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I’m an only child, my mother is an ER nurse. Until just recently she always worked night shifts. Her days off varied depending on the current hospital schedule. Dad works offshore on oil platforms. Although it changed from time to time, he usually was gone for 10 days then home for 10 days.

Due to their erratic schedules, shortly after my birth, they hired a nanny from the Ukraine to live with us and help with my care.

Nanny’s name was Ivanna. Ivanna was wonderful and quickly became part of our family. I don’t remember, but I started crawling and took my first steps with Ivanna. My first memories of her were at the park near our house and playing at the beach.

She was a little older than Mom, light skin almost red hair and beautiful green eyes. She taught me to swim and ride boogie boards. We often had picnics at the beach. She liked to sunbathe while I was playing.

My dad’s parents divorced when I was about 5 years old. The process was kind of ugly and drug on for a while. Dads sister Becky moved in with our family. Aunt Becky was 13 at that time. Becky grew to love Ivanna also. Often, the three of us, and sometimes Mom would spend time at the beach.

Ivanna was great in the kitchen and taught Becky and I how to cook and bake. Her specialty was stuffed cabbage and Nalysnyky, (Nal-Yes-Nah-Keh] which are fried pancakes rolled up and stuffed with a variety of goodies. She kept the house spotless and Becky and I loved helping her. She made chores fun.

My mom also has a younger sister, Carrie, who is about the same age as Becky. She and my grandmother were living in Oklahoma when Grandpa, died. Grandma worked for an oil company who later transferred her to their California office.

While she was looking for a house to buy, Grandma and Carrie stayed with us. Becky and Carrie shared a room, attended the same school, and really became best buddies. They were both pretty, smart, continually active and shared a lot of interests. Carrie also fell in love with our beaches and mountains. Grandma eventually bought a house not too far from us.

Ivanna received a month vacation every year to visit her family back in the Ukraine. Just before I entered the 4th grade Ivanna didn’t come back from her vacation. Later we learned that she had been killed in a small plane crash.

During her absence, Becky had assumed Nanny’s duties. After Ivanna’s death, my parents started a search for her replacement.

I didn’t want anybody else and repeatedly said, “Becky and I can do everything ourselves.”

Tiring of listening to me beg, one day Beck agreed, “I think he’s right. Ivanna taught me how to cook and take care of the house. I’m 17, I’ve been handling things since she left anyway, I’d be glad to keep things going.”

Reluctant at first, my parents finally agreed to try it for a while.

They agreed to pay her the same as Ivanna, with the money to go into her college fund.

So, for the next 3 years Becky was like my sister, stepmother, and best friend. She took her nanny responsibilities seriously, but really treated me as a loved little brother. She taught me to surf and snow ski, I loved spending time with her.

We cooked together, did the laundry, kept the house clean together. Like with Ivanna these were things we enjoyed. Working as a team we kept all the balls in the air and still had time for studies and fun. Her and I and sometimes Carrie, spent a lot of time at the beach and often skied in the mountains.

Becky was a straight A student, ran track, was a pitcher on the softball team and starred on the basketball team. She was pretty, had curly sun bleached brown hair she often wore in pig tails or a ponytail. Her laugh and smile lit up the world around her. She looked a lot like the poster of Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic skier, that hung in her bedroom.

Carrie was a young Rhonda Rousey look alike. She had an autographed photo of her inscribed, To Carrie, Stay Strong, your friend Rowdy. Like Rhonda she was a black belt in judo, had won several tournaments. Her curly, shoulder length, dirty blond hair was eye catching. Her muscles were well defined, not huge just well, nicely defined.

Becky was the quieter of the two. Mom described Carrie as precocious. The girls spent a lot of time together. I always wanted to be where they were. I was very talkative, rarely shut up.

Mom, Dad and Becky kept a big wall calendar in the kitchen where they posted work schedules and school and social activities. Mom and dad would trade shifts or take time off sometimes so that Becky could attend school functions.

As a junior her steady was a boy named Kenny. He was her date for both junior and senior proms. Like my dad he liked to fish. Dad had a bass boat and a small cabin cruiser for the ocean. Dad and Kenny became buddies and often fished together, sometimes they stayed out overnight.

Often Carrie would spend the day when Dad and Mom were working, and it was just Becky and me. We had a small home gym and the three of us would work out together. Carrie taught us some Judo and we worked a lot casino şirketleri on self-defense. I loved working out, but it was even more fun watching them.

