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If you haven’t read any of the ‘Spinal Meningitis is No Joke’ series, you might want to do that first. This is a continuation, but I have started off with a synopsis so you can just read this by itself. I plan to put all of the chapters of this series into the ‘Incest/Taboo’ category, to make them easier to browse, but I won’t guarantee incestuous copulation in every chapter. In the process of getting my facts straight, I realized that I have had a running discrepancy. Beth, Josh’s older sister, should be a little over four years older than he is. This comes into play, because Leanne, Beth, and one of Josh’s teachers all went to high school together.

The funny thing is, THIS is the story I first sat down to write two months ago. The premise was simple enough: what would you do if you could go back to high school, knowing what you know now? If you weren’t plagued by fears of being embarrassed, if you had sexual experience and some skills, and if you knew you had a really big dick…would any woman be safe?

All characters involved in sexual situations in this story are over 18.


My name is Joshua Thompson, but only my mom actually calls me ‘Joshua.’ Everyone else calls me Josh. I am eighteen years old. I have recently had a lot of medical issues. I was actually in a coma for the better part of two years; when I awoke from that, I had grown dramatically. I used to be a short, skinny nerdling, but now I am six-three and a little over two hundred pounds of lean muscle.

I also have an impressive dick. If you took an empty cardboard tube from the middle of a roll of paper towels and popped a squash ball on the end of it, you’d have the size about right. Before I got sick and went into that coma, I had been a virgin. That seems like an eternity ago. Before I even got out of the hospital, I was treated to some extraordinary sex with four gorgeous nurses.

Once I was home, my sister and her best friend, Leanne, took turns having sex with me. Leanne had been my ultimate fantasy woman my entire life. The reality of being with her actually blew the fantasy right out of the water. Then there was my mom…it seems that she had oral and anal desires that only I was able to fill properly. That just wasn’t my dad’s idea of a good time. I really worked hard to get my body into shape. I also had so much sex that I collapsed and had to go back to the hospital.

After that, I knuckled down on school work. I was able to complete the coursework and place out of my junior-level high school classes. A week before school started, Leanne left to go back to college. She is on the east coast now, and she basically won’t talk to me. She wants me to enjoy high school and figure out on my own what I want to do with my life. Finally, my dad dropped the bombshell that he had known what was happening with me all along. He still lets me have a weekly ‘date night’ with mom, but we don’t talk about it.

I got a surprise that first day of school. Well, let me rephrase that. I got a lot of surprises that day, but it started out with my dad handing me a set of car keys. I was smiling as I hugged him. Then I walked outside and stopped dead in my tracks. It was Steve’s car—or Leanne’s car. It was a seven-year-old badass Mustang GT convertible. Everyone at Central High would recognize that car. I looked at my dad.

“It’s all yours now,” he said.

My mom smiled at me as she stood beside my dad on our front porch, her arm rubbing his back. I looked at the car again. I was speechless. It had been cleaned and polished and it gleamed in the first rays of the morning sun. The car was gorgeous. It had also belonged to the star quarterback from our high school from four years ago. He was now a college star and professional prospect. When he had gone to college, Leanne’s parents had bought the car for her. I recalled her bitterly telling me how she got to remember her now ex-boyfriend every time she drove somewhere.

It seemed I would be sharing that fate. I couldn’t help but think of Leanne and Steve as I opened the door and slid behind the wheel for the first time. I realized that I had not said a word to my parents, so I got out of the car and ran over to them.

“Just, wow! Thank you so much,” I said as I wrapped my arms around both of them.

I realized then that they had the same haunted, bittersweet look in their eyes that I did. My parents may just love Leanne as much as I do, and I worship her. I kissed each of them on the cheek and drove to school. I had left early, but there were still an awful lot of cars in the school parking lot when I pulled in. I needed to meet with the school nurse before I could start my PE class, because of my recent hospitalization.

That had been over a month ago, and my follow-up appointments had given me a clean bill of health. Still, my heart wasn’t quite as strong as it should be and my bones might be prone to breaking more easily as a result of my long coma and peculiar growth spurts. I had copies of bahis firmaları my medical records in my arm and my backpack slung over my shoulder as I made my way in the front doors of the school and into the office.

