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After an increase in the global sea levels lead to worse flooding than usual in the centre of America, crop production in the southern states was severely affected. In an effort to increase the production of crops without needing to import more, more land across the Great Plains was ploughed, deeper than usual. Echoing events of the dust bowl, this disrupted grass that would contain soil and moisture in high winds allowing in to turn to dust and darken the skies from Wyoming to Missouri, reaching up from Texas to South Dakota. The rush of families to the coasts left more than enough incentive for the less than upstanding citizens to band together and give the rest of the people staying a reason to head for the coasts.

Amira moaned out as she felt Mike enter her wet pussy after having teased it for ten minutes already, pushing all the way until he could feel his balls meeting the inside of her thighs before pulling almost all the way out. They had had a long day driving get to Kentucky, they only started their journey two days before but Mike wanted to avoid the interstates so that they don’t get stuck in hours of traffic jams.

While he was thrusting away inside of her Mike reached down and started to play with her clit, rubbing it back and forth. Amira wrapped her arms around him and started to kiss his neck. He slowed his thrusts down and started to kiss her back, working his tongue into her mouth to encourage hers to play. Mike started to speed up again as he grabbed her tits. He was alternating between slow deep thrust and quick ones.

He was mid-thrust when he felt a tightening in his balls, he gave her a few more deep ones and then pulled out of her just in time to shoot his load onto her stomach. After catching his breath, Mike reached down with an extended index finger and scooped up some of his cum and brought it to Amira’s face who, after looking at it for a second, opened her mouth and licked the cum of his finger. Mike then feed her the rest of his cum, then reached up and tucked some of her fringe back under her hijab for her before lying down next to her on their bed for the night and wrapping his arms around her.

Amira put her hands on his as he spooned her and started to drift of in the comfort of his embrace. While he held her, Mike remembered how he met Amira and how they found themselves in this motel.

Mike moved to Missouri after being discharged from the army to meet up with an old friend Steven, who he met in the army, to work at the hardware store that he set up. Steven let him stay on his couch while he was looking for an apartment and Mike managed to find one rather quickly. The apartment he found was in the same side of town as Steven’s hardware store, just a few roads away. There were five floors in the building with two to three families on each floor. One of the apartments on the same floor as his was rented by a single mother, Samantha, and the other by a Moroccan couple, Said and Amira.

After a few days of staying in the apartment the couple started getting into regular shouting matches. Mike was unable to understand it as whenever they started to get loud they would switch to Arabic and while he may have picked up a few phrases over in Iraq they yelled a different dialect. One day while he was using one of the washing machines on the first floor Samantha came down to do the same and he asked her what all of the shouting was about. She told him that they recently had a child on the way put Amira had a miscarriage, that this was the second time that this had happened and that the shouting was a result of the frustration from this.

One night after Samantha had asked Mike if he could babysit her 8 month old as she quickly popped to the shop. When she came back she asked him if he wanted a drink and they got to talking and just as they started to move their conversation to Samantha’s couch the neighbours started shouting waking up her baby. Samantha rushed off to try and get her child to fall asleep again. After a few minutes Mike went to her and found her rocking her baby in her arms.

“I should be going now.” Mike said.

Kissing him on the cheek “Ok, see you around in the washing room.” she said and watched him from the hallway as he let himself out of her apartment.

At work in the hardware store, Mike heard the tv in the back. It was someone on the news talking about the large dust clouds riding up the country. “First the flooding and now this.” Steven lamented.

“You think we’ll see any of it?” Mike replied.

“Maybe, halo izle if we do then we might need to close up for a couple days.”

Half way through next week, there was a rush of people buying planks of wood and nails just in time for the dust to roll into town. Mike got home one day just as Samantha was packing her car.

“Hey Sam, where are you going?” ask Mike.

“Going to my parents for a few days, they say that the dust hasn’t reached them and I can’t have this one getting breathing problems.” she said gesturing to the child seat in the back of her car.

The Friday after that was when the looting started, creeping its way across the city. One night the fires were a little to close to home and Mike decided he would go visit his sister in New York. He packed his bag that night, clothes, first aid kit, snacks and water, passport, flashlight and his two favourite 9mms. He was awoken in the early morning looking over to his clock and it read 05:43. It seemed that some of the looters had had a night full of looting carrying over to the morning. Now was a better time than ever to start his journey. After downing a cup of coffee to wake him up properly and making some sandwiches for the road, Mike got changed, put on his boots and grabbed his bag.

Leaving his apartment and making his way to the stair case, he heard the sounding of something shattering. He turned around on saw one of the apartment doors was open, it was the shouty couple. Walking closer to investigate he heard a muffled cry so he whipped out a pistol and entered the apartment. Immediately he saw, who he presumed was, Said slummed against the wall with blood down his front and more leaking out of a nasty wound to his neck. Putting his hand to his necked he felt no pulse so he closed Said’s eyes.

