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Big Tits

Easy Money  

by ail

REVISED � A couple of pages were missing from the middle. My error. Sorry

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Easy Money

Juarez, Mexico,

I stared at my favorite Polaroid of Romeo � the kid I was in love with. Maybe I was biased, but I thought he could have been a model or an actor.

Well, he already was an actor, in a way.

Yeah, falling for a twelve year-old hustler is pretty nuts. If I could have just smacked this obsession out of my head, I would have. When God was passing out sex-drives, I would have said “No thanks.” To make matters worse, he”d given me a defective one.

My friends in school had been hot for anything with a set of tits, while I merely pretended to be.

Who was I secretly hot for?

…my friends.

And if that wasn”t bad enough, I was even more hot for their little brothers.

God hadn”t just given me a defective libido… he”d twisted the hell out if it first.

I think it was my need to understand my messed-up urges that led me to immerse myself in the study of the human animal. But even as I earned my degree in anthropology, with a minor in the social sciences, I was no closer to understanding my own head.

I earned a consolation prize though: I was now on career path that I wouldn”t trade for anything,

not even for my Romeo.

Well, probably not, anyway � depending on which day you asked me.

~ ~ ~

Dante growled, then barked at the sound of a light knock on the back door. I looked out the curtain to make sure it was him. I was surprised (and a little annoyed) that he wasn”t alone.

I opened the door. Romeo had a small boy with him.

“Tomas… qu� onda.” Romeo”s usual greeting.

They entered and I closed the door behind them. Dante greeted Romeo with the usual panting and tail wagging. Romeo rubbed and kissed the top of Dante”s furry head. The little one seemed neither surprised nor frightened by the large German Shepherd who immediately greeted him as a non-threatening little friend of Romeo”s, sniffing the little boy”s bare legs.

“Hello,” I said to the little one. Then to Romeo, “Who is this?”

“My brother,” he answered.

He looked to be a first-grader or thereabout � a smaller version of Romeo.

“And, why did you bring… ” I stopped and didn”t finish the question.

“I had to,” Romeo cut in.

I immediately felt like a prick, assuming the little one had understood me. Most of the kids in this area spoke pretty good English.

I quickly changed my demeanor. “Of course it”s okay that you brought…”

“Luis,” Romeo finished my sentence.

“Oh, so this is Luis! I finally get to meet you!”

“Hi,” little Luis responded as he looked around apprehensively, and then returned his attention to Dante.

“Does your aunt Carla know…” I didn”t bother finishing that question either. Romeo gave me the eye-roll and I then remembered the stories he”d told me about his home life with his aunt Carla, five cousins, the low-life men who often stayed at their house, the drugs, the booze. His expression said it all: of course she didn”t know. She didn”t keep track of her own children, much less her nephews.

“I figured he could play computer games, or watch TV while me and you are busy?” Romeo said in the form of a question. Upon seeing my expression, Romeo crossed his arms, getting ready for an argument, finally adding, “It”s okay, he knows all about this stuff,” nodding toward little Luis.

Suspicious, I furrowed my brows and turned to his little brother. “You do?”

The little one nodded. But his blank expression didn”t convince me he even knew what Romeo and I were talking about. He went back to petting Dante.

I shifted into grown-up mode. “Well, how about all three of us play some computer games and we”ll put off the other business until tomorrow.”

Romeo looked at me with his typical pleading expression for whenever he wanted something. “I need the money today, though.”

I felt a scam coming on. I was about to be hustled.

“Luis, have you played computer games before?” I asked.

Luis shook his head no.

I had a new Apple IIe computer � all the rage � upgraded from my old dedicated word processor for the express purpose of running WordPerfect. I”d temporarily moved from El Paso to Juarez specifically to write about Mexican Border Towns, which had been the subject of my college thesis… but was now in the process of being much more.

Since I”d met Romeo though, my new computer often ran games � Spy hunter, Choplifter, Galaxian, Frogger, Loderunner, and a couple of others. It was set up on the coffee table in front of the sofa, leaving little room for actual coffee and snacks. I liked to eat, drink and sleep near my work.

I moved to flip the on-switch but Romeo got to it first. “I can do it.”

