking at it made him feel horny again, and it was unlikely they would reach the car before Barry would be unzipping that back zip again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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