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He parks on the street and turns the engine off. “I had a really great time tonight,” he says into the silence. He’s watching me with that quiet amusement in his eyes. I wonder if my eyes reflect the desire I feel burning beneath the surface. I can’t help it; want him. After an evening like tonight, my hormones are screaming at me to invite him inside – in more ways than one.

He’d been silent on the brief drive to my place. Had my invitation been too forward? Not that I regret it. After months of carefully keeping my distance, my concern for keeping things platonic with my coworker has quickly been discarded.

My caution for the future is overwhelmed by the sensations of the present. The heavy air of his car caresses my lungs and I flashback to his breath against my mouth. The warm scent of leather and wood press me back into my seat and I inhale the richness of his presence. My chest rises slowly and his eyes lazily lift to meet mine. Take me, a quiet thought whispers at him.

His body language changes. Did some flicker of the hunger I feel for him reach my eyes? It’s either that or he is able to read my mind, which isn’t the first time I’ve thought that this evening. He leans toward me and his expression becomes less amused and more sensual. I wonder if he’s going to kiss me again.

He glances at my mouth and I turn my body to face him. Yes, my mouth – I lick my lips – wants to join with yours. That teasing brush of our earlier kiss was seductive but ultimately unsatisfying. I lean forward, inviting him for another. That amused flicker touches his eyes again. “May I walk you to your door?”

Fuck, he’s playing with me. He knows I want him. Is he enjoying watching me squirm? I guess it’s fair – I suppose I am the one who’s been adamantly maintaining the distance between us. Just because my will has slipped and I want his firm body pressing into me doesn’t mean he has to give it to me. I flashback to him standing behind me at his car, and the thought of him hard beneath his jeans sends a wave of arousal over my body. He hasn’t even touched me and I’m already wet for him.

I recover, “you may.” I can’t help but smirk as I wonder what will happen at the door to my apartment. Will he kiss me? Please, sir. Will I invite him in? Will he invite himself in? Or will we wait until next time I need a ride?

Sigh. I could use a good ride right now.

We step out of his car, and he follows behind me as we cross the road. I recall that first kiss again and almost walk a little slower through the street just to give him a chance to reenact it. No such luck.

We ascend the sloped driveway to my building and I step up the two stairs into the covered entryway outside my door. He waits on the sidewalk, otele gelen escort hands in his pockets, watching me curiously.

Damn it. What am I supposed to do right now? Desire is coursing through me, but reason threatens to make another stand. It’s probably too soon for sex, right? According to some. But my libido is screaming at me to forget about all that and just invite him in. My hand is in my jacket pocket, wrapped around my keys. Indecision plagues me. I sigh with frustration and lean back against my door, facing him.

That seems to please him. He casually climbs the two stairs to join me on the porch.

“Carson,” I begin.

“Kris…” he breathes, taking a small step closer to me. I can feel the heat from his body. With my back to the cool door, the contrast in sensations distracts me. What was I going to say? Jesus he’s standing so close, and he’s so goddam appealling. His 6’1″ lean, athletic frame teases me from under his clothes. I know he’s a runner and a former martial artist – I’ve already caught myself thinking naughty thoughts about his stamina and his strength.

I involuntarily bite my lip. This is so frustrating. I just want to touch him. And dammit, I want him to kiss me.

His eyes watch my teeth nibble at my bottom lip. His mouth parts slightly and he breathes the heavy air. His exhale is so close that his breath lands on my neck, giving me goosebumps. He raises his gaze and catches mine. I can hardly stand to look at him standing so close. This slow torture is incredibly arousing but equally infuriating.

He licks his lips and raises his left arm, extending it to lean against the door. My skin is on fire with the feel of his warm body so close to mine. His right hand rises and he gently takes hold of my chin. He leans in, and I moisten my own lips. His breath caresses my mouth and I suppress the frustrated whimper that threatens to escape me. Fucking kiss me, Carson. Please.

He turns my chin to the side and his lips land upon my neck. He doesn’t start gently; his mouth finds that sweet spot and with the perfect pressure, he bites down. My knees buckle. He catches me and pins me to the door with his body, stepping his leg between my thighs and pressing his hips against me, never moving his mouth from my neck. He bites again, and this time I can’t suppress the sound that escapes me. “Oh,” and I wonder if my neighbors have their window open.

Don’t care.

I recover enough from the shock of sensations that my hands are able to find their way under his shirt. A moment of pleasurable deja vu hits me and I willingly replay our earlier scene. I knead my fingertips against his back, and the next round of pressure against pendik escort my neck sends my nails digging into his skin. He shudders and moves to lean away from me.

