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Big Tits

Note: you will understand this story a lot better if you read at least Part One first though I recommend reading all previous parts.

Chapter Twenty-seven

The list that I maintained of women under consideration for dream visits was constantly being revised not only to add names but also to add notations about recon or dream visits, things that went well or didn’t go well, best times to visit or anything else that I felt was important that I remember. Even as the list of names grew, the women were generally in the same age range as I was, though Kim from work was a bit older and Jamie my former coworker a bit younger. After I’d thoroughly developed my ability to sort of time travel within dreams, taking someone from now back to when we’d both been younger to indulge in their younger bodies, it still took a little while before it occurred to me to take somebody considerably older back to when they were young. There were even a handful of considerably older women on my list who I’d definitely enjoyed seeing naked and some who I’d enjoyed dream visits with but none with whom I could come up with a dream scenario that would make sense with them young because they didn’t know me back then. When I finally came up with something that made sense, it was because it was a woman who had known me when she was younger: my childhood friend Brian’s mom.

I wasn’t infatuated with Anna when Brian and I used to hang around which may be why it took so long for this concept to occur to me. She definitely was not unattractive, though, being a curvy MILF of Italian heritage. Of course it ended up being through social media that I ended up thinking about her after not having done so in countless years. One of my first thoughts after seeing her name again was that, with my new abilities, I could finally get a look at her boobs. There had been a handful of times when, as a perpetually horny pre-teen, I had almost got a look at her substantial boobs. I know that I had thought about potential ways that I could get a look at them uncovered and had hoped many times that her favorite strapless sundress would finally slip down far enough that they’d pop out. There was even a fantasy that I could recall from when I was a bit older where she seduced me in the middle of the night when I slept over. My primary focus back then, though, was girls my own age who seemed to be developing more and more each day.

While looking at Anna’s profile, I realized that I was more interested in finding photos of her when she’d been younger than I was in how she was looking now. Either way, there were mostly photos of her grandchildren so I was pretty much out of luck. It was while I was thinking back on that strapless sundress, that somehow I thought I might actually find a photo of her wearing, that I felt like smacking my own forehead. Immediately, I went to work figuring out where she lived and doing a couple of reconnaissance visits to get the general layout and make subsequent visits easier. I also engaged with her on social media to get myself into her subconscious and make sure the dream visit would make sense. It wasn’t as though I hadn’t seen her since I’d stopped hanging around with her son, though; he and I had remained friends through college even though we were no longer best friends. I’d run into her around town or at school events through high school and college then, even after college, my brother rented a house next door to her for a short time so I’d see her occasionally when I visited him.

My plan was to go back to the time frame when Brian and I had been best friends and I’d wanted so desperately to get a look at her boobs. I wouldn’t take myself back to my age at that time but decided on my college-age appearance, which I hoped would be appealing enough to her. There was one memorable day back then when she hadn’t realized that Brian and I were in the house and she came out of the bathroom with her bathrobe open enough that I got a glimpse of the skin between her boobs about down to her navel as well as a little of the curve of her breast as well. She quickly closed her robe and I kept walking like I hadn’t seen anything while feeling grateful that I wasn’t wearing sweatpants. I’d had plenty of thoughts about what I’d like to have done instead of what I did do so I figured that this was the perfect opportunity to rectify that.

When it felt like everything was in place, I visited Anna as she was getting ready for bed and waited patiently for the sweet spot when she was just falling asleep. Once it felt like the time was right, we were suddenly standing there outside the bathroom at the house where they’d lived back then and Anna looked the same as she had. Her robe was open just as it had been that day but, since she was caught by surprise by the location and college-age me coming toward her, she didn’t try to close it.

