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I woke up to the sound of Clive whistling in the bathroom. Then I panicked.

“Hell, what time is it?” shouting loudly as I made a quick grab for the smartphone to see the time. I was shocked when I realised it was under two hours before our guests arrive.

Screaming madly out to Clive, “why didn’t you wake me up?”

Within a moment I was in the shower with Clive and lots of water running over us and mumbling, “buying this huge rain-shower head is the best advice Adam ever gave us. I love all this hot water splashing over my naked body.”

I lathered my body with soap and then proceeded to wash it off, when suddenly I felt Clive take my dick into his mouth.

“Mmmm… it feels so good when you suck on my head like that,” I groaned to Clive.

“I love sucking on your huge cock head and tasting your pre-cum,” said Clive with his mouth filled with cock and water at the same time.

“Do we have time to be doing this Clive?” I asked, rather practically.

“Stop with the chatter Max. Just enjoy me sucking your dick and give me all that hot cum. You know I’m hungry for it,” mumbled Clive as water nearly chocked hm.

Clive managed to look up it me with my cock buried in his throat.

“You look hot down there. Ah, ah ah, mmmm… suck it harder,” I moaned breathlessly. “Oh yeah Clive I like it when you finger my man hole with two fingers.”

Clive had a thick cock and thick fingers to match.

“Oh man, oh yeah baby… you know I love that so much… better if your enormous cock is in there though!”

Clive’s mouth got tighter around my shaft. His fingers probed my hole until he found the magic button. My prostate gland.

“Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Yeah!” I said as my voice broke away.

“Give it to me Max. Just let it go. I want your cum. I want to swallow your thick load,” said Clive as my cock started thrusting harder.

I grabbed hold of Clive’s head and thrust deep into his throat and cum at the same time; shouting, “aaaaahhhhaaaa… take it, take it all… oh yeah… yeah, ja, ja, ja…,” sometimes my German origins showed up in the strangest of places.

I heard Clive swallowing and then I let my grip go on his head and slumped against the shower wall; water still running over us.

Breathless, I said, “You are the best cock sucker.”

Clive stood up and kissed me passionately with some of my cum still in his mouth.

Within a flash he was out of the shower and drying himself off.


I opened the gate and greeted the first person to arrive, “Hey Talos, welcome to our home.”

Clive greeted him with a handshake and Talos was quick to pull him into a hug while reaching one hand out to me. Then it was my turn and the same treatment, a hug while he hung onto Clive’s hand.

“Nice touch,” I thought to myself. “Very nice indeed.”

John and Stefan were the next to arrive giving hugs and kisses to Clive and I. But, no hugs for them from Talos; only handshakes.

“Now, that is very interesting,” I thought to myself.

Adam and family arrived. Adam was into giving hugs today, except for Talos. That was interesting, given that they had known each other for so long. Adams wife Lola looked just as hot as ever. The three children were looking healthy and had all grown since we had last seen them.

Harriet and George were hot on their heels and Harriet smiled ever so sweetly at us. George was all friendly and immediately greeted the others.

The last to arrive were my café staff. They joined in easily with everyone else, but Talos would not hug any of them.

I found it rather strange behaviour of Talos’, but at least he was warm and friendly and he did get along with everyone. I am sure all the others noticed his behaviour of how potential hugs were stopped and kept at the handshake level.

Harriet cornered me while George was busy in conversation with Clive and Noah. She pulled me close and talked in a low voice, “Max, I confronted George after everyone had gone yesterday and the photo was brilliant. It threw him totally off guard and forced him to open up to what was going on. He explained that he had become addicted to ‘titty porn’ when he was stressed a few months ago. I told him I was very disappointed that he couldn’t share his problems with me anymore, as he used to. He started to cry and promised never to do it again.”

I blurted out, “Oh Harriet I am sorry, but that sounds like a load of bullshit to me!” her eyes glared at me. “But the thing is, are you happy with the outcome?”

Harriet gently nodded her head, “yes and no. I resolved to take it as it happens. I am still recovering from the hurt and I understand fully why you might think the way you do. In the end I am not going to nag him into some position that makes it worse. But, as I said, I will keep my eyes open.”

I hugged Harriet and said briefly, “If you need us again, do not hesitate in contacting us immediately Harriet.”

Harriet looked into my eyes, “Thank you so much Max.”

