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This story is a tale of lust and incest between a mother and son. If you are one who gets upset reading about incest, I suggest you stop reading this story now. For those of you who enjoy this topic, please read on and leave comments about what you liked about the story, what you think would improve my story and any suggestions where you think the story should go from here.


Donnie woke with a pounding headache and a hard cock. He’d gone to bed with a buzz from drinking too much wine and a hard cock after lusting for his Mom for days. The feel of his Mom’s lips against his lips that day at the Mall was forever on his mind. Each time he looked at her lips, at her soft sensual lips, he recalled how she kissed him back for a brief moment. That accounted for the perpetual erections each time she came near him. The headache was from the wine, no doubt. He wasn’t used to drinking wine, but what the heck? He had been celebrating his high school graduation, and his parents had given him the wine.

Donnie lay in his bed, raising both arms over his head and stretched. Before getting out of bed each morning, it always felt good to stretch. It was one of his favorite things to do, usually followed by his second favorite thing, which was stroking his morning woody. Donnie wondered if the woody that morning was about the passionate kiss he’d shared with his Mom only a couple of days ago, or did he need to piss? Maybe a little bit of both, he thought to himself. Donnie stroked his cock a few minutes and then decided he needed to piss. After relieving himself, he jumped into the shower and let the hot water cascade over his horny body as he continued stroking his hard cock. Donnie knew he had to get rid of his erection before going downstairs for breakfast with the rest of his family.

Donnie got out of the shower, dried himself, pulled on an old t-shirt and gym shorts minus his underwear, and followed the aroma of bacon down to the kitchen. His Mom was busy at the stove and had her back to him wearing a white satin house robe that extended to mid-thigh. He could tell she was braless by the way her breasts jiggled with each move. Donnie knew that his Mom and Dad both slept in the nude, so he speculated she probably wasn’t wearing panties either. He stood silently in the doorway, admiring Mom’s butt while searching for evidence of a pantie line. He didn’t see one. His erection returned.

Donnie tiptoed over to his Mom and kissed her on the neck, being careful not to poke her butt with his erection. His sudden presence startled Mom. A shiver raced down her spine, and goose-bumps covered her arms. She glanced over her shoulder and groused, “Donnieeee? Don’t sneak up on me like that, Honey. You’ll end up giving me a heart attack.”

“Sorry, Mom,” he muttered, then brazenly added, “If I had my way, I would do much more than that to you.”

She scolded, “Donnie, behave yourself. We talked about controlling your teenage hormones at the Mall the other day.” She turned and saw her Son’s erect cock and squawked, “Damn it, Donnie, get the hell out of here with that… that… that…” She pointed at the tent in his gym shorts with a spatula.

“I can’t help it, Mom,” Donnie whined, “You are just so beautiful and sexy in that house robe.”

Marilyn glanced down at her erect nipples, pushing against her house robe and then looked at Donnie for a moment. She felt guilty of getting aroused by her own Son. After absorbing his flattering remarks, she smiled and said, “Sit down, Honey, and eat your breakfast. We will discuss this matter and talk about your overactive hormones later.”

His Mom didn’t quite know what she was going to say to him without giving away the fact she was as drawn to him sexually at that moment as he was to her. Before she could collect her thoughts, Jim popped into the kitchen, snatched a piece of toast off the table, and kissed his wife on the cheek. Jim was wearing his golf outfit. “Sit down and eat breakfast, Darling,” Marilyn pleaded.

“I don’t have time,” her husband countered, “Larry and I are playing an eighteen-hole foursome with a couple of clients at the country club this morning. I expect Larry and I will be entertaining these clients most of the day and probably won.t get home until about dinner time. I’ll get something to eat at the country club.”

Jim dashed out the door. Marilyn poured herself a cup of coffee and joined Donnie at the table. Donnie didn’t say anything, and his Mom didn’t know where to begin, so they both ate silently. Donnie finished his breakfast and put his dishes in the sink. His Mom tried to engage him in conversation, but he ignored her and went to his bedroom. After the harsh rejection from his Mom, Donnie’s spirits were low. He pulled up his favorite porn site and slipped off his gym shorts. Donnie stroked his cock slowly and surfed the porn sites searching for those featuring incest. He had a real need to cum and considered waking his sister, sarıyer escort Lucy, but he knew she wouldn’t risk giving him sexual relief with their Mom downstairs.

