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The forecast wasn’t good. If fact, it was bad enough that I left three hours for a two hour trip. It had been snowing for only an hour before I left the house, but the roads were already coated and the plows were having a hard time keeping up. I had hopes of outrunning the storm while I drove east, but that thought was quickly evaporating as I made my way at a leisurely fifty miles an hour in the partly snow free right lane of the interstate. Yeah, this business trip wasn’t starting out to be too good. I’d been down this path before, and knew that the storm that had been through three days before was just hitting the east coast, making my flight into Boston touchy at best. No, it was time to start making alternate plans. A quick web search on my cell had the number I needed.

“Airport Holliday Inn, How may I help you?” The young lady on the other end of the line said in a pleasant voice.

“Yes I need to make reservation. Do you still have any rooms available?”

“We do have a few sir.”

“Very well. My gold club number is 1358654,” I said as I tried to keep my all wheel drive in the driest tracks of the snowy road.

“Yes, Mister Henson. Thank you. I do have your information here. How many will be staying with us?”

“Just one. For tonight please.”

“Yes sir. Would you like a single king or double queen room?”

“I’m not particular, as long as it’s non-smoking.” I answered her.

“No problem. I have a couple non-smoking rooms left for tonight. Would you like me to put it on the card we have on file?”

“Yes please, and mark that late arrival please.”

“Very well Mister Henson. I have you staying with us tonight, in a non-smoking double queen room. I have to say, I’m certainly glad you called when you did. With this weather we’re filling fast.”

“I’m not surprised.”

“Me either. I’m sure we’ll be sold out quickly.”

“As long as you don’t shuffle me if you overbook.” I said with a chuckle.

“Not to worry sir. We NEVER bump a gold member. I can guarantee, no matter how late you get in, you will definitely have a room.”

“Thank you. “

“Is there anything else I can do for you this afternoon?”

“Nope. That does it.”

“Well, thank you Mister Henson. Safe travels!”

“Thank you.” I said as the young lady clicked off the line. With a room reservation done I felt a lot better. I had serious doubts that I would get out of St Louis at all today.

It took several hours, but I finally got to the airport, parked and made my way through the mass of people at the ticket counter and security, finally settling in at the gate nearly four hours after I’d left home. I found an outlet and plugged in my Surface, wanting to make sure it was fully charged, just in case, and started to write a story that came to mind as I was driving up.

Most of my stories come to me at unusual times, and this was no exception. As I wrote the story gelled even more and I was soon tapping madly on the soft keyboard, trying to get the words down on the computer as they flowed through my brain. It wasn’t until almost an hour later that I even looked up at the crowd gathered at the gate. They were starting to call boarding for my flight and with the group milling around I had no doubt it was going to be a full flight.

When they called my row grouping I made my way down the jet way and onto the plane. Keeping my Surface out of my briefcase, I stowed my case in the bin above my seat. I stooped down and scooted over to the window seat and settled in, expecting my seatmates to show up at any time. I was surprised that as the plane continued to fill, the two seats, as well as a variety of seats scattered around seemed to remain vacant. It wasn’t that I minded. In fact, I took advantage of the vacancy to get back to work on my story.

Sometimes I get too engrossed in my writing for my own good. I was busy typing away when a young woman’s voice broke my concentration and drew my attention back to the aisle and a pair of very curvaceous bodies standing next to the seats on my aisle. The slightly smaller of the two, wearing black tights, a short black mini-skirt and a knit tank top, well filled out to be sure, was reaching up into the bin above my seat, pulling the knit top tight across her significantly sized breasts, and the hem of her skirt up slightly, exposing her black clad legs nearly to their juncture. Her skirt was pulled so high that I could easily see the lacy tops of her stockings before she dropped her arms back down.

“Got it.” She said as she lowered her arms and turned sidestepping in to drop into the seat next to me while the other woman, dressed in a pair of knee length black boots and a gray sweater dress, took her place at the end of the aisle, pushing her own oversized handbag up into the storage space.

“Well, we made it.” She said with a smile before bending over in the seat to stuff a handbag under the seat in front of her. “I guess the owners of these were held up by the storm.” The young lady said almanbahis as much to me as anyone. “You won’t mind having seat mates, will you?”

