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“Undress and wait for me,” his words echo in my head as I impatiently wait for the elevator to take me to our hotel floor. After dinner, he dropped me at the entrance of the hotel, uttering those words to me before driving off to park the car and leaving me to follow his instructions.

The elevator doors slide open and I do not hesitate as I exit. Parking the car and riding the elevator up does not give me much time, he could already be in the lobby waiting for the doors to open and carry him up. I hurry, moving quickly to unlock the door and slide into the darkness of our room, flicking on one dim light once I’m inside.

The carpet is rough against my knees as I sit on the ground, my legs under me, hands resting on my thighs. I’m waiting for him in my panties, he told me to undress, but didn’t specify if he meant completely or not. It has been well over fifteen minutes since he dropped me at the entrance, I imagine he’s taking forever on purpose just to build the anticipation. It’s working. My heart is pounding in my chest, breaths coming faster than normal.

“You’re still dressed,” he says as he enters the room. I open my mouth to argue, but snap it shut quickly, he extraordinary izle doesn’t seem to notice. “I told you to undress, that means take all of your clothes off, not just what you want to.” He’s circling me slowly, stopping when he’s in front of me. I can feel the heat coming from him, see the outline of his hard cock through his jeans. I have to tilt my head back just to see his face, hard to make out his expression in the dim lighting, his voice gives away what I can’t see in his face. He is not happy.

“Up,” he orders quietly. When I don’t move he speaks in a slightly louder tone, “stand up and bend over, hands flat on the bed.” I’m moving as he speaks, doing exactly as he says. “Five for not listening, you’re going to count,” he’s pulling my panties off as he speaks, leaving them at my ankles.

Without warning there’s the harsh slap of his palm on my ass, I let out a whimper, fingers clenching around the comforter. The pain is intense, sharp, the sting melting away into a dull throb that makes my thighs quiver. “Count,” he reminds me, though it’s hard for me to hear over the buzzing in my head. After several seconds I swallow, “one,” forecasting love and weather izle my voice is just loud enough for him to hear. Once the word Is out of my mouth he smacks again, my body jumping slightly. My breathing is fast, I nearly gasp out “two.” Again, his palm slaps my ass as the word leaves my lip. This continues until I finally count out the fifth and final smack. I’m nearly panting at this point, my ass feels sore and warm, I know it is probably glowing red with his hand print.

“You’ll listen to me from now on,” it’s not a question, a statement really, he’s pretty sure of himself. I haven’t moved yet, waiting for his instruction. His hand his smoothing over my sensitive ass, rubbing the sore sports. Slowly his hand dips between my legs, finding me wet and ready, always ready for him. He dips two fingers into my cunt, moving slowly before withdrawing and circling my clit, then quickly dipping back into me. I’m breathless, I push back against him, my walls clenching around him, hungry for more. Before I can find my release he pulls his hand completely away from me, leaving my empty, desperate for him.

“Get freeridge izle on your knees and open your mouth. Now.” There’s is no hesitation as I move, turning to face him I easily drop to my knees, no longer aware of the rough carpet against my skin. Biting my lip I watch as he works his belt, and the button of his jeans, pushing everything off until he’s naked before me, his cock pointing towards me. He waits until I open my mouth, to step towards me, one of his hands strokes his cock appreciatively while the other finds my hair, tangling quickly. His eyes are on my face as he tugs my head back just enough, then slowly he’s guiding his dick into my mouth, the skin hot against my tongue. He moves slow in and out of my mouth.

Slow doesn’t last for long, it never does. He likes it fast and rough, but I do too. Soon both his hands are in my hair, holding my head in place as he fucks my mouth. The movements are quick, in and out, sliding down my throat nearly gagging me with each thrust. I squeeze my thighs together, turned on from the act of sucking his cock. I suck on the head, my tongue rolling over the shaft as he forces himself back into my mouth, I moan against his flesh, urging him without words to keep going, to use me as he wants.

I feel his body tense, his fingers tighten almost too painfully in my hair. His thrusts become harder, each thrust with a purpose, trying to reach the end. Within a moments he’s there, his fingers tug before loosening and he cums, filling my mouth until I’m forced to swallow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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