In the 6th grade I was invited to my first boy girl party.

I said. “I’m not going.”

Becky asked, “Why?”

I said, “There’ll probably be dancing, and I’m not very good.”

“No problem I’ll teach you.”

Carrie chimed in, “I’ll help, it’ll be fun. We’ll dance together.”

I loved dancing with both girls. Thanks to them, I enjoyed the party but secretly wished they were my dates. After that party, Becky, I, Mom and Dad and sometimes Carrie & Kenny would spend an evening dancing on our deck.

The girls turned 18 a few weeks after high school graduation. As a combined graduation and birthday present, Mom, Dad and Grandma took us all to Hawaii for a week. We spent everyday at the beach. The girls and I were awed by the fantastic surfing.

The fall after we returned Carrie enrolled at a school a few hours away and began working on a degree in petroleum engineering.

Becky enrolled in a nursing program at the local junior college. With both my aunts in school at the same time I saw them only occasionally.

Her sophomore year Carrie got married. I didn’t like her husband. She was going to school and working full time. Her husband quit school and spent his time sleeping and drinking. They were divorced after about a year. As I understand she literally threw him and his stuff out of the house.

After earning her RN, Becky moved away to a university where she finished an accelerated master’s in nursing program and became a nurse practitioner earning her APRN.

I was 12 when she moved, my parents opted to use part time babysitters and house cleaners instead of hiring another nanny.

I was always big for my age, as a junior in high school I was 6′ 2″. Thanks to Ivanna and Becky’s training I helped keep house, did some of the laundry and cooking. By the time I could drive, we eliminated outside help altogether.

I was active in sports, had a couple of friends but didn’t date much. As I entered my late teens, I became kind of quiet and shy around girls, so spent more time at home anyway, a lot of it in the home gym.

My senior year I became infatuated with a girl in my class. The first time I saw her, she was wearing a short white sun dress, white sandals with straps winding up to her mid calf, her hair was short and shiny black. Her skin was smooth and darkly tanned. My aunts and mother were always well tanned, but this girl was much darker. The contrast between her skin and the white dress and sandals was breathtaking.

The first day of school she sat in the desk next to me and introduced herself as Mia. I would find out later she was born in Italy and had moved to the states as a baby. We frequently met after class, sat in the courtyard and chatted. I was quite taken. I wanted to ask her out but couldn’t get the courage.

After college graduation, Becky began working for a group of cardiologists. She moved back into her old room. We occasionally spent the day in the mountains. More frequently, we’d spend time at the beach, sometimes with Carrie, riding our surf boards.

Carrie was working for a major oil company, received several promotions. Early in her career she gained respect as an on-site problem solver. Her job required frequent overnight travel.

On one of her first trips to a rig she was harassed by a couple of roughnecks who quickly found themselves sitting on their butts, with a bloody nose and broken fingers. Her no nonsense reputation quickly spread.

The day after my 18th birthday Becky married Kenny, her high school sweetheart. Out of high school, Dad had gotten him a job on the oil rigs. They often had the same work schedule.

Just before the wedding Becky accepted a position as a Hospitalist at a nearby hospital. The large pay increase enabled her and Kenny to buy their first house.

Being the day before the wedding, my birthday was kind of hectic. Mom, Dad and Becky were busy with wedding stuff. Carrie focused on making my birthday special. She wore my favorite outfit. A black bare midriff top, a short skirt, and black high heeled open toed shoes. She had the prettiest feet and calves. The bare midriff showed her six pack abs.

I said, “Care you’re wonderful, I know you wore that outfit just for me. Those shoes drive me crazy.”

“I know you’ve always loved them.”

A lot of family and friends attended my birthday luncheon. Carrie gave me a Firewire surfboard. I had wanted one for a long time. Opening all my presents, I felt special. Becky and Carrie brought out my cake together, both wore black high heels with open toes.

Becky hugged me and said, ” Carrie bought these for me as a surprise for you.”

I said, “You both have such pretty legs and feet, you’re so sexy, I love you both.”

After birthday cake, Becky turned on some music and asked me for a birthday dance. I then danced with Mom, Grandma and Carrie.

As Carrie and I danced she whispered, casino firmaları “I have another present for you, but you’ll have to wait a little while. We’ll unwrap it together.”

