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I was asked for a third chapter, so here it is! I hope you enjoy it. I have an idea for a fourth, but I’m not sure if anyone wants that. Please let me know one way or another! I’ll keep writing as long as people want to keep reading. Sorry for the slow build up to the sex, but it was essential for the story.


I slowly wake up after my relaxing nap. Stretching, I take a look at the clock and realize it’s already past 8:00PM. Shit, I shouldn’t have slept so much, but I did have an emotional day. Things are still awkward with my eighteen year old daughter Kayla after she found out that I slept with her classmate, Lexi at Kayla’s birthday party. It’s touching, really. Kayla’s birthday pool party and I hook up with one of her classmates, yet Kayla’s only concern is that Lexi will hurt me.

When I fell asleep inside the house during the party, I woke up to find Lexi with my dick in her mouth. Another guy got behind her and fucked her while she sucked me off. After that, Lexi and I spent the night together having dirty sex. It was great! Lexi got really attached to me when I became the first guy to care about her pleasure. I became equally attached to the perky redhead and we came to an agreement to spend more time together.

Kayla found out the next morning and was very concerned. Lexi gets around and Kayla expects that Lexi will fuck someone else if she and I get involved. At first I wasn’t worried, Lexi told me she had a checkered past, and I respect that. We all have a past, and we have all done things we regret. She just needed attention and affection. However, some of the tings Kayla told me have given me pause. Plus, I don’t want to make life harder for Kayla. There’s still a few months of high school to go and teenagers can be so cruel.

I ended up putting off the conversation with Lexi and spending the day with Kayla. I can tell Lexi is upset, but hopefully the two of us can work things out so Kayla isn’t upset. After my day with Kayla, she went to a party with her boyfriend, David, and I fell asleep on the couch. Now I’m awake and wondering if I should send Lexi a text.

My eyes close as I lean my head back and remember the last day with Lexi. She looks so gorgeous in her blue bikini with one tit hanging out as she gives me head. I cum in her mouth and she swallows happily. I peel the blue bikini off of her and eat her pussy before getting on top of her and fucking her. She is so tight, her skin is so soft. After I cum inside her, we head up to my bedroom for the wildest sex of my life. We fuck in every position imaginable, I even get to fuck Lexi up the ass. We pass out together and she wakes me up with a blowjob in the morning.

All that amazing sex, the talking and confiding in me, and I sent her away. I’m horrible. I’ve made my decision; I will do what it takes to convince Kayla that Lexi and I can spend time together, possibly even date. We’ll be discrete so her friends don’t talk, and Lexi will get over her past and move forward. Hopefully Lexi and Kayla can even become good friends.

I grab my phone and send Lexi a text.

Steven: Sorry today didn’t work out. I know you have school this week, but maybe we could get together at some point after you get out? I’d really like for you and Kayla to get to know each other.

I set my phone back down and change the channel on the television, trying to find something interesting to watch until bed. A few minutes later, my phone rings and I rush to answer it, thinking it is either Lexi or Kayla calling. I’m immediately disappointed to find out that it’s one of my employees calling to tell me the company I’ve been trying to buy is tabling our offer.

Instead of fucking Lexi, I end up in my office arguing with several employees about what to do. In the end we decide to just let this one go, the cost would likely outweigh the profits at this point. The perks of being wealthy; there’s always another opportunity.

I decide to stay in my office and get some work done rather than waste more time in front of the television. The sounds of my tapping on the keyboard can be heard throughout the room as I rapidly type. A couple hours pass before the intercom on the wall buzzes.

“Yes?” I say, pressing the button on the intercom to transmit my voice.

“Sir,” my butler says, “Your daughter has returned home, and there is a Miss Alexis Davis accompanying her.”

“Alexis Davis? Lexi?!” I say, shocked. “I’ll meet them in the foyer!”

“Yes, sir.” says my butler.


“AH!” Lexi cries out as the sound of my slapping her in her slut face echoes throughout the room.

The entire room goes silent, except for the guy Lexi is talking to, who bursts out laughing. Lexi holds her reddening cheek as tears start to form in her eyes, “Fuck you, Keith!” she says to the guy laughing.

“Whatever, Lexi.” says Keith, “You wouldn’t put out, so you earned that, you little bitch. You’ll regret this.” with an arrogant swagger, Keith turns and walks out.

