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Big Tits

Codie pulled into the driveway; she was whipped after a long 10 hour shift at the facility plant where she worked. Her body begged her “shower, shower” as she eased her tired ass out of the car seat and headed for the back door of the house. Her job required her to be on her feet going station to station, taking readings, making adjustments and getting other people motivated to do their jobs. Processing milk was about as entertaining as watching white paint dry on a flat white wall; it paid her well enough to take care of college and other monthly bills with some left for savings.

Codie quietly entered the back door, knowing everyone else should be long asleep. Everyone being her dad, step mom, stepbrother and stepsister, and usually a friend invited to stay over. Having inherited a grand old farm house from her great-great grandfather, her dad had set about to remodel the entire place years ago when they moved to the house. It was spacious; bedrooms were huge with 9 foot ceilings and large cantilevered windows. All the bathrooms were almost full rooms themselves with huge claw foot tubs along side of large walk in clear glass showers, and a double sink in long counter tops. All total, there were 8 bedrooms and 5 huge bathrooms if you did not consider the Master Bath in her parent’s bedroom suite. 10×12 walk-in closets, a huge hot tub for 6 with a small 4-person sauna, double tub, and a enormous shower room with 6 heads to spray from one direction, or all directions if you picked that function.

The house was typically quiet for after midnight, a radio some where playing news and weather, her brother’s stereo muffled by his bedroom door, and the out of place sound. Someone was puking themselves senseless upstairs. Codie slipped off her work shoes and headed upstairs to investigate. The retching noises — that noise anyone who has heard, or seen, someone hugging the commode knows so clearly, were coming from what the family jokingly called the “kids wing” since all their bedrooms were in that area of the farmhouse.

Codie headed up the stairs to better find the poor soul, probably Jack her stepbrother paying his regrets to some frat party overdose of shitty keg beer. If it were, she would wake him up in the morning with some loud “Hi, JackASS!!” and slam a few doors. The closer she got, Codie realized the retching came from the bath at the far end of the hallway. That was considerate, she thought as she started down the hall. Usually, Jack went to the nearest one to heave his college guts out. That managed to piss off both Codie and Susan, her stepsister.

As Codie reached the landing level of the hallway, her eye saw a small nightlight in the bath far down the hallway. The small light created shadows that showed someone hanging over the commode, head down and rocking slowly back and forth over the bowl. If it were Jack, he must have been in the shower before since there were towels on the floor and over his head. She smiled to her self — “I’d hide my damn head, too” she thought. A devilish smirk came on her face, now was a time to get very, very ahead on Jack. Not get even — get ahead.

As Codie moved up the steps, she watched and she smiled. She had an excellent view from this slightly up angle directly under the towel partially draped around his waist. She could see the back of his balls hanging down between his thighs. She also watched his asshole pucker and his balls contract every time he went into the rocking motion just before he heaved again. As he settled back down on his haunches, she watched and sure enough, she could see his asshole relax and his ball sack would start to relax and hang down again. Codie began to form a sneak attach plan in her head as she eased up to the hallway level and tried not to make any boards squeak.

Partial nudity was no big deal in this house. Her dad has married Jenny when she was almost three years old. She had no memory of her real mother; she was killed in a horrific highway accident in a winter snow storm coming home from work. Jack was about 4, maybe 5 when their parents married; Susan happily showed up about 18 months later. So they were all less than 2 ½ years apart from one or the other. Jack and Codie had shared baths, clothes, etc since they were first together. She still borrowed Jack’s long sleeve shirts on occasion to use as sleep wear. Even when “little Jack” began to sport unexplained mini-hard ones at 10 or so, no one made a deal of it.

When Codie began showing the signs of breast pads and her hip started to flair, then the parents decided it was time for “the talk” with both of them at the same time. Codie never thought it was unusual growing up to see her dad’s flaccid dick and ball sack hanging in front of him, especially in the shower which everyone shared as he completed the remodeling work, it was just Dad. Her step mom was as nude as her dad so seeing her breasts and crotch area were nothing new to Jack. What was different casino şirketleri — once they had “the talk” with the parents — was being given permission to be curious and help each other explore each other. Apparently, the parent believed that was safer than friends or strangers being the source or bad news or bad experiences.