“Huh? Oh. No. No, that’s fine.” I said as I pulled my eyes from the second of the two women. Both had nearly identical facial features, and other than a difference in hair color, the one next to me and ever so slightly shorter and thinner having blond hair instead of brown, they were damn near twins. Well, maybe not twins, but sisters most certainly!

“Sisters?” I blurted as the second one turned and dropped into the end aisle seat, my comment drawing a suppressed smile from the one sitting next to me.

“Well, that’s nice of you to say, but no. Not sisters.” The one in the aisle seat replied politely.

“Oh. Geez. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…” I half mumbled in apology.

“Oh, nothing to be sorry about.” She said with a smile as she wiggled around to try and dig her seat belt out from under or behind her round butt, her tits wiggling and jiggling with each move she made.

“I’m Jenna, and this is Anna, my mom.” The one next to me said, holding a rather petite hand out toward me across her body.

If you’ve ever tried to shake hands with someone sitting next to you, you can imagine how contorted I suddenly became, trying to twist my already belted body around enough to get my right hand to hers. “Michael.” I answered when I could finally shake her hand. “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to be insulting or anything. It just kind of slipped out.”

“Well, personally, I don’t know whether to be offended or not. I mean were you calling my mom young or me old?” Jenna asked, still suppressing a smile, this time at my obvious discomfort.

“I wasn’t trying to say you looked old.” I said almost defensively. “I think maybe I better just keep my mouth shut now before I have to eat my own shoe.”

My neighbor let the smile she was suppressing slip out as she shook her head. She reached down behind herself to find her own seat belt and wiggled around bumping into my arm several times with her own in the process. “I guess it’s close quarters in here?” She finally said as she settled back into the seat again with both ends of the seatbelt.

“No problem.” I answered. As I folded my Surface down onto its keyboard.

“So, you’re a writer?” She asked as she buckled her seat belt.

“Just on the side. I’m an engineer.”

“Oh? What kind of engineering?” She asked.

“Automation systems. You?”

“Vet.” She said. “So, you write on the side?”

“A bit.” I answered evasively.

“Books? Stories?”

“Jenna.” The other woman said quietly.

“Oh mom. I’m just being conversational.” She answered.

“But he might not want to be.” Anna said quietly.

“Oh mother.” Jenna said rolling her eyes. “Just because you’re afraid to talk to strangers doesn’t mean I should be.”

“It’s alright, really.” I answered to them both. “It’s really not a problem.”

“So, what kind of books.” Jenna prompted as she turned back toward me.

“I’ve got a couple science fiction books done.” I answered her.

“That sounds cool. I’ve always wanted to write, but was always afraid of putting myself out there where people could make fun of me.”

“Well, there are always those who just have to find something to complain about, but for the most part most people don’t really pick you apart too much.”

“So is that what you were writing now? More science fiction?”

“Not exactly.” I said quietly. “Just a short story.” I finished dismissively.

“Cool, what about?”

“Oh, nothing much.” I said evasively.

“Oh I get it. Wanna keep it a secret so no one steals your idea?”

“Not exactly. Just not everyone appreciates all of my writings.”

“Oh? Okay, now you have my full attention.” She said, her smile coming back.

“Ladies and gentlemen.” The aircraft PA system squawked in its pathetically tinny rendering of the pilot’s voice. “I’m sorry to say that we’re going to be delayed a bit. The last word we have is that we still expect to get into Boston, but a bit late. Unfortunately we have to vacate the gate so another inbound flight can deplane. So they’re going to push us back and we’ll taxi over to a holding area so when we finally do get clearance we can run through the de-icing station real quick and be off. Feel free to get up and stretch or use your portable electronic devices if you want. I’ll try and let you know more as soon as I know.”

I looked down at my watch and saw it was just past two. If we were going to get into Boston we’d have to get off the ground soon because the storm there was just supposed to get worse as the day went on. “Looks like we’re not going anywhere fast.” I muttered.

“Well, look on the bright side, you have more time to write, right?”