“Wait. What?” almanbahis I ask, confused. “You wouldn’t fuck him?” I start to think I’ve made a horrible mistake, that maybe Lexi wasn’t about to fuck another guy this soon after starting things with my dad. David and my best friend, Hazel catch up to me and Hazel grabs my arm, which is still positioned from my slap.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but no, I wouldn’t!” Lexi exclaims. “I gave him a fake smile and asked him to leave me alone. Then he reached out and tried to touch me. That’s when you showed up out of nowhere and slapped me!” Lexi cries, still holding her cheek as tears stream down her face.

“Uh, maybe we should talk in private?” David suggests while Hazel starts tugging on my arm.

“Can we talk?” I ask Lexi before biting my lower lip nervously.

“Why, so you can hit me again?” Lexi asks.

“I-I won’t hit you.” I say, “I promise. We can talk about my dad… and stuff. If that’s okay?”

Lexi gives me a look before nodding. The four of us walk to the spare bedroom where David and I had sex earlier in the evening. We enter the room and shut the door. I look expectantly at Lexi, urging her with my eyes to explain.

“Why do I need to start?” Lexi asks, indignant. “You hit me!”

“I thought you were gonna fuck that guy!” I hiss.

“Um, Kayla,” David begins, “you know Lexi isn’t your dad’s girlfriend, right?”

Once again, David looks really freaked out by the thought of Lexi and my dad. He must be incredibly upset now that I’m imagining the two of them in an actual relationship. Fortunately, Hazel comes to my rescue and convinces David to leave the room with her so that Lexi and I can talk privately. As soon as they leave, I look over at Lexi.

“I’m sorry I hit you.” I say, “I really am.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Lexi mumbles, “I’m just a worthless whore to you, anyway.” tears stream down her face as she sits on the bed.

I open my mouth with the intention of telling her that isn’t true, however I immediately realize that I do believe she’s nothing but a whore. Now the guilt hits. I shouldn’t be thinking that way about anyone, no matter what they’ve done.

“It does matter.” I state firmly, “I shouldn’t have done it.”

“But you did.” Lexi says, “You don’t think I’m good enough to be with your dad, and you’re right.”

Lexi lays down on the bed and buries her face in the pillow. Her body is wracked with sobs and the sounds of her crying fill the room. I sit on the bed beside Lexi and reach over to softly rub her back while I coo softly.

“Everything is going to be okay.” I whisper soothingly.

“No, it isn’t!” Lexi shouts, “Your dad will listen to you and ditch me. Then I’ll go back to being a worthless cum dump!”

“Even if you aren’t with my dad, you are so much more than that.” I say, and I’m surprised to realize I actually mean it. This girl is more than just some mistakes in her past.

“Not according to Keith.” Lexi replies, facing away from me and staring at the wall while I rub her back.

“That guy you were talking to?” I ask in confusion. “What does he have to do with this?”

Lexi turns her body to face me. She wipes the tears from her eyes and looks at me flatly, “That was Keith Strulk. You must have heard about him?” she asks.

“I think I have heard of him.” I say with a frown, “Isn’t he a dealer?”

“He’s so much more than that,” Lexi says, “but yes.”

“I’m really confused, Lexi.” I say, “What does Keith have to do with anything? And if you are unhappy with sleeping around, why do you sleep around?”

“Keith was my first.” Lexi mumbles as she curls up into a ball; lifting her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them. “A couple of days after my eighteenth birthday.”

I don’t speak, I just stay sitting down beside Lexi on the bed, looking down at her. With my hand, I reach over and brush a lock of auburn hair out of her face. I’m shocked to find myself in this situation, but this girl is clearly broken and needs to talk. I’ll listen.

“I was always really shy and didn’t have friends.” Lexi begins, “I was never invited anywhere and I just went straight home to school. I went up into my room and did my homework. Then I read or played video games and went to sleep. Rinse and repeat.

“A few weeks before my eighteenth birthday I was actually invited to a party. I was so excited. I got all dressed up and was determined to make some friends. That party is where I met Keith. I had heard about him and planned to stay away, but he was so nice! I convinced myself the rumors about him were all fabricated.

“We spent a lot of time together from then on. He took me to the movies and to the mall, he even bought me a few things; clothes, shoes, jewelry. Then on my eighteenth birthday, he gave me a present. It was a beautiful necklace. I was so happy! I thought he was my boyfriend, and I, I gave him a blowjob. He didn’t last thirty seconds, but I really enjoyed it. I ended up sucking almanbahis yeni giriş him about a half dozen times that day. Keith didn’t push for anything more, beyond feeling my tits while I went down on him.”