“I know you can. You understand the friken thing better than I do now.”

Dante sat patiently and watched the boys.

Romeo inserted a floppy disk and typed brun loderunner, tapped the Return key and the game whirred to life. Everything Romeo knew about computers he learned here, in this room, and he had picked it up so fast it made me want to cry that he neglected school. He sat on the couch and moved Luis in front of him to show him which keys to tap.

“I wish you”d buy a joystick,” Romeo commented absently as he put Luis” little fingers on the keys, and pressed them at the appropriate times, showing Luis how to evade an enemy made of moving pixels.

“It”s supposed to be for work,” I complained (in a pleasant voice for little Luis” sake).

“Then why did you buy the games?”

“Well, because you…”

“…experta en chupar la polla?” Romeo mumbled absently.

“Don”t!” I interrupted, “…talk that way in front of your brother.”

“Why not?” Romeo asked without looking away from the screen. He and Luis pushed excitedly on the keys to escape their digital deaths.

“Because,” I answered, still speaking politely, “and don”t push the keys so hard.”

“Buy a joystick then.”

I sighed, having no response.

Romeo still worked to persuade me. “What if Luis promises to just play the game, and not look over at us in the next room?”

My answer was a non-answer: another sigh. My big bed wasn”t in a real bedroom, but in an adjoining room separated by just an archway. The thought of having sex in full view of Romeo”s little brother… was way over the edge.

Romeo continued. “He”s been with me over to Eduardo”s a few times… it”s no big whoop.”

“He has? Really? …Christ,” I muttered and literally put my face into my hand. This was getting crazier by the second.

For the third time in the last minute, I heaved a sighed instead of forming words. Finally, I answered, “I”ll start up the bath for you.”

Romeo clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes, as he did every single time.

There was no denying it � I was obsessive-compulsive. I required my Romeo to bathe first. Always. I wasn”t his only customer and I didn”t want to kiss the residue of other guys. Especially not Eduardo, Romeo”s last remaining customer, other than me. Not to mention, AIDS, which was the new scare.

Could bathing wash away AIDS? I didn”t know. But I hadn”t heard of outbreaks in this area, so I didn”t obsess about that.

I went into the bathroom, stuffed the rubber plug into the drain and turned on the warm water.

~ ~ ~

Boys-for-hire weren”t necessarily thieves and liars, but my Romeo was definitely a hustler, as most people defined hustler, so you had to make sure your wallet was in your front pocket if you were going to turn your back to him.

I took every story and explanation he provided with a grain of salt.

Juarez was beginning to make a name for itself, but not in a good way. I didn”t live in the worst part of town, nor in the slums, but I wasn”t far from there, and Romeo actually did live in the slums � well, not in the shacks and hovels section of town that matched Somalia in utter poverty � but in slums nonetheless, by anyone”s standards.

I purposely chose to live exactly where I did, rather than a safer area. Romeo had no choice where he lived though.

Most of the street kids in this area managed to survive their tough childhoods, and this caused me to respect them for their resourcefulness. But, really, if you knew the areas of Juarez to avoid � and this applied to all of Chihuahua really � you were relatively safe.

Still, there was a lot more crime here than in El Paso, so I avoided making myself a target. My car went from point A to point B, but it looked like a beat-up piece of shit, not worth stealing. This was intentional � same with my run-down house. I kept the curtains closed and Dante”s deadly-sounding growl made sure I got to keep my new computer and my tiny excuse for a TV.

Having already spent a few months on the streets, learning my way around (with help from a local friend who accompanied me and kept me from getting in trouble), meeting people, hearing their stories, I”d gathered notebooks and mini-cassettes full of info and I was again in the writing phase of the Border Town project.

~ ~ ~

I stood beside the couch, watching Romeo and little Luis play Lode Runner. I was not really surprised how fast Luis caught on to the konyaaltı üniversiteli escort game, considering how quickly his brother had learned.

The tiny pixilated character on the screen blasted a hole in the pixel brick floor � a trap for the enemy to fall in � then he quickly made his getaway. Romeo urged him on. The sight of him helping his little brother, showing him the ropes, (or in this case, the ladders) seemed so normal.

