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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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“Oh, God, Ellie, I can’t believe how you have expanded! It’s only been a month and look at you!” Morgan was looking up at his dream girl as she spasmed thru another orgasm. She was riding her boy-toy. Taking more than a foot of Morgan’s ankle thick dick with each plunge Ellie was reaching for her next convulsion. Would it be her sixth or seventh? She wasn’t sure. And didn’t care. All she cared was that Morgan’s immensity forced her to cum faster and more often than anyone else!

Ellie had been Morgan’s boyhood crush. When she had made him her boi-toi it had been a dream cum true for him. And for her as well, as it turned out. She hadn’t known it but Ellie had always been a size queen. Big dicks were what turned her on. And gigantic, steel-hard cocks like Morgan’s were few and far between. In fact, Ellie didn’t think that there was any other man who could measure up! Devon, her ex-fiancee paled in comparison to Morgan. When they had started dating Ellie had thought that Devon’s cock was HUGE! But she had found out that his eight incher was nowhere near the mammoth size that Morgan sported. And Ellie could get Morgan to empty himself into her always hungry pussy whenever she wanted! As often as she wanted. Devon failed to provide more than one or two loads a night. Morgan could cum and cum and cum and cum!

When Ellie had discovered that Morgan’s penis could expand to exceed fourteen inches in length and was thicker than her forearm she went ape-shit! She thrilled to the feelings she experienced as he drove himself deeper into her greedy cunt than anyone else ever had! She now lived for teasing Morgan. Teasing him and making him spring to full length so that they could fuck for hours and hours!

And as strong as her sex drive was, Morgan was able to keep up thanks to the Intersect that he had acquired. Keep up and more!

“Your big dick is so amazing, Morgan! And I love that you are crazy for my tits” Ellie exulted. “I had a forty-eight inch bust when I began the latest series of treatments with Lovie! Forty-eight inches! And now I’m almost fifty-four inches! Four and a half feet! Everyone I meet stares at my huge boobs! I just love the looks of envy and amazement that I get! Here, lover, suck on my gigantic tits and nipples! Make me feel good! Pull on my titties and bounce them with your hands while I cum again on your huge cock!”

Ellie swung her bust above Morgan so that he could latch onto her left nipple. He began to suck and lick, stretching her nipple until he lost control of it and it would snap back, causing her boob to shiver and quiver!

Soon enough Morgan’s attentions to her massive bosom and the feelings of his incredible cock threw Ellie into a bone rattling orgasm.

She slumped forward, trying to reach his lips to give him a deep kiss. She had to wiggle left and right to get her boobs to part enough that she could plaster her mouth to his in a hot kiss.

“Oh, Darling, roll me over so you can pound your huge dick into my hungry pussy. I’ve cum so often! But I want more! I always want more! I’ve never met a man who had the ability to keep up with me. Who could fuck me so hard and for so long! I just love the way you treat me! I can’t get enough of you! I love you! I love your mammoth member!”

As she lay under her man she realized that this was the first time that she had admitted her feeling for Morgan. He was now on top, pounding and pounding her pussy, turning it into a swampy throbbing abyss that only he could satisfy. There was a small smile on his face as he worked. He had heard her confession and was glad to hear that his feelings were being returned.

Morgan tried to control her mega-mams as they shifted and moved on her ribcage. ‘Fifty-four inches,’ he thought to himself. ‘I wonder when she will be satisfied? I never thought I’d get the chance to make love to my childhood crush! Never thought that Ellie would love me! And I never dreamed that she would blossom to an amazing four and a half foot bust line! It just drives me crazy!”

In fact as he thought that he began to spurt time and again drenching Ellie’s pussy in cum! He came again and again. Excess ejaculate drooled out and ran down her ass to soak into the sheets. They would have to change the sheets again. It was routine now.

A few minutes later they snuggled together on fresh sheets. Ellie’s massive tits spread in front of her while Morgan cuddled her from behind. He might have been able to reach her nipples to tweak and play with them I he had tried. But he was content to just spoon with his dream girl.

“Lovie asked me to see her in the lab tomorrow,” he told Ellie. “She said that she needed another sample.”

“Ha ha ha,” laughed Ellie. “I know what that means! She wants you to fuck her so she can get more of your sperm to help her grow bigger titties! Well, that’s okay! She’ll never catch halkalı escort up with me and you are more than enough man to keep the two of us happy! I don’t mind if she gets to sample your amazing dick from time to time! I’ve actually been thinking about having another threesome with her. Do you think you would like tha… Ha! Your dick is getting hard just at the thought! You’re such a sex maniac!”

