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Every time she looked into the mirror she saw an image that drove her boyfriend crazy, but felt no desire to have him. She often wondered why she was with him and if she were indeed attracted to other women. Yet, whenever she looked at a girl she found herself mildly aroused, but never enough to act. She felt the same whenever it came to looking at other men too.

Her life was becoming a dull boring routine that needed some fulfillment. She was becoming restless beyond relief and any attempts to make herself come hadn’t worked. She needed someone.

It was the one day that she was early for class to talk to her teacher about something she had a problem on. Instead she found this new man behind his desk and for the first time in months she felt herself feel weak around him. She could smell and taste his flesh on hers, feel his touch, and see her being filled.

She starred at him until he looked up and smiled at her. She blushed and walked off to her seat. When her teacher finally came in, he spoke to the young man about the computer but couldn’t get her mind to concentrate on the conversation. All she heard was that he’d be back next time for class.

And with that, he picked up his stuff and left, only once turning back to see her follow him with her eyes. He smiled again and walked off.

She couldn’t focus on class, all she could think about was him and the thoughts that exploded into her mind.

“Hey Dianne, what’s wrong with you, you look like feverish.” Her friend Cameron came up to her after class.

“Huh?” She finally focused on who was asking the question. It was Cameron, her best friend from high school.

“What’s wrong with you, you look feverish.”

“I don’t know. I just-” she cut herself off not knowing how to explain what was going through her head, “I just need to go home, I don’t feel too well.”

Cameron sensed that something had overcome her friend but wasn’t up to asking questions, she was late for her tutoring appointment.

As soon as Dianne got home she felt compelled to try and relive herself but it just wouldn’t come. She gave up, and decided to sleep if off.


He was running late as well, the girl he’d seen in Professor Brockwell’s class set him a very horny mood and had to go relieve himself in the bathroom. She was absolutely stunning, long dark red hair, bright green eyes, creamy white skin, beautiful nice b or c cup breasts, and a skinny waist that led to a nice taut butt. Not to mention she was tall with killer legs.

He couldn’t understand why she kept looking at him, it wasn’t as if he was all that great looking, or at least he didn’t think so. He with his bifocal glasses, more average then tone body, yes, he was slightly taller but still didn’t see the attraction. He was a geek to the core; sure he was a bit of a jock in high school and enjoyed his usual tournaments in shooting clay pigeons but a geek he ever was.

Either way, he had to focus, the more he thought of her the more he grew hard in his pants. So he thought of the one thing that would make him disgusted, a naked old man.

Sitting in their usual place, Cameron was had already started her work and was already looking frustrated. He had been tutoring her since the beginning of the year but never had he looked at her as an actual female until now. She was just as beautiful as the mystery woman in class. She was blonde with dark eyes, tan skin, enormous breasts, just as tall and skinny as the red-head.

It was amazing to him how that one girl excited him to the point where none have over the past year. His ex left him soured on women, but this one…he couldn’t stop thinking of her.

He did his best to focus on helping Cameron, but often found himself dropping off in the middle of a sentence.

“Will, what’s wrong with you? You’re all different today.”

“Oh, sorry, its nothing.” He blushed for his folly in allowing himself to be so caught up.

She poked and teased him, “You’ve finally met someone haven’t you?”

He blushed bright red, bent his head down and smiled. “I don’t know her name.”

“Aww, Willie has a crush…” she teased him, “where did you see her?”

“Professor Brockwell’s class.”

Luckily, she remembered Dianne had a class with him today. She would be able to tell from a mere description of who it would be. “What does she look like?”

“Cam, why do you want to know?”

“I know someone that has class with him, she’d be able to tell me a name.”

His face blanched at the thought of finally putting a name to the face, “She has red hair.” Was all he could say, he didn’t want to say more in case it was her friend.

She looked up at him suspiciously and hoped beyond hope he wasn’t talking about her friend. Dianne had a boyfriend after all. She really wanted for Will to be happy, since his breakup, which he told her about after she had tried to make a few advances. He wasn’t that bad looking once he took the glasses off. He was cute with brown cevizli escort hair and eyes, bright white smile, tan skin, boyish looking charms. His glasses however, were horrendous.