Linda, the office manager, gave me a bright smile when I walked in. “Good morning, Josh! It’s so good to see you!”

Her smile was infectious. Linda had been good friends with my mom for years. I smiled back, “Thanks, Linda. It’s great to see you too. I need to see the school nurse. Is she in?”

“She sure is. You can head right in to her office. I think her granddaughter is visiting with her this morning.”

Nurse Hamilton had been the school nurse at Central forever. She felt like she was everybody’s third grandma at the school. My parents weren’t even from here, and yet she treated my mom like family. She was just like that with everybody.

So I walked into her little office after knocking, expecting to see her familiar face. Instead, I was greeted by two familiar faces. “Nurse Hamilton…” I said before I stopped in surprise.

Both women turned to me and said, “Yes?”

Then Heather’s face lit up. “Oh my god, Josh!” she said, wrapping me in a big hug.

I had trouble trying to hug her back. My thick medical records were still taking up my right arm, and of course Heather’s epic melons always made hugging her a challenge. After I had gotten strong enough following my coma, I had eagerly given my virginity to this woman, and she had taken it just as eagerly. Leanne, Heather and I had an amazing threesome the night before Leanne told me she was leaving for her doctoral program. So, you could say I’d met Heather before.

“What are you doing here?” I finally got out after she released me.

“I was just visiting my grandma,” she said, indicating Nurse Hamilton.

I handed the older Nurse Hamilton my medical records. Heather noticed the raised eyebrow of her grandma and explained.

“Josh was our star patient at the coma ward,” she said. “When he got out of a really long coma, he was just incredibly dedicated to recovering and getting back in shape. Seriously, when you read that—” she tapped the thick folder— “you won’t believe it.”

“You know,” her grandma responded, “if you just take over for me here, you would save me having to read this whole thing.”

Heather rolled her eyes at that. I looked at them both. Clearly I had missed something there.

“Grandma says she’s going to retire,” Heather answered my unspoken question. “She’s been trying to recruit me to take over for her as the school nurse here at Central.”

“You really should at least consider it, Heather,” her grandmother said softly. “They are just killing you with those ridiculous hours at the hospital, especially now that Sarah left.”

I recalled Leanne saying something similar a while back. The nurses at the hospital worked almost suicidal hours, and the coma ward was among the worst. At the same time, the fact that Sarah left was news to me.

“When did Sarah leave?” I asked.

“Last week,” Heather replied, “her fiancée got a new job in Seattle and she got a new job there as well. Don’t worry, when they get married, they’re coming back here for the service. You’ll be invited.”

I nodded at that. Her grandmother looked up from perusing my medical records and looked at the two of us speculatively. She didn’t say anything, but she didn’t have to. Heather met her gaze and blushed a little. I smiled at her, but I probably looked nervous. Nurse Hamilton had been reading young people for so long that we were an open book to her. I would never sit down at a poker table with this woman, unless I felt like losing my ass. I cleared my throat and spoke to the elder Nurse Hamilton.

“The reason I came in to your office this morning is that I have to have your signature on this form before I can participate in PE class. I know it will take a while for you to review my medical records, so I wanted to get them to you early. I’ll just put this form into the folder here so you can sign it when you get through all this mess.”

She turned to Heather. “Sweetie, would you approve this young man to participate in PE class?”

“Yes, I would. He has a slightly elevated risk of…” she trailed off when we saw that her grandma was signing the form and giving her approval.

She handed it to Heather. “Oh, I will read all this,” she said, waving the thick folder, “but I trust your medical expertise. Would you just fill out the part here where it says ‘medical concerns’ for the PE teacher?”

Heather sat down and did it. I looked at Nurse Hamilton and thought, “She is so shrewd.”

She smiled back at me. Then she looked me over from head to toe. When her eyes got to my crotch, her eyes opened a bit. I found myself wondering if she also had x-ray vision. I looked down. I thought my trousers were baggy and did a good job of concealing what I was packing down there. I have to admit, she made me feel pretty kaçak iddaa self-conscious. When Heather finished with the form, she handed it to her grandma. She glanced at it and handed it to me.

