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As she rolled her sheer black stocking up over her calf, smoothing them straight around mid-thigh, Cat thought about her upcoming date. Just because she was between men at the moment, she’d allowed her best friend to set her up on a blind date. What was she thinking? As she lifted her other leg and began rolling the stocking up, she looked at herself in her mirror. Why she had difficulty with men she couldn’t figure out. Standing, hands on her hips, she looked herself over. To her own way of thinking, she was what men liked. Average height, curvy in all the right ways. She kept her dark brown hair cut just to her shoulders and her blue eyes were what she thought of as her most attractive feature. Granted, most men usually overlooked her eyes and went straight to her round 42DD chest. Her bust had always been both her blessing and her curse. But because she was curvy, her chest didn’t overwhelm the rest of her. Cocking her head to the side, she gave herself one last look before she grabbed her siren red bra and wrestled her mounds into the snug cups. Slipping into matching panties, Cat shook her head and finished getting dressed.

Just as she was slipping the zipper up on the back of her black dress, the doorbell rang. Sliding her feet into her heels, she spritzed herself with a little perfume and headed out of the bedroom. Whatever she had been thinking, it was a little too late now. He was here. As Cat opened the door, she was pleasantly surprised to find the man standing on the porch. A shot of arousal went through her so fast she nearly stopped breathing. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

The first thing that caught Ryan’s attention when the door opened was the bright blue eyes looking back at him. He’d always had a weakness for brunettes with blue eyes and these eyes made Courtney Cox-Arquette’s look like nothing special. He smiled stupidly, completely forgetting to introduce himself until she stuck out her hand. Only then did he remember the bouquet of daisies he’d brought along. He grasped her soft, smooth hand as he introduced himself, resisting the strong urge to give her the once-over, then handed her the daisies. Her smile broadened and he was instantly smitten.

She invited him in so that she could put the flowers in water before they left. As she led him to the kitchen, he got a chance to look over her voluptuous figure. He made a mental note to remember to thank their mutual friend, who knew that Cat was exactly the type of woman he was most attracted to. They made small talk as she got the bouquet set up in a vase, then she thanked him with a quick kiss on the cheek. The feeling of her lips against his skin combined with her scents (shampoo, perfume and, maybe, pheromones?) gave him a quick surge of blood into his cock. They both blushed, perhaps both feeling similar reactions.

“Shall we, then?” Ryan asked, trying to distract himself before he pitched a full woody in his slacks.

Grabbing her slim purse, Cat cast her eyes downward, trying to get another look at Ryan. He was just the type of man she always fell hard for. A little over average height, green eyes the color of spring grass and a mouth that looked dangerous. Yep, she really liked that mouth. As she stepped up to his car and he opened her door, Cat felt a shiver run along her spine. What would that mouth taste like? What would it feel like on her skin? As Ryan climbed into the driver’s seat and started for the restaurant, Cat tried to get her feelings under control. She’d just met him and already she was thinking about what his mouth would feel like. She knew he was thinking along the same lines. At least, she was pretty sure considering the bulge in his pants.

Over dinner, Cat tried to keep her mind on their small talk. As Ryan finished telling her a story about his co-workers, Cat sipped her wine and smiled. Unconsciously, Cat ran her tongue over the rim of her wine glass, savoring the smokey flavor of the liquid. Leaning forward, laughing at his story, Cat didn’t notice the tiny strap over her right shoulder slide just a little down her arm, giving Ryan an even greater view of her ripe cleavage. She didn’t notice until he reached out and with the tips of his fingers slowly pushed the misbehaving strap into place. At the touch of his fingers on her skin, Cat heated. Her panties were drenched with anticipation. Could she really do what she was thinking, what she was wanting, after only having met him?

Ryan felt as though he was doing a monumental job of staying focused. Each time he got a glimpse of Cat’s pink tongue, he almost went off track thinking about sucking on it and feeling it slide up his rigid shaft. There was no doubt that there was a definite chemistry between them; in fact, he was almost surprised that there weren’t visible sparks jumping through the air between them. He had been semi-rigid since she’d first kissed his cheek, thankful now for the tablecloth to cover it, but when the shoulder strap of her black dress slid down just enough to show him a bit more of the milky white flesh of her large Maltepe Escort Bayan globes, he was fully rigid. Had she done that intentionally? He wasn’t sure, but he reached over to push it back in place before he burst out of his pants and sent the table flying across the room.

