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It was our first pride event. It wasn’t very big just our local one with a parade walking down the street. My sister Amy and I Tommy decided to go down and show our support. Neither of us were gay or by that point never had any same sex experience. Though I must admit I did begin to become more curious watching trans and bi porn. Also fingering my bum from time to time or being a naughty boy and borrowing one of my mother’s plugs or dildos when I had the house to myself but I’d never get far with them.

My name is Tommy and I’m the invisible boy is how I’d describe my self bang on average for everything at 5’8 I wasn’t particularly tall or short. More skinny than fat. Short blonde curly hair. Hardly any hair to speak of on my body. At 6″ my cock was decent but my butt was best the squats I did daily made it look amazing. Still I wasn’t good enough to be a regular on any sports nor smart enough to be associated with any club. Drifting from day to day waiting for something amazing to happen. At 18 I hoped that the next few years would be kinder and more eventful. Senior year and college had to be better. One saving grace was I wasn’t a virgin. Though when asked how I lost it brings me to shame. Long story short I was at camp and the camp counsellor was gorgeous blonde but an incredible slut and her particular fetish was popping boys cherries. Being young horny boys when the chance to fuck a pussy came a long we did. I was part of a train and I was the fifth boy out of 8 to pump in her cum soaked pussy in our cabin one night. So when asked I simply say it was a girl at camp. Choosing to keep my sex life and sexual interests a secret.

My sister Amy, who was older than me being 19, had an more open view on sex. To be honest I’d be the first to admit she was an attractive girl. At 5’3 she was skinny though she’d say athletic. An accomplished dancer she was hoping to get into the Royal school of dance which I certainly believe she would. Lovely long dark hair with small boobs, 32b I’m lead to believe, flat stomach and long muscly legs. Though it was her bum that would get most attention. There wasn’t anything she could wear that would make her bum look awful. Which made a lot of people jealous. When it came to sex she was not quite the local bike. She was far too picky for that. You had to be nice, fit and most importantly be someone. From what other tells me she loves the cock stroking it, sucking it and fucking it. Though no one could actually make her even close to orgasm that she’d need to do herself. Speculating she’s never had lesbian sex but that’s going by ankara evi olan escortlar her attitudes towards girls. She wasn’t a fan often too bitchy and hard work for her liking. She only really had two female friends and I wouldn’t say they were great friends either they just tolerated each other better than most.

The pair of us stood at the side of the road watching the parade. My sister wearing her black leggings hugging every inch of her legs and bum. A black zipped hoodie which she had open showing of her only T-shirt with a rainbow on it making it appropriate. Meanwhile I looked even more boring and uninviting. Grey joggers and grey hoodie I couldn’t look more chav and appearing more of an alpha straight male if I tried but as soon I’d speak they’d know that’s not true. The all more liberal and out loud and proud were consumed in colours. Bright was better and wearing less or risqué was encouraged. It was the semi naked people caught my eyes more between the bright coloured fishnets. Delightfully distracted by the allure and bright colours, I was rudely then given a nudge and an almighty screech in my ear by my sister. “Oh my god. Look at them.”

Pointing further down the road. These were the most scantily clad risqué people of the lot. The boys were near naked apart from their shoes and a rainbow sock placed of their cocks marching down the road. The girls who marched with them had rainbow tape over their nipples and another strip of tape over their pussys. In a variety of ages, shapes and sizes they marched with pride and joy. Each carried a flag or plaque asking people for support and right to for something. They could honestly of written anything of those cards and no one would really notice. We were all in shock and aww but found ourselves applauding them all as they marched past showing us all their bare butts for being so brave. Turning to my sister and saying. “Imagine having the balls to do that.” She just smiled and giggled.

“What is stopping you?” Another voice said. From behind me.

Turning around next to me was a young guy waiting patiently for an answer. Next to him was a young woman also waiting in anticipation for my answer. Both were either late teens or early 20’s. He was casually dressed in a plain white T-shirt and jeans. I’d guess he was 6ft his hair was short and black. He looked fit his T-shirt hugging almost every muscle. “Well… go on tell us what’s stopping you both”. The girl perked up she was stunning in cute denim shorts with a rainbow tank and constraining her plumb big boobies from near popping out. elvankent olgun escortlar E’s for sure if not bigger. With cute white trainers and rainbow thigh high socks, I was near melting gazing at them. Her long wavy red hair sat just passed her shoulders. Not sure what rendered me speechless the question or them. Stuttering for words my sister eventually stepped in.

