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My name is Bobbi and I am widowed. I am 31 years old. I am very attractive with 38 C breasts . A 25 inch waist and 36 inch hips. My hair is dark brown and flows down to my cleavage. I have olive colored skin and dress to let everybody see enough to keep interest. I have always had a high sex drive.

The men in my office have been trying to get me in bed since I started. I never encouraged it because Joe my husband had a high profile job, and could not afford the scandal. Today I will make a couple of them very happy, and myself.

I’ve always taken pride in my appearance, and I always like to show my womanly assets. I practice yoga and Pilates to keep toned and tight. I like to wear up lifting bras. Not that I need to but cleavage gets attention and I like attention.

I am the human resource manager at a major corporation. Today I have two performance reviews and one job interview. They will be graded on their ability to perform in my office. Each one will get a souvenir of their meeting. A pair of my panties to keep.

One last look in the mirror checking my appearance as I leave the house for my office. My pink blouse shows my lace push up bra and with the top three buttons undone shows all of my cleavage and most of my tits. My satin black skirt is long enough to show the lace top of my stockings when I walk and my three inch heels accentuate my long slender legs to make me desirable to any man and give woman envy. A little pink lip gloss. A look in my purse and yes three pair of satin panties plus the pink ones I’m wearing.

I walked into my office feeling ready to seduce my appointments. I placed the folder for my first review on the corner of my desk where I would have to stand up to get it directly in front of him. Not that it had anything in it that would decide if he gets the promotion. That would depend on his load of cum.

His name was Robert. He was being considered for warehouse manger. He has been with us for two years and is a good worker. I remember his lusty stare from the employee appreciation banquet.

My phone rang.

“Robert is here for his review Bobbi.”

“Send him in Come in Robert.”

I stand up walking around my desk to greet him.

“Robert do you remember starring at me at the banquet?”

He nodded his head and looked worried.

“Don’t be nervous Robert. I am going to ask you some questions and your answers will determine whether you get the promotion. Just answer honestly and everything will go well.”

I lead him to my leather couch.

“Sit down make yourself comfortable.”

I sat on my desk facing him with my legs spread slightly so he could see up my skirt.

“Robert do you think I’m a cock tease?”

He swallowed hard. “Well that is what everybody says.”

“Robert when was the last time you had a blow job?”

“My wife doesn’t do that.”

“Robert when was the last time you licked pussy?”

“Well not since I got married.”

“Robert when did you last blow a load of cum?”

“I jerked off a week ago.”

I got up went and pulled the blinds shut and locked the door. I undid my blouse turned around, pulled my panties down and took my tits out of my bra. Licked my fingers and played with my nipples making them almanbahis adres hard. He was already licking his lips and squirming on the couch.

“Are you uncomfortable?” I asked.

Walking toward him. Leaning over so he could take them in his mouth. I ran my hand down his shirt scratching his nipples with my fingernails feeling them harden with my touch. I gasped as he bit my nipple. I could see his cock growing in his jeans.

My breathing was getting heavier as I lifted my skirt and told him to lick my pussy. I squealed as I felt his tongue run up my moist slit. It felt so good as it touched my clitoris. I held his head to me as he lapped up and down making me wet and so close to orgasm.

“Suck it Robert.” I commanded.

My chest heaved as I panted for air.

“Make me cum baby.” I squealed.

Arching and forcing his head tighter to me as his tongue drove deeper in me. I felt my tensing as a wave of orgasm came over me. Tossing my head back and my pelvis into his mouth as my juices began to flow on his face.

When I caught my breath. I sat down on the couch.

“Stand up Robert and take off your pants.”

His pants dropped to the floor and I pulled his boxers down. Out popped his beautiful seven inch circumcised cock. Veins visible down the side. I licked his tip savoring his precum. Licking down his shaft. My nose was filled with the musky smell of cock and sweat. I slid my mouth up and down making him wet with my slobber. grasping him with my hand I took his heavy ball sack in my mouth and massaged them with my tongue. I felt him throb in my hand as he moaned and groaned with my sucking and stroking.

Licking back up to take him deep in my mouth swirling my tongue around his shaft. He thrust into my mouth in time as I bobbed back and forth on the length of his cock. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before I got my reward. I squeezed the base of his cock building pressure as I sucked hard on the head of his cock flicking with my tongue.

I tasted his cum escaping my grip before letting go allowing the first wave to shoot to the back of my throat causing me to cough. The second blast hit me on my chest. I quickly took him back in my mouth not wanting to lose any of his salty tasty cum. Sucking every drop and feeling him soften in my mouth. I released him from my mouth smiled as I palmed the head of his cock.

I love the feeling of power I have over men when I put pressure on their cocks post cum. There knees buckle and they try to pull away.

I licked him clean and cleaned his cum off my chin and chest, relishing every bit.

“Robert you will be recommended for the promotion with a 20% raise. The only condition is that you tell everybody that I am not a cock tease.”

I took my panties from my ankles and handed them to him.

“These are for you. Go back to work.”

I just had time to put my tits back in my bra, do up my blouse and put another pair of panties on, when my phone rang telling me my 11 o’clock interview was here.

“Send her in.”

I looked at her 5 foot 6 inch slender body, and realized that she would be perfect as my personal assistant that I could dominate.

“You are Sara extending my hand. I’m Bobbi.”

She had a dress almanbahis adresi that flowed loosely to her ankles and the buttons done up to her neck with her hair in a bun and covered.

“Sit and be comfortable.