Lexi took a deep breath before continuing, “I should also mention that my birthday was the first day he gave me a joint. I don’t blame smoking pot, I did want to give Keith a blowjob. The joint definitely helped mellow me out so I wasn’t nervous. Then, when I found I liked it, I just kept blowing him. He always came fast, which even with my lack of experience, I found annoying.

“Anyway, I sucked his dick several times a day for the next few days. He would pick me up for school and I’d blow him on the way. We’d sneak off to an unused classroom during the day and I’d get on my knees. I really was enjoying it, but I wasn’t ready for sex.

“Then the weekend after my birthday arrived and we were listening to music in his room. We had just smoked a joint and I was feeling really relaxed. That’s when he handed me a pill. I trusted him and didn’t even think about it, I took it. I was so fucked up.

“He got his dick out and had me blow him, which I did. After I swallowed he pulled my shirt off. Then my bra. I didn’t stop him until I was down to my panties. My head was spinning, and I remember my hand holding his wrist. I remember telling him I wasn’t ready for that. I remember him pulling out of my grip and hitting me.”

Lexi is crying again, full, thick tears pouring from her eyes and running down her face. My hands are over my mouth as I’m listening to this story. I lay down beside her and take her in my arms. I run my fingers through her auburn hair as I try to soothe the distraught girl. She buries her face in my shoulder before continuing.

“Keith pulled my panties off and threw me onto his bed. As he takes off his clothes he orders me to spread my legs. Scared, I complied. Then he got on top of me. Then he was in me. I just looked away and pretended I was somewhere else until he tensed up and squirted in me. Keith got off of me and I curled up into a ball and passed out crying.

“I came to as he was rolling me onto my stomach. He pulled my hips up so I was on my knees with my ass up and face down on the bed. I just lay there as he used me again. I think he must have fucked my mouth while I was out too, since there was dried cum on my chin. After that day, I let Keith fuck me whenever he wanted. Which was quite often. I figured that since I wasn’t a virgin anymore it didn’t matter.

“The sex got rougher, too. He called me names, which I admit turned me on. He had me send him nudes; pictures and videos. I know he posted a video of me masturbating online. Someone in class found it and shared it with everyone, that’s how my porn reputation got started.

“Barely two weeks after Keith popped my cherry he brought one of his friends over. The three of us smoked a joint together and I was actually having a good time. Keith was in a really good mood and had his arm around me.

“Soon his friend left so it was just Keith and I. He pulled out the pills again and said that he had saved them for just the two of us. I was fucked up again and so horny I actually attacked him. I was fingering myself while sucking his dick.

“He came and then said asked out loud if he was right and I really was an enthusiastic cum dump. I was confused until I realized his friend was standing in the doorway. I was too fucked up to realize that Keith had planned this, I thought his friend just came back for some reason. Keith’s friend took his dick out and suddenly it was in my mouth.”

Lexi starts crying and wraps her arms around me in a tight hug. I hug her back and whisper to her softly. She soon calms down enough to continue.

“After that, he would bring friends over all the time and have me blow them. I-I don’t know why I did it. I can blame the drugs, I can say I was afraid of Keith, but part of me did want to. I liked feeling wanted. Even if they would just blow their loads and leave, before that, they did desire me.

“Things kept getting more intense and I eventually got spit-roasted by Keith and one of his friends. Keith actually shoved himself up my ass that same day. That hurt. I wasn’t expecting it. I did learn to like it eventually, and I ended up sleeping with some of his friends one on one. I didn’t find out until later that he was charging. He kept calling me a cum dump. I thought that was all I was worth.

“Eventually, I started hooking up with guys on my own. That was about the time I started going to parties at your house and met your dad. I always thought he was cute, but I never did anything about it until your birthday party. Anyway, the hook ups. I actually enjoyed them. Sure, the guys just used me, but like I said before; I needed to feel desired, wanted. Before they came and ditched me, I did feel wanted. I realized Keith was never my boyfriend. I couldn’t resist when he came calling though. He had almanbahis giriş me fuck one of the teachers at school so that the guy would pass Keith and he can graduate with the rest of us.