Lucy cheerfully bounced into the kitchen and found her Mom, still dressed in her house robe, sipping a cup of coffee and reading the fashion section of the morning newspaper. Lucy was wearing a brightly colored mini-skirt that barely covered her cute firm booty, and a polo shirt clinging to her C-cup tits. She had her golden hair tied back in a high ponytail.

“Where are you going so early dressed up like that, Lucy,” Mom asked?

“Karen and I are meeting at the Mall and going to the Cineplex to see the trilogy, ‘Joey and Heather.’ It’s a love/tragedy story about a young couple who decide that if they weren’t allowed to be together in this life, they would be together in the afterlife,” Lucy explained.

Mom shook her head negatively and said, “Are you telling me that you and Karen are going to sit through three depressing movies, all in one afternoon?”

“We have to watch one movie after the other to appreciate the overall storyline,” Lucy explained.

“What about breakfast? Do you have time for a quick breakfast?”

“We will get something to eat at the Food Court,” Lucy replied as she rushed out the door.

While cleaning the kitchen, Marilyn rehashed all the sexual tensions that were building between herself and her young Son over the past few days. She was at a total loss as to how to handle the matter of rejecting her Son’s sexual overtures without causing him deep emotional scars.

She felt like a hypocrite denying Donnie’s advances because she had the same desires toward him. She couldn’t understand why they had suddenly developed sexual desires toward each other. There was no one else in the house, so Marilyn decided to talk with her Son as one adult to an adult. She still didn’t know that Lucy had slipped something into her food. It took a few minutes for her to collect her thoughts before confronting Donnie. Once Marilyn felt comfortable with what she was planning to say to her Son, she went upstairs.

Mom hesitated outside Donnie’s bedroom door a moment and considered her first course of action. The best approach, in her opinion, was the direct approach. She lightly rapped on Donnie’s door and announced herself. Donnie was intensely focused on his computer, watching a woman who appeared to be his Mom’s age, being pounded by a young man who was close to his age. The young man was hammering the middle age woman like he was drilling for oil. Before Donnie could shut anything down, his Mom was standing in his room, gasping at what was taking place on her Son’s computer screen.

Donnie swiveled his computer chair to face his Mom, and her eyes shifted to the hard cock he held in his hand. Her breathing became raspy and shallow. She felt like her heart was going to rip right through her chest. Donnie could hear his heart drumming in his ears. They both froze like two statues until the woman on the computer screamed, “Oh my God, Son, fuck your Mama like the slut she is. Fill your Mama’s drooling cunt with some more of your hot cum.”

Donnie uncontrollably shot two spurts of cum across the room. The first blast landed on his Mom’s thigh and the second on the back of his Mom’s right hand. Marilyn felt a sudden gush of juices from her pussy that trickled down her thigh. Her panties would have been soaked had she been wearing any.

Donnie gazed at his Mom as she stood immobilized in front of him, her breasts heaving up and down under the thin house robe. Mom couldn’t help herself as she maintained eye contact and seductively licked her Son’s cum from the back of her hand. Donnie swallowed hard and licked his lips. When his Mom opened her house robe and let it slip to the floor, Donnie’s cock twitched and became even harder. He tried to take in her whole naked body in one sweeping glimpse. She let him look and tried not to smile at the sharp intake of breath from her young Son. She watched as he repeatedly licked his lips, not moving until his eyes met hers again.

Mom stepped forward and knelt in front of her Son. Marilyn smiled as she assessed the substantial package in front of her. Donnie inhaled sharply as his Mom leisurely examination of his cock. It was a good-looking cock; she admitted to herself. His cock was fully erect and a drop of precum glistening on the thick tip. Donnie’s eyes were wide as his Mom held his gaze and reached for his hard cock. She held that gaze, only looking away briefly from his eyes as she carefully wrapped her lips around the mushroom-shaped head to taste his precum.

The noise Donnie made as she wrapped her lips around his cock was a mix of a moan and a sigh, followed by an unmistakable shudder. It was a sound Marilyn loved, a sound she recognized instantly, and she wanted to hear it again and again from her Son. Marilyn admitted to herself that she loved the noises Donnie was making sefaköy escort because so many guys that she’d been with during high school and college were quiet during sex. They always expected her to be loud, to cry out and shriek and scream, but other than a few grunts or whimpers and maybe some heavy breathing, they didn’t make much noise themselves.