And the next morning Morgan knocked on Lovie’s lab door before he entered. Lovie waved to him from the other side of the lab where she was working over some esoteric piece of equipment.

“I’ll be right with you, Morgan. Just give me a moment to get this damn thing set up for later.” She went back to her work but it was only a few seconds later that she grunted with satisfaction and stood away from the bench.

She took off her lab coat and turned to Morgan who was still waiting at the doorway. Lovie started to strut toward him. As she moved her skin-tight blouse began to flex and shift as her massive tits bounced and shivered with her movements.

Morgan could see the swells of flesh as they fought the confines of her bra. They rose and fell, shivered and shook as she paraded toward him. Her blouse had gaps between the buttons and stress lines appeared and disappeared as Lovie moved. She took care to land heavily on her heels to impart the maximum amount of movement to her chest!

One after another the buttons gave up the fight. By the time she arrived in front of Morgan the blouse was unbuttoned down to her skirt and her incredible cleavage was on full display.

“Ya… you… um, look great, that is, incredible!” Morgan choked out while staring unabashedly at the creamy flesh on display for him.

“Why, thank you, kind sir,” smirked Lovie. “I know I’m not as well equipped as Ellie, but these magnificent J-cup tits really look good on me, don’t they? And I was only a G-cup the last time you were here!”

Lovie toyed with the buttons on Morgan’s polo shirt and snuggled up to him. “So how’s Ellie doing? Is she still expanding? I haven’t talked to her in a while, you know.”

“She told me last night that she measured almost fifty-four inches! She’s HUGE! I’ve never seen anyone like her! When she rides me I almost can’t see her face, she’s so freakin big!” Morgan enthused.

“Fifty-four inches? Christ on a cracker! I’m never going to catch up to her! But that doesn’t mean these are anything to sneer at, does it, Darling?”

She drew Morgan’s hand to her chest and encouraged him to slide it under her blouse and caress her massive boobs. Which he was more than eager to do. Big tits always turned him on! Even one’s that were not as large as Ellie’s!

And if a woman with huge tits snuggled up to him and reached under his shirt to stroke his abs and toy with his nipples? Well that was so much fun! And that was just what Lovie was doing! Her fingertips stroked his stomach and wandered thru his chest hair while she cupped his butt with the other hand and pressed her massive boobs against his side.

His cock had achieved full strength while she worked. The massive lump in his shorts stretched down to the hem of his left leg. As Lovie explored she found that his dick head had popped out of his shorts along with a couple of inches of the thickest shaft she had ever imagined!

Slowly she caressed and stroked his shaft. Lovie adored the thickness and was thrilled by how his dick pulsed in her fingers. As she squeezed him his dick resisted her pressure. He was so long and so hard, it was amazing she thought!

“Oh, let’s put this to good use, shall we, Honey? I want to feel this huge cock as deep into my hungry pussy as we can get it to go! But first I need to gather a sample or two for my, um, research.”

As she spoke Lovie was sliding to her knees in front of Morgan. While smiling up at him she unbuckled his belt and drew his pants off. Of course he wasn’t wearing underwear, he never did anymore, so his gigantic dick was exposed for her enjoyment. Using both hands she stroked and fondled his penis and ball sack until he was at full length.

“I just love the way your cock jumps and quivers when I’m giving you a hand job, um I mean, when I’m preparing you to give me a sample. Now don’t hold back Honey, I want as large a sample as possible!”

It was only a few minutes later when Morgan began to ejaculate! Rope after rope of cum sprang from his steel hard dick and was collected by Lovie in the beaker she was holding.

“That was such a large load, Morgan,” she gasped as she capped the beaker. “You are like a cum machine, I swear! Now let’s do that again, Honey!” She leaned forward and cleaned off Morgan’s rapidly reviving cock with her lips and tongue. When she drew back he was again at full strength.

This time Lovie enfolded Morgan’s massive, more than fourteen inch long dick between her own formidable 34-J cup bosoms. Smiling and giggling while she worked olgun escort Lovie mashed and pounded his cock between her tits.

“Let me know when you are ready to cum, Darling, I want to be sure to get as much as I can in the second beaker!”