What? No. “No.” I hook my fingers into his belt loops and pull him firmly against my body. His lips find mine and I finally get that kiss. Our tongues meet and a quiet note of pleasure eases past my throat.

My hands crawl back under his shirt, kneading the firm muscles and itching to scratch him again. He grasps my hips and presses himself against me. I can feel him growing harder under his clothes. God I want to touch him.

My hand hears that thought and reaches down between our bodies. He leans back just enough to let it pass, and I flatten my palm against his crotch. Right there. I grip him over his jeans, stroking once up the length of his shaft before letting go.

His mouth slows against mine and I can feel him pulling back, putting on the brakes. He gives me one more tender kiss and then leans a shoulder against the door, facing me as I face the sidewalk. I take a deep breath and my teeth find my lip again. I almost laugh as I realize that at least a few of the neighbors can probably see us through their windows, despite the sheltered porch. But it’s late, and also: don’t care.

I look over at him. He’s breathing deeply and watching me. He reaches a hand over and his fingers trace lines from my shoulder down my bare arm causing the goosebumps to return. I turn and mirror his position, one shoulder against my door. A seductive smile plays at his mouth. He glances out across the sidewalk at the neighbor’s house. I follow his gaze. Their curtains are drawn. Lights are off. But someone could wake up or come home or walk by at any moment.

He looks back at me and reaches for the button on my pants. I wrap my hand around his wrist gently. “Wait.”

He hesitates. I bite my lip and then, deciding, I trace lines up his bare forearm. He takes this as a signal and he proceeds, unclasping the lone button. His fingers slowly find their way under my shirt, tickling my stomach and tracing a line along the top of my pants. I inhale with pleasure.

His fingers hook into a belt loop and he rotates us, putting my back against the door again as he steps in front of me. He uses both hands to slowly drag my zipper down, watching me the entire time. Heat pours over my skin and my body radiates with desire for this sexy creature in front of me. I glance once more toward the neighbors. Shouldn’t I stop this at some point? I can’t. I haven’t been touched like this – with tenderness, with passion, with confident intention – in far too long.

Coherent thought evaporates as his fingers gently trace a line down rus escort the front of my pants, following the zipper to the seam that leads between my thighs. My clit throbs as he caresses it carefully over my clothes and teases small circles along my inner thigh.

He leans his mouth in close to mine until his breath presses against my lips. A pulse of desire adds to the pleasant aching inside me. He moves his hand up to find my waist line and then, gently against my skin his fingers slowly slide under the material. His lips are tantalizingly close to mine, and I can tell when he realizes I’m not wearing any underwear – a smile breaks across his face. He allows his top lip the slightest contact with mine as his hand slowly inches down over my landing strip. He teases his lips against my mouth. Mine opens with invitation, begging him to kiss me. His fingers skip past my clit, reaching lower until he discovers how wet I am.

He grins again and allows his finger to moisten in my folds before he slowly shifts forward. He hesitates, hovering over the sensitive button begging for his caress. In a synchronized movement, his mouth falls softly against mine as he gently brushes his moistened finger against me. Oh god. He moves with a slow rhythm that makes me moan involuntarily. Electricity arcs from each point of contact until even my feet begin to tingle. The slow, careful way he massages my sweet spot while kissing me so tenderly cause a high voltage pulse to course through me, bringing my attention to the building pressure between my legs.

The fact that he’s about to make me come while standing here on my porch hardly registers. My breath quickens at the growing intensity and I reach for something to hold onto. The steady pace of his movements don’t waver as my hands find his body and fingers grasp at his shirt. I hear myself whimper as the throbbing pressure threatens to become too much.

I want to touch him. My hand reaches down and I find him, firm and ready beneath his jeans. I grab him over his clothes and he bites down on my bottom lip, the hand between my legs fighting to maintain that steady pace.

He brings me in that moment, and the rolling climax that crashes through me overwhelms my senses. An explosion of sensation erupts from low inside me and my entire body tingles. He doesn’t stop caressing my clit, and each beat of pressure makes me shudder uncontrollably. He uses one arm to support me as my knees buckle yet again. His mouth smiles against mine as he teases me, making me shudder over and over as I drown in sensation.

Finally I manage a weak, “stop,” and he slowly removes his hand from my pants. He waits until I open my eyes, then puts the tip of his finger in his mouth to taste me. He closes his eyes and smiles.

“I’d fuck you right now, here on this porch,” he says in a low voice. “But,” he begins, re-buttoning my pants, “we can save it for another time. Goodnight, Kris. I had a really great time tonight.” He shoots me that amused smile and then leaves me there on the porch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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