Stefan was hovering around as I talked istanbul escort with Harriet, so I kept my voice very low. When Harriet and I were finished, he bolted towards me in excitement.

Immediately launching into, “That Adam and that Talos… what a couple of lads they are in their swimmers.” Stefan grabbed his cock before saying, ” My God! Max, it should be illegal to have a bulge like Adam has. That’s not a cock, that is an Anaconda he is trying to hide!

“Talos is such a nice guy and while he is not as big as Adam in the bulge area, he has quite a nice body. I would also blow Noah and Ethan at the drop of a hat. I must visit your café more often!”

I simply agreed with Stefan about all of them being good eye candy as I had to work very hard at keeping my mouth shut about Adams performance at our house. I liked Stefan a lot, but I knew he had a bucket mouth for this kind of thing.

It was already two-thirty in the afternoon and the time was flying. We’d eaten from a choice of steak, chicken and prawns with some hot potatoes and different salads. Lola and Talos ate mostly vegetarian food and both stayed away from the alcohol as they had to drive home afterwards. My café staff took advantage of the abundance in alcohol being offered, Lucy ended up being the drunkest and giggling the rest of the time.

Because of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race the harbour was filled with yachts of varying colours and sizes.

Adams children enjoyed the pool and I was so glad that we had prepared last night with putting out all the pool toys and lounges etc. Noah and Ethan entertained the children with their backflips into the pool and shouting loudly all the time.

Chloe, Harriet and Lucy were deeply involved in discussing the Miriam Cahn ‘Writing in Rage’ exhibition showing at the NSW Art Gallery. Clive and I had already seen it. It was provocative for sure. I particularly found the painting of a naked man with a huge erection very erotic; but the women found it to be, “too much”.

Clive, as usual, was a wonderful host and took it on himself to refill peoples glasses with their choice of drink and as he got to me he reached down and gave me a deep kiss. We noticed that John and Stefan took this as an opportunity to share a quick kiss also.

Stefan was right though. Adam and Talos sure looked good in their swimmers and I was focussing on Talos’ arse, “Mmmmmhh, that is one sexy arse on that hot man,” keeping my thoughts to myself.

I was overjoyed that everyone seemed to be relaxed and enjoying the party. All of the Christmas Day drama with Harriet melted away.

A short time later, Harriet tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Max, I don’t feel one hundred percent. Could I lay down for half an hour or so somewhere?”

I was quickly worried, “Sure Harriet, use the top bedroom to lay down in and don’t worry about ruffling the bed linen either.”

I watched her walk over to George and tell him what was happening, he went with her. I was secretly glad.

Clive noticed their behaviour and gave me a wink.

I felt concerned for Harriet, as she had been through a lot in the last twenty-four hours. It wasn’t like she was some North Shore wealthy married woman who had never experienced dramas in her life, but one can become relaxed when life is running so well.

I became a little drunk and more relaxed; the day certainly was one for lazing about. I noticed that Clive, Ethan, Chloe and John were enjoying some of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race on the television. I looked around and Lola was playing with the children in the pool along with Noah and Lucy, whilst Talos was busy sunbaking on a sunlounge

I thought to myself, “where are Stefan and Adam? Mmmmm, probably in the toilet!” then I remembered that I was going to the toilet half an hour ago.

“If those two are using the downstairs toilets, best I use the toilet in our bedroom ensuite,” I murmured to myself.

I climbed the stairs and was just at our bedroom door and heard some moaning. At first I thought it was Harriet and George enjoying themselves, but as I listened more closely I realised the moaning was coming from the office at the very top of the hallway.

My head went instantly back to George looking at porn yesterday.

“Not again and on Clive’s computer! Surely not?” speaking softly to myself.

I calmed my thoughts immediately. I needed to check this out and that meant the trip to the toilet could wait. This now had my full attention.

I creeped up the hallway not wanting to disturb anyone.

The door on the office was not fully closed and this was not a smart move if George was in there having a wank. Not smart at all. He had already been caught because a door was left open.

Of course, Detective Max was at it again with his smartphone in his back pocket!

I put my ear to the door opening and the volume was just loud enough for me to hear, “Oh yeah, fuck me harder.” Then another voice, “suck my big cock you bitch.”

With my smartphone ready, I pushed the door bahçeşehir escort open a little bit wider. Clive’s computer was to the right but no-one was sitting at it, then I heard more moaning. Luckily I was hidden by the bookshelf just inside the door. I peeked through some of the gaps in the books and was totally shocked. I Immediately started videoing whatever I could catch.