~ ~ ~

Romeo wasn”t fond of his name, which was understandable. But personally, I loved it. I called him Ro sometimes just to please him. But sadly, my motivation to please him was quite different than his motivation to please me � namely, money.

He would do anything if the price was right, including all manner of sex. And not only that, he would do it convincingly, leading me to believe, for a few minutes, that he was as much into me as I was into him.

I didn”t hold it against him whenever he hustled me in some unexpected way. I couldn”t stay angry at him if I tried. In fact, over the last few months, I”d grown to love him, regardless of the sex. But you wouldn”t know it sometimes by our constant bickering.

But yes, I did feel guilty for having a thing with twelve year-old. In fact, I”d changed my mind and backed out a couple of times, but Romeo hounded me until I”d given in.

One time, in the throes of indecision and frustration, I”d paid him to just sit and play computer games. I knew he needed the money to survive, which is how I justified our arrangement in my head, but my mood at the time left me wracked with guilt for taking advantage of this boy”s depressing circumstance.

A while back, before I”d met Romeo, I”d paid an older boy for sex, a couple of times. He was sixteen. But unlike Romeo, he hung out in the tourist areas and had sex with complete strangers for money, which was also more dangerous. But he wore nicer clothes and sometimes got to sleep in hotel rooms. Romeo, on the other hand, just had a few regulars � a steady gig.

Like Romeo, the older boy was doing it for the money, but he wasn”t so good at disguising that fact � not that I held it against him either. Many of these boys probably weren”t even gay. They were just trying to survive. I didn”t hold it against any of them, not even the ones who I knew would rob me blind if they had half the chance. Growing up in this environment… it was hard to blame them.

Unfortunately, a scary percentage was also addicted to drugs and needed money to feed not just their bellies, but their addictions. Romeo had managed to avoid drugs, thankfully.

My Romeo was an exceptional actor. Hustling and acting went hand-in-hand. But I studied people. I knew my relationship with this boy was lopsided. I needed him because he had manipulated me into needing him. I wasn”t deluding myself. I was certain he was just acting and wasn”t actually hot for me. He needed the money. I understood.

Still, it was worth every penny.

He… was worth every penny.

He provided a service and I willingly paid him for it.

For me to have this gorgeous twelve year-old boy all to myself for twenty minutes, his flawless cocoa skin, exquisitely shaped body, raven black hair, dark brown eyes and puffy lips � was a wet-dream come true. He may not have talked like an angel, but he sure looked like one.

And for this beautiful boy to do all the same things to me that I did to him, and for him to convince me, if only for a few minutes, that he loved it as much as I did � was like a replication of heaven. And that”s where angels were from, weren”t they …from heaven?

In the back of my mind, I was always aware that it wasn”t the real heaven, but fuck if it wasn”t close!

The way he serviced me for twenty minutes, making me believe that he lusted to taste my flesh � my body, my cock, my cum � filling his mouth and dripping from his lips…

and the way he wrapped his legs around my waist and kissed me as I fucked him…

more than once, I”d thought to myself, “he should be nominated for an Oscar, this kid.”

I needed to keep my head in the real world though. At my insistence, he took a bath every time he came over, which started out about once a week, but had turned into twice a week, and lately was creeping up to three.

Besides my incremental trust fund, I received another advance from the committee which financed my project (which, by necessity, I kept secret from my little hustler) and I”d asked him to come over more often.

He had tried to barter with me to compensate him for his time in the bath tub. I didn”t agree though, not because of the money, but to keep from losing what little control I had left � not control of him, but control of my life.

If I”d had to though, I probably would have given in because I wasn”t his only customer � I required this beautiful boy, whose body I had tasted every inch of, to be clean.

Until recently, he had two other regulars, besides me. Then one of those was gone, shot dead in a drug dispute. After that, his only regular customers were me and one other guy. Eduardo.

~ ~ ~

The eight-bit computer music was lively and fun � I watched little Luis as he proudly beat the second level.

The tub! …I almost forgot. I went into the bathroom and quickly turned the faucet.

As soon as Romeo stood up and went into the bathroom, Luis stopped playing and followed him, with Dante following close behind. This struck me as cute. I felt a little bad for the kid, being in a strange place in such sordid circumstances.

