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A “nice but naughty” Colston/Reader fic requested by Kenzie. I hope ye enjoy…


Edward Colston stared blankly out the window of his carriage, looking very much troubled. He fiddled with the curls of his elaborate grey periwig. His mind was pained by the task which lay before him. He was journeying to the headquarters of the Merchant Venturers, to explain why he’d declined an opportunity to join the Royal African Company. Reaching in his pocket, Colston read again the letter he received from the Merchant Venturers. The words struck him hard.


We beg you to come with great haste as we fear you are making the gravest of mistakes. Our elder benefactor will soon slip those mortal coils which bind him to this World and pass into the next before the Week is done. It is his wish that you succeed him on the Board of Directors.”

When he’d finished, he silently placed the paper back into his pocket and turned again to the distraction offered by the bustling streets of London. As Colston considered the task before him, his chest tightened and sweat moistened the palms of his hands. He had always felt more comfortable amongst his books and writings. His skill in negotiating business deals with the Portuguese had enabled him to become a wealthy fellow, trading in wine, tobacco and textiles. His other strength and passion lay in the scholarly exploration of God’s Word and the theological expositions of religious doctrines through passionate and thoughtfully written articles.

Writing gave Colston a measure of emotional distance since he was physically separated from the masses. He saw them only as a group, not as individuals. Situations like the one he would face with the head of the Merchant Venturers were uncomfortably intimate and personal. Two things which he found difficult to navigate. However, this flaw in his character was improving, Colston felt, and he knew kaçak iddaa exactly who to credit with this recent metamorphosis, his maidservant, Y/N. The twentysomething woman had only come into his employ some four months previous, but already her youthful vitality, charming manner, and beautiful features had transformed his dour existence into bouquet of light and happiness.

She infused him with a sense of giddy delight whenever she would walk into a room or speak a word in her angelic voice. A good deal younger than he, Y/N’s positive influences on his disposition increased all the more when, six weeks ago, they became secret lovers. Although his conscience had since been racked with guilt over the sinful nature of their relationship–and his enjoyment of it. However, Colston’s deep longing for the physical and emotional tenderness which had eluded him all his life, but which was now found in Y/N’s embrace, soon melted away even the strongest fears of divine judgment. The two were now quite inseparable and the lovely girl was accompanying him in the carriage.

Y/N had opened his eyes in ways he never could have imagined. She was the reason he was declining to join the RAC. She’d persuaded him that a man so pious and generous as he should never become join a company which endorsed the transatlantic slave trade. Y/N’s unwavering opinion was held by virtually nobody else, and he was both shocked and enthralled. At first he’d scoffed at it, but as time went by and he fell in love with her, he’d started to give the matter serious thought. She was absolutely correct. Though to speak up against the accepted norms of these powerful businesses would seriously harm his reputation in both Bristol and London.

“And centuries from now, perhaps in more enlightened times, the people of the future will revere ye as a brave man who stuck to his principles and defied the prevailing view.”

Colston kaçak bahis liked the idea of being worshipped long after his death, but right now he feared how he’d be ridiculed by the unforgiving men at the RAC. They could create many problems for him. He and Y/N might end up relocating far away from London.

Y/N looked at Colston with concern. She recognised her lover’s empty gaze as a sign of his active mind at work, mulling over deep, dark thoughts best left unexplored.

“Edward, what troubles you?” She asked in a voice filled with both worry and affection.

“My dear,” the merchant said without turning to face her, “I fear I will not be able to find the right words to explain why I am refusing to join the RAC. No man hath ever turned down such lucrative employment simply because his employer uses enslaved labour. “You know I am not one who is at ease when confronted with outbursts of emotion or sentimentality.”

“That is not true, Edward! You are nothing but a fount of emotion and sentiment with me.” Y/N reached across to place her hand reassuringly on Colston’s knee. Her soft touch startled and aroused him. He turned his head to see her and was taken in by her exquisite beauty. Y/N’s skin was flawless. Her glossy hair shimmered in the sunlight. The girl’s full red lips were parted ever so slightly and turned downward at the corners in a coquettish pout. The smitten merchant’s gaze turned downward to see Y/N’s ample bosom struggling to remain captive in her laced bodice. The bouncing of the carriage over the cobbled street threatened to release her pert breasts. This was too much for even a strait-laced man like Colston to resist. He felt a warmth in his loins as blood raced to his manhood.

It was impossible to disguise Colston’s involuntary response to the visual and tactile stimuli his nubile lover elicited, and it wasn’t long before his engorged cock strained the buttons illegal bahis on his breeches. Noticing his erection, Y/N bit her bottom lip and smiled with amusement. Taking her index finger, she outlined the generous shaft that lay along Colston’s thigh. Doing so made her quim moisten in anticipation.

“Perhaps there is a way I can help relax you and dispel those bothersome thoughts from your mind, Edward?”

“I do believe there is,” he mumbled, blushing.

She slid off her seat cushion and knelt between Colston’s knees. Expertly, she unfastened the flap on the front of his breeches. Peeling the fabric away, she revealed the merchant’s throbbing fuck pole. The aroused vixen gave no preliminary warning, but immediately plunged her mouth down on head of Colston’s cock. This sudden move caused him to audibly gasp in surprise.

Faster and faster Y/N went up and down Colston’s shaft with her mouth, gaining momentum. She could feel the pleasure in him build as his body stiffened. Moans of pleasure escaped his lips, quiet at first, but then rising in volume and intensity as his desire increased. It was fortunate for him that the sound of the horses’ hooves and the rattling of the carriage masked his moans.

When Y/N sensed Colston would soon climax, she held her mouth around the tip of his cock and jerked him off vigorously with her right hand. This proved the coda of the movement as the merchant could hold back no longer. His muscles tensed, his back arched, and with a load groan Colston shot forth a forceful stream of cum that hit the back of Y/N’s mouth. Thrice he spewed his seed, and with each offering Y/N felt his balls jump in her left hand. She elegantly swallowed every drop of his essence.

Afterwards, Colston lay slumped back in his seat, his mouth agape and breathing heavily. Y/N returned to her seat, self-satisfied about her efforts. With a smile, and dabbing the droplets of pearl from the corners of her mouth with a lace handkerchief, she said to her spent lover,

“Well, Edward my love, that should keep you relaxed for the remainder of the journey.”

And it did.

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