I could just see that Adam was above someone and sucking his cock.

“That has to be Stefan he is sucking on?” I whispered to myself.

Inwardly I heard myself say, “So, this is where they went to. The bloody cheek of them.”

Moving so I could see better, I became excited and horrified. Stefan and Adam were in a sixty-nine position, with George pounding Adams tight arse with his monster cock and with each thrust into, Adam was forced down onto Stefan’s cock.

I covered my mouth with my hand to stop from screaming out, “Oh my God! OH MY GOD! You fucking guys! Not in OUR house AND on our sofa!!”

I stood silent, trying to control my breathing so that I could keep recording and not get caught. All hell would break lose if I was caught. I didn’t want to be responsible for breaking up any family’s.

I honestly was shocked and also thinking, “mmm… why aren’t I sucking on Adams thick monster while Clive is ramming his arse with his monster? I am a better cock sucker than any of those guys anyway!”

I nearly feinted from shock and then I realised that they were finishing up and starting to move. I got out of there as quickly as possible and ran into our bedroom and shut the door.

I emerged from the bedroom about twenty minutes later and as I left to go downstairs, I heard Harriet and George waking up.


Once downstairs I went straight into the kitchen where I drank a huge glass of water. Harriet and George arrived in the lounge area at about the same time. Adam was laying down on an outside lounge holding his gut as if he was sick. Stefan came around from the side of the house rabbiting on about “how great it was to have a change room for guests.”

I glanced at Clive and raised my eyebrows and he gave me a quizzical look to which I gave my famous nod, that meant, “I will tell you later.”

I was disorientated and found myself asking questions, “How could three guys do such a thing, let alone get away with it? Didn’t the others miss them? Didn’t someone go looking for them?”

It wasn’t too long before I heard Talos saying that he must go. I glanced at the clock in the kitchen and it was already quarter past four in the afternoon.

I was finding it difficult to concentrate as my mind kept repeating, “How could no one miss them?”

I knew I would be telling all this to Clive later on and my questions might be answered then.

Talos said goodbye to the others and then gave Clive and I a huge hug goodbye and thanked us for a great time. Adam and family thanked us for such a wonderful afternoon also. John and Stefan followed suit and gave us both big hugs with a whisper of, “Adam is so, so hot,” to which I just smiled.

George. Harriet, Ethan, Chloe, Lucy and Noah waited until everyone had departed and then we all went up to the garage area and said our goodbyes. My four staff members were overjoyed at having such a wonderful Boxing Day BBQ and that left George, Harriet, Clive and myself chatting a bit longer. Shortly, George went off to get the car and we were left a few minutes alone with Harriet; she lowered her voice and said, “I need to speak with you two urgently. I will be back later!”

With an extra friendly smile, Clive said, “Alright Harriet, anytime, just text us when you think you will be here.”

George arrived in the big black Mercedes and they went off home.

Grabbing Clive by the hand, I anxiously said, “I need to speak with you now, but I wonder why Harriet needs to speak with us so urgently?”


I locked the front gate and garage doors, then double checked them as I definitely didn’t want any more surprises today. Clive and I walked downstairs.

Clive was giving me lots of sexual attention, grabbing my arse, but I screamed at him, “STOP IT!”

Please Clive, “I need to talk with you.”

“Max, what the hell is wrong with you?” he said in an irritated voice. “You disappear only to return later with a shocked look on your face; then next thing you are outside smiling and laughing with everyone! What the hell is going on?”

Clive then raised his voice higher at me and said, “Sit down and start talking.”

But, first I needed a cup of coffee and something sweet to eat, I then recounted the events of the afternoon. He put up fight, “not George again?”

He was clearly angry with me until I shouted, “shut-up Clive and listen to me!” I got my smartphone out.

“No, no, no. Max, really!” shaking his head.

I was the one getting annoyed now, “My lovely husband, you are going to watch this bloody video whether you like it or not. I was nearly feinting as I recorded it, bakırköy escort and I have not had time to watch it. I need us to see it together.”

I pleaded with him, “Please Clive!”

Clive sat back and we watched the video but only after I insisted on saying, “whilst I found it hot with what I observed I was absolutely shocked and it felt like I was in some strange dream state.”