Romeo quickly stripped his clothes and climbed into the tub, a sight which normally gave me a little thrill, but having his brother here changed things. Luis sat on the toilet lid petting Dante while his big brother was in the tub.

It didn”t take him long. Five minutes. He got out of the tub, picked up his clothes and carried them near the bed, dropping them on the floor � then he took Luis back over to the computer. As always, I enjoyed seeing him walk naked across the room.

“Try Spy Hunter instead,” I suggested. “He might like that one better.”

Romeo put in another floppy disk and started the game. The eight-bit beep-blip version of the old Peter Gun theme-song made me both smile and wince. Within a couple of minutes, Romeo had Luis playing Spy Hunter on his own.

“Dante, stay with Luis.”

Dante did.

Then to his little brother, he added, “I”ll be right over there. You stay here and play, okay?”

Luis nodded and said, “Okay.”

Romeo jumped onto the bed next to me. “What do you want to do?” Romeo asked me as if he was a waiter in a restaurant. The thought made me smile � the cutest little naked waiter ever.

I whispered, “Well, I can”t fuck you when your brother is right over there.”

Romeo laughed. “It”s okay, you can.”

“No, I mean… I probably can”t.”

Romeo set his fancy new watch to beep in twenty minutes, then laid it next to him on the bed as if he had another customer waiting as soon as he was done with me; we both knew he didn”t. I chuckled to myself at his attempt to modernize his illicit little business. Digital watches were becoming cheaper by the minute in El Paso, but on this side of the border they were still expensive enough to risk stealing, the nice ones anyway. I had asked Romeo where he got such a fancy watch, but I already knew before I asked, regardless of his innocent explanation: he stole it. Too bad he couldn”t actually wear it outside the house. It would probably be yanked from his wrist by one of the neighborhood thugs.

Romeo”s face appeared above mine. He lowered closer and kissed me, long and sensuous. His lips were soft, warm and moist, just like always. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He”d claimed a while back that I”d been the first and only one to ask him to kiss… that the other guys he serviced weren”t interested in kissing. Maybe he was telling me the truth, and maybe he wasn”t. It was hard to tell.

I flipped him onto his back and slid my hands down his smooth naked body, kissing his neck, his chest, his belly, then over and around his groin, inspecting the dark fuzz he”d grown just in the last couple of months. I kissed all his delicious boy-parts.

The sounds of computer keys tapping and digital blips and bleeps meant Luis was still paying attention to the game and it set my mind at ease a little. So I took the time to suck on Romeo”s springy adolescent boner for a minute (which wasn”t so little anymore… it had grown a half-inch longer just since I”d known him).

He finally pulled away and slowly moved south until he was down between my legs. He pulled my robe open, revealing my erection. As usual, he made an effort to act seductive, moving his face all the way down between my legs. He rubbed his chin over my sack as he looked up at me, then he slid his lips over my skin, stopping to lightly kiss each ball, still looking up at me, teasing me.

He knew what I liked because I had shown him. I”d done all the things to him that he now did to me. Well, except for the fucking. I didn”t want him to fuck me. I didn”t even let him touch me there.

But as far as him sucking on me so well, it helped that I had a normal-sized dick, instead of a horse dick, as Romeo had described his other remaining customer, Eduardo (Romeo later admitted he had exaggerated, and explained that other guy”s dick was only a little bigger than mine).

Another reason he knew what I liked was because, sometimes, when I was feeling lusty, I just asked him to do this or that… and he always did it without hesitation.

When I”d once asked him how he”d originally known about sex, kurtköy escort he had told me about a time when he was little, a local guy offered to give him a triple-x sex magazine if he would let the guy suck on his little wiener. The well-used magazine had full-page glossy color photos of big-breasted women sucking on huge dicks while smiling at the camera. Some of the pages showed the women drink the white stuff that spurt out of the guys” dicks, some of it messily running down their faces and chins.

He”d said the sucking and fucking held his interest, but the close-up shots of the women”s holes disgusted him.

Another thing he”d eventually learned when attempting to sell sex � women didn”t want to do sexual things with little boys, but more than a few guys did, as the porn-magazine-guy did. Yet another guy might pay a boy if he would suck the guy”s dick, while another guy would pay a boy if he let him fuck his little butt.