“Well Sara. Unfortunately the reception job has been taken, but I am looking for a personal assistant. It would be a one year contract and you would have to do what I tell you when I tell you with no questions asked. There will be punishment if you do not obey. You would not be able to leave until the year was complete. It pays $5000.00 a month plus bonuses.”

“Really” she said excited. “Yes please.”

“From now on you will address me as Ms. Bobbi. Now let your hair down and undo your dress.”

Hesitating, Sara undid her hair letting fall down her back.

“The dress I ordered.”

Nervously she fidgeted with the top button.

“Faster.” I yelled slamming the desk with my hand.

Sara jumped hooking her fingers in her dress, causing her to pull popping her buttons and revealing her white bra. I don’t think my grandmother would have been so conservative. I walked over and helped with some more, down to her waist.

“Don’t worry we are going shopping after work.You need to get some proper clothes to work in. Stand up and follow me.”

I took out my scissors and began cutting the bottom of her dress, starting at the bottom of her ass cheeks and around to her front. Now it just covered her panties, and when she sits they will show.

“My God! Sara do you honestly wear white cotton granny panties all the time?” “Take them off.”

Handing her a pair of black satin ones from my purse. I reached down and unhooked her bra.

As she stood up. I pulled her dress off her shoulders and took her bra off. I then cut the sleeves off her dress.

Her petite breasts were beautiful and firm.

“You do not need a bra, and will not wear one from now on.”

I could not resist kissing her on the mouth, slipping my tongue in. Sara responded with her tongue and made me wonder just how experienced she was. I would love to watch her tongue a cock like that.Sara pulled away.

“Please don’t.”

I stood over her.Pulling my panties to the side. My crotch at her mouth.

“Lick me.”

Sara leaned forward and hesitantly licked my moist slit. I held her head to my wet pussy and gyrated on her mouth. Her tongue sent shivers up and down my body, as I forced her tongue deeper. I would have loved her to continue, but I have a review to prepare for.

I undid my blouse. Took off my bra. Did the two buttons up across my tits, and left the rest undone. The buttons pulling tightly across my firm tits threatening to pop. My nipples pointing through the nylon blouse.

Frederick was 65, and our policy is mandatory retirement. I could recommend he stay, if I felt he could not be replaced.

I noticed him looking at porn many times, so I know he likes big tits and I’m going to either recommend him or send him off very happy.

Sara will observe so I can see how she responds.

Frederick shows up right on time.

“Frederick today is your lucky day. Today you will fuck me. Either you will have a job when done or a very good memory.”

He looks at Sara, almanbahis adres then at me. Licks his lips undoes his pants, and walks over , takes my tits in his mouth and sucks them through my blouse, reaching under my skirt and fingers my wet pussy.

Wow!. I reached down grasped his hard cock, and stroked. He lifted me up and went straight to my pussy. Ripping a hole in my panties. Licking and slurping like a teenager.

He pulled me down, forcing me to his cock. I pulled his boxers down and took him deep, gagging as he forced it deeper. My eyes wide open in shock!

Frederick had always been reserved, so this was totally out of character for him. I loved his aggressiveness and wanted his cock in me.

He held my head and face fucked me hard. Slobber and spit made my blouse cling to my tits, which seemed to encourage him to fuck harder.

He pulled me up by my hair and turned me around. Slapped my ass and drove his cock in my wet pussy hard. Reached around tore my blouse, grabbed my tits and hate fucked me doggy.

I came instantly, and begged for more.

He tore my panties so my ass was totally exposed, and fingered my asshole as he plowed my pussy mercilessly. I had never been fucked like this before and did not want it to stop.

“Yes yes .” I screamed.

He stopped. Pulled out and smiled.

Walked over to Sara. Ran his cock from her forehead to her chin. Sara opened her mouth to receive him. He slapped her, came back to me and plunged his cock deep in my ass.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed.

He pulled out to his tip and drove me again hard, again and again. Harder harder.

” Bitch bitch bitch.” He called me with each thrust.

He then alternated between my ass and pussy fucking deeper and harder with each thrust. Slapping my tits until they were red. My pussy was slopping with my juices and my ass was sore. My head was exploding and my body was weak in orgasm.

He stopped turned me around. Pulled my nipples and began fucking my tits. Back and forth teasing my tongue with the tip of his cock. I fondled his heavy ball sack. I knew he was close, and wanted to taste his cum.

I glanced at Sara. She had a lost look on her face as she fingered her hairy pussy to orgasm.

Just then Frederick pulled away stroking his cock. Pointed at my face and hit me with his first blast of cum. I opened wide trying to get it in my mouth.

It landed on my chin tits and face, as he stood closer and rammed his cock in my mouth for his second wave. Filling my mouth and causing me to gag and spill out on my tits.

He walked over to Sara and had her suck him dry, which she willingly did.

Frederick grabbed me by my hair and half dragged me over to her. My legs were so weak I could hardly walk. Sara began to lick his cum off my tits and face. It seems Sara likes cum as much as I do.

Sara then kissed me sharing his cum with me.

Frederick got dressed, composed himself and asked in a mild mannered voice.

“Will I be at my desk tomorrow Ms. Bobbi?”

“Yes Frederick. You had better not be late.” I replied.

I took my torn panties off and handed them to him.

“A souvenir for you.”

Luckily, I had a blazer with me, as my blouse was totally ruined. I put my bra my last pair of panties on looked at Sara.

“Come Sara we need to go shopping.”

I can’t wait to shave her and dress her for work tomorrow. It seems Sara has a suppressed sexual appetite that will make this year very enjoyable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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