“Ah, I love to rub my nipples together when I’m tit fucking some lucky stud! And you are SO thick I can barely get them to touch!” She was forcing her tits together over his cock and her nipples were, indeed, rubbing against each other. The feelings she was getting were wonderful. If she kept on doing it she knew she would be able to have an orgasm!

“Lovie, I love to tit-fuck almost as much as I love to have regular intercourse! Your big tits feel so good! Keep going and I’ll spurt all over your massive, fat boobs!” Morgan told her as she was working.

Sure enough it wasn’t too long before Morgan pulled back, grabbed his cock with both hands and started to splash his seed all over her chest.

Lovie worked to scraped up all of his offering and put it into the second beaker that she had at the ready. And then she cleaned up after herself, sucking up anything she had missed on those big tits and licking and sucking on Morgan’s dick until it was ready for action again.

“Now, Morgan, lie down so Lovie can mount up and ride her horse until she can’t cum any longer!” she instructed him.

Moments later Lovie was poised above Morgan’s groin. She had the tip of his penis between her pussy lips. Slowly she sank down.

“Oooohhhhhh, that’s amazing! Wonderful!” she gasped in excitement. “You are as deep as anyone else has ever reached and there is so much more for Lovie to fuck on!”

For the next couple of minutes Lovie rose and fell on what she had taken. Eight inch strokes up and down got her so excited! Her pussy was weeping juices as she worked.

“So GOOD, so fucking GOOD!” she panted. “But I want it all! I want to feel every inch of that gigantic cock in my horny pussy! Now, I want to feel it now!”

She paused in her up and down movements while leaning over Morgan to dangle her tits in his face. He started to caress both her tits and pinch her nipples while she held her self above him.

Then, with a grunt of effort, Lovie forced herself down on his cock! She took the remaining seven inches in one determined lunge.

“FUCK YES! That is so good! Let me fuck you Morgan. Let me fuck your horse dick into me as far as it will go! I want… I need it all! Don’t hold back!” she begged him.

“I’m all yours,” he assured her as he kept on manipulating her breasts. “I’m not going to cum anytime soon! Just let me lick and suck on your fabulous tits while you pound yourself up and down my cock! I love to watch your boobs bounce and wiggle while I pull on your nipples!”

“I’m glad! Oh I love the attention my big boobs get! If I had known how men react to my big tits I would have gone larger sooner!” She paused to convulse thru a small orgasm and then settled into a driving, pounding rhythm that had her convulsing thru a series of orgasms in no time.

She kept up her movements as she leaned forward, crushing her tits on Morgan’s chest while she gave him a scorching hot kiss.

“Cum for me, Honey! Fill my hungry pussy with your seed! And then I’ll clean you all up and lie under you while you ruin my cunt for all other men! So big and hard! I adore you cock! Cum for me now, Morgan! Cum for me NOW!”

Morgan thrust himself up, driving his cock even further into Lovie’s soaking wet honey-pot and grunting and groaning with effort shot eight ropes of cum which started to drip out of her pussy.

Lovie rolled over onto her back and used her fingers to collect the excess cum from her pussy lips and brought the bounty to her mouth so she could lick and suck it all up!

“Again, you big stud! Again! Drive that massive prong into my cunt and fuck the hell out of me!” Lovie was using both hands to hold her pussy lips apart as Morgan moved into position. He paused with his dick head at the entrance of her cunt. He jiggled his dick up and down to excite Lovie even more!

“Don’t make me wait, you bastard!” she screamed. “I want it now! I need it now! Keep fucking me! Keep on ARGH!” she finished as he put all his weight behind his first thrust and drove eleven inches of his cock into her pussy! In the next several thrusts Morgan reached the full extent of his cock! Lovie was taking more than fourteen inches at a stroke!

Her head was thrashing back and forth. She was crying in ecstasy as Morgan huge cock and fucking prowess drove her from one height to another faster and faster. Tears were streaming from the corners of Lovie’s eyes as she experienced the best fucking of her life!

After more orgasms than she could count Lovie fainted from excitement. This did not deter Morgan at all. He just slowed down until Lovie regained consciousness and then he returned to giving Lovie şişli escort the fucking that she had asked for!

Finally, after more than an hour of this treatment, Morgan yanked himself from between her legs and sat on her chest while placing his dick on her lips. The first gout of cum landed on the headboard and in her hair. The next closed one eye and ran onto her forehead. The rest she was able to get into her mouth. But she couldn’t keep up with the output and some dribbled down her cheeks.

