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2: Sleigh Bells Ring

Pelaam (c) October 2008.

I got several requests for a sequel for these guys. So here it is.

Gavin was in Hell. Of that he was certain. Hell, Hades, Dante’s Inferno, whatever name it was given, the pain, the torment, the misery stayed the same. And it was his own stupid, insecure, childish fault. He sighed disconsolately, inordinately glad that no one sat in the plane seat next to him. He rubbed at the tear that had burrowed free of his closed eyes. It should have been a joyous time. It was almost the twelve-month anniversary of Piotr and he becoming lovers and he had made and discarded many plans on how they would celebrate.

Instead, Piotr’s company had thrown a spanner, no a towering, telephone pylon, into his plans. They decided to launch a new product. They wanted two four-day events, mixing seminars and networking with wining and dining their prospective clientele. One was to be in Copenhagen, the other Stockholm, with just three days between them. Piotr was in charge of all the arrangements: accommodation, transport, dining and entertainment as well as ensuring everything necessary was in place for the seminar such as samples, laptops and projection screens, even the contents of the ‘goodie-bag’ freebies. Gavin’s mind had been overwhelmed just at the thought of it all.

But worse than all of that was the fact that Piotr would then head-up each seminar. He would be away from home for almost two weeks when the couple had not spent a night apart for nearly twelve months. Hell suddenly did not seem adequate to describe Gavin’s anguish.

A part of him was so very proud of Piotr and he felt guilt and shame wash over him. He had not once said as much. Instead he had moaned when Piotr was late, whined when he had worked weekends and sulked when Piotr was too tired to make love, accusing the blond of loving his work more than Gavin himself. They had their disagreements over their time together, but they had also worked to resolve them amicably and swiftly and the make-up loving sessions had always banished away the darkness. But not this time. Gavin had griped his way through the precious time they had before Piotr left and the brunette was sure his lover was glad to have gone.

He slipped his hand into his pocket to clutch at the gaily decorated box he had not let leave his side for almost a month. They had spoken briefly by telephone during Piotr’s absence, but Gavin had found it impossible to let Piotr know how truly miserable he really was or how much he loved his absent mate. Part of his insecure mind was sure Piotr would be hoping he would not be on his way. His heart and soul prayed the younger man would welcome him with open arms. Plane tickets and a four-day stay in Lapland was the company’s ‘thank you’ to Piotr and Gavin. He fervently hoped he would be given a chance to apologise and that Piotr still loved him as much as he knew he loved his beautiful blond.


Gavin did not think it was possible for his heart to ache more than it already did, but as he cleared the airport check-in and scanned the small crowd of people, there was no sign of the athletic body of his lover. As he moved further inside the terminal he fought back tears as an unknown man, clearly a driver, held up a placard with his name on it. He swallowed hard; if Piotr really wanted him there surely he would have come to pick him up.

The ride in the taxi was a sad and silent one. Gain barely noticed the lights of the small town thinning out to become the odd glinting diamond in inky blackness. Nor did he see the equally bejewelled sky. His sole focus was getting to his lover. He *knew* Piotr would never be so purposely hurtful as to let him travel all the way out there only to tell him their relationship was over. However, a part of him could not help but dwell on the irony that he was heading to a similar environment to where he had found his greatest happiness, only to potentially have it snatched away. Once more his fingers found the box in his pocket. It was almost like a talisman to him now. Please, Piotr, please, please. The words were a mantra in Gavin’s mind.

As the taxi drove away, Gavin looked at the key he had been given. He used it to open the door and stepped inside. A couple of dim lamps were the only light and the fire was little more than embers. Gavin’s body slumped in abject misery. Piotr was not here. Almost blinded by tears he stumbled his way from the living room to find the bedroom. He stretched, fully dressed, on the large bed and let his sorrow have free reign.


Gavin batted futilely at hands that shook him and tried to make sense of the buzzing sound. The shaking became more insistent and the noise became recognisable words.

“Gavin, please wake up. Are you ill?”

Gavin’s eyes forced themselves open at the beloved voice and the anxiety in its tone. He saw normally brilliant-blue eyes dulled with tiredness and concern. There were tiny lines around them that Gavin knew signalled his lover suffering from lack of sleep or headaches and the beautiful visage şişli bayan escort seemed thinner. He reached up a shaky hand to confirm that Piotr was not just a figment of his imagination and then wrapped his arms around the blond.

“Don’t leave me, please don’t leave me. I love you, I love you,” he sobbed.