“So it would seem,” I answered Jenna as she reached down to her handbag and pulled out a book. She thumbed through the book to her bookmark and began reading. I was still a bit nervous about writing more, especially almanbahis giriş at this point in the story. The two main characters in the story were just to the point of falling into a particularly hot oral sex session. I wasn’t used to writing that kind of thing where people could look over my shoulder. A little reluctantly I powered up my Surface again and got it situated on my lap so I could see the screen and type. I looked over at Jenna several times, trying to see if she were trying to read my screen and then gave up, resigning to the fact that if she did and was offended it was her problem.

Tanya stepped into the nearly dark room from the bathroom, pulled the covers on her side of the queen sized bed back and let the towel fall from her body before sliding between the sheets. Andrew could feel the bed move as she climbed in, but kept his eyes closed as he had promised, not that he could really see anything in the dark anyway. He’d been working with Tanya for years, and had often wondered what she’d look like naked, and here she was, naked, or almost so, and he couldn’t even see. He had to admit, what he could see through her normal work wear made him suspect she had a pretty spectacular body, but she did a pretty damn good job of keeping it hidden.

Andrew closed his eyes to try to sleep, but failed miserably, his mind going back over and over to the sight of the back of Tanya as she slipped her skirt suit off before disappearing into the bathroom wearing just panties and bra. The image of her practically naked back and mostly exposed creamy white ass had his cock in a perpetual state of hardness. Sleep was not going to come easily.

As he lay there he felt Tanya roll over in the bed and wiggle back from the edge, her butt pressing against his hip as he lay on his back. He froze, laying there not moving, afraid to move away and too nervous to even think about doing anything more overt. As he lay there he could feel the heat of her bare skin against his, drawing attention to the realization that she had taken her panties off as well, leaving her as naked as he was. He suddenly wished he hadn’t been so rash and stripped completely naked. She had to know by now he was as naked as she was, the thought of which only made his cock harder.

“Andrew,” Tanya asked the night quietly, “are you still awake.”

“Yeah.” He answer back, his voice barely above a whisper.

“Does this feel weird to you?”

“What’s that?”

“Sleeping together like this.”

“It’s the last hotel room, it’s either this or sleeping in a cold car. With this snow we’re not going anywhere.”

“That isn’t what I mean.”

“What do you mean then?” He asked almost afraid to hear the answer.

“How many times have we been on trips like this together?” She asked quietly.

“I don’t know. About a dozen or so over the last two years.” He answered.

He felt her butt pull away from his skin and the bed bounce and move. He wondered for a moment if she had gotten out of bed, but only for a moment. He froze in place as he felt her slide against him, her large round breasts pressing against his arm and one of her legs sliding over one of his to rest with her knee practically between his legs, her knee nearly touching his rock hard cock.

“In all that time, how come you never asked me to have a drink with you, or come hang out in your room with you, or even come down with you to take a dip in the hotel hot tub?”

“The hotel hot tub? I didn’t even think you packed a swim suit.” He said momentarily confused.

“I did. A little lime green bikini actually. But that’s not the point, how come you never asked?”

“I guess I just figured you’d say no. Your reputation at work kind of precedes you.”

“What reputation is that?”

“Well, that you’re not the most friendly person.” Andrew answered, wishing he hadn’t as soon as he said it. He could feel her body stiffen against his as soon as the words left his mouth.

“You mean frosty bitch?” She said slightly louder, but not moving from where she lay against him. “You know why?”

“Not really.”


“Our boss?”

“Yeah. He hit on me one day, implying that I’d be a lot more likely to be promoted if I were putting out. I pretty much told him to go to hell and that if he wanted to fuck his way up the ladder he was welcome to it, but I had more self respect than that.”

“Bet he wasn’t happy.”

“Even less so when I told him that if he tried to retaliate against me or prevent me from being promoted on time that I’d slap his ass with a sexual harassment suit faster than he could jack himself off. In return he started a rumor that I was a frosty bitch that preferred more masculine women.”

“That doesn’t seem fair.”

“It’s not. Not at all actually. I’m really a warm caring person who loves interacting with people in all sorts of ways.”

“Well, you’ve never been cold toward me.”

“That’s because I like you. But I wanted to give you a chance to learn a bit about me first.”


“Uh almanbahis yeni giriş huh.” She said as he felt her hand slide across his hip to his hard cock, her fingers gently circling it and squeezing his long fat shaft. “Mmmmm. Andrew, are you turned on by all this?”

“Who wouldn’t be?” He answered nervously.