The rehearsal dinner was really fun. As a birthday boy I got to dance with all the women. They were all attractive with varying degrees of bare skin, which left me mostly unable to speak.

Becky was a stunning bride. The wedding was beautiful. Dad walked Becky down the aisle. Carrie was her maid of honor. I was a groomsman. During the reception it came time for the garter removal and toss. It was fun watching my new uncle remove the garter with his teeth, and the mad scramble after the toss.

Carrie was standing beside me.

“Look like fun?” she asked.


“Would you like a garter?”


“Follow me.”

We went outside to a little bench.

She sat down and said, “You can have my garter, but you have to remove it with your teeth.”

With that she reached down and pulled her dress up a couple of inches.

She said, “Here, you lift it.” as she extended the hem towards me.

With my hands trembling a little, I knelt down, took the hem in my hands, and slowly lifted her dress. The garter on her right leg came into view just shortly before her naked pussy.

I just held the dress and stared. I had seen pictures before, but this was my first real life naked pussy. And it was only inches away.

Carrie grinned and asked. “Do you want it?”

I lowered my head, completely under her dress, I accidentally moved my lips and tongue over her leg before grasping the garter and pulling it off. With my lips on her leg and my eyes on her pussy it took me a while. I so wanted to touch it, rub my face on it. As I maneuvered the garter over her shoe, I continued to keep her dress open.

With the garter finally in my mouth, she pushed her dress down, stood up, hugged me, and said. “Oh, you are just too precious.”

Becky and Kenny flew to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Mom and Carrie spent the day moving wedding gifts to Becky’s house. I went surfing by myself. My new board was awesome. I left for home when it became too dark to see.

Mom, Dad and Carrie were watching a movie on TV. Carrie was curled up on the couch. I sat beside her. We chatted about the new board until Mom shushed us. Carrie stretched her legs over my lap.

Her bare legs on my bare legs caused an erection. The pyramid in my pants was right between her calves. I was lightly rubbing her feet when she started flexing her legs. The friction on my dick was incredible. It felt like I might catch fire any moment. Carrie never looked at me, just kept rubbing her calves on my hard-on.

Mom and Dad were sitting across from us, apparently oblivious. I couldn’t say anything or move without drawing their attention. So, I sat there until I came in my pants. She quit flexing her legs but didn’t remove them.

After a while I whispered, “Care, I have to go to the bathroom.”

She curled her legs under her and whispered back, “I bet you do.”

The next day Carrie went to Wyoming for a 2 day assignment that turned into two weeks.

A few weeks after the wedding Becky invited me to go to the beach. She pulled in front of the house and honked. I ran out and sitting next to her was Carrie. I hadn’t seen either since Becky’s wedding. We added my new surfboard to the car top carrier.

Becky gave me her wedding album to look at. The pictures were beautiful. I was a little surprised. I had always thought of them as my big aunts, but in the pictures, I was almost a head taller.

They chatted on the drive. As I sat staring at the two of two of them, I thought they’re not just pretty but gorgeous. I imagined them both with naked pussies. Looking at them made my heart pound and took my breath away. Their smiles made me giddy.

Our usual place was somewhat secluded and a little rocky so was normally available. Arriving we found our spot and laid out our blankets and cooler etc. We all three headed for the water. Both girls looked gorgeous in their little bikinis. We surfed for a while then swam before heading to our blankets.

We were in ankle deep water, Becky said, “Carry me so I don’t get all sandy.”

I picked her up, with her arms around my neck, a boob pressed against my chest and her tanned legs dangling, I carried her up the beach. As I walked, she lightly chewed on my ear.

As I put her down, she pulled my face to her, gave me a long kiss, said, “Thanks.”

I squeaked, “Wow, I’ll carry you anywhere.”

She then put oil on my back.

Carrie said, “If you aren’t too busy, you can oil me?”

I grabbed a bottle as she stretched out.

I knelt beside her, she quickly said, “Undo my top please.”

I started with her neck and shoulders and moved down her back.

As I neared her butt, she reached back and slid her bottom down exposing her cheeks, she said, “Do me all over.”

The skin under her bottoms was a little paler, I thought that was sexy. As I rubbed her cheeks, güvenilir casino I gently spread them apart exposing her little butt hole. I was so hard I thought I’d break.

Finally, I moved to her legs, “You’ll notice, unlike miss princess over there, I have sandy feet.”