So feeling up a pair of balls was not new to Codie. She had gotten her first mini-orgasm when Jack has accidentally discovered that small, slippery opening tween her pussy lips one day when they were checking each other out. He had rubbed her pussy before when she found out it felt really grand when he played with the outer lips and stroked her small amount of pubic hair. It did not take long to figure out that her lips would swell and get wet with something other than pee when he did than. The day he changed his hand direction and found her vaginal opening was the day she nearly broke his wrist clamping her leg around his forearm as she got off on his finger efforts going in and out of her little opening.

Equally pleasant it was, Jack found out, for Codie to hold his semi-stiff little pecker and rub his balls slowly. He could get so hard his little dick hurt, but nothing else. That continued on once or twice a week until one day Jack got a look on his face like he was being strangled and blew his first ever load all over Codie. She was very pissed, she though he’d peed on her. She saw it wasn’t pee– too yellowish and too thick. Her face got a large “OH” look and then she giggled –she had just “jacked off Jack”. That sent her into a fit of laughing her self silly — she knew the terms from conversations at school. Jacking off, pulling his pecker, whacking the weenie, all that stupid shit boys said, Jack had told her.

Eventually the novelty wore off as they moved into high school and on to college. As everyday life came and went, so did their acclimation to breasts becoming larger, Jack’s dick becoming more adult sized — life in typical life. The usual conversations on dates, bad dates, good days and bad days. Codie would sometimes tease Jack and stroke his dick when he was getting or out of the shower –he just grinned and keep saying “more, please, ma’am” as his dick would get hard and stand up tall. More than once Codie had seen Jack pull on himself in his room or on the shower until he peaked out got off. It amazed her how far the cum would fly at times.

Equally, Jack had seen Codie pleasure herself once with the “soap on a rope” he bought her as a joke for her birthday one year. He was really stunned that something of that size could easily slide into such a small opening. He had no comprehension of the capability, or resiliency, of the female opening to adjust to a large, slick object. Codie had taught him all about Tampax and Kotex after he had unsuccessfully tried to screw a date while she was having her period. Codie even let him put one inside her so he could see what it took, position, and such. They both knew he got a raging hard on that day “playing grown up doctor” but he would not let Codie get it off for him. He told her he wanted to “Save it for later” after supper and she just laughed. Their intimate brother — sister friendship did not prevent the usual fights, pissing contests, trashing each other’s rooms, and other typical sibling behavior. More than once Codie has grabbed Jack by his balls from behind when he had bent over to pick up something. She would ever so gently massage his balls, roll them around inside the sack with her warm fingers for him, and keep it up until he was sporting a very stiff erection that he would sometimes work on while she was holding his balls. She could feel the spasms in his body and his dick that signaled a launch of sperm and fluid for him. At times, she would reach around him and pull slowly on it for him before he could get his own grip. She knew what it took to get him off and he never argued.

Now, Codie was trying to be sneaky and carefully get down behind him in the bathroom without his knowledge. Every time he began to heave and retch again, she would sneak 3-4 more steps toward him in the hallway. Seeing his balls and asshole contract, and then relax, made her want to hold his balls for him and maybe get him a small laugh that she was so bold. The nightlight and the shadows gave her just enough light to see her targets as they hung between his legs. His feet were folded under him so he could get up on his knees to service the commode yet one more time. Codie crept ever closer and closer to her prey; this time she didn’t care if her hands were warm or cold. This was a stealth attack on her brother’s balls because they were just hanging there.

Codie arranged herself so she could, on the next “retching cycle” as she was thinking of it, to be right behind him but low enough that he would not see her in the mirror if he were to look up. That was not likely to happen given the time his head was over casino firmaları the commode looking downward. As the cycle ended and his body began let itself relax, Codie slowly put her right hand back under his ass and waited for his nuts to start to relax and the bag expand again. She watched as his ass muscles began to unclasp, she could see his asshole become less tight and relax the ring of muscles. For a moment, she waited and then her prize was beginning to relax. She could see his nut sack begin to extend a little, and then some more as it let his balls droop away from his body and hang down.