He blushed again, and pushed the image from his mind, “Okay, focus Cam, your Calculus final is in a couple days.”

“Yeah, yeah. Rub it in genius.” She rolled her eyes at the thought of having to do one more equation.


“Hey babe, wake up.” Dianne heard her boyfriend, Alex, call her from sleep. Slowly she opened her eyes. “Evenin’ little lady.”

“How long was I out for?”

“Long enough that you missed your last two classes.”

At that, she sat right up and looked at the clock. “6:48! Alex, why didn’t you wake me earlier?”

“I just got here, I tried calling you a million times.”

She rolled her eyes at him, they flopped right back down on the bed. At times she still doesn’t why she’s still with him. Everyone thinks they have the perfect relationship, yet in reality she truly wants nothing to do with him anymore.

“Hey babe…”


“What’cha wearing under these?” He asked, lifting up her shirt and sliding his hand over her stomach and under her pants.

She relished the thought of having sex, but not with him, still she took off her shirt and pants. “What does it look like?”

“Mmmm.” He reached his hand down and began rubbing her clit. Slowly she closed her eyes and imagined the man earlier and imagined that it was his hand instead.

“Alex, just fuck me.” She breathed, still imagining.

He nodded and then took off his clothes while she stripped the remaining pieces. His cock was hard, it had been awhile since he was allowed into paradise. He climbed on top of her and grabbed her ankles and then placed her feet on his chest. Slowly he fed himself into her pussy lips that were drenched in her fluid. He had never seen it this wet before, it excited him beyond belief.

He was of average size, and skilled like a teenager. He never did thrust hard enough or fast enough. She sighed as she thought this, anyway, she put on a show for him making him think she was enjoying herself but truly wasn’t. When he finished she just rolled over and went to take a shower.

He fell asleep.


“Who else do you know that had red hair in Brockwell’s class?” Cameron asked as soon as she saw Dianne for dinner.

“Nobody, its just me. Why?”

Cameron’s heart sank knowing that Will had a crush on her friend. “Oh no reason, I just know someone that has a crush on you. That’s all.”

“Oh…Cam, I have a confession.”


“Alex and I need to break up.”

“WHAT! Why?”

“Because I’m not attracted to him anymore, today I attempted to have sex with him but when I finally got around to it, I just wasn’t aroused at all. I haven’t been in months…and the only reason I even got that far was due to imagining another man.”

Cam’s eyes just bulged at this information. Who could she be talking about? Who was hotter then Alex? She watched Dianne place her head between her hands and shake, telling that she was imagining a man she never thought she’d be attracted to. “How come?”

“Because he’s kind of nerdy looking, he was in Brockwell’s class this morning working on the computer. I don’t know what overcame me, I was in a complete and utter daze since I laid eyes on him. I was still thinking of him when you came up to me.”

“Oh my…”

“I don’t even know his name.”

“Oh my…oh my….dear lord help me…”

Dianne looked up at her friend with confusion all over her face. “I know it’s a shocks, but what am I going to do?”

“Di, I think you have a crush on my tutor.”

Dianne looked at her sharply when she said that, “What?”

“Cute, kind of tall, brown slightly curly hair, average body, glasses?”

Dianne put her head back between her hands and nodded. “What’s his name?”


“Tell me about him, please.”

She hesitated at first but, “Well, he’s shy but not that shy. He’s funny, really really really smart. Look, I won’t beat around the bush and say that he’s perfect. He has his flaws and his ex really screwed him up.”

“How so?” Dianne was looking at Cam now, watching her face for any misleading comments.

“He’ll have to tell you on his own, its not something he wants me talking about openly to everyone. I told him I’d call him after meeting with you to see if you knew who you were.” Dianne looked at her questioningly then. “He was basically crushing all over someone this afternoon and all he would tell me was red hair and Brockwell’s class.”

Dianne smiled and blushed a little realizing that a connection had been made between the two of them after all.


“Alex, we need to talk.”

“About what?”