Her skin felt just as soft as he’d imagined it would so he started praying that he’d have the opportunity to kiss every square inch of it. As he gazed into her blue eyes, his own eyes suddenly got wide as he felt her toes massaging his cock under the table.

Cat watched across the table as Ryan’s eyes glowed bright. She couldn’t resist. She had to know if he was feeling the same thing. And apparently he was. She’d started the slow climb with her toes along his leg. Ryan hadn’t noticed. When she reached the top of his thighs, Cat was just taking a sip of wine when her toes found their holy grail. He was hard, bulging in fact. Curling her toes, Cat dragged her foot down the length of his tool. Curving her lips into a seductive smile, Cat rubbed her foot up and down his rock hard cock. She appreciated the length of him, and how hard he was. Applying firmer pressure, Cat continued to massage his cock through his pants. Ryan’s face was flush, his eyes big and bright, his breathing harder.

“I think we should go. What do you think?” Her voice was a soft whisper as her foot slid over his thigh and back to his throbbing member. With each caress of her foot, Cat felt her own body responding to the sweet torture. Her pussy was tingling, aching to be touched. Her breasts were sensitive against the edge of the table. Her nipples pressed hard against the material of her dress.

Ryan paid the check and quickly helped Cat from the table. As she rose, Cat looked down at his tenting pants. Ryan laid his arm around her waist, walking with her just barely in front of him, providing him cover for his rigid cock. As they approached the car, Cat knew she couldn’t wait to taste him anymore. Turning slowly, her hands resting on his chest, she pushed them up to his shoulders. Cat pressed her body seductively against his, her breasts rubbing against Ryan’s chest.

“Kiss me, Ryan. Taste me.”

With his hands on her curvaceous hips, he lowered his head, bringing his lips toward hers as he closed his eyes. Her lips were soft and the flavor of the wine had lingered in her mouth, which he determined as she parted her lips and he slipped his tongue inside. His hands slid down from her hips to her ass while their tongues explored each other’s mouths and he pulled her against the throbbing bulge in his pants. Cat pulled him as she moved backward against his car, pulling him against her, his stiffness pressing against her abdomen. He had to move his hands off her ass to avoid getting them trapped against the car, so he slipped them up to fondle her substantial tits.

The parking lot was deserted, so they continued to make out, their respective arousals intensifying. While exploring her mouth with his tongue, fondling her breasts and pressing his hardness against her, Ryan kept thinking of Cat’s last words. “Taste me” continued to echo through his mind until her realized that, although he was tasting her, he wanted to taste her more intimately. Adjusting his position just slightly, he let one of his hands move up under her skirt to the front of her panties. While he was pleased to find the material considerably damp, he was also intrigued by the lack of texture above her pussy. He could only slide his fingers up and down a few times, his cock growing impossibly harder, before he pulled his lips from hers and dropped down into a squat in front of her. He raised the hem of her skirt, which she took from him and held up, then, after admiring the skimpy, siren red panties, he took them at the sides and began to slide them down. The skin surrounding her pussy was bare and smooth.

The cool night air caressed Cat’s naked pussy as Ryan pushed her panties down around her ankles. With Ryan’s help, she stepped out her panties and watched as he lifted them to his nose and then stuffed them in his pocket.

Not caring if anyone was watching, Cat waited, wishing with each passing second that Ryan would touch her again. She wanted his mouth, his tongue, his fingers, all of him. Looking down, Cat watched as Ryan leaned in, his face unbearably close to her thighs. His hands slid up her thighs to her hips, holding her in place as he breathed in her scent. When the tip of his rough tongue finally touched her, Cat nearly collapsed.

Gently nudging his head further between her legs, Ryan shifted Cat’s legs apart. Her pussy was wet. His tongue flicked over her, making Cat bite her bottom lip, trying to hold back her moan. As Ryan’s mouth moved over her pussy, licking and sucking every delicious drop of her, Cat moaned and thrust her hips forward. Fucking his face, Cat felt her first orgasm begin to build. Wound tight, she exploded as Ryan pushed his tongue between her lips and scooped up to suckle her aching clit.

Releasing her dress as Ryan pulled back from Maltepe Escort her, his mouth wet and dripping with her juices, Cat looked down at him. “My turn.” Pulling Ryan up by his shirt, Cat swung around, pushing him up against the car. Her mouth went to his, kissing and licking her flavor from him as her hands undid his belt and pants. As her tongue slid inside his mouth, Cat’s hand dipped inside the fly of his pants and cradled his raging hard on.