I obviously fit into more than one category. But hearing those stories had not been great for my ego, leaving me feeling like just one in a long line of guys who”d used him for sex. Romeo had sensed my guilty feelings, and had immediately consoled me, orally.

~ ~ ~

Romeo suddenly made a noise to get my attention. He always wanted me to watch what he did to me, apparently proud of his skill, or maybe so I could never claim I wasn”t getting my money”s worth. The twelve year-old slid his tongue slowly up my dick then moved his mouth over the round knob, Most of the partially-hard pole slowly disappeared as he went farther down.

I sighed deeply every single time I watched him do that. His ability for this at such a young age was… amazing.

On those times I was still not solidly erect, he could suck all of me into his mouth until his lips were pressed against my groin. If I was rock-hard though, he couldn”t quite do that little trick. I wasn”t as big as Eduardo, apparently, but I wasn”t tiny either.

He felt and massaged my groin and my short patch of hair, which I kept meticulously trimmed just for him. Then he moved his head up, slowly releasing my dick from his mouth, the pole magically appearing, sliding from his o-shaped lips. As always, I was mesmerized.

I no longer heard the tapping of the keys. Instead, I heard breathing. I turned my head and there was little Luis, standing next to the bed, watching his big brother suck on my dick. In a panic, I grabbed the edges of my robe and closed it, accidentally covering Romeo”s head.

Romeo sat up. “Luis, you promised. Go play Spy Hunter like I showed you.”

“I heard a noise,” Luis squeaked. “I want to stay in here with you.”

“You”re safe,” I chimed in. “Anyways, Dante will protect you.”

But Luis didn”t budge.

“It doesn”t matter.” Romeo said to me. “He”s seen this stuff before, at Eduardo”s.”


Both boys nodded.

Why was he with you over there?”

“Same reason as now… I needed to watch him.” Then he added, “You sure you want to spend your time talking?” he pointed to his watch.

I grabbed the watch and pushed a little timer button. It made a small beep.

“Hey!” Romeo snapped up the watch and pushed the little timer button again, resuming the clock.

“Fine,” I said. “But, I still don”t get it… you actually let your little brother watch you and Eduardo?”

“He likes to watch us fuck.”

“Bullshit,” I argued. I looked at Luis, suspicious of this scenario. “Really Luis? You like to watch that guy fuck your brother?”

“No,” Romeo cut in, “me and Luis.”

“You and Luis …what? …who likes to watch?”

“Eduardo, I just told you.”

“Wait…” At first, I didn”t understand. Then it clicked. “That guy pays to watch you fuck your little brother?”

Romeo nodded matter-of-factly.

I looked at little Luis. It sounded unreal but it made more sense. I suddenly felt painfully self-conscious talking about him as though he wasn”t right there next to us, watching and listening.

Romeo rested his chin right on my parts. “It”s fine. I don”t let Eduardo fuck him. I”m the only one who can do it… right Luis?”

Luis nodded.

“A grown-up”s dick is too big for him anyway… especially Eduardo”s, ” Romeo added.

I shuddered to think of big-dick Eduardo with access to a kid as small as Luis. I”d never actually met him and I wanted to keep it that way. Romeo had told me all about Eduardo several times, but he assured me he wouldn”t tell Eduardo about me, not ever.

I rubbed my temples and mumbled to Romeo, “And Luis doesn”t mind it, you fucking him… in front of Eduardo?”

“Naa. It”s easy money… right Luis?”

Luis nodded and repeated, “easy money.”

I sighed and shook my head, giving Romeo the evil eye.

He crossed his arms. “I don”t force him to do it. And besides, I buy him stuff with the leftover money.”

Luis was a itty-bitty kid, but Romeo”s pre-teen boner was only about four inches long. I supposed that wasn”t big enough to hurt Luis. But what struck me on a more personal level was Romeo”s description � “easy money”

“That”s probably how Romeo views me.” I thought. I already assumed this but the reminder made my heart sink a little.

“You”re not worried something might happen to him?” I thought about how small Luis had looked next to Dante at the back door.

“Like what?”

“I don”t know.”