Alex got that gut clinching feeling, he knew what was coming. “I won’t let you suffer by saying this erenköy escort and that but I want to break up. I’m just not feeling this thing between us or anyone for that matter.”

“It’s the ‘It’s not you, its me’ scenario, huh?” He couldn’t hide his disappointment, but he knew it was coming eventually. She’d been more distant in the past month or two then in the beginning.

“Alex…” She started to say something but the look on his face stopped her.

“I know Di, I’ve felt it too. I didn’t want to admit it and I tried everything I could to make it better. We’re just not meant to be.”

“I’ll move out in the morning.” He just nodded and crawled into his place on the bed.


After moving in with Cameron, Dianne felt much better about her decision to let Alex go. Sure he was good looking and had a promising future but it just didn’t hold any interest with her anymore. It was time to move on.

“Hey, today I was a session with Will, want to come along?”

Dianne looked at Cam and shook her head with such a ferocious shake. It terrified her to meet him. What if he didn’t like her after they met or what if she didn’t like him either? Then breaking up with Alex would have been for nothing. She didn’t want to tell him about this other guy but she knew it would eventually come out around campus. It was just the timing of it.

Cam just shook her head and forced her friend to get dressed and come with her. There would be no more putting it off.

When they arrived at the campus library, Dianne took one look around the book case and saw him and turned around. Making Cam have to try and drag her along.

The scene they made was loud enough to make Will’s head turn in their direction, he noticed Cam trying to drag someone. For a moment his heart started to beat faster as a wisp of red hair flipped around the corner. He was motionless, speechless. It couldn’t be.

Then in that second, Cam pulled Dianne hard enough to expose her from hiding in the bookshelves. She froze as she felt his gaze slide over her. She swallowed hard and looked at him in the eyes. He was just as frightened as she was. Slowly, Cam dragged her along in tow and finally managed to get to the table and be seated across from him. He was indeed the man she had seen in Brockwell’s class. That odd sensation between her legs creped its way back out making her face hot as she blushed.

He blushed too.

Cam rolled her eyes and made their introductions to each other and left the two ogling lust struck puppies. She would come back for Di later.

“Hi.” Was all that Dianne could manage to say.

“Hello.” He blushed again, not knowing why she was having such an effect on him like this or he to her.

Moments passed by with the two of them just looking at each other. Finally, getting even more restless by the second decided to make the first move and reached over the table and grabbed his face and started to slowly kiss him.

He responded by kissing her back gently and slowly reaching his arms out and placing him on her sides.

They felt like fire, the electricity that flowed through them as their lips met and hands touched each other was more then either could handle as they both pushed their way out of each others arms and sat back in their chairs.

Breathing hard and embarrassment of reacting that way got the best of her so she tried to get up but his hand magically appeared on her arm making her sink back into her chair.

Brave by their recent kiss, he got up and went to sit next to her and slowly took her hand in his and began rubbing it. Looking at it as if it were the most precious gift in the world.

“Will.” He looked up as she said his name. “Do you want to get out of here?” She couldn’t believe she had said the words, but indeed they came out.

“Are you sure?” He knew what she was suggesting, and as thrilled as he was there was something in the back of his mind that made him think this wasn’t a good idea.

She just nodded, so he picked up his things and led her by the hand back to his place sensing that her’s wouldn’t do since she now lived with Cam.

The moment she walked in the door she started moving about finding all his little gadgets and techie stuff. She smiled realizing that he was indeed like her for when it came to technology. She made it over to a table where he had his text books, the open one was full of stuff that she couldn’t even begin to comprehend.

“Quantum Physics.” He closed the book, and just looked at her. It was then that he took her face in his hands and leaned down a bit to kiss her again. She eagerly accepted it and kissed him back.

Her kiss grew to a ferocious hunger that he readily acknowledged and gave his own back. Suddenly she felt his hands under her shirt, slowly moving his fingers up and down her sides. She broke free of his kiss and pulled her shirt off then started to work on unbuttoning esenyurt escort his. When it was off she felt his skin under her fingers and as she swept them across his nipples, he pulled her to him with such force she could feel him hard against her. She pulled away for a second and looked down, he blushed. She looked around for his bedroom door and then led him into it.

