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He didn’t move, nothing giving away his life but the rise and fall of his breath. He slept soundly his body showing evidence of my desires. Looking down at the deepest bite mark the one on his shoulder the red marks red some holding blood. I remembered biting him the feel of his skin in my mouth the intoxication. The desire to bite kept at bay with sanity but I had lost my sanity the moment I knew he would let me do this.

The bite, clamping of my jaw on his flesh the tearing of his skin as blood trickles in my mouth. My eyes water for this desire anchored in lust is laden with shame and guilt this need to give pain. I am lost so lost in a sea of desires driven by him a fuel for my passions, his cry of pain intoxicating to my sadistic tendencies.

Quietly I slip into bed resting next to him holding his body as he slumbers. His breathing luring me to sleep sometime during the early morning the tables are turned I wake feeling his lips on my sex. My legs spread his hands holding my thighs apart his lips caressing my sex moaning he bites. The sharp pain rocks my body my hips lifting his hands pressing me down. He licks and bites alternating the pain exquisite, pleasure as his tongue finds my clit tears run down my face he does not stop. Agony can only describe this torture finally he lets go, moving to my breast sucking my nipples one then the other, my body trembles under him.

His let the right one in izle lips move to my neck playing with me toying with my skin light nips kisses. My hands run down his back as he plays with one of my most sensitive areas his teeth teasing me. His cock hard demanding rubbing my sex he just tortured. Swiftly he sinks into my body drowning in desires as his molten hard shaft invades my body. Taking back control I push him to his back rolling with him sitting on him rocking on his hips. His eyes deep blue with desire as quickly as it started it was finished each reaching climax triggered by the other. Sinking back down onto him he wraps his arms around me as we sleep.

Morning came at last to find my lover sprawled out sleeping on top of me his sex hard needy. A grin on my lips as I think about awakening him from his dream my sex still tender from his teeth, turn about is fare play.

Moving slowly not to wake him moving down his body to his sex hard in sleep my lips wrapped delicately around the head forming a seal to suck slightly gently my tongue running across the tip repeatedly. He wakens completely I feel his body stir his hands entangled in my hair my teeth finding its mark. His upper body rises from the bed, his muscles contracting at the sting of my teeth on his most sensitive flesh, his hands pulling my leyla ile mecnun izle hair his breath hissing between his teeth. Descending lower on his rigid member, I take him deeper down my throat engulfing him to the base rising to allow air in my lungs a slow maddening pace.

His hands entangled in my hair is body half sitting his muscles tense as I nip him grating my teeth on his sex. The taste of him the feeling of his sex in my mouth so soft and hard I have always loved the feel of skin its heat the warmth. His sex so hard so warm I could stay like this forever taking him slowly maddening till he begs for release the sharpness of my teeth stinging driving his lust.

Letting go of his sex, I take his scrotum in my mouth rolling my tongue on his balls caressing sucking. I bite gently, his cock jerks in response his thighs rising. Moving lower still I push him back on the bed his leg part further and I find his anus puckered waiting my tongue finding him. My hands move to hold his cock and balls out of my way as I lick and rim. Moving to take his cock in my mouth again my fingers enter his anus matching the rhythm of mouth. His body jerks his muscles contracting releasing as his seed fills my mouth his cry of release my name on his lips.

I suckle him till his cock softens, laying peacefully in my mouth my fingers still in his little women izle ass, still unmoving. Moving up his body leaving a trail of kisses I rest atop him while his body settles his arms around me again. The morning light filters in to the room a soft glow fills the space as my eyes lazily looks at the wall my head resting on his rising and falling chest.

Moving finally body protesting the marks from the night before evident in the morning light. Standing to stretch making my way to the bathroom turning that tap to fill the tub a yawn escapes me as I use the toilet the sound of the water flushing down the pipes, standing looking in the mirror above the sink I’m startled at my reflection. My hair a mess eyes overly bright my skin glowing flushed with satisfaction turning away I move to the tub entering the steaming scalding water. The salts sting my body every abrasion cut felt resting my head on the rim of the tub. Will finds me using the facilities brushing his teeth when he was finished he came to the side of the tub taking the soap to wash my body. His hands glide over my body as he talks to me about nonsense the day the night his hands distracting me his voice hypnotic.

His fingers find my sex he so lovingly abuse last night rubbing soothing my sex arousing my passions his voice changes to a story. A story about sex needs lust love and I drift becoming the story the subject the love he speaks of. Reduced to moans unable to speak rendered speechless as my release coincides with the story wanting to tell him but lost I can’t. He finishes the story his hand resting on my neck as I stare up at him. I thank him and he tells me not too. The phone rings as I rise out of the bath real life calls as I go get the phone leaving my love to bathe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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