Right then, Codie quickly wrapped her fingers around his ball sack and let them rest in the palm of her hand so she could grip them as always in order to start rolling them back and forth. But as soon as Codie grasped the nut sack, something did not feel right and the thighs had clamped around her forearm so she could not let go. She couldn’t let go and she couldn’t squeeze them hard, not knowing who these balls belonged to!!

“Codie,” her dad said, as he slowly raised his head from the commode and turned to look at his daughter eyeball to eyeball,” would you care to tell me why you are holding on to my balls with such a grip?”

“I……, I ……. I…” was all that Codie could manage before she began to snicker, and then laugh.

“Okay, smartass,” said Charlie, her dad, “what is soooo damn funny now?”

“I thought you were Jack, up here puking your guts out, said Codie as she smiled. ” I was going to surprise him by grabbing his balls to keep them from landing on the floor.”

Charlie looked down; his daughter had unconsciously begun to rub his balls back and forth while they were talking. Her arm could not get free as long as he had it clamped between his legs. Her attention felt good—cool hands holding his balls after all this puking and throwing up. He hated having the flu in a major way.

“Well,” Charlie mused, “do you always massage his balls like you are doing to mine?”

Codie froze, realizing that she had just started the routine she had always done to tease her brother to her dad without a moment’s hesitation. She could tell his balls were bigger than Jack; the skin was a different texture and they were very warm to touch.. She couldn’t get her arm out until he relaxed his leg grip. What to do and not get in serious trouble at the same time was her thought.

Codie looked around in front her dad, grinned at him, and looked at his crotch. Yep—he had the makings of a hard on starting to come up. She had seen enough in years past to know he had about 3-4 inches hanging all the time. She could not remember if she had ever seen him full up hard like she had her brother. She liked the feel of his scrotum; the size of his balls meant a reasonable load she was fairly certain. In that split second, Codie decided she would continue doing what she had intended for Jack’s pleasure-torture.

“Dad,” we see, to have a couple of choices here,” Codie said, looking right into his eyes as she restarted massaging his balls.

“I can’t get my arm out and let go of your balls until you move your legs, ” Codie continued,” and I think I’d like to do for you what I do for Jack …….. sometimes.”

“Which is ……what?” asked her dad, looking right back into her eyes.

“I like rubbing Jack’s balls, and I like playing with them to feel him get off while I’m holding him, Codie told her dad.

“A power thing, I suppose, “said Charlie as he loosened his leg grip on her forearm.

“Yeah, kinda …. I guess,” said Codie. “I just like feeling him get off and how his balls pulse when he shoots. Do you do that?

“Every guy does that, Love ….every guy has that kick in his nuts,” her dad said as Codie was lifting and relaxing her touches around his balls. He was almost half up hard now discussing this with his daughter.\

“Do you want me to stop, Dad? Asked Codie.

“Actually ….. No,” he said, “I like it, I shouldn’t but I do. Your mom will kill me if …..”

“NO ONE will never, ever know, “whispered Codie; she snuggled her grip on his ball sack and began the swinging motion she did to Jack. Swinging his ball sack back and forth until her thumb could graze his asshole.

The effect was instant—Codie saw her dad’s dick stand right up hard. She guesstimated about 7 inches, not too big around but big enough. Codie reached around with her left hand and placed her fingers around the shaft of his dick. That effect was also instant; she milked him out and downward, precum came out quickly and in quantity form the now enlarged head of his dick.

Codie started a slow, long, head to body, back to head stroke of his dick; she smeared the precum all over his shaft, dick head, and underside of the shaft. She knew he had not had sex in almost 6 months since her mom had to stay with her grandmother while she was ill. Weekends did not work out because güvenilir casino he would be gone for some building convention. That made it easier to get him up and get him going so easily. It was also why he probably agreed so quickly to let his daughter do what she was doing to him. Wrong – -who knows? Codie is over 21, she started it by accident, and she did ask if he wanted her to quit. What horny guy is gonna really tell a wonderful woman to not play with his balls. For a few minutes, anyway.