“We are both happy to show our support but since neither is gay.” Pointing to me “or indeed a lesbian.” Pointing to herself. “I think we’d both feel little bit of frauds joining in a parade that’s for like the LGTB community.”

Nervously I nodded and agreed with hoping it would do as a acceptable answer. They both smiled and laughed. “Pride allows everyone to join in if they wish to do so.” He said. Holding out his hand. “I’m Billy and this is my flatmate Mary”. She happily waves with a gleeful smile.

Both were a lovely couple we got to chatting and they both invited us back to theirs for a drink. Since neither me or sis had cash and a chance to score free drink we’d both happily joined. Reaching their flat it had a studenty type feel to it. Poster of bands, festivals, Harry Potter memorabilia loads of empty beer bottles vodka bottles, gin and loads of energy drinks. Lead through the hall past their bedrooms into the kitchen living room area. Two sofas were laid out in a L shape facing the tv. Invited to sit down I sat on one sofa and sister sat on the other. The couple got some beers from the fridge handed them to us. Billy sat next to me shovelling over towards me. Whilst Mary cosied in to Amy on the other sofa. The chat was fairly casual at first what we did, what we were into etc. Until Mary blatantly asked.

“So what about your sex life’s?”

Both myself and Amy froze glancing at each worried if we were happy to share our most intimate moments. Though my sister was not willing to share hers she was happy to share mine.

“This boy here”. Pointing across to me with a devilish grin. “Lost his virginity at camp to some slut of a counsellor.” My mouth dropped in shock. Annoyed I snapped back and said.

“Oh… yeah…” with a slight stutter. “Well at least I didn’t spend my 18th being a total slut cheating their boyfriend and getting double penetrated by 2 guys.” Thinking I’d one the moral ground. Amy didn’t even flinch and in fact sniggered as I finished.

“Well Tommy it was in fact 3 guys and I wasn’t just dp’d”. Picking up her phone she searched through her pics until she came across the perfect pic. “I was in fact air tight”. Showing etimesgut sarışın escortlar the pic to Mary. Her eyes widen and mouth dropped.

“Oh wow she is air tight and enjoying it.” Neither me nor Billy saw the pic thankfully. “Em… who took the pic?” Mary couldn’t resist asking.

“Oh that would be my mum.” Amy answered. We were all in stunned and silenced waiting for more to be explained. “It was a girls weekend away. We decided to have fun with my first foursome and my mum indulging on her fetish of bbcs.” Once again flicking through her pics. “Oh look there she is being spit roasted by two bbc’s and you can just make out her Queen of spades emblem tattooed just above her pussy.” They both giggled looking through the pics. The whole chat shamefully got me hard though I certainly didn’t want to admit. Billy asked.

“So you are you a keen anal girl then?” Amy pondered for a bit. Thinking how best to answer.

“I mean not constantly not like every day. Every so often if I’m in the mood. Tommy on other hand practices it daily or at least every second day.” Once again found myself on the spot lost for words. “Don’t deny it. Mum and both know you’ve been going and borrowing her toys.” Everyone is now looking at me. Fenced in I knew I had to admit it.

“Yes I’ve been that perv of a boy going borrowing my mum’s toys to experiment with my bum. Though it’s embarrassing to say it out loud. I’m not ashamed I’ve been having great fun and pleasure from it.” Both Billy and Mary both smiled at me and nodded happy that I was happy with myself and the joys that give me pleasure. Amy raised one of eyebrows and shrugged it off.

“So what about same sex? Ever done it or fancied it?” Billy opened to the group. Shaking my head I went on to say.

“I’ve just admitted to others I tried toys up my butt. I’ll admit I’ve been curious seeing boys in showers after swimming. Wondering how it would feel. Though I’m not that all into intimacy just the sex interests me.” My sister then gave her thoughts on same sex.

“Women are definitely sexier but unfortunately not trust worthy. If I were to be involved with a girl. Everyone I know would use it to their advantage and gossip. If I found a girl I liked and she was discreet then yeah I’d probably be the same.” Both Billy and Mary seemed pleased with our answers. Both reserved but open to idea if given right opportunity. Not long after the chat. Mary made her excuses and headed out saying she needed to pee. Billy soon followed suit once we heard a phone ring. From one of the bedrooms. Amy looked over and whispered. “Would you really like try cock up your bum”. Shrugging my shoulders and nodding I said.

“Why not? I’ve done fingers and toys. What harm could a cock and cum really do.”

In that precise moment both Billy and Mary came working back through half naked. With a smile over both of there faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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