“What’s this?” I asked, stopping in front of her and opening her robe a little more. She looked down to see that bonus veren siteler her boobs were almost fully revealed but she didn’t stop me. Rather than exposing them, I slipped my hands inside her robe and caressed the soft, smooth flesh of her tits, feeling her hard nipples against my palms. She sucked in her breath but, again, didn’t stop me. My cock was rigid almost immediately so I was really hoping this would work otherwise I’d have to figure out how to take her back to her younger self and get her naked while remaining invisible so I could jerk off to her younger body. I didn’t really want that. I thought that, if she was worked up enough, she’d go along with what was happening if it seemed to be leading toward some relief. Rather than continue to fondle her tits, which may have been working but it wasn’t clear yet, I pulled her robe open far enough to reveal them then lowered my head. Her tits were spectacular, her areolas large and her nipples thick and hard. I immediately began to lick and suck her hard nipples, causing her to moan.

She ran her fingers through my hair so I assumed that she was with me, whether she knew exactly what was going on or not. I resumed caressing her breasts while licking and sucking her nipples but didn’t intend to go any further right there outside the bathroom.

“I don’t think we need to worry about anyone walking in on us,” I finally said, raising my head, “but why don’t we head into your bedroom before you wake up.”

“Before I wake up?” she repeated, sounding a bit dazed. I took her hand and led her to her bedroom with her tits still exposed. I had to glance back to watch how they bounced as she was walking. At the side of her bed, I opened her robe completely and pushed it off of her shoulders so it fell to the floor, leaving her naked. Since I had never seen her naked, this was all coming from her rather than from me and I really liked what I was seeing. Had something happened and I had to abort the dream visit, I’d have been happy, but not nearly as happy as I ended up being by the time I was back in my own body that night.

I ran my hands over her tits some more then had her wrap her arms around my neck so I could lift her onto the bed. With her lying on her back in the middle, I had her part her legs and positioned myself between them so that I could lower my face toward her pussy. As with almost every dream visit, the dreamer’s pleasure was my first priority, mainly so that she wouldn’t want to end the dream. I wasn’t surprised that Anna had a substantial bush given the time when she’d come of age. It wasn’t thick and unkempt just not groomed as severely as the ladies I’d come of age around (or looking at photos of in men’s magazines) in the 80s. I had no issue with it, though, and was immediately running my tongue along her slit, which I found to be overflowing with her juices. She moaned as I was lapping up her juices so I was feeling more confident that we’d be seeing this dream all the way through.

She began to subtly rock her hips toward my face as I continued to devour her pussy. I slipped a finger into her and found her surprisingly snug given that she’d had two kids by this point in her life. It occurred to me that the parts of this that she was filling in from her own memories may not have all been accurate to that specific time. I found out later that this was indeed the case, though it didn’t appear to be deliberate on her part. I didn’t even bother trying to slip a second finger into her hot, wet pussy as I was sliding the one in and out. I focused on licking and sucking her clit which ended up causing her to moan even louder and rock her hips more. She also reached down to hold onto my head so I glanced up because I knew that her tits would be squeezed together between her arms. I’d already considered that I’d probably want to fuck her tits and, seeing them like this, I was convinced.

As always, I had thoroughly thought through this dream visit before undertaking it to confirm that it was something that I was sure I wanted to do and that it was a good idea. Even with all that considering and planning, it was still incredible to me that I not only finally got to see Brian’s mom naked, but I was currently between her legs, eating her hot, wet pussy. Naturally, my cock had not become any less rigid, but I was feeling confident that I’d be slipping it into her once I’d made her cum. Also as always, I was not trying to make her cum quickly so I could get to fucking her; I was making sure that she was experiencing a high level of pleasure and planned to draw it out as long as it didn’t get to the point where she was desperate to cum.

Obviously, I was pretty psyched to be down there eating her pussy and might have indulged myself so much that she did end up desperate to cum but, fortunately, when she did cum it wasn’t because I was being magnanimous and finally allowed her to. I felt like she was probably a bit pent up because I bedava bahis hadn’t seen her masturbate during any of my recon and, though Brian’s dad had been out of the picture since they’d divorced years earlier, I hadn’t seen her with a guy or a lady for that matter. I wasn’t even sure that her current self had any interest in sex or cumming so I was glad to be able to take her back to her younger body that was clearly into having her tits fondled and her pussy devoured.