Sliding down his body, Cat squatted in front of him, her hand pulling his cock free. As her hand molded itself to his shaft, Cat stared at the head, wet with precum. As she lowered her warm mouth to the head, her lips engulfing him, she looked up. Cat’s eyes met Ryan’s as she took her first taste of his cock.

Ryan was pleasantly surprised by how sexually aggressive Cat was. He’d left home that night not expecting more than perhaps a good-night kiss at the end of their date. Now, not only had he devoured her scrumptious pussy, in a parking lot, no less, he was now watching as her lips slid up and down his engorged shaft. He could sense all night that they were equally fired up, her flooded pussy and her quick, intense orgasm only further proving it to him.

Her oral talents were impressive as he enjoyed how she worked her mouth up and down his tool while one hand pumped the base and the other gently fondled his balls. This was going to be a quick orgasm, but undoubtedly a memorable one and likely only the first of many. While appreciating her cocksucking, Ryan was also recalling the taste of her pussy and the feel of her smooth flesh. He only grew harder as he pictured her bare pussy exposed to the night air, the hem of her skirt riding up as she hunkered down in front of him.

He knew he’d be enjoying that pussy in every possible way before dawn broke, as well as licking, sucking and fucking Cat’s huge tits. He pumped his hips at her face, feeling his orgasm looming, as he considered what he might even do with her plump ass. Imagining the night ahead, with her completely naked and exposed to him, combined with the talents of her lips, tongue and hands, was all that Ryan could take. Her soft lips slid up and down his swelling cock just a few more times before he started spewing into her mouth. He couldn’t repress the moan of pleasure that slipped from his lips.

Once she’d milked him dry, Cat stood and, noticing that his noisy climax had attracted another couple’s attention, she waved at them. Seeing her stand, they realized what had been going on and laughed knowingly as they got into their car.

The drive back to her house was quiet. The car filled with sexual tension. Neither Ryan nor Cat felt the need to say anything. The appetizer in the parking lot had been just that. A foreshadowing of what was to come.

Cat smiled to herself. And come they would! She glanced over at Ryan and felt her body heat. Just thinking about making love to him all night long was enough to nearly bring her to orgasm. When she’d taken his cock in her mouth for the first time, she’d felt so powerful. His cock was beautiful. Long and thick. She couldn’t wait to feel him inside her. To feel him thrusting deeper and deeper inside her pussy. She wanted to ride him and even let him do a few things she’d never done before.

Pulling into the driveway, Cat stepped out of the car first and waited for Ryan. Taking his hand, she led him inside and down the hall to her bedroom. Letting his hand go, she walked over to the side of the bed.

“I’ve never done anything like this before, Ryan. I’ve never had sex with a man I’ve just met.” She never took her eyes off of him as she reached up and slowly pushed first one strap and then the other from her shoulders. “But I can’t help myself with you. I have to have you.”

As she unzipped her dress, she let it fall to the floor. Standing in her red strapless bra and heels, Cat let Ryan get a good look at her. She felt horny and wet having his eyes slide up and down her body.

Walking towards him, Cat ran her finger up over his jaw to his lips. Her fingers slowly unbuttoned his shirt, opening it for her hands to slide inside over his chest. She flicked her tongue over one taut nipple and then the other. Pushing his shirt off his shoulders, she stripped him. Leaning against him, Cat reached down and unzipped his pants. She’d done this earlier but this time there was no hurry. As she pushed his pants down, his cock sprang up, hard and throbbing. Sliding down, Cat wrapped her fingers around his shaft and flicked her tongue over the tip, tasting him again. With three long licks, she coated his cock and then slid back up his body. With her hand wrapped tight around his cock, slowly pumping him, Cat leaned up to kiss his mouth. Licking his bottom lip with her tongue, Cat whispered, “Do you want to fuck me, Ryan?”

He answered her question by pushing his tongue deep into her mouth, overcome by the passion he was feeling for her. Reaching down, he grasped her bare ass and pulled her soft flesh against him, trapping his throbbing Escort Maltepe member and her hand between them. She released his member and reached around to grab his ass while they made out at the foot of her bed. Sliding his hands up, he unclasped her bra, then stepped back to view the two works of art displayed on her chest.