I pushed play and there it was in front of us. The three of them in a ménage à trois. Stefan was on the bottom, laying on the sofa, deepthroating Adams big cock. Between thrusts, we heard Stefan breathlessly saying, “Give it all to me. Rape my mouth and fill me with that thick cum load.” Adam was, in turn, deepthroating Stefan’s cock, excitedly spitting words out, “What a cock. So great to suck a man’s cock deeply.” George was standing behind Adam and literally pounding Adams arse, all the time moaning, “You love my monster you whore don’t you? Feel it deep in your guts. Beg for my big load.”

I was starting to shake as I held the smartphone for Clive. He reached out and steadied my hand. I heard him say, “Max it is alright. No matter what your lustful thoughts were, it is obvious that we need to see what was going on in our home.”

“The thing is Clive, it is as if they know each other?” I said questioningly.

I re started the video from the start. I wanted to see what really happened and had we missed anything.

I said to Clive in a matter of fact way, “Adam was sucking Stefan’s seven inch, but not thick cock, like he was a pro! Stefan’s mouth was filled with Adams fat monster and Stefan wasn’t even gagging. Not once have we heard any gagging noises. Then there is enormous George and he is into Adams love hole like there is no tomorrow, basically raping him, and Adam is hardly missing a beat!”

I blurted out, “Clive, these guys are used to this. What the hell!”

I was feeling a little bit horny watching all this and pushed that we watch it again. I felt perverse but I was also shocked. That was my excuse!

Adam was hot to watch that was for sure, but he was going right down on Stefan’s cock without gagging! It was plainly obvious now.

I shook my head with disbelieve as I watched Adams mouth being impaled on Stefan’s cock and groaning, “yeah, give me that big load Stefan. I want to swallow all of it. I love sucking your man juice out of you.”

George was the most vocal and he was enjoying himself, “You like my monster Adam? I know you like taking my big man cock right to the limit. You are so tight, tighter than my wife could ever be. Oh god I’m ready to explode in your guts. I’m gonna give you my load you fucking whore? Suck his cock you dirty cock sucking slut.

Clive and I looked at each other in disbelief.

I was astounded at what we were watching and said dramatically, “This is hot porno stuff Clive, truly, you know it turns me on and I am not going to lie to you, but these are our friends, your boss, our Handyman – and what a Handyman he is too! They know what they are doing!”

Clive laughed at my description of Adam.

“Max, Max, Max.. no wonder you nearly feinted. I am so sorry I shouted at you, but this is so unbelievable AND in our house! They are like young men who don’t give a fuck where they get off. Not even you and I’ve had sex on that sofa!”

I could tell Clive had had enough and I didn’t blame him, but I wanted to see what happened just before they started moving; just one last time.

We saw Adam lift off Stefan’s cock and say, “oh yeah Georgie, fuck my tight man-pussy with that monster and fill my man cunt with man cum. I want you to eat your load out of my arse after you’ve blown.”

Clive’s face was even more shocked now, I whispered to him, “These guys are pros I tell you. Yeah, we know Stefan is already used to man-to-man sex, but George and Adam are ‘straight’? Watching them in action makes it look as if they have been doing it for years?”

“Maybe, maybe,” said Clive, cautiously.

The video continued and we saw Adam swallow Stefan’s load, then George fucked Adam extra hard, screaming again, “take my cum you fucking whore.”

To which we heard Adam shouting, “I can feel your cum in me. You feel so good. Give it all to me you stud. Breed me Georgie.”

At that point we saw Adam raping Stefan’s mouth with his monster dick and blowing. Stefan swallowed everything without gagging as Adam shouted, “oh man, you are the best cock sucker. I wish my wife could swallow cum like that.” Adam pulled his big dick out of Stefan’s mouth and bent down and kissed him.

The video went all blurry and this was when I realised that they were moving apart from each other and I raced off to our bedroom.

We viewed it a couple of more times and we were exhausted.

My smartphone pinged at me.

“Shit! Harriet is on her way!”


We greeted Harriet with hugs and kisses and promptly went and sat in the lounge area. Clive and I wondering what the hell she wanted to talk about this time.

Harriet looked visibly upset; more so than yesterday.

She started with, “Max and Clive I have some questions.”

I asked, “Harriet, what is wrong? George again?”

Harriet had tears in her eyes as she spoke, “Yes, George. That man is a liar. But I am so angry with you two guys.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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