As she was getting closer to cumming, which didn’t actually take too much time or a great deal of effort even, she began to tense up and was arching her back slightly. Before I even modified my technique from drawing out the pleasure she was feeling to making her cum, she suddenly cried out and went limp, her body shaking. I continued to devour her pussy, which was flooded with even more of her natural juices, while she rode out a long and clearly highly pleasurable orgasm. Her body continued to twitch randomly as she was settling back down again but I only raised my head when she’d gone completely still and had let out a long, content-sounding sigh. I slipped my finger out of her pussy and into my mouth, sucking her juices off of it as I was straightening up on my knees. Looking over her naked body, I was so eager to finally slip my cock into her but I wanted to be able to enjoy her tits as we were fucking.

I pulled my shirt up over my head and tossed it aside then opened my shorts. She was watching as I pushed my shorts and underwear down and her eyes went wide as my rigid cock sprung out. She sat up slightly and reached for it, stroking it gently until I flopped beside her on my back to get my shorts and underwear completely off. She released my cock and got up on her knees to help get me fully naked while I watched her tits bouncing and swinging. Once my shorts and underwear had been cast aside, she stroked my cock again then straddled me and guided it toward her pussy. I reached for her tits as she lowered herself onto my cock, moaning along with her as her hot, wet pussy engulfed my throbbing cock. Once she’d completely lowered herself onto my cock, she sat there for a moment while I was caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits.

When she started to slowly move up and down on my cock, the feeling was incredible and, if I hadn’t already been glad that I’d decided to visit Anna’s dream, it wouldn’t have taken more than that. Regardless of how many successful dream visits I’d undertaken and how many pussies (or mouths or asses) my cock slid in and out of, there was no way it would ever get old for me. It really was no surprise that I’d continued to follow this path even as I further developed my abilities. Even with a vast supply of women around the world, I felt like I’d barely tapped the women I was familiar with and, with time being meaningless, I wouldn’t have even bothered to try to find a reason not to continue doing this.

Anna was very gradually picking up the pace and we got into a really good rhythm as I pushed up into her each time she dropped down onto my cock. I continued to fondle her luscious titties while thoroughly enjoying the feel of her hot, wet pussy as it moved up and down my cock. Only when she was moving fast enough that her tits began to bounce did I move my hands away from them and around to caress her ass so that I could watch them. The harder and faster she was riding me, the louder and longer she was moaning so I surmised that she’d either accepted that this was a dream inhabited by just the two of us or she was feeling so good that she didn’t care if anyone else knew it. Either way, I was quite pleased that she was enjoying herself so much.

She continued to ride me harder and faster, which caused her old bed to squeak so I assumed that came from her memories as well. When she abruptly dropped down onto my cock and remained there, she also momentarily went silent. I just waited, staring at her boobs, which were now still but remained spectacular. It was just a brief pause before she let out a cry and her body started shaking. Since they were no longer bouncing, I brought my hands around to resume fondling her tits. I don’t know that my palms on her hard nipples helped her feel more pleasure but I’m sure that it didn’t hurt. Either way, her orgasm was long and appeared to be highly pleasurable so, even if I wasn’t experiencing as much pleasure at that moment, that didn’t mean that I wasn’t enjoying myself.

Once she’d gone still and silent, she remained seated on my cock but didn’t resume riding it. When it appeared that she’d finished cumming, I had her move off beside me but remain on her knees. As I got up on my knees, I had her lean forward so that her face was against the bedspread and her ass was up in the air. I ran my hands over her soft, smooth cheeks before gripping my cock and guiding it back into her pussy, causing us both to moan again. Holding her waist, I pulled her back as I pushed deneme bonus in until my hips were pressing against her ass then began to slowly slide my cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy. I noticed that she’d reached under herself, presumably to caress her clit, and was happy that she was being proactive because I figured the more pleasure she experienced, the more open she’d be to another visit.

