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Author’s Note: All participants are over 18.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this. A reader sent me an email suggusting this story. His niece was breastfeeding a young child and he had a very hard erection … enjoy!


“You have to come over. I really need your support right now!”

It was a frantic call from my sister-in-law. Clearly, she was upset but she didn’t tell me why. We didn’t always get along as we are both strong willed and sometimes aggressive people. There was a thaw after my brother/her husband died of a blood clot. I fully expected that I would happily drift away from her life and she from mine. Instead, my feelings and commitment toward my brother made me be in her life because of my niece and nephew.

So, I drove over to her house and knocked on the door. Sarah stood there as a petite woman, barely 5 feet tall. I was reminded how funny it was to see her and my brother together. Like me, he was a tall man of 6 feet 6 inches. It struck me how much I missed him. She let me in and I followed her long thick mane of light red, and wavy hair. Today, it flowed down her back well beyond her shoulder blades but usually it was neatly piled upon her head.

She smiled at me and it was disarming. Full pink lips and white teeth with high cheekbones and freckles dotted her cheeks and nose. As a distance runner, even at the age of 41, she was in shape with muscled legs and arms. I guess you would say that she had a “tight” body but she hardly ever showed it off. I do remember Sarah and my brother Frank celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and she wore a little black dress. It fit her perfectly and showed me that she didn’t always live in a jogging outfit. My first wife left me after 3 years and I left my second wife after only 5 months. No kids for me and I guess that it is just karma that I feel like my niece and nephew are somewhat my responsibility now.

My niece Shaye sat on the couch with tears in her eyes. Her older brother Ryan was away at Clemson. Shaye in tears is not an unusual sight. At 18, she was a very emotional young woman. Her hair, long and colored just like her mothers was tousled around her shoulders and her pouting lips told me that they had been fighting again. Not unusual for a mother and daughter their ages to fight but this did look different. Shaye did not look like she was fighting with Sarah. She looked like she was angry with someone or something else.

“What’s up?” I asked lightly.

“I’m pregnant.”

That would be Shaye’s style. Right in your face and bold. Then again, she could be kidding me but this time, she wasn’t. I knew those words would change my life but I didn’t yet know how.

We sat for hours and discussed the options. There was marriage to the boy who turned out to be an already married man of 40 … ok, that wasn’t going to work. There was abortion but they were Catholic and did not think that an option. There was also giving the baby up for adoption or keeping the baby. I was not in favor of keeping the baby. I know Sarah and I know Shaye and didn’t think either could handle a baby in their lives. Sometimes, I’m an idiot. Sarah thought about it and weighed the pros and cons while Shaye thought adoption was a better bet. We decided pretty quickly that we didn’t need to decide right away but that we could wait a few months and decide then.

Tears seemed to have disappeared and I was actually proud of Sarah for not giving Shaye too hard a time about being stupid enough to mess with a married man and then especially without protection!

The months passed by and I visited the house regularly and watched my niece blossom. Her body was never like her mother’s. It was much like my mother’s. Shaye was 5 foot 8 inches tall. She stood with broad shoulders and full and round breasts that pressed together on her small rib cage. Her hips were narrow and her legs and arms slim. With the onslaught of pregnancy, she began carrying up front and her breasts grew bigger to DD size. She seemed to enjoy them swinging about on her chest as she often went about the house bra-less.

“That’ll end when her milk comes in” chuckled Sarah as I tried not to look.

The question of adoption disappeared at 8 months. Shaye was going to keep the baby. She really began to feel the pain of the extra weight. She had put on more than 40 pounds and said she felt like a cow. I only chuckled as I got her a pillow. She was 8 1/2 months pregnant when she went into labor. Honestly, we weren’t ready. The three of us had done the Lamaze classes but we just weren’t mentally ready. But, the baby said she was ready and I watched my pretty niece give birth at our local hospital and there I sat with a warm baby girl in my arms, Mary.

It was 5 weeks later that my phone rang at 1am and shook me out of a dream of me fucking my boss’ wife.

“Uncle Ray, I’m sorry to wake you. Can you come over tonight?”

“Be right there!” I answered as cheerily as possible when you are ripped from the image of gliding in and Ankara escort out of a sexy woman.