“Leave you, oh love, never,” Piotr rasped.

For a few moments the two men simply held each other, Gavin settling at the feel of the strong arms around his body and the kisses dropped into his hair. Finally he pulled back enough to gaze up at the younger man.

“You look tired and you’ve lost weight,” he said, searching his lover’s face.

“Not enough sleep and not eating properly without you to take care of me, baby,” Piotr replied, nuzzling at Gavin’s temple. “Let’s go into the living room and have a drink. I want to clear things between us before we come back to bed.”

Soon Gavin was busy making brandy-laced hot chocolate as Piotr tended the fire. Now that the main light was on, he could see there were a couple of oil heaters to supplement the real fire his talented lover was insistently coaxing into roaring flames. Alongside the fire was a small, real Christmas tree. It was adorned with lights and a star. He gave a soft smile. His lover was always a romantic at heart and Gavin felt a swell of love for the blond. He brought the drinks to the large settee and settled with Piotr at his side.

“I’m sorry.”

Two voices spoke in unison and brunette and blond laughed softly. Gavin smiled, feeling at ease for the first time in almost a month and let Piotr place his half-finished drink on the small wooden table at the side of their sofa. He did not resist when the blond urged him to sit straddling his powerful thighs so they could look eye-to-eye.

“I really am sorry, Piotr,” Gavin said. “I behaved like a spoilt brat. I was sure I’d driven you away.”

“And I behaved like a pig-headed idiot,” Piotr countered. “I was really pleased I’d been asked. I wanted to show them what I was capable of. Then Marion said, in front of my boss and more importantly in front of his, that I was a poor choice because my ‘home commitments’ meant I wouldn’t put in the time necessary to get the job done.”

“You never told me that,” Gavin said, his hands framing Piotr’s face and drawing the blond to him for a gentle kiss. “She had no right. This was important to you.”

“It was important to my ego,” Piotr sighed. “My boss said to ignore her, that she had her nose out of joint because she’d missed out. But the consequence was that I felt the need to make sure these seminars went like clockwork. To make them perfect. I could have, and should have, asked for help but I wanted to prove I could do it. That I was as dedicated to the firm as anyone else. I lost sight of what was really important. You, me, us, what we have. This is what is really important to me.”

Gavin melted against the blond as he was drawn into a slow, deep kiss. It seemed that every millimetre of his mouth was thoroughly tasted by Piotr’s talented tongue. It explored his cheeks, slid over his teeth, twined with his own slick muscle, finally pulling it into his own mouth to complete Gavin’s willing ravishment. He panted softly in its aftermath, feeling his erection pushing against his jeans. He had not even realised he had been getting hard.

“I made sure everyone else was happy, except you and me. As well as the seminars went, it was a hollow victory. I thought you might not come to me. That you’d think I was more concerned about work than you.”

“And I thought you’d realise there was a bigger world out there,” Gavin said, looking almost shyly at the blond.

“I’ll never do it again,” Piotr vowed. “I’ll not jeopardise the most important thing in my life again.”

Gavin groaned as Piotr’s hand began a gentle caress of his straining flesh.

“Looks like Little Gavin missed me as much as I’ve missed him.” Piotr’s voice was a sensual purr against Gavin’s ear and he moaned as the touch ignited his desire.

“Not half as much as Big Gavin’s missed you,” Gavin countered, unconsciously pushing into the tender touch. “Make love with me, Piotr. I want you in me.” Gavin nodded at the raised eyebrow from his mate. He rarely bottomed, both men usually preferring him to top. But right there, right then, all Gavin wanted was to feel his lover in him, over him, surrounding him. “You can have Little Gavin tomorrow,” he promised.

“If you’re sure, baby,” Piotr said. “I’ll hold you to that. Let’s go back to bed.”

The two men stripped quickly, Gavin racing to the bed to watch with avaricious eyes as his lover’s boxers went down with his pants, revealing his straining erection.

“Glad you’re in bed, baby, don’t want you catching cold. I’ll soon have you really warmed up,” Piotr growled, the noise making Gavin shiver with need and want.

The bed dipped as the blond slid in and, much to Gavin’s delight, Piotr was soon all over him with mouth and hands. Then Piotr’s tongue was in his mouth thrusting in imitation of another, şişli escort more intimate act to follow. It pulled out and attacked his neck then his nipples. Gavin lay there, his hands petting at Piotr’s soft, warm skin, eyes glazing at the strength and speed of Piotr’s amatory assault. Large, knowledgeable hands were fondling his shaft and achingly-full sac, and the nipple that was not under teeth, with passion and possessiveness.