She wrapped her fingers around her Son’s cock, feeling the warmth of his smooth skin beneath her hand. She held Donnie’s cock tenderly with her left hand, gripping him tightly as she studied the veins and muscles visible under the soft skin of his shaft. It was apparent by his heavy breathing; she was already delivering much pleasure. Marilyn ran her right index finger along a bulging vein, circled the thick head with her finger, and then back down to the base of his shaft before gently cupping his balls. Donnie made another small noise as she stroked lightly. Donnie sucked in a giant slug of air, savoring the anticipation of what his Mom might do next. Mom brought her other hand up to caress his balls again.

Donnie’s head tilted back in the chair as he squirmed and moaned. His Mom glanced up, smiling, and winked. Her fingers caressed his balls as she attempted to push her lips to the base of his cock. She couldn’t remember deep throating anyone but her husband since college, and her gag reflex kicked in. She had to retreat to the top of her Son’s shaft.

“I believe long cocks must run in the Hamilton family, Honey. You are just a bit longer than your Dad, but not quite as long as his Dad.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she knew it was TMI. She hoped Donnie didn’t hear her, but he did.

“Wait a minute, Mom. How would you know that Grandpa Hamilton’s cock is longer than mine,” Donnie asked? He was shocked at her disclosure.

“Just forget I ever said that, Honey!”

“No! You said it, Mom and I want the details,” he insisted.

Mom looked up at him and said, “Do you want to hear the details about your Grandfather’s cock, or would you rather I continue with what I was doing before I misspoke?”

“I want both,” he asserted.

“Oh no, fellow, you’re not getting both,” she snapped. “Maybe someday when I feel the time is right, I MAY fill you in on those details. I said, I MAY. Now, what’s it going to be, Buster? Shall I continue with the blowjob?”

“Keep doing what you were doing,” he relented.

She reached for Donnie’s cock again and flicked her tongue out, licking from the base along the underside of his cock to the frenulum, tasting more of his precum that had leaked out. Donnie’s hands tightened on the seat of the computer chair, and when his Mom looked up again, he was staring back in ecstasy.

“Fuck, Mom…” he whispered. “I’ve never had a blowjob as good as this.

“Let me know when you ready to cum, Honey,” she replied.

The expert blowjob his Mom was giving him was getting to be too much for Donnie. He wanted it to last forever and was holding back, but he was desperate to climax and fill his Mom’s mouth with his cum.

“Soon,” Donnie moaned. “But for now… oh my God. I think I’m very close, but not just yet.”

Mom flicked her tongue out again, licking and swirling it expertly around his mushroom-shaped crown as she maintained eye contact with him. Donnie’s expression appeared almost troubled, and his breathing grew heavier.

“Please, Mom… will you… you know,” he sighed?

Mom raised her eyebrows and winked at him. “Will I please, what, Honey?”

Donnie’s face was flushed, his Mom wasn’t sure if it was from lust or the pleasure of the blowjob. “You’re going to make me say it, aren’t you, Mom?”

His Mom grinned, encircling the crown of his dick lightly as she nodded in the affirmative. Donnie’s eyes closed briefly and then reopened. “Please, Mom, I want you to let me cum in your mouth.”

“And what else, Baby boy,” she asked?

“Oh, fuck, Mom… I’m almost there…”

“What else do you want Mommy to do, Donnie? You have to say it if you want it to happen!”

Donnie’s breathing became labored and harsh-sounding, he couldn’t seem to get the words out that his Mom wanted to hear. “You’re not big on the dirty talk, are you, Honey?” Mom giggled and swirled her tongue around his mushroom again. Donnie’s throbbing cock twitched beneath her magic lips and tongue. “Hmm. Your cock seems to want you to ask me properly.”

Donnie took a deep gulp of air and shrieked, “I want you to swallow every drop of my cum!”

“I knew you wanted to cum in my mouth, and I want to taste your hot thick cum baby, but I need you to fuck my face. Can you take control and do that for me, Sweetie? Fuck Mommy’s slutty mouth? She begged, her eyes glinting with mischief. “I’m soaked just…”

The next word was cut off by Donnie’s dick. Gripping her soft hair, he forced her down onto his cock until once again; his shaft vanished inside her warm wet mouth.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” şerifali escort Donnie moaned as he felt the tight constraints of her throat once again squeeze the head of his cock. With her mouth pressed against his groin, he felt the same intense pleasure, but this time he was in control.