Barely dressed, I stumbled out of my condo and drove over. I quietly opened the door and Shaye was holding little Mary in her arms. The babe was screaming bloody murder. “I can’t get her to stop crying!” she panicked. “Mom is very tired and cranky and I haven’t slept in days.”

I looked at Mary and took her in my arms and checked her temperature. She stopped crying and I thought I had some sort of magic. Unfortunately, she only stopped to look at me and then started screaming again.

“Has she eaten?”


“When was the last time?”

“About 3 hours ago. She just doesn’t like the formula. The doctor said that I should feed her every 3 to 4 hours and that eventually she’d like it.”

“I thought you were breast feeding.”

“I am but I was trying to wean her off me.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t”

“But I feel like a cow, Uncle Ray! They’re huge and though, initially I liked the looks I was getting, I think they are too big now. I’m trying to get my life back, you know?”

“Sweetie, your life is now this baby. If you really had wanted your life back, you should have given her up for adoption.”

“I know, I know. I love her but I’m just tired and this is really tough.”

“Can I suggest something?”

“Sure, that’s why I asked you here.”

“Try feeding your baby and stop worrying about your breast size. You are a beautiful woman and your breasts are beautiful too, not just big.”

She pouted as she didn’t like the answer I gave her. After a minute, “Thanks, Uncle Ray. I guess I should stop the formula and see if that is the problem. My breasts are so full anyway.”

I watched as my sweet niece opened her gown in front of me. She hefted an engorged breast as I handed Mary to her. I was shocked to see her naked breast with the blue veins and the teat trimmed with milk just leaking out. I felt the lump in my pants. Mary clamped on and began draining. I tried to look away but watched her in the mirror and felt like a pervert.

Soon both Mary and Shaye were asleep on the couch. Mary fell off Shaye’s breast and I was fascinated. Drops of milk glistened there and I wanted some. I wanted to taste it and feel it slip down my throat.

There was a creek on the floor behind me. “Good to see they finally are getting some sleep.”

I turned to see my sister-in-law standing in the hallway. For someone who was tired and attempting sleep, she looked great in a deep green satin teddy and her long hair wrapped up in a loose braid. Her nipples pressed against the fabric and she gave me a hug before covering her daughter and granddaughter up with a blanket.

“Thanks for coming over. I see she is feeding Mary again. I think that’s good.”

“I agree.” I responded. “It looks like no one is sleeping while Mary is awake.”

“Yeah,” she paused. “She certainly has a pair of lungs. Can I talk to you in the bedroom so we don’t wake them up?”

I followed her petite ass down the hall and she closed the door behind me and then sat on the bed.

“Sit with me, please.”

I sat.

She took my hand. “I’m having trouble sleeping.”

“I’m sorry, it seems to be common problem in this house,” I paused. “What can I do to help?”

“Well, I miss your brother. I mean, I miss him every hour of the day.”

Though we were of similar builds he and I were very different personalities. There was no way to replace him, nor would I ever want to. “I miss him, too. He was a great guy but you know that we must move on.”

“Yeah, you are right but it is so hard to move on. It is especially tough at night. When I go to bed, I really miss him.”

“Yeah, I think our bodies and minds start to shut down and we allow ourselves to get sad.” I hugged her lightly feeling rather awkward.

“I’m sure that is the case but there is a physical thing, Ray. I mean. How do I say this?”

“Just say it.”

She put her hand on my back, “Ray, I need a man physically. I need a man to get to sleep. It’s been a couple of years and I just need to feel a man’s hardness inside me … so I can sleep at night.”

There was a pause. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. She started to cry.

“I know you don’t like me but I’m so tired. I just need to sleep and I can’t. Alcohol, sleeping pills and nothing works! I’ve tried everything!”

I opened my mouth to speak and nothing came out. It was true, we were like oil and water but she had been different since he died.

She continued. “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said anything. I guess I’m just a stupid bitch.”

“You’re not stupid,” I quickly shot out regretting that it sounded like I thought she was a bitch.

She laughed and it was a very nice laugh as she knew I didn’t mean it like that. “So, you think I’m a bitch?” she teased.

We both laughed and I reached an arm around her and pulled her to me. She was so tiny and fit under my arm. She put her Ankara escort bayan hand on my chest and I kissed the top of her hair. It smelled like strawberries. Her hand traveled down my shirt to stroke my thigh and I glanced down her shirt to see her pert breasts.