“Oh, Piotr, so good” moaned Gavin at the onslaught.

The hand moved from tenderly rolling the orbs within their sac and moved towards his hidden opening, circling, teasing and he raised his hips and legs allowing further access. Hot, demanding lips never left his nipples, moving from one to the other, leaving them hard and throbbing in their wake. The teasing hand moved away from his furled flesh before returning, slick and urgent, to insist on entry of at least one finger. The digit slid inside and Gavin spread his legs wider. Piotr moved slowly between his splayed limbs as one finger became two. They moved around inside Gavin, slicking his inner walls and encouraging his tightness to relax.

“Oh, oh, Piotr,” he begged. “Please, more.”

The welcome invaders became a trio, moving in and out of his body and his hips were following the movement, wanting, needing more. Gentle caresses across his hidden jewel had Gavin pleading and sobbing for the blond to be inside him. The fingers left him and he cried out with their loss, only to feel the blunt end of Piotr’s cock push at his entrance. He raised his legs to his chest, moaning his encouragement as Piotr positioned himself at his portal, and then the blond was moving forward, gently, lovingly.

As Piotr began to slowly push inside Gavin, he whispered soft words in Polish. They were barely audible as he mouthed them into the soft curve of Gavin’s neck and the brunette whimpered in reply. He lay still as Piotr pulled back, his eyes dark and passionate. Gavin moaned as his lover slowed the pace even more, rolling his hips in a figure eight motion, slow enough so Gavin felt every maddening, arousing, desired slide against his inner walls.

Gavin drew a deep, calming breath and settled into the slow pace of the deep thrusts into his body. It seemed as if he was aware of every ridge and vein on the engorged flesh as it pushed into him, possessing him without compromise. The older man clutched at his lover’s back, fingers digging into the taut muscle as Piotr mouthed moist words against his throat. Some he recognised, but he sensed the meaning of those he did not and shuddered in response, making soft, keening sounds of want and need. He tried to hold on tighter as Piotr shifted again and groaned as the blond continued his slow ravishment.

“Please.” Gavin keened softly, gasping as the almost casual thrust of the younger man’s shaft found his jewel, rubbing across it again and again. “Oh, Piotr, please.”

The brunette felt the shudders running through Piotr’s body as his lover’s orgasm built, impassioned indigo eyes devouring the sight of the older man lying hot and hard, writhing with need and want.

“Gavin, so good.”

Gavin looked up at the softly-husked words, seeing Piotr’s eyes warm with love, desire and promise. Gavin panted breathlessly, feeling another surge of his arousal against his belly, this one hotter and sweeter because it was all about love.

“Piotr, I need you,” he whispered. His legs hitched higher around the blond’s body, clutching tightly to his lover and holding him closer still. In response Piotr leant down and captured Gavin’s lips in a kiss and the hand not keeping him balanced moved to cup Gavin’s cheek. Piotr’s hips continued to move in small movements, designed to stimulate the older man’s prostate.

“You have me, always. I love you so much,” Piotr growled, his body shaking with pent-up passion.

Gavin felt a more forceful thrust to punctuate his mate’s statement. He parted his lips, inviting the blond deeper. Their tongues stroked lazily together, imitating the gentle rock of Piotr’s body. The older man gasped every time the head of his lover’s shaft bumped across his prostate. He was vibrating with his desire by the time the younger man began to thrust harder. Gavin mewled gratefully when Piotr’s hard shaft drove into him in deep, rhythmic thrusts.

“I love you, Piotr, so much. Oh, I’m close, so close.” He clutched at his lover’s shoulders, fingers tangling in Piotr’s hair as he panted erratically into the connection of their mouths.

“Love you too, Gavin.”

His lover’s eyes were dilated, wiping out the blue of his irises and Gavin knew Piotr was close. Gavin’s balls were drawing up against his body. His channel was hot and slick around the hard, insistent flesh of his lover. He began to feel the ripples that he knew heralded imminent orgasm. Piotr’s tongue flicked out over his lips, before dipping inside his mouth, his hand moving from Gavin’s cheek to his weeping shaft.

“Come for me, babe.”

Even if Piotr had not wrapped his calloused palm around his cock, the very mecidiyeköy escort sound of the younger man’s voice, in such deep, demanding tones, would have sent Gavin over the edge. He arched up with a wail, internal muscles clamping down on Piotr’s shaft as his own erupted between them, spilling his crème on their bellies and his lover’s hand.