Romeo shrugged. “What”s he going to do when I”m not here anymore? He”ll have to make money somehow.”

I sighed, shaking my head in disapproval. “How old are you, Luis?”

Luis opened his mouth to answer but Romeo answered for him. “Nine, right Luis?”

Luis nodded.

I crossed my arms and, again, gave Romeo the evil eye.

“Almost nine,” he adjusted his answer.

“Almost-eight might be closer,” I responded as politely as I could (I truly didn”t want to scare the kid or even make him uncomfortable). “Ro, my boy… I love ya, and I”m not trying to tell you what to do, but Luis isn”t old enough for… this kind of thing.”

“Climb up here Luis.” Romeo coaxed his brother.

Luis climbed up the side of the bed then sat on his knees, still wearing beaten tennis shoes, looking back and forth between Romeo and me.

Romeo scooched over by his little brother and got up onto his knees and pushed his hips toward his little brother”s face. “Show Thomas your skills.”

Luis didn”t require any convincing. “Okay.” He bent forward to his big brother”s erection and slipped his mouth over the end and sucked on it, then a moment later he slid further forward, most of the boner disappearing into his mouth. Then he slid up, then down again. Then a little faster, again and again. I felt my own erection throb and I realized how revved up I was by this little display.

“See?” Romeo said, looking over to me. “…and I cum, and everything, huh Luis?”

Luis nodded as he sucked.

The thought made my mouth water. Romeo didn”t have much cum to offer though. A couple of tasty watered-down squirts and that was it.

“And he likes it?”

“He doesn”t mind… do you Luis.” Luis pulled away from his brother”s boner and answered, “easy money.”

“Did Eduardo pay to watch you two do that?”

“One time he did, but he mostly wants us to fuck.”

A light clicked on in my head. Had Romeo planned all this? …bringing his brother here? …a scheme to get more money?

“See… he knows what he”s doing.” Romeo kissed the top of his brother”s head and said, “Want to go play your game some more now?”

Luis still didn”t budge. He just sat, watching us.

Romeo waved his hand, frowning. “Okay, whatever,” He crawled back in between my legs.

The conflict in my brain was overwhelming… right next to me sat a little boy, far too young, watching adult sex between his big brother and a guy he”d just met. On the other side was my beautiful Romeo, whom I lusted for around the clock, and he was at this moment holding my raging erection in his hands, and was about to suck on it. All mixed together in my head were exhilaration, embarrassment, guilt, and incredible lust.

Romeo now ignored Luis and resumed paying attention to me, looking into my eyes, resuming his seduction act, as his open mouth lowered slowly down over the head of my cock. He closed his lips and sucked on it, then slid down until much of my erection disappeared into his mouth

A sudden snicker from Luis startled me. He was amused apparently, at seeing his brother make so much of my dick disappear.

“I never had an audience before,” I muttered.

Romeo”s attention switched back to Luis. With his lips halfway down my pole, he chuckled at his brother.

Luis put his hand over his mouth, trying not to laugh.

A little chuckle escaped my lips also… against my will.

With his mouth still stuffed with my dick, he looked at Luis and made goofy smile. When Romeo finally let me loose from his lips, I took my erection into my own hand and jacked it enthusiastically as Romeo messaged my balls, still making silly faces at his brother.

The beep from the watch made me jump. I growled in desperation. Romeo grabbed the watch, pushed the off button and dropped it on the bed and said “forget that for now.” He leaned in and obscenely licked the head of my dick as I jacked it.

Almost before I realized, I was close. I said “ohh…” and cum spurt out the tip and spilled onto my belly. Romeo slid his lips and tongue up my erection and over the knob just as it spasmed again. The contents of my balls pumped into his mouth. He swallowed, rubbing and massaging me with his hands. He looked ankara kurtuluş escort at Luis and made an exaggerated “mm-mm” sound. Little Luis stared at him, apparently still amused. I doubted Romeo actually enjoyed the taste of my sperm… “easy money”… but he always played it up as if he liked it. He swallowed again and finally pulled away, still holding my dick in his hand, watching the remaining bit of pearly liquid run down the pole.

Luis pointed at the dripping juice, apparently trying to be helpful; Romeo again licked slowly up the pole and slurped on the tip until there was no more cum.