I tilted her head up. Those green eyes that sparkled with fire and flare, the neatly trimmed eyebrows and her petite nose were all captivating when she wanted them to be. I kissed her freckled cheeks and then those full lips. Our tongues touched and I felt her hand stroke my hardness for a moment and then slid down my thigh. Our movements became more frantic as she pulled my shirt off and ran her fingernails over my hairy chest. Clearly the aggressor, she pushed me down on the bed and pulled my pants and shorts off in one great tug. She could be strong when she wanted to.

My cock was stiff and vertical as her tiny hand grasped it. The angry thick veins of my cock were the size of her pinky as she stroked up and down. I saw her smile as she crawled between my legs and the phallus parted her small mouth. I felt huge and thick and hard. She sucked the head and then licked teasingly the rim and skin around it. I’m no giant down there but at 8 inches, I looked huge compared to her diminutive features. Sarah gripped my cock with both hands and neither wrapped completely around as she licked and sucked the helmet of my cockhead. Her tongue felt wonderful as she was obviously happy sucking and pulling from the tip to my ball sack. I felt her finger at my anus and she stroked and poked and finally pushed a finger inside me. This was new to me. I’d never had that done and felt a surge in my cock that took me to another level. She giggled as she beat my meat in long strokes pulling the extra skin up to almost cover my fat cockhead.

I reached down and literally lifted her up. I needed her impaled on my cock. It was time. Enough play. Her pussy was sopping wet as she straddled my hips and rubbed her hot cunt lips along my length. She stood straight up over me with her nipples hard and long, pink and standing straight out. Slowly she squatted down gripping my cock beneath her and aiming it for her pussy. The head is easily the biggest part of my cock and I felt her struggle with it as it pressed through her gateway. She grunted at it as she attempted a third and fourth time before getting it just inside her pussy lips with an “oh yeah!”

Those were the first words either of us had spoken. She worked down on my length and her tightness created intense pressure around my throbbing cock. It had been so long since I had made love that I thought I might explode right there. She got most of me in and I began to lose control. I gripped her hips and began lifting and shoving her down hard on my spike. Her little tits bounced before my eyes. Her hands rested on my chest. Her nails scratched me. I worried that I might be hurting her and she seemed to sense my concern but her smile assured me that she was truly enjoying this.

Her athletic abilities began to show as she took over the work of slamming my rod into her. Those runners’ legs lifted her up and down like a well oiled machine driving my cock deep within her hot tunnel. I could feel her cervix snapping at my cock with each thrust. She worked up a good sweat and I could feel the electricity rising up my back. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“This is so good. OH MY god! So deep, baby, so deep!” she cried out in stuttered shrieks.

She kept up the slamming.

“God, I LOVE FUCKING!” she cried out a moment later and I watched as her bright green eyes went wide. “Cum with me! Please!”

She ground down on me hard grabbing my hands and putting all of her energy into her downward thrust. I felt myself throbbing in preparation. Her cunt was hot and tight as it pulsed and gripped my cock. Her face screwed up and then I shot deep inside her. Our juices mixed and flowed down my balls and made a mess on the bed.

Sarah collapsed and lay on me panting and planting baby kisses on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her.

I awoke an hour later and extricated myself from her arms, dressed and quietly made my way past a gently snoozing Shaye and Mary. On the trip home, I wondered what would happen in our relationship, now. I felt guilty and wondered if fucking my brother’s widow was incest or not. It only took a minute to remember her orgasm face and to decide that it didn’t matter though somehow I felt like I was slowly slipping down a hill without any possibility of stopping.

Two days later I got a handwritten note in the mail from Sarah. “Thank you for you kindness the other night. I’d like to repay you by inviting you to dinner at my house on Friday evening. Would 7pm work? I need some help babysitting Mary. Thanks again.”

It was simply signed “Sarah.” I could tell that she must have struggled with the note and what to say. I thought dinner would be a great idea but wondered how awkward it might be.

I arrived on Friday with a bottle of red Escort Ankara wine and a small basket of wild flowers. She greeted me at the door wearing a messy apron and holding Mary in her arms … obviously frazzled.

I grabbed Mary with a smile and followed Sarah into her living room. It was a wreck but the kitchen was worse.