“Piotr!” He clutched at the body above him, so solid with muscle, shuddering through his climax, panting out sounds of pleasure as his sheath spasmed around Piotr’s length. Gavin felt Piotr manage to thrust once, twice more and then the blond was frozen in place, breath catching in his throat. The younger man gave a low, deep moan and his release overtook him. Gavin felt Piotr’s flesh pulse repeatedly, flooding him with hot, wet juices. Gavin grasped tightly to his sated lover as the blond collapsed panting against his chest, pressing desultory kisses wherever he could reach.

“Love you.”

The words were soft and moist against his breast, over his heart and Gavin swallowed past the lump in his throat.

“I love you, Piotr.”

Neither man remembered drifting into sleep.


“Wakey, wakey, Gavin Scrooge,” a too-bright voice barged into Gavin’s unconsciousness. “‘Tis Christmas Eve and I need to sort out Christmases Past, Present and Future.”

The brunette groaned softly as the bed bounced and, along with it, his body. However he was held safely in place by the strong legs of Piotr whose smile quickly had Gavin’s vestiges of sleep vanquished. Already his younger lover looked brighter, more energised. The sight of the luscious lips had Gavin reaching to pull Piotr down for a slow, sweet kiss. He gave a hitch of his hips to encourage the friction of his rapidly filling shaft against his lover’s.

“Isn’t there something else you need to do first?” Gavin asked rocking suggestively.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Piotr said as he shuffled down Gavin’s body. “I have lots of plans for Little Gavin. You’ll just have to be patient.”

Gavin bucked as a gentle tongue licked his swollen flesh from root to tip and soft lips sucked sensuously at the head. He unashamedly whined his denial as the pleasurable sensations ceased.

“Piotr, please,” he said reaching for the younger man.

“Be a good boy and you’ll be rewarded by Santa all in good time,” Piotr smiled. “Breakfast is ready and I need you to be good to go in an hour. I’ll leave out what you’ll be wearing.”


Gavin could not help but smile at the jaunty, red Santa hat his lover wore. He glanced downwards, uncertain about the thermal sweat pants in soft gray that Piotr had left out for him. Although he had been less-than-happy at going commando, the tantalising touches and sultry looks from cerulean depths had him in a state of semi-arousal and he finally deemed it a small price to pay.

The couple stood outside the cabin listening to the sound of winter and breathing in the crisp, clean air. Tree branches occasionally creaked from the weight of the ice and snow blanketing them, but there was no other sound. Gavin smiled as Piotr pulled him into his chest for extra warmth when a faint sound joined the chorus of snapping twigs and groaning boughs. Gavin had been ready to inquire what they waiting for when he heard the sound. It was faint but unlike the arhythmic music of the surrounding foliage. The sound got louder and nearer, and Gavin detected a distinctive metallic quality. He turned in the direction of the sound and watched as a vision of bronze and flaxen came into view.

One of the most beautiful bay horses Gavin had ever seen was pulling a sleigh of polished wood and golden paint and the silver bells on its harness tinkled merrily. Gavin laughed out loud in a mix of joy and delight, especially when he caught Piotr humming ‘Jingle Bells’. The sleigh stopped in front of them and the well-muffled driver jumped down.

Gavin stared at the vision and was only drawn from his inspection as Piotr smiled and pulled him forward. Gavin moved to join his partner, as Piotr climbed aboard the sleigh and slid onto the well-padded seat, clambering agilely after him. Once they were settled, the driver produced a warm lap blanket and threw it over their legs tucking it in to block the cold. Then he climbed back aboard and reached for the reins. With a practised flick of his wrist the sleigh moved off.

“This and the trip into town take care of Christmas past and present,” Poitr grinned.

He smiled at his lover as Piotr opened a small hamper and produced a thermos of hot, spiced eggnog for them to drink. He snuggled next to the blond as they finished their drinks and regarded the winter wonderland around them. The sky was cloudless ultramarine, the treetops were clothed in thick white and ice sparkled like diamonds creating a myriad of colour where sunlight hit them. Gavin sighed in pleasure. Then he gasped in surprise.

Just what was Piotr doing? He murmured wordlessly as Piotr’s lips covered his own and the hand that had been stroking an increasingly happy Little Gavin pulled the sweats away enough to let the eager flesh spring free. Gavin was thankful for the thick blanket that provided privacy as well as locking-in heat. He was sure he would have instant frostbite if his tumescent organ was exposed to the ambient air.

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