There was another shattering coming and walked towards the source. He found himself in the kitchen and found the new widow Amira just as she was grabbed by a masked man while another held a knife that was dripping blood.

“That’s no way to make friends.” Mike called out.

“Fuck off!” one of the men replied, without turning to see him.

“Funny, that’s what I was going to say.” now the two intruders turned to look at Mike, the first still holding onto Amira.

“Why don’t you just…” the one holding the knife stopped talking as he noticed the pistol aimed squared at his chest.

“Look what you two have done to this place, there’s broken all over the floor and now there’s going to be even more of a mess. Why don’t you two find your way home.” Mike suggested, walking further into the kitchen as the intruders walked towards the kitchen door and then made their way out of the apartment.

Mike turned his attention to Amira as she got over the shook of what had just happened. Getting his first real look at her since moving into the building, the size of her tits caught his attention almost as much as her ass did when she rushed out of the kitchen to check on Said. Mike followed her and got to her as she was on her knees, crying and trying to wake Said up.

“I’m sorry but he’s gone.” Mike said putting his hand on her shoulder. After a few minutes Mike asked her “What happened, how did they get in?”

Amira wiped her eyes “My husband was going to the store for groceries and they just rushed in when her opened the door yelling about money and jewellery. When he didn’t give them it they just… they just …”

Mike guessed what came next “Is there anyone I can call for you, any family?”

“No, all of my family are back in Morocco. Me and my husband moved to America a few years ago but we only had each other.”

“Where you two planning on staying here or moving to somewhere less dusty?” Mike asked.

She replied “I asked my husband if it would be better if we left for a few days but he insisted that we would be fine but now he’s…he’s…”

Mike took one of her hands in his “Why don’t you come with me then? I’m going to New York, you can try to get in touch with your family and we can try and get you a plane ticket back there if you want”

“I… I can’t leave him here.” she managed to get out.

“We can make arrangements when everything has calmed down here, shouldn’t take to long once the looters have been dealt with.” Mike tried to ease her worries.

“Ok, I guess if you’re sure.” Amira said.

“Why don’t you go back a bag of some things you’ll need and then we can go.” Amira nodded and the got up and when to her room to gather some things high rise invasion izle and stuff them into a bag. After about five minutes Amira was ready and they left the apartment, taking one last look at Said’s body she closed the apartment door and they went down stairs.

Walking outside they noticed all of mess from the night before, small fires still going and bins emptied all over the road. They walked round the side of the apartment building and into the garage. Mike was relieved to find that his car had been undamaged and they got into it. Driving out of the garage, Mike noticed that Amira had started to cry again and he tried to reassure her again.

“Once we get to my sister’s, that’s where we’re heading to in New York, then you’ll have no trouble getting in touch with your family.” He started on the drive out of the city.

After a few hours of driving they found themselves at a park. Mike pulled over.

“Hungary? I think now’s a good time for a break and we can have an early lunch.” He reached into the back of the car and got his bag. He pulled out two sandwich bags, “I only made cheese sandwiches so I hope you like them.” he handed her one of the bags. Getting the second half of his sandwich out of his bag, Mike glanced over to Amira to see that she had already wolfed down both her sandwiches. “Here, have a drink.” Mike handed her a water bottle.

After finishing his sandwiches Mike mentioned that it would be best for them both to got to the toilet as the would be driving for a long while. Having both relived themselves and getting back in his car, Mike started driving and they where on their way. Some time had passed and Mike told Amira “We’ll probably end up staying the night in a motel if we can find one, the car doesn’t have a lot of room for too many sleepers.”

They drove past a gas station and stopped to refuel, “Why don’t you see if there are any snacks you want while I’m getting the gas.” Amira walked in to the store as Mike was filling up the car. Wandering the aisles she got a bottle of strawberry flavoured water and a Snickers bar. Meeting up with Mike as he picked up some bottles of water and a bag of apples, they walked to the till. Mike paid for the gas and the items and then they headed back to the car and continued on their journey.

They had been driving in silence for most of the day. Mike had no complaints as it left him able to focus on driving and he figured Amira was still coming to terms with the loss of her husband. Around four o’clock Mike spotted a roadside motel coming up on them, “I doubt we’ll find another place to stay today, we can stop here for the night.” Pulling over Mike told Amira to stay at the car as he went in to see if they have any rooms spare.

“We have two single beds, one on the end and of in the corner if you interested, can’t don’t any more than that I’m afraid.” the receptionist told Mike.

“That’s fine, we’ll take the corner room.” He went back to the car, key in hand, and told Amira that they had a room.

Getting their bags from his car he led her to their room in the corner, “Only one bed, looks like it will be cosy, I’m going to have a shower.” Mike said as he put their bags on a chair in the room. Amira went to lie down on the bed and closed her eyes as she heard water starting to run.

