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Sam held out her hand as she strolled towards the bathroom. Lucas took it with a smile, watching her saunter ahead of him. Hot, so hot, he nearly groaned. He’d had her and yet…more, was all he could think, he needed more. Her tight ass, long legs, creamy soft skin…

Even as he stepped into the bathroom, a phone rang. Sam stopped, tilting her head. “Not my phone,” she smiled, looking over her shoulder, “Do you need to get that?”

“What…?” Lucas just stared at her, visions of her in his head. His mouth watered with the thought of feasting on her, of lapping her sweet cream.

“Lucas? Your phone,” her smile turned teasing as she turned and ran her hand over his chest, “Do you need to answer it?” She saw the unfocussed look in his eyes and knew exactly where his thoughts had gone. Her body tingled with anticipation and excitement.

The ringing sank in and Lucas stopped. “Uh, yeah,” he stammered. Who could be calling him now? Why would anyone be calling him now when Sam was naked?

“I’ll get the water started,” she purred. Her eyes skimmed up and down his nakedness, taking in the burgeoning erection, the hunger in his blue eyes. “Don’t take too long.” She turned and sauntered the rest of the way into the bath, knowing his eyes watched the sway of her hips and ass.

Lucas stumbled back into the bedroom, hunting up his pants. He yanked the phone from his pocket and flipped it open. “What?” he growled. His body throbbed and ached and all he wanted was to get in the shower with Sam.

“Whoa, man, bite my head off,” a male voice chuckled, “I’m guessing you’re not available for a pickup game tonight.” The familiar voice had Lucas wincing.

“Hey, Mike, sorry,” Lucas swallowed his frustration for his best friend, “I’m kind of…in the middle of something.” And he could hear the water going; hear her humming or singing something just louder than the rushing water. His cock hardened and swelled even more. Mike was a coworker, buddy, and had been his wingman for years. It wasn’t Mike’s fault there was a naked woman offering a shower. “Can I skip the game?”

“The middle of something…or someone?” Mike’s voice took on a teasing edge, “I have a feeling you should be a little more relaxed by now, pal…” There was a long pause. “Oh. I guess I really am interrupting.” Another chuckle.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Lucas growled.

“Sure thing,” Mike managed before Lucas hit the end button.

Lucas tossed the phone on top of his pants before heading towards the bathroom. He was going to hear about this tomorrow, probably from more than just Mike, but Sam was…more than worth it. And he was going to make sure she knew it. He strolled back into the bathroom, smiling as he saw the steam rising from around the glass doors. He slowly opened the door, stepping into the misty fog.

“Eek,” Sam purred, stepping from the fog and sliding her hands over his chest, “There’s a man in my shower.” Her dark curls were slicked back by the water, her eyes shadowed and…hungry. Her hands slid lower as she smiled, feeling his stomach muscles tense under her fingers. “Did you finish your call?”

“Uh, yeah,” he answered, his thoughts scattering as every drop of blood in his body dropped to his groin, his cock standing straight and rigid. “Nothing important, just a friend.”

“That’s good,” Sam murmured, sinking slowly to her knees. Lucas stepped back, the tiles cool against his back as her hands stroked his thighs. “I’m not keeping you from anything, am I?” His eyes filled with the sight of murder under the friday night lights izle her, her lithe body kneeling before him, her upturned face showing her desire and her wicked intent.

“No…” The sound had been a strangled moan as her fingers brushed the base of his cock. He cleared his throat and tried again. “No, you’re not.” He couldn’t believe how lucky he was at this moment and it would have taken some life or death crisis to get him out of this shower stall.

“Good,” she answered, bending her head to trail her tongue over his hip, down to his thigh. Her hand gently cupped the base of his cock. He felt her lips smile against his skin as his shaft jerked and pulsed, bubbled at the tip. “Eager,” she murmured, her tongue swiping over his precum. She made a small noise of pleasure.

“Sam…” His voice was rough. Everything inside him burned and twisted in anticipation. The steam seemed to swirl around her, the water sliding over her bare skin, making his mouth go dry. He remembered the feel of her mouth on him from earlier and could only imagine how much he was going to enjoy this.