Codie leaned her head on his side, just above his hip, as she continued to massage his balls and slowly jack him to success. As she changed her pace a little, she felt his nut sack begin to pull the balls closer up to his body. A sure sign he was getting close to getting off. She changed pace and grip again; yep, the balls sack was getting tight to the body.

Codie did something then that she had only done to Jack once; she used her fingers to make a ring around the high part of his nut sack so his balls were caught in the hanging section. She slowly pulled back and slightly down on this sexual package, causing his dick to get pulled down and the skin to tighten up, making the full head to stick out completely uncovered. With her left hand, she made it like a loose sleeve sliding up and down the head and the shaft all the way to his pubic bone. She did not grip the dick shaft; she slid her hand back and forth like she was doing a light sanding of the surface. With her right, she was carefully milking the back bag package with a light squeeze, light release, light squeeze and then a slightly tighter grip to make some pressure on her dad’s balls.

The intensity of the friction on the shaft and head, combined with the slight pressure she was exerting his nuts, pushed him harder than he could remember in years. Precum was coming out his dick like a regular water faucet drip. Everything was full, over primed and ready to blow at any second. Charlie actually changed his position so he was in a better squat position for Codie to massage his nuts. Flu or not flu — this had his compete attention.

Codie felt the first tightening of the tendons around her dad’s balls, knowing he was about to get that “kick in the ass” to start his ejaculation. She sped up her light shaft pumping, feeling the tightening there of his erection as he started to swell even more; also a signal of cum soon to fly. Her dad was looking at the ceiling with his eyes closed, only able to say something unintelligible as his daughter pumped him into happiness. He was content to let it fly any direction Codie pointed his dick; on him, the wall, and commode — he didn’t care.

Just as Codie felt that second tightening of tendons between his legs and behind his balls, she did something she had never done before, only read. As soon as she felt the tendon twitch and the pulsing start, she pulled his balls right back once, really squeezed them, and then shoved her thumb hp his ass and pulled forward to push on his prostate. As Codie did that, she leaned forward, pulled the skin back tight and away from the head, sucked her dad’s dick right into her mouth for half its length, and latched on like a leech.

Charlie thought he had lost his mind. He grabbed Codie’s head and started pushing all of his dick into her mouth as he humped her face like he had not humped anything in 20 years. The thumb in his ass, the heat of her mouth and the suction on his disk — literally blew him away. Shot after shot of cum rocketed from his body, down his over heated dick, and directly in to Codie’s well attached mouth.

As Charlie’s output and energy began to slow, Codie sucked even tighter on the end of his dick and pushed a little more on his prostate. Somehow, the energy to pop one more shot worked through his system and he let loose one more small load into Codie’s waiting cheeks. Slowly, she worked up and down his shaft, sucking, licking, more sucking until his dick head was nice and plump again. No hardness past a semi right state but Codie continued to suck on his disk like a pacified. Charlie go over the initial “too tender to touch” stage and just let his daughter inhale him slowly and softly as she was doing. Codie had actually worked her way around in front of him so she was almost laying flat on the cool tile floor. The commode was slightly over her head so it was supporting his arms while she milked his dick and he was in auto pushing in and our of her mouth. Codie was not just an excellent cock sucker; she was a consummate cock lover.

After a few minutes, Charlie slowly pulled his dick from Codie’s mouth where it had become her pacifier the past few minutes. Codie sat up, put her arms around her dad, and just hugged him for a while. Anyone seeing them would think she had been caring for him while he had been retching his guts out for a few minutes. A few towels were off Charlie and on the floor, he was basically sitting nude on the floor with his daughter hugging him. Codie was still dressed from work so it could be a common scene. Except for the look on contentment on Charlie’s face, the wetness on his dick, and the higher protein count behind Codie’s smile, it was another Thursday night. Almost.

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