She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled at his belt and pants. He knocked his shoes off then stepped out of his pants, leaving him poking out of his briefs. She reached around and then unhooked her bra, letting her breasts swing free. He reached down and started to lightly touch her firm and hard nipples. He bent down and started to suck one, making her lean back onto the bed as he did so, opening her legs for his cock to rub against her clit through the cloth. As he felt this, he looked down and then slipped his briefs off.

He was a nice size, perfect in fact. She just gazed at him, wondering how they had come this far in such a short time. For a moment she got scarred and was about to flee but then one of his hands moved it way back down her side sending her shivers down her spine. Moving his hands further down, he began to massage her inner thighs, sending more shivers only this time to her clit. She wanted him.

She forced herself to get up and move further back on the bed, making him follow her. As he crawled on the bed, she slid her panties down her legs and threw them on the floor. He just looked at her as she did this, the thought making him even harder in the knowledge that she actually wanted to sleep with him. This gorgeous creature of a woman that could have anyone she wanted, wanted him.

When he was on the bed, she came back over to him and pushed her naked body against his and kissed him again. His hands on her sides, sliding down and then massaging her ass and spreading her cheeks apart, giving a playful little slap here and there. She looked at him, wondering how he sensed what she liked. He just smiled and shrugged. She kissed him again only this time pushing him down against his pillow.

He was in a little shock as he watched her climb over him and kiss her way down to his hard cock and start stroking it. It felt so damn good, to be touched and kissed by her. He watched as she completely took his cock in his mouth and start to bob her head up and down and swirl her tongue over the head and flick it. She was masterly at it. When he came, she took every sip into her mouth and swallowed. Then smiled at him and did it all over again. This time taking her time.

As she felt and watched his hips buckle from under her she watched his face as he looked at her then heard him yell as he ejaculated. It was sweet and salty, she wanted another sip. Only this time, she was a little more gentle by playing with his shaft by kissing and blowing on it. Then taking her hand and gently massaging his balls, slowly reaching around and rubbed the piece of skin that connected his balls to the rest of his body. This seemed to make his eyes roll back in this head. She took him back into her mouth, and slowly began to suck. With her other hand, she reached up and started to just rub her hand around his torso and down his thighs, massaging each inch her hand came to. Finally she felt him want to come again. She stopped and crawled back on top of him, fully meaning to slide him into her but his hands stopped her.

He pushed her off him and then rolled on top of her with the intention of repaying her. Slowly he started to kiss her neck and then work his way down to her nipples. He sucked on them, and rubbed them with his hands. Squeezing them, making them hurt but in a good way. Then moved down her stomach to her navel, sticking his tongue in and out, teasing about what he was about to do. It was then that she felt one of his fingers slide right into her.

She didn’t expect to feel his finger right then and there; it made her moan out in pleasure. She then felt his tongue tease her clit, by flicking against her. His finger still insider her, finally it moves the smallest bit and she moans out again. Seeing this reaction, he pulls his finger out and replaces it with his tongue. She gasps for air as she felt it, she couldn’t believe she was enjoying this so much. He reached up and played with her nipples, pulling on them, sending jolts to her head and clit. Finally, he starts to fuck her with his tongue, flicking it over her clit and sucking it. She pushed his head into her clit as she felt her body bounce and buckle from her orgasm. Her body was out of control, she came up enough that at one point she was sitting up and he grabbed her and pushed her back down with him on top.

He spread her legs apart more, lining himself up, he plunged himself into her. Taking a moment to let her adjust to his size. She was incredibly tight. It amazed him that someone this beautiful would be so tight, thinking that she should have been having enough sex to stretch her out, but she wasn’t. As she calmed down from her orgasm, she looked at him in the eyes and leaned up to kiss him again, this time her kiss was full of passion. He drew away and looked at her again, this time taking in everything that he saw. She was indeed beautiful, but there was a desire behind her eyes that drew him in even further. Slowly he started to move his cock back and forth inside her.

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