“Shhh,” she murmured, her free hand stroking his belly, “Just relax.” His strangled laugh had her chuckling. He reached forward to slide his hand down her slick back. With another chuckle, she shifted, captured his hands, and pressed them back against the tile wall of the shower. “I’m just going to take a taste.”

Sam bent her head and nibbled the skin of his thigh, slowly moving towards the base of his cock. His felt everything in his groin pulse. She kneaded gently with the hand at his base, working him as she nuzzled her nose against him. His hands shook as he reached for her. Her mouth was sending spirals of heat out through his body. His fingers slid into her hair as she lapped at the base of his throbbing member. The image of her head bent over him, the sensations she was creating, all mixed inside his gut and made his muscles tighten even more.

Her tongue moved up his shaft, circling, stroking, teasing. His body trembled and he let his head fall back, closing his eyes. Her mouth trailed up and down his length, sucking lightly and nibbling. His penis quivered in her hand and again he felt her lips smile. She rubbed her tongue just under the bottom of his head, sliding back and forth until he groaned. Then she closed her lips over his tip and began to suck.

Lucas fisted his hands in her hair, holding himself tight, fighting for control. He wanted this to last as long as possible and he fully intended to cum inside her…after driving her wild. He was man enough to take whatever she could try. He hoped. Of course, she’d driven him out of his mind once already. His body quivered with the memory. He was doomed.

Her tongue stroked his slit as she slid his head between her lips. Her sucking increased as she swallowed more of his length, as his thick flesh filled her mouth and throat. His hips rocked as she slowly began to slide her mouth up and down. Seriously doomed, he groaned.

Sam savored the flavor of him, the feel of him. He was like hot steel, hard and thick, sliding in and out between her lips and that made her pussy quiver in anticipation. The strength in his body, the control she knew she could make him lose, added to attraction. Teasing him kept her own body tightly coiled and aching. She wanted to feel him inside her, thrusting, throbbing, fucking her like an animal. Her body shivered, murf the surf jewels jesus and mayhem in the usa izle her hands trembled against him.

Lucas felt her shiver, felt her lips tighten, and his mind started working again. She was evidently enjoying this too. He wanted to enjoy her, to savor her like she was doing with him. His blood burned. His body ached. And he still intended to be inside her before he exploded. “Sam…” he growled, giving her hair a light tug.

Sam gave him one last hard suck before moving back, scraping her teeth along the underside of his cock gently and making his eyes cross. His breath caught and his hand went to his base as she popped his head free, pressing to try and still his release. He panted a little, staring down into her sparkling eyes. The water was slick on her body, her lips were a little swollen from working his shaft, and he groaned.

Lucas slipped his hands over her shoulders, her upper arms, and coaxed her to her feet. She stepped close, sliding her hands around his neck as she rubbed her wet body to his. “Yes, Lucas,” she murmured, “Why did you make me stop? Weren’t you enjoying my attention?”

“Too much, babe,” he answered, nuzzling her neck, his hands on her slick ass. “You feel too good.” He gave her ass a light smack. “I’d love to give you a little attention.”

“I suppose I could let you,” she purred, rubbing her belly over the thick rod straining between them. She slid one of her legs up his, wrapping it at his waist. “But I’d rather have you inside me.” A shudder went through her. “I need you inside me.”

As much as Lucas wanted to be inside her, he had other plans first. She deserved an explosive climax of her own and he knew just how to give it to her.

His hand slid between their bodies, burrowed down between her legs. She was swollen, slick, sensitive and her head fell back on a moan as he stroked her with thick fingers. His other hand pressed her back, holding her against him as his fingers tormented her pussy. She quivered and trembled, biting her lip, her eyes glazed. Lucas smiled wickedly, savoring her reaction as she began to rock her hips and squirm against him. His jaw clenched a little at the increase of sensations in his own body, but he had no intention of letting up on teasing her.

