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As I began to recall this story, I had to think back to the beginning. How I met my cousin. Of course I have to protect her real name, but if she ever read this, she’d know exactly who wrote it. Her name for the purpose of these recounted realities is Holly.

Before I knew what to do with a girl, I met one that made me feel strange at a family gathering. I met two of my cousins there; Holly and her sister Jamie. Holly was mysterious, and she always had a knowing way about her. We spent a few Summers seeing each other for a day or two at a time at this annual family gathering, and we became good friends. We lost contact for several years while Holly’s Mom took them on trips all over the country. When they finally settled down in the same State we lived in, I found out that she would be visiting from a small city about four hours away where she lived with her family. At that time she was in her senior year in High School and I had just graduated.

I was very much looking forward to rekindling my friendship with my cousin and of course attraction was nowhere near what I was thinking when she arrived in her own car. She was going to graduate early at age 18 and I was 18 too and had just graduated. I was so excited when I saw her and gave her a big hug. I told her I couldn’t wait to show her around a ‘real’ city, and she was really interested in that idea too. We got her settled at my Grandmother’s house and decided we would spend the whole next day together.

That night we talked so late that we barely got any sleep. I have to admit, at that point, I had begun to admire the woman she had become. She was so well built and taller than me by a few inches. She had legs that disappeared into her shorts after traveling what seemed miles from her feet, and she had full lips and long fingers. She wasn’t quite as curvy as other girls I noticed in the halls when I was in High School, but she was more athletic and lanky. And she had what attracted me most in a girl, pale skin and long dark hair. I guess admiring her that night that my hormones got the best of me and my thoughts wandered where my fingers wished to tread. I stopped myself of course thinking “This is your cousin!” So the night ended with much needed rest.

The next morning we were up early and I had saved a few bucks from work to spend the day on. We headed out early because we wanted to talk without others listening in. We went downtown where we went to a brand new skyscraper and I showed her the amazing architecture and the glass nişantaşı escort elevators. We had lunch and that’s when we really stopped catching up and started talking about our past relationships and what we wanted in life. She really was a free spirit and not at all a virgin. I found out that she wasn’t really interested in having boyfriends as much as just enjoying High School and being involved in activities there. Guys were kind of a fringe benefit for her when she had the time for them. It was a refreshing and interesting point of view I had never encountered before, and somehow… that thought creped into my head “Does this mean she’s willing?” I told her that I did have a girlfriend, but then found out that she was not only doing me but about 4 other guys, so it went nowhere and I ended it. It had been about a year since that happened.

I was my goofy self that afternoon and we had a lot of fun. I took her on some really scenic nice back roads right near downtown where we could look down and see most of the city. We talked for a couple more hours until the Sun set in the distance, and I reached out and held her hand. She held mine back. After about a half hour of just talking and holding hands I told her that we should go to this amazing Hotel that was half Mall, half hotel where they had amazing fountains. She was happy to see more, so I took her there. All of the shops were closed, and since it was so early in the Spring there weren’t many people around. We watched the fish and the waterfall inside, and we got into another set of elevators in the hotel with a window that went up very high.

We must have rode up and down the elevator about 4 times when I finally got up the courage to just lean in and kiss her. I shocked myself, but she was completely ready and at that spontaneous moment our mouths parted and we held each other close as our tongues intertwined… I was amazed. I didn’t even have a chance to say “sorry” or “I can’t believe I did that”. It was just passionate and it seemed like she had been waiting for it all day. It was the best kiss I had ever experienced to that point in my life. As we parted just before the elevator door opened, we both said “Wow” at the same time.

We didn’t say much until we got outside where it had started to rain. I said; “I can’t believe we just did that, but it was so hot!” She said; “Then let’s do it again.” We kissed more as we walked, stopping from time to time to really go at it passionately. She nibbled my lip which turned me on even more. şişli escort Before I knew it my silk shorts had an obvious bulge. I said; “Wow, we really need to calm down, I’m getting really horny” She said yeah, we can’t really do much here in the courtyard anyway. I agreed, and we walked across the street into another courtyard area near the Ice Skating Rink which had been closed for a few weeks. The rain was cool, but the air was warm and we decided to sit on one of the benches there.