I brushed the sand away and oiled her feet.

As I knelt there, looking at her tush, Becky said, “OK, now do me.”

I moved to her blanket, she whispered, “Do me just like, Carrie.”

After her shoulders and back, I hesitantly pulled her bottoms down, I could hardly breathe as I rubbed her butt, I spread one cheek to look at her little puckered hole, I lightly touched it then finished her legs. I stood staring at their bare butts before lying down.

As I laid on my blanket, I could feel my dick burrowing in the sand.

I enrolled at the Jr College and was taking a couple of summer classes while working at the campus bookstore. My first class was English 101. I was surprised to see Mia walk in and sit next to me, wearing a familiar white dress and sandals. She was even more beautiful than I remembered. After class we walked to the student union and had cokes together.

She was in both my classes. I so wanted to kiss her and tell her how I felt, but never tried. Other than that, I was adjusting to college routine. I was in my room studying one day when the phone rang.

It was Carrie, “I need some help hanging some pictures, can you come over and help me sometime?”

“Sure, I’ll be right there.”

I drove up, parked and rang the bell.

She opened the door, barefoot wearing a short robe.

“Oh.” she said, “I didn’t expect you so soon, come on in.”

“You want a coke or something?”

“A coke would be great.”

I stared at her lovely legs and feet as she moved away.

She brought my coke, bent over to place the can on the coffee table, the robe opened a little, she was naked, her boobs stared at me or vice versa.

She turned and walked a few feet, stooped over to pick something off the floor exposing her bare butt.

“I couldn’t breathe, I was so hard it hurt.”

She pointed to a spot in front of a large wall.

She said, “I want to hang these two pictures on either side of that one. I need you to help line up the hangers.”

She stepped on a small ladder and reached up, as she did the robe rode above her naked butt. Standing on tip toes, her calf muscles were nicely outlined against her smooth tanned skin. I could see part of her pussy peeking out just under her butt. A pale bikini line across her butt completed the vision.

She said, “How about here?”

I just stared.

She repeated, “How about here?”

Getting no response, she said, “Hey, earth to nephew.”

I couldn’t get my eyes off her legs and butt; my voice was locked.

She stepped down, giggling, she shook me a little, and said, “Here you take the hanger and I’ll guide you.”

As I stepped on the ladder the doorbell rang.

“Oh, it’s your Grandma, will you let her in?”

I opened the door, thankfully I had on an extra-long t shirt.

We greeted each other and hugged. Carrie walked back in wearing shorts and a t shirt.

She hugged her mom and said, “I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I’m going shopping, I need your advice, will you go with me?”

“Yeah, just give me a minute to change.”

She kissed me on my cheek and said, “Thanks for your help, we’ll finish another time.”

I left. As I drove home, I kept replaying the pictures of her boobs, legs and butt.

The next week Carries company sent her to Louisiana for a couple of months. Mom and Dad gave a going away dinner for her. Carrie, Grandma, Kenny and Becky were all there. After dinner we had drinks and danced on our deck.

During a dance with Carrie she squeezed me tight and asked, “Will you miss me while I’m gone?”

“Sure, a lot.”

Kissing my cheek, she winked and said, “We’ll open your present when I get back.”

I often replayed in my mind the vision of her standing on that ladder. Just before

Carrie returned Becky picked me up to go to the beach. She was wearing a yellow bikini. Her stomach had a little bulge in it.

I was staring at it when she said, “I have a surprise, you’re going to have a cousin, I’m pregnant.”

Smiling she put her hand on her stomach and said, “This is my baby bump. Want to touch it?”

I placed my hand on her stomach, she placed her hand over mine and said, “Sometimes you can feel it move.”

Just then I felt a little poke.

“Wow.” I said.

We enjoyed a day in the water, the surf was great. She looked cute with her little baby bump. I played with her hair on the way back. She wanted to show me the baby’s room, so we stopped at her house.

As we walked in, she said, “Oh its really kicking.”

She sat on the couch.

“Put you head on my stomach. You can really feel it.”

I put my face on her stomach, the baby was really moving. My face on my aunt’s belly inches above her pussy drove me wild. Her bikini was still damp, I could smell her scent. In the middle of her bikini I could see a little bulge with a crease in the middle, I almost died. I kept my face on her belly a long time then kissed her stomach and darted my tongue in her belly button.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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