We quickly got back into another good rhythm, with her pushing back to meet my incoming thrusting so that my hips made a smacking sound each time the tapped her ass. I slipped my hands forward from her waist to cup her swinging tits, hefting the soft, smooth flesh while stimulating her hard nipples. With this being our first time together, I wasn’t certain that subsequent orgasms would be easier to achieve after the first, but it had seemed to be a pretty consistent occurrence in all of my recent experience. I didn’t necessarily want her to cum more quickly but I did want her orgasms to be easier to achieve than they might be in real life. Once again, it was mostly about wanting her to be open to another dream visit but I also genuinely wanted her (and everyone whose dreams I visited) to enjoy my visits as much as I did.

As she started picking up the pace and pushing back harder against my thrusting, I ended up straightening up and holding her waist again so that I could give a good thrust each time she pushed back. As it had earlier, her moaning was getting louder and longer while her pussy was feeling hotter and wetter the closer she was getting to cumming. I was absolutely savoring the feeling of fucking her from behind as I was looking down at her ass, watching it jiggle each time my hips tapped against it. As much as I’d been enjoying seeing the expression on her face and watching her tits bouncing as she’d been riding my cock, I was thinking about where and how to fuck her from behind during future visits, maybe with her sundress up around her waist.

When she gave a final shove backwards, I made sure that the full length of my cock was embedded deeply into her then just held it there. She was still and silent for a moment before letting out a cry as her body started shaking. Once she was cumming, I gave a few good, long thrusts into her pussy because I knew it’d be flooded with even more lubrication and I wanted to make sure I got an opportunity to enjoy that before we moved on. Her orgasm was another long and obviously intensely pleasurable one but, once it was clear she’d finished cumming, I slipped my cock out of her, despite how good her pussy felt. I had her roll onto her back then straddled her, laying my throbbing cock between her tits.

She was watching closely as I took a tit in each hand and brought them together, then started to slide my cock between them. I moaned because the soft, smooth flesh felt outstanding against my throbbing tool but maintained a slow pace so as not to cause her any discomfort. While she was watching my cockhead appearing repeatedly from her cleavage, I was looking down at her succulent tits, large areolas and hard, thick nipples while also caressing them in both hands. After all of the times I’d wished her boobs would slip out of her sundress, and all the time I spent thinking about those times as I’d geared up for this dream visit, to be finally not only seeing them, but fucking them as well, was epic. Even maintaining that slow pace I could feel my orgasm already building and knew I’d be spewing onto her sternum more quickly than I really wanted to. I was perfectly okay with it, though, because I knew the pleasure that would accompany that orgasm would be monumental.

Her focus remained on my cockhead but, as my cock was swelling even more when my orgasm was imminent, she must have either felt it or at least sensed it because she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I was feeling pretty certain, just as I was about the level of pleasure I’d be experiencing, that I was going to have no problem hitting her in the mouth with my cumshot. I continued to slowly fuck her boobs while relishing the building pleasure and, when I did finally begin to spurt, the first shot not only reached her tongue but also made it well into her mouth. The second shot hit her lips because she closed her mouth briefly after the first shot entered it. The remaining shots were too weak to reach her mouth or tongue and, although her mouth remained open and her tongue jutted out, my cum just pooled on her sternum.

I fucked her tits until I was fully spent then released them and moved over to lie beside her as she ran her fingers through my cum then licked them off. I watched her but was also gazing at her tits some more and finally had to ask about them.

“Would your tits have looked like this when you were living here,” I asked, “when I was friends with Brian?”

She looked down at her tits then ran her hands over them a few times.

“No,” she replied, “probably not. I think these are my pre-childbirth tits. When you were hanging around, they were probably a little bigger but they sure wouldn’t have pointed at the ceiling like this.”

“What about your pussy then?” I asked, “It was pretty snug. Would childbirth have changed that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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