“Looks like you can participate in PE immediately,” she said, “Don’t get too crazy.”

“Yes, ma’am, I won’t,” I said. I turned to Heather then. “Don’t forget the three best reasons to work for the school,” I said, “June, July and August.”

Nurse Hamilton laughed as I exited the nurse’s office and headed to my locker. I glanced at my watch. I had expected to spend more time waiting on the school nurse and now I had a half hour to kill before my first class. I tried to imagine mega-busty Heather in the role of school nurse. That would be something. The first thing she would have to treat would be an outbreak of boners among the high school guys if they ever got a load of her rack.

I realized I was staring into my empty locker. I didn’t have anything that really needed to go in there at this point. All I had in my backpack was a couple empty binders, some spiral notebooks, pens and pencils. A few students already roamed the halls. Many of them were on their smart phones, only barely aware of their surroundings. I realized I hadn’t even brought my phone. The school used to frown on those, and I wasn’t used to having mine yet.

I was watching students file in. I recognized very few of them. A couple that I did know came up and welcomed me back. I finally saw a familiar, cute face and smiled. “Hi, Emily,” I called out. I walked up to her and was a little surprised. She was blushing.

“Hi, Josh,” she said softly.

Emily worked at the mall, at a ‘surf shop.’ They sold shorts, swimsuits, and summer apparel mostly. They did carry actual surfboards and snorkeling gear, but we weren’t close enough to the water that they sold all that much of that stuff. It was mostly a theme thing. I had been shopping for swimsuits when I had seen her at the beginning of the summer. I remembered then that my sister and Leanne had talked me into modeling some embarrassingly revealing shorts, and Emily had been there to see that.

Odd that she was this embarrassed and I wasn’t, I thought. I held out my hand to her three friends. “Josh Thompson. Nice to meet you,” I said. They also blushed, but shook my hand. I realized they were trying not to stare at my crotch, but that all of them would find their eyes wandering down there. Oh, boy.

“I’ll see you around Emily. You ladies have a great day,” I smiled at them and moved on, headed for my first period class. Because of that little encounter, I was a little more observant over the rest of the day. A lot of girls would see me and glance at my crotch before looking away and blushing. Even though I knew they couldn’t see anything in my baggy pants, it still made me wonder how that had gotten around so quickly.

I got to the science wing of the school and walked over to the classroom for my AP Biology class. A couple of other students were already waiting at the door. I heard a familiar voice behind me call out, “Josh?”

I turned around. “Trina!”

She ran up and gave me a big hug, which was a surprise. She had never hugged me before. Trina was one of my close online friends. She had been in my eighth grade class but she had gotten really sick several times and missed a ton of school. She had to repeat the eighth grade, and had been a year behind all of us ever since. I realized when she hugged me that Trina had really grown into a woman since last I saw her. We had talked online the last week, when I finally spent some time playing my online games again. I had not seen her in ‘real life’ in a couple years.

The other kids standing outside the class looked at us a little nervously. They looked so young, I thought. AP Biology was a class that sophomores could take, and I expect most of these kids were under sixteen.

Trina had a very distinct personality online. She almost always played scantily-clad characters that didn’t depend on wearing a lot of armor. She would put people off of their game by using a really sultry voice and using innuendo and outright dirty talk. In real life, she was really nice and funny. She was super smart, too. We had been friends for years, but it occurred to me as we talked that this was someone I could actually ask out on a date. Like me, she was a legal adult in a school full of kids.

Our bio teacher arrived and unlocked the door to let us in. Miss Green was a young science teacher at our school. I hadn’t met her before. She looked barely older than Trina or me. Oddly, she also seemed more nervous than either of us as well. Inside the class, Trina and I continued to talk quietly. We grabbed a lab table together. Eventually, we were joined by Carla. She was the only other senior taking the class with us that period. None of the underclassmen felt comfortable sitting with us, so we wound up being the only group of three students at a lab table.