I was in my usual blissful state, not just from the wonderful feeling, but the wonderful sight of my little hustler licking my cum-coated erection.

Luis pointed to the small puddle on my belly. Romeo responded, “We”ll just use this for lotion,” and he swiped his hand across the white puddle and smeared it onto my balls, rubbing it in and massaging me.

Little Luis laughed. “Did it feel good?” he asked me with not a drop of sarcasm in his voice.

“Very,” I answered him, smiling at his adorably blunt question. Then I asked Romeo, “Did Luis get to watch you do that for Eduardo?”

Luis shook his head no and Romeo gave me an odd look and I realized …I sound jealous. “Just curious, is all.” I added.

“Naa,” Romeo answered. “Eduardo mostly likes fucking.”

Little Luis added, “He watched me and Ro do it while he played with his wiener.”

I laughed and so did Romeo.

Luis was getting more talkative. “I saw Eduardo do it to Ro, one time… you know, in his butt… I didn”t like when he did that though.”

“Oh… how come?”

“”Cause he”s mean.” Luis answered, sounding serious again.

I turned to Romeo, wondering what Luis meant that Eduardo is mean.

“He”s kinda rough sometimes,” Romeo clarified, “but it”s just pretend.”

My face grew warm, and not in a good way. I felt a sudden anger in my chest, but I suppressed it. I had more questions but I didn”t want to ask in front of Luis.

I picked up a dirty shirt from the end of the bed and wiped it across my belly where a translucent white puddle had been a minute earlier.

“Ro has that,” Luis pointed at my wet belly, “…stuff that squirts out, called cum.”

“Yeah, I know,” I smiled at Luis. “Cool huh?”

He nodded. “I did that too, like Ro did. I drinked his,” he nodded toward his brother. He opened his mouth and pointed inside, then swallowed the pretend semen. But he looked as if he couldn”t decide whether to be proud or embarrassed.

I chuckled a little. “Did it taste good?”

Luis shrugged like he couldn”t decide, then answered, “Ro likes when I do it.”

I turned to Romeo.

Romeo”s face quickly blushed. “I don”t make him!” he defended himself quickly with an embarrassed grin, “…I just ask him.”

“I”ll do it. Wanna see?” Little Luis asked me with a bashfully expression, but clearly willing to show me.

“Yeah,” I answered Luis, trying to sound only slightly interested. “I want to see.”

“You don”t have to,” Romeo responded to his brother but looked at me as he said it, “See?” …apparently wanting to be clear he didn”t force or trick his brother to do anything.

“Okay, okay, I believe you.”

Romeo grabbed his watch, about to push the buttons. But he looked up at me and saw my expression. He did another eye-roll, then set the watch back down. He crawled over on his knees until he was in front of his little brother again.

Luis announced, “Okay, I”m going to do it, watch…” and bent down to his big brother”s partially hard dick and sucked it into his mouth. Like before, he moved his head in and out.

“Wait,” Romeo stopped Luis, “that”ll take forever.” Luis let go.

I was a little disappointed. I wouldn”t have minded if it took a while.

Romeo wrapped his hand around his four-inch erection and started jacking it.

Luis sat back on his heels and watched. “He can make it come out faster when he does that,” Luis explained to me.

A few moments later, Romeo stood up on his feet, standing up on the bed, jacking quickly. Luis got up onto his knees, in front of his brother”s erection, watching Romeo”s flying hand. I moved closer and watched.

It didn”t take him long. He croaked to Luis, “Here it comes… ”

Luis moved in close. I moved closer also. Romeo slid his knob inside his little brother”s open mouth. A short jet of clear liquid squirt out, like a ten-cent squirt gun, coating Luis” tongue. The erection twitched and throbbed then several more thin clear jets squirt out. Then he slid the knob over Luis” tongue as the rest dribbled out like thin syrup.

Luis finally closed his lips around his brother”s spent boner, sucking and swallowing. Then he let go and sat back onto his heels, wiping the back of his hand over his mouth. He turned to me and said, “See?”

“Wow!” I couldn”t help responding to the little kid even though I felt weird for encouraging him.