“What a man,” she sighed. “That was wonderful!” She pulled Morgan to her so they could cuddle.

While they lay, entwined, Morgan palmed one of Lovie’s big tits while she cupped his cock and balls as best she could in one hand.

Having caught her breath Lovie reverently used her tongue to clean Morgan’s genitalia of all the cum and other juices that were slathered everywhere.

“Thank you, Darling! That was the fuck of a lifetime!” she told Morgan. “Let’s get together again sometime soon and do it again!” Already her hand was gently stroking Morgan.

“I’d love that,” he told her. “But you need to give me some time to recover, you know!

“Oh, Morgan! I can feel your dick is already getting stiffer now! But okay, just call me sometime and we’ll get together!”

A few kisses later Morgan had redressed himself and was on his way home. Lovie stayed on the couch and used her dildo to tease herself as she replayed their love making. She could feel the pleasant ache in her breasts that meant that they were already expanding as she fondled them.

“I’ll be a K-cup by tomorrow,” she thought to herself. “And even bigger next week! I can’t wait!”

When he got home he kissed Ellie hello and excused himself to take a nap.

“‘Kay, I understand! Lovie can take it out of a guy, can’t she?” said Ellie.

Later that day Ellie brought up a subject that Morgan was not excited about.

“Honey, I heard from Devin this afternoon. He’s back in the States from Africa and wants to come by tomorrow. You don’t have a problem with that do you, Morgan?”

“Of course not, Ellie. It’ll be good to see him again.” he replied. Despite his words Ellie could sense that Morgan was concerned. Devon had been the love of her life until Ellie had found out how well equipped Morgan was. In truth she hadn’t thought about Devon in the longest time. But she knew Morgan was worried. So Ellie went out of her way to spend the night giving Morgan the attention and reassurance he deserved! She used every trick she knew to get Morgan excited, aroused and erect! And then she did everything she could to reduce that erection to a limp piece of string. And then she did it all over again. They both were worn out when they finally fell asleep. Morgan had worn himself out satisfying both of the women in his life. And in one day!

The next afternoon Devon showed up right on time. Ellie met his at the door and ushered him into the living room.

“It’s so good to see you again,” she told him. “How was Africa?”

“It was awesome,” Devon responded. “We did so much good for them! How have you been?” His eyes were looking her up and down. Ellie took care to pose for Devon, as she did for most men, allowing him to see how she had changed. She loved the new her. The look on his face was priceless as he took in her new dimensions. He seemed taken aback by how enormous her tits had become while he was gone.

Just then Morgan came in from the bedroom.

“How’s it hanging, Captain Awesome?” He asked.

Devon shook his hand as Ellie pulled Morgan to her side. Her enormous boob eclipsed Morgans shoulder, arm and part of his chest as she pulled him to her. This also seemed to take Devon by surprise but he said nothing as they sat down. He was in an armchair while Ellie and Morgan shared the sofa.

The usual banal chit-chat occupied the next thirty minutes while the threesome caught up. Devon talked about his missionary/medical work. Morgan spoke about the Buy-More and Ellie recounted some stories about the hospital.

Finally Devon brought up the subject that had been in the forefront of his mind since he walked in the door and saw Ellie bursting out of her blouse.

“Babe, I’ve never heard of a case of spontaneous post-adolescent macromastia before. I’m sure you’ve consulted specialists. I would think a plastic surgeon could reduce you to more normal dimensions without too much difficulty.” He stared directly at her astronomical bust line.

Earlier that morning she and Morgan had measured her bosom at fifty-six inches. An increase of two inches from the previous day. At the time Ellie had exulted while hugging Morgan deep into her cleavage. “I’m going to hit five FEET with in a week! I know it! I’m so huge! I love it!” Now Morgan looked at Ellie to see how she would respond to Devon’s statement.

“Devon, I’m not interested in reducing my wonderful breasts!’ Ellie told him. “I started to expand my bosom with the help of my co-worker Lulu-Anne Jugsalot! Lovie helped me grow bigger and bigger. The bigger I get the better I like it!”

“But why? Why would you want to become so… so, um, freak…I mean unusual?” Devon stumbled badly over the words.

“Because I like to please my man! Because my man and I both enjoy tit-fucking! It excites him and I love that! I love what happens when he gets excited! So excited!” Her voice was filled with eagerness!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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