Trina kaçak bahis knew Carla, but I hadn’t met her before. She knew who I was, even though we hadn’t met. Word had gotten around school when I had gone into my coma, and it was something people had followed. The biology textbook was a massive thing. “You could crush a gnomish village with this,” Trina quipped. I tried not to laugh out loud at that. Carla wasn’t a gamer, so she didn’t get it.

Not a lot of real content would be coming my way that first day. Second period was AP Calculus. I was only taking this class because my dad had talked me into it—I had enough math credits to graduate already. He insisted that it was a class I wanted to knock out as soon as possible because in college it was a prerequisite to a ton of courses. This was another really heavy textbook. Several of my online friends were in this class as well, but Trina had the class after lunch. Even though most of the students in the class were seniors, they still looked a lot younger than I did. Our teacher was an older guy with a grey beard named Mr. Roush. He turned out to be a really good math teacher. He was able to explain what we were doing so that I understood it all clearly.

Third period was senior English. I managed to suppress a groan when we got that textbook. It was the same one we had for all four years of high school. That meant it was the textbook I had slogged through that summer for my junior-level English placement test. I had read every chapter and done every exercise in that book. It had not been pleasant.

Our teacher, Miss Cahill, had a reputation for being a real battleaxe. She was harsh with us from the moment we entered her classroom. After she called out two students for talking and made them move to opposite sides of the class, everyone was careful not to talk at all.

Miss Cahill was a tall woman with short, dark hair. She wore thick-framed black glasses and wore a conservatively cut black dress. I felt like I knew everything we would be covering in this class, and instead of paying close attention to what she was writing on the board, my eyes were drawn to her ass. At first, I didn’t know why I was even looking there. Her outfit made her look thin and bony, but I realized that she actually had a very nice ass. She turned around, and I realized she was looking at me.

“Mr. Thompson,” she said, “Shouldn’t you be taking notes?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I responded, opening my notebook and jotting down a quick synopsis of what was on the board.

I got the feeling she was looking directly at me several times over the course of that first English class. I had to wonder if she had noticed that I was staring at her ass. Also, I started to get the feeling that we had met before. She just seemed familiar, but disguised in those glasses and that dress. Most of the class groaned when she started to talk about the Shakespeare play we would be reading—Macbeth. I smiled instead, and that again drew Miss Cahill’s attention.

I was smiling because I had so many wonderful memories running through my mind. Over the week and a half of the summer that I had been reading Hamlet for my junior English course, my mom, Leanne and Beth had all jumped in to teach me an appreciation of Shakespeare. We had taken turns reading the parts, and their enthusiasm was contagious. Even my father had joined in, and we had really gotten into playing the parts. Instead of the dry, boring read that I had expected, I had gotten an amazing experience shared with the people I love most. Miss Cahill’s voice cut sharply through my reverie.

“Did I say something amusing, Mr. Thompson?” she asked. It felt like everyone in the class turned to look at me.

“No, ma’am,” I answered, still smiling. “I was just thinking about reading Hamlet with my family over the summer. We had a great time with it. I can’t wait to get into Macbeth.”

“Are you mocking me, young man?” she sounded upset when she said it.

“Not at all, Miss Cahill,” I said.

Her eyes were narrowed behind her glasses and she pursed her lips as she looked at me. Everyone seated around me looked uncomfortable. Finally she spoke.

“Stay after class, Mr. Thompson. You and I need to talk.”

Not ten seconds later, the bell rang. I saw Trina shoot me a sympathetic look from across the classroom. I had not realized until that moment that she was even in that class. I stayed in my seat after I had packed up my things, waiting for everyone else to file out before I stood. Miss Cahill had erased the board. She turned and looked me up and down.

“It’s your lunch break now, isn’t it?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was surprised when she walked over and locked her classroom door. All the classroom doors had a little window in them, but I realized that she had covered that window with a piece of white construction paper.

She turned back to me. “Josh, do I need to have you transferred to another teacher?” she said softly. She took off her glasses, and I sucked in a breath.

“Brenda?” I said in disbelief.

“Please don’t call me that,” she said.

“Sorry,” I said, “Seriously, I never realized it was you.”

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