Lifting his hips, he dropped them while holding his Mom’s head so that just the head of his cock was inside her mouth. Slamming his hips upwards, he watched as his Mom swallowed his swollen cock. Donnie’s dug his teeth into his lower lip to try to hold off the approaching orgasm. He wanted this amazing blowjob to last as long as possible, but it wasn’t going to work. His Mom was sucking harder than ever. Her tongue bathing his shaft as her hands reached up to massage his swollen balls again before shoving her middle finger in his ass.

“Fuck!” He cried out.

Donnie slammed his cock deep into her throat and looked down to see his Mom’s bright blue eyes glistening. The noise she was making as she hungrily sucked him off was the dirtiest and most lustful sound he had ever heard. He could see her hand feverishly brushing against her clit, and Donnie knew that his Mom was in sexual ecstasy.

“Fuck yes, yes, ahhhh!” Donnie roared when a giant load of cum erupted from his cock. Two mega spurts of his cum filled his Mom’s mouth. She was able to swallow most of it, but a few drops escaped down her chin and dripped onto her breasts. Donnie raked his fingers through his Mom’s disheveled blond hair and stroked lightly. He took another full breath, relaxing exhaustedly in his computer chair, his voice strained as he spoke. “Thank you… Mom. That was the best blowjob ever.”

“Wow! And so polite,” She murmured.

Donnie was different than most guys she’d been with; he wasn’t afraid to show his appreciation. She heard more deep moans as she inched her mouth back on his cock, working his shaft with her thumb to push more cum up his shaft so she could enjoy more of his taste.

Mom’s pussy was soaked, and she wanted nothing more than for Donnie’s still firm cock to sink inside her, but she also didn’t want to stop slurping his cock. At any point during that blow job, she could’ve pulled off and insisted that Donnie fuck her, and she didn’t think he would have been able to turn her down. But the noises he was making… she didn’t want to stop. She wanted him to come in her mouth again. She wanted to taste him over and over.

Looking up at Donnie with his cock in her mouth, she placed her hands over his hands and pulled them onto the sides of her head. Donnie bit his lip, his hand hovering lightly against her hair for a moment. The things he had learned on the porn sites were coming back to him. She wanted him to take control, really take control. She held his hands in place and started bobbing her head up and down. It only took about two repetitions before Donnie got her message. He tangled his fingers in her hair and started setting the pace of his cock moving in and out of his Mom’s warm and willing mouth.

After all, Marilyn reasoned as his cock hit the back of her throat; it wasn’t like they had anywhere else to be at that moment. Why not take the time to enjoy the feel of his cock in her throat? Her pussy could wait. They could fuck each other all morning and all afternoon, if they wanted. Right now, the chills she felt each time his cock touched the back of her throat were promising to bring her to another orgasm.

Donnie started heavily panting around the same time Mom decided to keep sucking him until her orgasm hit. His hands left her hair and moved down to her breasts. Donnie forced himself to take his time, loving the way he could feel his body shivering with desire and the way he could hear her breath catch ever so slightly every time he touched her breasts. He teased her nipples a bit and then firmly cupped her 36C breasts in each hand, his thumbs stroking the exposed taut nipples, before gently stroking them in circular motions.

Donnie tried to remove Mom’s mouth from his cock as she took him deep into her throat again and said, “Mom… Mom, I love my cock in your mouth, and I love what you are doing, but…”

Mom pulled his cock from her mouth just long enough to look up at him and smile. “I know. I know. I want to feel your cock in my pussy too, Honey,” she said, then wrapped her lips around his cock again, and slid it to the back of her mouth once more. His hips jerked forward just slightly, and he hit the back of her throat just a little too deep. She gagged, but caught her breath quickly, resumed her pace and attempted to squeeze the crown with her throat muscles. Donnie groaned again, he was panting profoundly, and suddenly his cock was spasming in her mouth, twitching as globs of cum shot into her throat again. And as soon as he filled her mouth, her orgasm hit.

Donnie let his Mom recover from her orgasm and then pulled her to her feet, hugging her to his chest and leaned in for a kiss. He was puzzled when she shook her head no and pulled back.

“What? You can suck my cock, but not kiss me,” Donnie questioned?

She smiled at her Son, patted him on his cheek and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to kiss you, Honey, it’s just that I’ve been with a lot of guys who didn’t like for me to kiss them when I still had the taste of their cum in my mouth.”

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