Within a few minutes she could feel the steam from the shower against her skin, Mike hadn’t closed the door when he went in there. She got up and went to close the bathroom door and as she got to the door she caught a glimpse into the room and could see Mike’s cock hanging about as he washed himself. She must have been staring for a while as Mike had seen her.

“You want to hop in?” he asked her. She looked up to meet his gaze, embarrassed and then closed the door and went to sit back on the bed. After a few minutes Mike had finished with his shower and walked out of the bathroom with just a towel, Amira made sure not to look at him as he walked over. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Fine, I didn’t mean to stare.” she replied.

“That’s not what I was talking about, I mean how are you feeling in relation to this morning.”

“As good as I could be I guess, all things considered.” she said. Mike sat down next to her, still in just his towel.

He put an arm around her, “But also how was staring.” he laughed as she shook his arm off. He got up and put some clothes on.

They turned on the tv and watched random shows for a few hours, stopping at half skymed izle six to see what there is for dinner. They ended up having some toast and the apples Mike had brought from the gas station as there was only a loaf of bread in the room and they went back to watching shows. At around nine they turned the tv off and tried to get to sleep. The bed wasn’t very big to begin with but Mike made sure to sleep close to Amira and slowly wrapped his arms around her.

She fidgeted a bit but he kept his arms there and held her closer, rubbing himself against her back, “Don’t worry, I not going to try anything. I just wanted to hold you.” He says that, she thought, but she could fell his hardon against her ass. Neither of them had packed any pajamas some Mike just sleep in a top and his underwear while Amira stayed in her clothes.

Soon after she could tell that Mike had fallen asleep, but he was still holding her in his arms. She finally felt like she had a moment to herself and took in the situation. Only this morning had she seen her husband getting murdered and now her she was, in bed with another man with his arms around her body and his cock against her ass. She pushed the though from her mind and tried to fall asleep.

She woke up with a cold feeling on her chest and looked down to see that throughout the night, Mike’s hand had made its way inside of her top. Startled, she rolled over causing Mike’s hand to fall out of her top and waking him up.

“What’s wrong?” Mike mumbled out, half asleep.

“Nothing, nothing happened.” she blushed. She noticed that already Mike had a hardon and again he caught her looking.

“If you want to see it again you just need to ask.” Mike teased her. She turned away from him and Mike notice her turning red, “You don’t need to be shy about it, here.” Mike said as he took his cock out of his underwear as she turned around.

She just looked at it, so Mike reached out and took one of her hands and then lead it to his cock. Holding her hand against his shaft he could feel that she was hesitant.

“Just like this.” he said and then after moving her hand up and down his cock a few times he let go of her hand and she keep stroking him. Then her reached out and put on hand up her top and started to play with her tits and the other hand on her chin and raised it so he could kiss her. She kissed him back and then he grabbed her and pulled her hips so that she was now lying on the bed, still kissing him. He broke off their kiss so that her could pull down her pants and panties. Mike then went back to kissing her as he slipped two fingers into her moistening pussy. Amira moaned between kisses and grabbed his cock and started to jerk him off again. He started to use another finger and his thumb to play with the surrounding hair.

The sound of Amira’s increasingly wet pussy was getting loud only to be overshadowed by her moaning out “Fuck me.”

“Say it again.” Mike said.

“Fuck me Mike, fuck me.” Mike moved between her legs and placed the head of his cock at her pussy, he took hold of her hips and then thrust into her. Amira leaned up and kissed him on the chest, then the neck, the cheek and finally the mouth. Mike moved his cock in and out of her pussy, only going two thirds of the way in to start.

“Faster, fuck me faster.” Amira cried out. Mike picked up the pace and started to put his whole cock inside her. Amira wrapped her arms around him and started lifting herself to meet Mike’s thrusts. Amira tensed up and started to dig her nails into Mike’s back, her pussy clenching on Mike’s cock. She let out a long moan as she started to cum on his cock. After a few more thrust and Mike felt himself start to tense up, he gave her some more fast, deep strokes and then he pulled out of her just in time to shoot his cum onto her pussy and into the surrounding hair.

They collapsed next to each other on the bed, Mike moved closer to her and started kissing her again. They put their arms around each other and just lay there. After a minute Mike got up and then lifted Amira up.

“Let’s get cleaned up and then see what there is for breakfast.” he said as he kissed her left cheek. In the bathroom he put her down on the side of the bath and then turned on the shower, he the took off her top and hijab as well as his top and then stepped under the shower and she joined him. They helped wash each other in between kissing and the step out of the shower and dried each other off.

They went back to the bed and both got into a fresh change of clothes and then Mike went to the kitchen to start on breakfast while Amira made the bed. She went to the kitchen and saw Mike had started making them some coffee and was doing them some toast. She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him, he held onto her hands and they just stood there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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