“Yeah, who wouldn’t be. I know I am.”

“You are?”

“Uh huh. Would you mind if I did something?”

“Like what?”

“Something really really personal.” She whispered.

“I guess.”

“Good.” She said before she moved her leg off of his. He felt the covers moving and the bed shaking as she moved around.

“Oh god.” He groaned as he felt the hot warmth of her mouth engulf his cock under the covers. Her hot wet tongue swirled around his mushroom head before pushing down his shaft farther, her hand moving before her lips and then back again as she withdrew from his cock. Two more times she made the slow trip, pushing her face down his cock and driving his mushroom head into her throat. “Ohhhhh my god.” He moaned softly as she pushed down until there was no more of him to take in. She pulled breathlessly from his cock and then flopped the covers off of them, leaving them both lying naked on the bed, illuminated only by the light leaking in around the curtains.

“Did you like that?”

“Uh huh.” Andrew answered breathlessly.

“You know. I’m kind of horny too.”


“Uh huh. If I asked really nice, would you do something to me too?”

“Sure, anything!” Andrew answered eagerly, wishing she’d put his raging hardon back in her mouth.

“Would you lick my pussy too? I really really love having it licked while I’m sucking cock.”

“If that’s what you want, sure!” Andrew answered her.

It only took a second for her to move around, swinging a leg over his head and lowering her pussy toward his face as she leaned down again to engulf his cock, her tits pressing against his stomach as she pressed her face down his shaft again.

He reached his hands up to her cream butt, stroking across it as he looked as her completely shaven pussy, her soft inner lips protruding from her full rounded outer lips, both her inner and outer lips glistening in the subdued light with her own moisture. He tentatively reached out with his tongue and drew a long slow stroke up her lips caressing them and tasting her tangy wetness.

She pulled her mouth off his cock and heard her moan loudly. “Ohhhh yeah. Lick me sweetie. Press your tongue between my lips and lick my hot sweet pussy!”

In response Andrew pressed his tongue between her lips, pushing deep into her and drawing it along until he could feel the entrance to her tunnel. He pressed his tongue as deep into her as he could drawing a moan from her around his rigid shaft. He worked his tongue up and down her slit, quickly finding her clit and circling the tip of his tongue around it several times before flicking across it, making her squirm in pleasure over him.

“Ohhhh god you do that well.” She moaned. “You keep that up and I’m gonna be coming on your face.”

“You keep sucking me like that and I’m gonna be coming in your mouth.” Andrew replied.

“That is the idea!” she answered with a giggle. “Any time you’re ready big boy, just let me have it!” She added before closing her lips around his head again and sucking it deeply.

“Ohhhhhh damn.” He groaned as she went back to sliding her lips up and down his cock, her hand following close behind, twisting as she slid up and down. He leaned his face back toward her pussy and zeroed in on her exposed clit. Andrew circled his tongue around and around the hard little nub, making her squirm and buck her hips on his face, his hands barely able to control her as he grabbed at her firm round ass.

Tanya pulled her face from his cock and cried out loudly, “Shit shit shit. Oh shit I’m coooommmmmiiiinnnngggg!” She squealed as her whole body bucked and shook over him. “Oh god damn Andrew!”

Andrew did his best to keep attacking her clit as she ground herself against his face, her pussy gushing juices down over his chin until it was running down his neck and onto the bed below them. She suddenly pulled away from him, quickly turning around on the bed and pressing her other lips to his in a hot sensuous kiss. With her lips still pressed to his he felt her reach down between them, finding his cock and wrapping her hand around it. He felt a new wetness press around his head as she rubbed his cockhead between her sopping wet lips.

“Ohhhh god.” Andrew moaned into her mouth as he felt his cock engulfed by her wet pussy, her tight tunnel gripping and squeezing him as she pushed herself down over him.

“Mmmmmmmm” she moaned back as his cock pressed against the end of her tunnel, his head pushing against her cervix. Slowly she began to lift and drop her hips, sliding herself up and down his cock. She broke the kiss they had been sharing and lifted her chest from his, her big tits hanging down between them, her nipples grazing across his chest with each stroke she made. The sensations her velvety tunnel imparted into his cock pushed him quickly closer to the point of no return, but he was way too far gone to even think to warn her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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