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My wife and I usually plan at least one camping trip with the kids over the summer. This past summer however, was just so busy with activities that it was next to impossible to plan a camping weekend. For the last three years we have gone with my sister-in-law and her kids. Her kids are all the same ages as ours (we have 3 as does she) so they get along and play nicely. My sister-in-law is 41 years old (3 years older than my wife), and has a very thin body with nice tits (I’d guess a GOOD c-cup). She’s been divorced for about 3 years now and hasn’t had a steady boyfriend for about a year.

We had all planned to go camping on a particular weekend, from Friday early evening through Sunday. My wife was asked at the last minute by one of her friends to watch her baby. Her friend had nobody else and it was a situation my wife felt obligated to help – long story there. Reluctantly my wife agreed. Since we had all plans set and reservations made for camping, my wife insisted that we all go without her.

I worked a half day on Friday and my SIL had the day off so she drove up ahead of us. We arrived at the campground just in time to help my SIL setup her tent and then setup ours. Before we knew it the sun was setting and we were all sitting by the campfire. The 4 older kids (ages 11 and 9) wanted to all sleep together in one tent, so we agreed that they could have one tent and I would share the other tent with my sister-in-law and the two younger ones (ages 6). My SIL had two queen air mattresses setup in her tent so I ended up sharing one of the queen mattresses with my youngest while my SIL shared hers with her youngest.

The next morning the kids were up early, too excited to start the day. We spent most of the day at the beach swimming and just having fun. We packed lunches and then bbq’d for dinner. As the sun lowered in the sky, we headed back to our campsite and everybody washed up before relaxing by the fire.

Even though the day was fun, it was nice to finally get back and relax at night around the camp fire. I had packed a frozen jug of mixed drinks, just in case. I was surprised that my SIL was happy I had brought the drinks, as she’s not much of a drinker. The kids were all having fun so we let them stay up a little later, knowing that it was our last night there.

Eventually everyone was tired and ready for bed. The two little one’s heard that the older kids were able to sleep together and of course they wanted to as well. My SIL said it would be “OK” but that meant that her and I would have to share casino şirketleri a queen mattress. I’ve always had the fantasy of f***ing her, so you can imagine I was totally “OK” with it also.

My SIL wore a pair of loose fitting shorts (g-string under – I could tell because she whore white shorts) and t-shirt to bed. The night was cool and it felt nice sharing the warmth under a blanket with a stranger. Even though I was tired, I had a very hard time trying to fall asleep thinking of my SIL lying next to me.

Maybe a half hour had passed and all was quiet as everyone was fast asleep. I was in a sleepy horny haze and thought I’d take a chance. My SIL was sleeping on her side facing away from me. Although a risky move, I rolled over onto my side and slung my arm around her pressing my body up against her back. If she said anything I could pretend to have done it in my sleep – I’ve done it with my wife plenty of times. To my surprise, there was no reaction from my SIL.

I laid there up against her, just feeling the warmth of her body against mine. After several minutes I shifted my body a little so that my hand was under her arm and cupping her breast. She moved a little but said nothing.

As you can imagine I was getting extremely turned on at this point. My cock was growing hard and I pushed up against her . The smell of her hair and perfume along with the simple feeling of pushing into her bottom, felt good enough to bring me to orgasm. Had she been awake, she surely would feel how hard my cock was pushing up against her bottom. I gently pushed my throbbing cock against her bottom. I did this several times, just enjoying the feeling.

Then I felt her push back! Was she awake and aware of what I was doing? When she pushed back against me I though “Does she wants it as bad as I do?” I continued pushing up against her in a gentle subtle rhythm similar to having sex. It seemed like several minutes had passed when I noticed her breathing increased – mine probably as well.

It was at that point that I thought I’d go for it all the way. I reached down and pulled my shorts down just enough so that my cock was free. I then placed my cock so that it was poking my SIL’s ass between her thighs – if the shit was going to hit the fan it would be now. Her reaction was to let out a long sigh and push harder back against me. I’m certain that she felt my bare cock pushing in between her thighs now, and still didn’t say anything. For me, there was no turning back now.