Sarah had fight in her eyes as she put the flowers and the bottle on the counter. It felt like somehow she was going to blame this on me. I’d seen her build up to an explosion like this before. I smiled at the unusually quiet Mary who seemed to look back at me with her own pretty eyes. I put Mary down in a seat-like contraption that allowed her to coo and giggle and not get hurt. Mary did her part. I looked at the recipes Sarah had out. Fancy chicken, a nifty sauce for asparagus, baked potatoes, some cold soup that I couldn’t tell you what it was. I put my hands on her narrow shoulders and she blew a few strands of hair in exasperation.

“Let me take care of this Sarah.”

“It just sucks. Shaye’s back at work and I had this big plan but Mary wasn’t helping by screaming the whole time and I don’t know! Now she is quiet. You are here and she is quiet. How do you do that?”

“You are beautiful,” I said in a half whisper. “Now, go to your room and get your game up to gorgeous. Relax; I’ve got it from here if you don’t mind me changing up the meal a bit.”

“I don’t mind at all,” she said with relief. She turned on her heel and headed down the hall.

I called after her, “Uh, is there formula already made if Mary should get hungry? I mean, when did she last eat?”

Sarah’s voice called back, “Shaye is breastfeeding now. She gave up on the formula so I splurged and got her a breast pump. Milk’s in the fridge and yeah, she is probably going to be hungry soon.”

The potatoes were almost done cooking so that was easy. I grabbed some seasoned bread crumbs, an egg and a frying pan and soon I was making a gently fried chicken. The asparagus met some Italian salad dressing in a frying pan and that was going to be tasty. Then I really got moving. I picked up the mess in the kitchen, set the table and then Mary began fussing. I found Shaye’s breast milk in the fridge among about 5 bottles. I wondered if Shaye was going away somewhere as there was just so much milk in there.

Mary nestled easily in one arm as I ran the bottle under warm water. I tested it by putting some drops on my wrist. Not quite ready so I just licked it off. I don’t know why, but I did. It tasted different. Not bad. Not good, but different. Another few minutes in the warm tap water and it was ready to go. I sat at the table with Mary in my arms suckling on the bottle. I looked up and there was Sarah looking, as they say, like a million bucks. She wore a navy blue dress, off-white pearls and matching ear-rings. The dress ended well above her knee revealing well toned and sexy legs. Her smooth light red hair hung loosely about her shoulders. She looked taller … ah, the heels! Beautiful navy pumps of about 5 inches.

“I won’t last in these,” she commented pointing at her feet, “but I hope they have the right effect.”

“Your legs look really, really long in those,” I commented rather lamely as Mary requested my attention again. “I mean, you’ve got great legs and those heels just intensify the effect.”

She smiled and knew that I had to work hard to be suave. Even so, I always seemed to fail in that endeavor.

We sat down to a lovely meal. Sarah really appreciated me finishing things up for her and let me know by hip-checking me as we washed the dishes. We hadn’t EVER gotten along this well and I hoped it wouldn’t end after this dinner. I just didn’t want to do something stupid. That is usually what happens to me. I don’t often think, so this time, I was thinking hard.

Sarah put Mary down to bed and we found ourselves in a dimly lit living room with a floor littered with kids’ toys with 2 very full glasses of wine. Soon the wine was mostly gone and Sarah was curled up on the couch next to me just snuggling.

“Did you like the other night?” she asked with her sweet eyes looking up into mine.

“Loved it. You?”

“Oh very much so, Ray. Very much so.” She paused a moment, “Y’know, Ray, we could do that again and I bet it would be really good, too.”

“Yes, I believe it would be,” I stroked her wavy hair with the faint smell of strawberries.

“You seem like the kind of guy who likes to do different things.”

“Yes, sometimes,” I didn’t know what she had in mind and I was a bundle of nerves because of it.

There was a coy smile on her face. A smile like none I’d ever seen and I think she might have been a little drunk.

“You seem like a guy who likes to watch a little bit,” licking her lips seductively, turning up the music and closing the curtains. She put her heels back on and combed her fingers through her hair pulling it out to fullest. She looked like a tall tigress about to eat me up as her hips swayed and thrust in that sexy blue dress. She toyed with the shoulder straps and soon they were off. She sucked her finger into her mouth like she was sucking down a skinny cock. She shook a little and the dress became a pile on the floor.

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