Cat smiled proudly as Ryan goggled at her succulent breasts. He dropped her bra to the floor and his hands were drawn as if by magnets to her fleshy globes. He ran his hands over the smooth flesh, hefted their substantial weight in his hands and ran his palms over her large, hard nipples before lowering his head and tracing circles around her large aureoles with his tongue and alternately taking each hard nipple between his lips. Cat threw her head back while running her fingers through Ryan’s hair, enjoying his oral stimulation of her aching nipples.

Despite his almost achingly-hard cock, Ryan couldn’t tear himself away from Cat’s tits. His hands were exploring the rest of her curves while his lips and tongue concentrated on her nipples. He slid one hand down over her smooth pussy, eliciting a moan of pleasure as he discovered that she was dripping wet. As he spread some of her juices over her clit with his fingertips, she came almost immediately, this time not being shy about loudly expressing what she was feeling.

When she finally caught her breath after her second intense orgasm of the young night, she took the sides of Ryan’s face between her hands, raised his head, and told him in no uncertain terms that she need him to fuck her.

Stepping back away from him, Cat lay back on the bed. As Ryan stood and watched her, Cat lifted her fingers to her mouth. Slowly she licked the tips of her fingers, her tongue wetting her skin. Smiling up at Ryan, she moved her damp fingers to her aching globes and moistened her hard nipples. Pulling with her fingers, she teased and massaged her tits. She loved the way it felt, the way Ryan was watching her. His hand had dipped down to slowly pump his cock. Moving her hands down her body, Cat spread her legs. When her fingers touched her dripping slit, she arched and moaned. She was so close to exploding. Her breathing grew harder and faster as she slid a finger inside herself. Looking up at Ryan, she begged him to fuck her now. Please.

With two more strokes of his cock, Ryan watched her and then slowly crawled onto the bed. He kissed the inside of her right knee and then her left thigh. His lips lightly touched the top of her pussy, his tongue taking one last lick before he crawled up to her stomach. Ryan’s mouth closed over first one nipple and then the other sucking, pulling her taut nub. As he kissed her neck, Cat felt his rigid cock against her leg. She arched up, meeting his mouth with a hot, wet kiss.

Grabbing his shoulders, Cat held on, her mouth devouring Ryan’s. She felt him reach down between them. Then, he was looking at her, watching her as he pushed the head of his cock between her pussy lips and slowly entered her. Cat moaned, tossing her head to the side as Ryan’s cock split her in two, sliding deep until his balls were snug against her. He stopped, waited, and then pulled back and slammed into her again. Cat’s hands clutched the comforter as her orgasm crested and she screamed.

Ryan paused, then slowly continued sliding in and out of Cat’s pussy while she rode out her intense orgasm. Slipping into her had felt like heaven on Ryan’s throbbing, engorged rod, but feeling her cumming as he was fucking her was indescribable. He watched the expressions of ecstasy on her face until she opened her eyes, gazing up at him with a dazed look. Lowering his head, he pressed his lips against hers again and felt her tongue snake into his mouth.

They made out while he fucked her luscious pussy until he felt as though another orgasm was imminent. He wasn’t ready to be finished and still wanted to play with her colossal tits, so he suggested that she ride him for a while. At this point, Cat would have done anything Ryan asked, so she was game for taking control for a while. He rolled off next to her and watched as she sat up, turned and swung a leg over him, then reached down for his slick, stiff cock.

Ryan couldn’t keep his hands off her tits and was already fondling them before she’d even guided his cock back into her steaming pussy. Once she felt the satisfaction of his meat buried back inside her, she leaned forward so that her tits hung right in his face. As she bounced up and down on his tool, he held her tits still so that he could lick and suck her hard nipples.

Cat arched her head back, swinging her hair away from her face. Ryan’s cock was buried deep in her pussy, deeper than anything had ever been before. She couldn’t believe how out of control she was. Pushing herself up, tearing her tits away from his warm mouth, she ran her hands up and held her breasts together. She was sitting straight on his cock, grinding her hips, pushing herself onto him. As she rode him hard, Cat watched Ryan as she lifted a nipple to her own mouth. Snaking her tongue out, she licked her own nipple, twirling her tongue around it. Ryan thrust upwards, moaning as he watched her. Cat felt another orgasm spiking and clenched her pussy muscles around Ryan’s throbbing cock.

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