Her movement pushing back against casino firmaları me was more obvious and less subtle now and I couldn’t stand it. I reached my hand down on her thigh and gently rubbed her soft skin. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing what I was doing. It was the first time I had ever touched my SIL like that.

My fingers eventually trailed down her bottom until I was gently rubbing her pussy through her shorts. I then worked my fingers under her shorts and found her very warm, very wet pussy. She was dripping wet! Knowing how wet she was only added fuel to the desire I was feeling for her. Fortunately her shorts were somewhat loose which allowed me to pull them to one side easily.

With my hand holding her shorts and g-string to one side, I maneuvered my cock trying to enter her. She shifted and pushed back against me and then I felt that warm wet feeling as I pushed into her. The feeling was simply incredible. Maybe the best I’ve ever felt. As I pushed into her she let out a heavy sigh and buried her face into her pillow while pushing her ass back against me. My hand went back up and I cupped her breast, but this time I squeezed it as I pushed my cock deep inside of her.

I was shocked and amazed when I heard and felt her have an orgasm within a minute (literally) of me entering her. Needless to say it didn’t take me much longer and I pulled out of her and began to cum in-between her thighs (wasn’t sure if she’s on any birth control). We just laid there in the same position, both still breathing heavily.

Now anybody who’s done something like this understands that there’s a certain level of regret and guilt associated with the act. I laid there thinking of just that, and how it might affect things between us. While thinking, I fell asleep still holding her with my cock between her legs.

I woke up some time in the middle of the night (maybe an hour or two later) and I was lying on my back. Immediately I thought of what we had done. I looked over and she too was lying on her back fast asleep. The guilt was not in my head at that moment. Instead I began thinking of having sex with her and my cock grew hard again. There she was lying next to me. I stared at her face in the darkness, and then at her perfect tits. I wanted her again. It was crazy. Not since my wife and I had gotten married had I ever felt this horny in the middle of the night as I did then.

I shifted onto my side so that I was laying next to her and placed my hand on her chest. She shifted but stayed laying on güvenilir casino her back while turning her head away from me. I was like an animal in heat. I wanted her so bad. Slowly I started rubbing her stomach There was no reaction from her. I then let my hand slowly move down to the hem of her shorts and eventually

My fingers gently rubbed her pussy through her shorts. A sigh escaped her lips and I decided to go all the way. I pushed my hand under her shorts and panties, feeling her pubic hair for the first time. My finger went straight down to her pussy and pushed in between her wet lips. Her back arched a little and I had the urge to taste her.

Wasting no time I dove under the blanket and in-between her legs. I pulled her shorts to one side and began to lick her her pussy. I could smell the pungent smell of our sex on her, just hours earlier, but tasted so good. Reaching up I pulled her shorts down. She lifted her leg up and allowed me to pull her shots and g-string off of one leg.

There I was looking at my SIL’s pussy right in front of my eyes. Her pussy hair was trimmed much like my wife’s, but a little thinner. I dove right in and begin liking and sucking her. Her back arched and she began moving her hips and pushing her pussy against my tongue. Her hand moved down and held my head to her as her hips moved in rhythm. It was the most awesome thing. It really felt like I was making love to her pussy by the way she was moving and reacting.

It took her a little more time than before (maybe a few minutes) for her hips to began bucking uncontrollably as she had an obviously STRONG orgasm. I wanted to stay down there licking her the rest of the night, but I could feel her pulling me up to her. As I crawled up her from beneath the blanket, she shifted to her side so that I was again behind her. She reached back, her hand pushing under my shorts, and grabbed my cock. She jerked me off a little with her hand before guiding my cock into her pussy. We f***ed much like we did earlier in the night and I came hard.

I’d like to say that the next morning was just as fun, but there was an enormous amount of tension between us. She acted VERY pissed and I was thinking that it was the biggest mistake I had ever made. I pulled her aside and we talked about it for a long while. I explained that it was just lust and nothing more and we both agreed that it would never happen again and nobody should know. The rest of the day she pretty much acted like a bitch towards me, but we were driving back home that day anyway so we didn’t have to be together for much longer.

We’ve seen each other since then and each time she’s shown a cold shoulder to me. I suppose over time things will get better, but looking back it really was the hottest sex I’ve ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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