“Keith is into gambling as well. He had a lot riding on our team winning the state championship. I swallowed a lot of cum the day he had me play Who’s in your Mouth. I have to admit, I enjoyed it. That was just him preparing me for what he had in store for his gambling ambitions. I still don’t understand why I didn’t say no. Why I didn’t stop things.

“One day he brought me to another school. The one we were going to play against for the championship.”

Lexi shudders in my grip as she remembers what happened to her. I want to ask her to stop, I feel sick. I can’t listen to any more. I have to though, I have to.

“Guy after guy used me, sometimes three at once. It was.. intense. I admit, I had a few orgasms and I loved how every guy desired me. Still, they just used me and left. That was what I was worth. I was their cum dump. Guys holding onto my head as they fucked my face until I was gasping for breath, guys slapping and spanking me, guys fucking my tits, guys shoving it up my ass with no warning. For hours there wasn’t a single moment where at least one of my holes wasn’t filled, but it was usually at least two. They couldn’t stop themselves from keeping their dicks wet. I got spit-roasted while guys would call me names; bitch, slut, cunt, whore. Others would cheer and whistle as they watched the show. I ended up completely covered in cum, it was in my hair, all over my face and tits, it was dripping down my body. My stomach and throat were so full of cum, I ended up hacking some up all over the fucking floor. Even more was leaking out of my holes. Once there wasn’t any more dick in me, I collapsed on the locker room floor.

“They kept their word and threw the game. Keith was thrilled.

“I really do like sex. A lot, in fact. I just want it to be with someone who treats me like a person. Your dad.”

Lexi can’t keep talking any longer. She breaks down crying and hugging me. She is sobbing into my shoulder, her entire body shaking as I rub her back.

“Shh, it’s okay.” I say, “I don’t know what happened tonight, but it doesn’t matter. You should come home with us. Did you drive here?”

Lexi shakes her head, “No, I took an Uber.”

“Okay, good.” I respond, “David will take us back to my house. C’mon.”

Lexi doesn’t resist as I get out of bed and pull her to her feet. I wipe away her tears as best I can and the two of us exit the room. David and Hazel are standing outside waiting for us.

“Lexi is gonna come home with us tonight.” I say firmly.

“What, why?” David asks, obviously not comfortable with the idea.”

“Because she needs to be somewhere safe tonight.” I respond.

It takes some convincing, but David reluctantly agrees to drive Lexi and I back to my place. Hazel has had enough of the party and decides to head out to her car and drive home. I say goodbye to Hazel and walk with David and Lexi to David’s car. We drive back to my house in silence.

Once we reach my house, I tell David that he should head home since it’s a school night. He resists, but I remind him that he still lives at home and his parents would kill him if he was out all night. Eventually, he agrees, but I can tell he’s pissed. He gets in his car and heads home. Lexi and I walk inside the front door. I take Lexi’s hand in mine and give it a reassuring squeeze.


I walk into the foyer to see Kayla and Lexi standing side by side and holding hands. To say I’m shocked is an understatement. I also notice that Lexi has a red mark on her cheek and her eyes look like she’s been crying. I’m so confused. I want to say something smart and reassuring, as I can see both girls are distraught.

“Um… hi?” is all I can come up with.

“Hi, Daddy.” Kayla says as she releases Lexi’s hand and places her own hand at Lexi’s back and gently urges her in my direction.

“Hi.” Lexi chirps, perking up at the sight of me. She glances at Kayla, who nods, and then looks back at me and runs to me.

Lexi throws her arms around me and I immediately hug her back tightly. I rub her back as she buries her face in my shoulder. I then look toward Kayla who smiles.

“We had a rough night. If it’s okay, I think we should both miss school tomorrow.”

“It’s fine with me if you miss a day.” I say to Kayla, “but I can’t speak about Lexi.”

“I’m eighteen!” Lexi says.

“I know, and you are more than welcome to spend the night, but you should text your parents and let them know you’re safe.” I respond.

“I will.” Lexi says as she releases me. She pulls out her phone and starts typing. As soon as the text is sent, she puts her phone away and jumps back into my arms.

“I’m gonna head to bed.” Kayla says, “We can talk more in the morning.”

“Really?” I ask, looking over at Kayla.

“Really.” Kayla nods with a smile, “Don’t wear each other out too much!”

Kayla walks by us and heads up the stairs heading to her bedroom. I smile down at Lexi and wordlessly gesture over my shoulder. Lexi smirks and nods, then the two of us head in the same direction as Kayla until we reach my bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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