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I’m writing this to you to read at your leisure. I know that you are very busy, and I’d love to share this with you. As I’m writing this, I have my birthday present nestled between my lips, and my legs are crossed to hold it in place. Every time I move, it rocks back and forth slapping my very swollen clit. I know I’ll cum long before I finish this story,

This is my variation to what I fantasize will happen when we meet. I also didn’t tell you a little secret of mine. In my profile I said that “I have too much to give to just give it away”. What I meant was that I was blessed with a little gift. With the right person, I can cum with a simple kiss, touch or sound. And this is a gift I’d love to give to you.

My plane arrives at your airport and I’m waiting for you, wearing a dress as you requested. My pulse is racing with anticipation, when suddenly from behind me, I feel two hands on my hips and I know it’s you. You brush my hair to the side and bend down to kiss my neck. As soon as I feel your warm breath and soft warm breath on my neck, I also feel an incredible aching heat build up deep inside my pussy. You turn me around and smile at me, and I can feel myself blushing. Your hands slide down the small of my back to my ass, and you pull me close against you. You press me against you, and the heat in my pussy becomes increasingly unbearable as I feel you against me. You bend down and kiss me, slipping your tongue into my sensitive mouth.

I meet and greet your tongue with my own, and as I begin to suck on your tongue, that’s when I first cum. This is a deep kiss, and shuddering heat washes over me. I’m desperately trying to control myself in public, but still I let out a muffled moan into your mouth. I’m lost in this wonderful kiss, and I don’t want it to ever stop. I’m in a foggy stupor from my secret little cum, and I realize that you’re telling me that our room is ready for us and to hurry. You put your arm around me and lead me through the terminal, and my arm is around your waist to keep me steady on my feet. I can feel your heartbeat through your shirt and it’s racing wildly! I’m so glad you want this too!

Your car is in the parking garage and you lead me to it and put my bag in the trunk. You come around to the passenger side and open the door for me. As I go to step into the car, you pull me to you for another deep kiss. Your hand pressing on the back of my head, your warm lips and wonderful tongue probing my mouth, send my pulse pounding in my ears and my pussy is throbbing and on fire! I no longer care that we are in public and may be discovered! My hands go to work, trying to pull myself even closer to you and attempting to almanbahis pull up your shirt. I feel an uncontrollable need to feel your bare skin against my lips! My lips finally leave yours, but they aren’t through. I want to taste you!

I begin kissing, licking and nibbling you from your chin and down your neck. I can’t get your shirt off, but I can smell you and I want so much more! I bring my lips back to yours, and return my tongue to yours. I love the feel of your tongue and mine together. I blindly undo your pants and run my hands underneath the waist band until I feel your skin, and I nearly cum again! As I start inching your pants down, you start to protest, but give up in a second. I am beyond stopping now anyway!

With your pants down slightly, I can pull your shirt up and touch your bare skin. I greedily begin kissing and licking you chest, following your ribs down to your abdomen and not forgetting your bellybutton. Below your bellybutton, I find that little “happy trail” of hair pointing the direction of my ultimate goal. I follow this “happy trail” with my lips, kissing deeply all the way down. I push your pants down enough to free your cock, and it is glorious! Your cock is visibly throbbing and begging to be touch by my sensitive lips. Holding onto the sides of your pants, I lower myself into the car with my legs outside, and I pull you closer to me. You are still standing outside of the car, and you grab the hood with one hand and my head with your other. My whole body feels like it’s on fire as I wrap my hands around your cock and bring my mouth to you. As I slide my lips over the head of your cock, I hear you outside of the car inhale sharply. This sound spurs me on and turns my cunt into a raging inferno!

The head of your cock feels like hot satin against my lips and I run my tongue in slow circles around the head. My tongue finds the little spout at the tip and I can’t resist but to probe this with the tip of my tongue. I can hear you grunting and trying not to bring attention to us as there are two people walking through the garage to their car, but I don’t care about them, I’m completely lost in your cock. Between the taste and feel of your cock and the sounds you are making, I find myself in one long continuous cum. With one hand I hold your cock to my mouth and the other hand I’m caressing your balls, and I can feel them tighten and boil. I run my tongue slowly down the vein underneath your cock and it leads me to your balls and I gently kiss and lick them. Again I hear a sharp breath from you and this sound from you stirs the fire in my cunt to the point of madness! I need you in me so bad! But I need to taste you even almanbahis giriş more!