I said; “I am not even going to ask what any of this means, I mean, we’re cousins but it feels so good.” She said; “There’s nothing wrong with it, I mean we’re 2nd cousins, or is it 3rd? Aw to hell with it.”, Which of course led to more kissing. I suppose anyone passing by might just think we were a couple of teenage kids making out, but they had no idea that we had grown up as cousins and had met at a family reunion. I got so hard I just had to stand up, so I did and walked around for a minute. She looked at me coyly almost enjoying what I was going through. I stood in front of her and said; “You know you’re bad don’t you.” Then leaned down and kissed her once more as she just smiled bigger.

When I stood up I almost sort of leaned back but she caught me, and put her arms around me sitting there and pressed her head against my belly. Of course this made me squirm with an involuntary thrust as the bulge in my pants was surely close to popping through my shorts. She nuzzled my belly a little lower and I looked up to the sky letting the light rain fall on my face as I ran my fingers beneath her hair and behind her head and neck. I massaged her neck and shoulders as her head slowly nuzzled lower. Soon I was massaging her shoulders as her nose began to nuzzle the tip of my cock through my shorts.

Looking down I could see her head moving and feel her nuzzling lower and I let go of her shoulders and stood more straight up and watched her intently feeling as if I’d explode if she actually touched my cock. She moved her head sideways and began to suckle the material barely holding in my cock. I could see the slit at the top straining against the tight material. I simply could not take anymore.

In the middle of that well lit courtyard, not 100 ft. from a street that sees quite a bit of traffic, I moved my hands to my waistband and took one more quick look around before I finally let my cock spring free. The cool water was like pinpricks against the hot surface of my straining rock hard cock, and she made a small mecidiyeköy escort cat like moan as it sprang free. She touched her lips to it and I was on fire for more. She treated it just as if the cloth was still there. Nuzzling and kissing and suckling gently along the smooth shaft. She sucked a little harder and I stopped even looking around to see if we were being observed.

She slid her fingers beneath my swollen balls and caressed gently as she kissed lower and kissed my ball sack just as gently. Slowly working her way back up the shaft, I was just glued to what she was doing and even more amazed I had not already blown a huge load all over her face. As she reached the tip of my cock she moaned at the taste of the precum before taking it into her mouth slowly, inch by inch until her chin was touching my sack. Wiggling her tongue all the way down, I could feel every bit of my cock inside as her mouth writhing tongue slid wetly back up the shaft. The cool drops of rain were once again dropping on the shaft of my cock, cooling it while her mouth was still wrapped around the head, gently sucking more precum over her tongue.

As she began to slowly pump my cock in and out of her mouth I lay a hand on the top of her head and placed my other hand on the side of her face. I could feel her mouth and tongue move as my cock slid in and out of her. Never once did I feel the urge to thrust into her mouth. Her talents were so that I did not want to move, did not want to cum. I wanted to feel this forever. Sadly right after thinking that I began to feel the cum rising in my balls and knew it wouldn’t be long. I said; “I’m going to cum soon baby.” At which point she doubled her action and was fucking my cock with her face and slid her fingers further under my balls between my legs and massaged me there…

It never even entered my mind that she might want me to cum in her mouth, but at this point I was not remotely in control and without any further warning, I felt it begin. I began to thrust involuntarily into her mouth, shooting cum hard into the back of her throat. She sucked harder grabbing my ass suddenly and sucking my shaft in and out of her mouth as I came and came. It must have been a lot, but she moaned as if she wanted every drop, and that’s exactly what she got. She sucked as the last of my cum was spent, and then gently, so very gently kissed my cock and licked it more. I said; “That was amazing!” to which she smiled and said; “Thanks!” As it turns out, there was nobody who noticed the most intense orgasm of my young life, and one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever gotten to this day.

Later in our adventures when I visited her in her home town, things got just as steamy, but it was my turn…. More to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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