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I had barely moved back to my hometown after being on the east coast for about three years and out of the town for about eight years altogether. But that really doesn’t matter I had gone back to the middle school there and I wasn’t really turned on by guys but I could pick out the really good looking ones and not be afraid to say it. My first day was pretty normal only to say that its was a short time period because the time I got to second class I had noticed this really hot looking guy, Billy, I went to kindergarten with. But I wasn’t turned on by him just yet as I thought of myself as a fully on straight person with no sexual desire for the male kind. This one of two classes that I had with him, the other was gym still no desires yet. Let me describe him to you, he was maybe 5 foot 6 and about 140 pounds of jock muscle with short jet black hair and a models face. Nothing sparked my interest in guys for another two years. So by the time I was sophomore in high school I started noticing Billy more and how much hotter he had gotten from our freshmen year.
At first we didn’t get along so well but that changed. We started talking more in classes that we had together then it would be over on myspace. I started to notice I wanted to people like John Cena and Eminem and just fuck the shit out of them til none of could handle it anymore. So again by sophomore year I started watching his movement and thought about Billy’s dick. One night I was watching porn on some website, when I came across a gay video from another site. It was pretty fucking hot to say the least the bottom guy was just so fine, it took me awhile to realize that he looked like Billy which got the blood rushing to my 7 inch dick. I got hard fast, I watched the movie all the way and I was out of breath from just watching. So that night when I went to sleep all I could think about was me and Billy in that movie. casino şirketleri I never told him about that would have scared him off.
In our senior year, that when the good stuff really happened. That was when I got to have him for myself; I can’t jump ahead just yet. The school day was pretty normal for that time of the year. During our break Billy had asked me if I wanted to come to his place after school, his parents were gone for the weekend and he have the house all to himself. I immediately said yes thinking there would be no harm done. So I counted down the time before I could hang with Billy. I hadn’t thought of the porno that I saw in a long time but for some reason the images crept into my mind. I shook them off as nothing more than just daydreaming on a long afternoon. By the time the clock struck 3:15 I was out the door of the class. Billy was stand with a group of friends. I walked over and they started to leave, Billy and I drove over to his place.
Not knowing what the night had in store for us. We started out just talking and watching some tv, finally his parents left for the weekend and it wasn’t long before Billy had busted out his bong. I could tell that he was a pro at getting stoned cuz he had a bowl ready like no ones business. He took a big hit and then he passed it over to me. I had never gotten high before but for some reason I took a bigger hit then him. I released the smoke from my mouth after a couple of minutes, Billy had gone to the kitchen and gotten us a couple of beers, when he came back he took another hit oddly enough he blow the smoke down to his crouch. I watched with admire as he did it again.
He passed the bong back to me and I took another big hit, but I blow the smoke up in the air. Time had passed and it was already 10:30 and we were both fucked up. Out of nowhere Billy stood up and walked over and sat on the coffee table in front casino firmaları of me. He told me that he had noticed me watching him. I played it off as if it was nothing, but my heart was pounding because he had seen me.
“You don’t have to lie fool it’s all right.” He said to me as he got up
When he did his crouch was in my face and I just wanted to pull him closer to me. He went over to the window and closed the shades; my mind was racing as he did, my breath was quickening and my dick was getting hard. Billy walked back over to me; he stood in front of me as he rubbing on his washboard abs. My eyes had lit up at this point and there was no way of hiding it. Billy pulled me up by one arm and looked me in eyes. He took his shirt off and said is this what you want. He pulled me for a kiss and then pushed me down towards his abs.
I couldn’t believe it but I was making out with Billy in the living room of his house and not regretting one thing about it. We slowly made our way to his room where he pushed me on his bed and climbed on top of me. We started stripping what was left of our clothes only keeping our boxers on. I could see Billy’s raging hard and know that his 8 inch cock would be mine for the night. I pulled him back on top of me; we kept kissing and creasing each other’s dicks to keep them hard. Then Billy whispered into my ear that he had always wanted me to be his first gay experience. From where we laid Billy had pulled off my boxers and he slipped out of his and he started to jack us off at the same time. Pre cum had already started to drip from our dicks; I told him to put his dick in my mouth so I could suck him, but he told me no, he wanted me to fuck hard in the ass. I asked for a condom but he didn’t have one and he didn’t care he couldn’t wait any longer so he got up and sat on dick without a second thought. I heard him moan as he started to bounce on güvenilir casino me and all I could do was just support him by putting my hands all over his tan slender muscular body. We started getting faster and more intense and our moans turned into grunts. I laid Billy on his back and put his legs around my waist as I stuck my dick back in his ass; he had put his left hand behind his head and started working on his dick with the right one.
I thrusted hard into him that I started to rock his bed. What seemed like thirty minutes became an hour so I slowed down to catch my breath. Billy had reached over to the side table and took one of the joints that he had brought with and lit it up and blow the smoke in my face and he started to laugh, so I took the joint and blow the smoke on his dick. He told me that he would let me know when he wanted to get sucked off. Another hour of straight fucking and I could finally feel nature come into play as I was ready to cum. I let him as I was pulling out but he wanted my dick juice in his ass. I stayed in him awhile longer before I released my huge load, I shoot two more loads after that weren’t that good but he loved it all the same.
Billy was still stroking himself and I could help it anymore, I took his hand off his dick and put it my mouth. Billy started clawing at the bed as I sucked him hard as I moved it in and out of my mouth. I licked from his ball sack to the head of his dick hoping that a little cum would come out. He put his right hand in between my shoulder blades and scratched the shit out of my back. I kept sucking on him and the longer I lasted the more cum, I knew had to come out. At the finish of the blowjob I could feel Billy’s body twitching as he was ready to cum, he let out a great yell of ecstasy as his load went off in my mouth. I took all of it and more with no warning. After everything calmed down and we both caught our breaths Billy sat up and said that no one could find out about this, I said no problem and he pulled me in for one more kiss before we fell asleep naked and covered in cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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