I run my tongue up your shaft to the head and slide my lips over your cock like I am starving, and I am! As I suck your cock deeper into my mouth, your hand that was gently petting my hair, is now grabbing my hair and urgently pushing me onto your cock. Your hips start rocking towards me and I can hear you breathing hard. Your fingers are wrapped in my hair and holding my head still … I cum again, hard and loud, but your cock is deep in my mouth and my groans vibrate my mouth on your cock.

I’m hungry for your cum now and I can taste the sample that you’ve given me. I try to swallow all of you down my throat and I can’t stop groaning and moaning as I cum even more! I suck and wrap my tongue as far around your cock as I can, and your cock seems to grow an inch more and your balls are boiling hot and churning now. I hear a lovely deep melodic groan from you, and your cock explodes in my mouth! I can’t stop tonguing and sucking you, I want every last drop! Your cum is thick and hot in my mouth and I gulp down the first few loads. I want to taste and play with the rest of your cum as it starts coming from you slower. I taste you and run the head over my lips and down my chin, painting myself with your cum. I can feel the muscles in your legs and ass jumping, and I know I need to slow down. I don’t want to hurt you now do I?

I slowly slide your cock out of my mouth and kiss you gently just above the base of your cock. Your hand that was wrapped in my hair is now gently caressing my face. I hold your hand open and nuzzle my face in the palm. The scent of my hair and your hand together makes me dizzy and warm.

I sit back into the car and try to catch my breath, as you go around to the driver’s side and get in. I turn to look at you and your pants are still open and your cock is still free. You reach to put the key in the ignition and I stop you. I’m not through yet! I scoot myself closer to you and kiss you again. You run your hand up my leg and under my dress. You find my thighs wet and sticky from all my secret little orgasms, and chuckle to find I’m not wearing panties. As we kiss deeply, your hand explores me under my dress and discovers my so very wet pussy lips. You easily slide your fingers into my pussy and I cum again! I hold your hand against my pussy and I grind and ride it! Now I feel like a greedy and decadent bitch!

I bring myself face down on your cock and begin sucking and licking you with a new fever! You’re pumping your fingers in and out of my pussy, and I feel possessed with the need to fill myself with you! Your cock is rock hard again. almanbahis yeni giriş Your moans, groans, heavy breathing and your fingers driving into my pussy, have all contributed to driving me into a frenzy! I hold your cock firmly in one hand and bring myself up to face you.

“Please!” I beg, “I need you in me!”

You ask me if we can wait till we get to the room, but I can’t hear you. My heart is pounding so loudly! I bring myself up to my knees on the seat of the car and kiss you again, as I swing my leg over you to sit in your lap facing you. Your warm hand is on my pussy sliding back and forth from my clit to my ass. I look into your face and your breathing heavily and watching my face closely. I reach down and place the head of your cock against my aching pussy. You grab my hips and hold me firmly.

I rub my pussy back and forth over the head of your cock and say, “Please fuck me slow! You’re so big! You’ll fill me more than I’ve ever had! I want to savor every inch! So please! Fuck me slow!”

I watch your face as your cock head enters me. Again I hear you inhale sharply, but you still don’t take your eyes off of me. Your hands on my hips are pulling down onto your cock, and you go into my pussy halfway. It’s now my turn to inhale! Your cock feels like fire entering my pussy! Now I fix my eyes on yours and slowly lower myself down your cock the rest of the way. I hold still and try to get used to your size. You’re stretching my pussy and I am in heaven with the pain of it! You slowly start grinding your cock in circles inside of me, and I start matching you grind for heavenly grind! Your hands on my hips are strong and you start lifting me up and down the full length of your wonderful cock! I match you stroke for stroke! Faster and faster! Your eyes are almost closed but your still watching me, and your breathing is sooooo heavy! I feel your cock throb with each thrust! You start groaning loudly and try to ram your cock into me! Your groans stir up the biggest fire, deep in my cunt, hotter than I’ve ever felt in my life! I fall onto you and hold on for dear life!

I slam my pussy down hard onto your cock and scream, “Oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, PLEASE!”

You waste no time in wrapping your arms tightly around me, as if I might try to get away. Then, like a beast, you ram your cock deep inside of me, over and over again. With one loud and wonderful groan, you bury your cock in me and cum deep inside of me! Oh! Your cum feels so hot shooting inside of me! Both of our juices are running out of me and covering your balls. You jerk a couple of times, and my pussy feels like it’s trying to milk as much from you as it can. Greedy kitty!

I’m completely lost in this yummy warm fuzzy! I want to taste you again. I kiss the sweat from your face, and lick the sweat from your neck.

Then I whisper in your ear, “I knew we wouldn’t make it to the room.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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