Luis smiled proudly. Then he said, “Are we done? I want you guys to play Spy Hunter with me.”

Romeo literally jumped off the bed and ran naked over to the computer. Luis and Dante ran behind.

My head was still reeling from their x-rated little display

Then Romeo, upon noticing my absence, walked back over to the bed, took my hand and pulled me along.

“Spy Hunter is only for one player,” I reminded him.

“We”ll take turns,” he answered, sounding more grown-up than me. It occurred to me then that I loved Romeo even more than the day before.

~ ~ ~

I didn”t expect to see Romeo for a couple days. But the next day, he came over again, and little Luis was with him. He didn”t come for business though. He came because Luis was already addicted to Spy Hunter, just that quick, and he had pestered his big brother to bring him over.

I said, “I should be writing, but I look at you and I think… how can I refuse that face?” I lightly pinched his cheek, teasing my handsome boy. He waved me away, red-faced and grinning.

I planned on being alone, writing all day. Instead, we took turns playing computer games. When Luis wasn”t taking his turn, he was chasing Dante through the house. Not that I minded. It reminded me of home, when I was little.

I put a VHS tape of The Black Stallion into the (stolen) VCR. Luis was instantly drawn to the TV, like a magnet.

I turned up the volume a little too loud, purposely, and I waited until Luis was completely engrossed in the movie then quietly asked Romeo point blank if he”d brought Luis over in hopes of making more money.

He tried not to act embarrassed � to show his cards � and he was trying to avoid answering.

Over the next half-hour, I was able to drag more information from him. Romeo switched back to Galaxian which he could play pretty well even when simultaneously talking with me. He didn”t even have to give it his full attention.

The longer I knew Romeo, the better I had a sense of when I was hearing bullshit. But I think this was mostly the truth:

~ ~ ~

He had lived with his Aunt Carla before reuniting with his little brother. When Luis came to stay, Carla was under the assumption she would receive extra financial assistance for his care.

Long story short, she never got the money, and she threatened to pawn Luis off onto someone else. So Romeo promised that he himself would give her a small amount each week.

And that”s what he did with much of the money he made from his little business.

Lately though, when he left Luis at home, no one watched him or even looked out for him, and their neighborhood was becoming more violent than ever.

Some of his Aunt Carla”s friends were almost as bad as the rough people in the neighborhood.

Romeo said one of Carla”s buddies shoved Luis off the front steps, then closed and locked the door, locking Luis out of the house until Romeo came back and found Luis outside at night, alone and afraid. Romeo had been so enraged, he set out to buy (or steal) a gun… but changed his mind after he”d cooled off a little.

Now that Romeo only had two remaining sources for money (Eduardo and me) he started taking Luis with him to Eduardo”s. Even though Eduardo was kind of a dick, Romeo knew him well enough that he didn”t fear for Luis” safety. But not just that… the few times he got Luis in on the act with Eduardo, he”d been able to barter for more money.

But… this arrangement had quickly began to unravel, because of Eduardo”s drinking. When he was drunk, he got too rough with Romeo, and Eduardo had chosen this particular time to start drinking more, (when it rains, it pours) causing Romeo more grief, and now he dreaded every single time he was about to hook up with Eduardo.

The last time, Eduardo had scared Luis and made him cry � he”d ordered Luis out of the room while he finished aggressively fucking Romeo.

So now, the boy was in a dilemma: let Luis fend for himself at home or take a chance at Eduardo”s. He didn”t know what to do.

So yes, he was trying to hustle me for more money, so that he could ditch Eduardo but still make enough for him and Luis to survive.

As much as would have loved to let them both move in with me, I couldn”t let that happen. My time in Mexico was limited. But I decided that if I could help in some way � help them find a better living situation � I absolutely would.

~ ~ ~

“Do you want to spend the night?”

“And Luis?”

“Of course, both of you…. just one night though.”

“What about Eduardo?”

“Fuck Eduardo,” I answered.

Romeo”s expression turned quizzical.

“I meant, forget Eduardo.”

“Does that mean you”re going to give me more money?”


I couldn”t tell what Romeo was thinking. All he said was “Okay.”



“I care what happens to you… and Luis.”

“I know,” was all he said.




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