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3D Animation

Yesterday I was so hungry for a cock I decided to try a shady place near my home, I knew it was some old public toilets mostly used for hookups, there was always some guys waiting in front looking at everyone passing by. I cleaned myself and dressed up, or as other might say undressed 😉

I decided to wear my special jeans, I kept it for only one reason and this is it since it is torn out between the legs to expose both my dick and asshole, I wore a nice pink shirt and on top of that a coat long enough to hide everything, I was ready.

I went out, it was not far and I could get there by foot, when I was a few meters away I saw a few guys standing near the toilets looking at me, some noises were coming from one cabin inside, I really hoped they were waiting for a hole to fill while walking toward them, my asshole twitching in anticipation.

Very few words were exchanged, when I got near them I opened my coat enough to show them my pink shirt and they got the message. One guy tried to grab my ass and realized it was fully exposed, he istanbul escort pushed my back gently inviting me to go inside but I acted like I did not get the message so another one grabbed my dick and started slowly moving his hand around while looking at me in the eyes. After a few minutes of this I moved inside, the three other guys followed.

This was crazy, I had already been fucked with a guy before but never went that far, I was with four horny men I did not know in a dark place outside of any habitation or street, nobody would be there if I needed help. But at the same time I was even more aroused than before, I wanted to be fucked, I wanted a dick, no… I needed a dick, my whole body was craving for it, I wanted all their dicks, I wanted to feel like the whore I was, I wanted to be their toy.

The first guy who touched my ass saw the look in my eyes and realized quickly how horny I was, he dropped his pants and his dick was hard as wood, a nice dick, not particularly big but still a handsome dick, he started to push me gently rus escort on my knees but I went before him and by the time his hand touched me I was already ready to take his cock. I dropped the coat, took him in my hand and licked his head while slowly massaging his balls, he seemed to like it based on the sound he made, I went a bit further and moved one finger toward his anus, massaging it too and judging by his reaction he liked it both ways, I put in a second finger and he got really excited but I did not expect what came next: he grabbed my head and shoved his dick as far as he could, making choke for a bit before pulling out.

During this time the others started masturbating, after one could not bear it anymore he decided to act, he grabbed my ass and forced me to raise it up, the first dick in my mouth, but while I was slowly rising up he could not wait, spat on his dick and shove it in my pussyhole deep, a sharp pain struck me but as he stood still it vanished quickly, the surprise still made me drop the cock I şişli escort had in my mouth, just getting enough time to put my hands on a nearby door before he starts pounding me. The guy I was sucking dropped an insult at him and shove his dick back where it belonged for my great pleasure.

It did not take long for the guy in my mouth to drop his load, the dick in my ass followed soon, as they moved aside another guy got me up, a finger in my ass, maybe two, he then pushed me toward a wall and put his dick inside, the cold wall felt bad at first but I did not focus on it for long as his dick was going inside. From the side I could see the guy I just sucked getting a dick up his own ass, I was in heaven…

They took turn to fuck me and since I was still asking for more one asked if I wanted to try taking two cocks inside at once, I denied but want to try that later. He seemed disappointed but did not push further. I cannot be sure but I think each of them fucked me 2 or three times this nights, when I came home my asshole was sore but I had never been so good, so satisfied in my whole life, I literally became someone else and since that night I am now known as Crystal and would not go back for anything, I have a few favorite places where I emptied more balls than you can count and love it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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