“Lucas, please,” Sam whimpered, her leg tightening around his waist. Her pussy rippled inside her, needing the invasion of his hard flesh, and she knew she was slick with cum. She wanted…needed his cock.

He kept his fingers on her folds, stroking her clit, teasing the edges of her pussy, but resisting pushing inside her. Her hips ground against his fingers, urging him, as her whimpers increased. His smile faded to an intense concentration as he watched the flush spread over her pale skin. Her breasts rubbed his chest, her nipples tight and hard against him. Shifting his hand, he pressed a thumb to her clit as his fingers rubbed the edges of her dripping cunt. She was so slick, so tense…

“Lucas!” Her cry came at the same instant she arched against him, her body shaking as pleasure burst inside her. Fire roared through her veins as her core clenched and cum drenched his hand.

Panting himself, Lucas spun her around, pressed her to the wall, and drove his cock deep into her spasming pussy. She cried out again, her inner muscles squeezing, stroking his shaft like greedy fingers. He captured her mouth with my dad the bounty hunter izle his as he began to pump, thrusting into her click passage again and again. Sam’s fingers curled in his hair, tugging, as she ground her hips against his. Her mouth was desperate on his as she lifted her other leg and wrapped herself entirely around him.

She craved the way his cock stretched her cunt wide, the way her muscles burned with the effort to contain his thickness. She needed the feel of his hard length throbbing inside her, the feel of his flesh caressing her depths. She couldn’t believe the way she wanted this man.

He cupped her ass, driving her against the wall as he fucked her eagerly. His body hummed with pleasure, pulsed with desire. The water pounding on his back had cooled, but it couldn’t calm the raging heat in his body. She was so tight around his penis. Her inner muscles clasped him, trying to hold him inside, increasing the friction as he stroked her intimately. Her pussy was hot as the sun, searing him with her need. He feasted on her mouth, her throat, her shoulders as he continued fucking her.

Sam dropped her forehead to rest on his shoulder as the constant rubbing of his cock sent ripples of pleasure spiraling through her. She could barely breathe with the sensations, the heat he was creating yet she wanted more, craved more. Her hands fumbled, clutched at his arms, as she drove her hips down to take him in, arching to press her lips to his ear. “Two can play at this game,” she whispered, her weight driving him against her core. He grunted, driving her back against the wall and pumping harder.

She closed her eyes, holding her breath as she forced her inner muscles to tighten. Lucas groaned. “What are you…,” he managed. Sam swiveled her hips as she squirmed against him and he groaned again. “Sam…” Her movements only increased the lust to be inside her.

She laughed, her neck arching back as he increased his tempo. “Yes, yes, Lucas,” she gasped, her fingers tightening on his arms. He hammered into her, intent on driving her over the edge. He could already feel the quivering of her muscles, the tremors in her body.

“Cum for me,” he growled in her ear, his breath rough, his voice hoarse. His hands tightened on her ass as his cock filled her, invaded her, again and again. “Cum on my cock, baby.” He wanted to feel the rush of her juices surround him, the heat of her pleasure envelope him, the tight grasp of her pussy as she came.

Sam strained, arching against him, tilting her hips until his fat head hit that magic spot. It was like lightning through her body as he struck the nerve endings again and again. She felt the scream bubbling inside her, felt every muscle in her body coiling. “Lucas,” she sobbed, pushing down on his cock.

“Sam,” he ground out, his eyes on her face, watching the pleasure in her expression, the flush on her skin.

Her nails dug into his shoulders as her pussy clenched around him. She gave a strangled scream as she came hard. Lucas clenched his jaw, his cock trapped in her vise-like grip, his balls swelling, pulsing. Even as her body jerked, opened, and her juices enveloped him, he felt the fire shoot up his penis. His seed exploded into her core in a searing splash. Sam cried out again as he groaned from the gut, his hips pumping against hers as he ejaculated again and again.

Lucas collapsed against her, pinning her to the tile wall, his breath caught in his throat, as every drop of tension and pleasure emptied into her. His muscles trembled and the cool water on his back was soothing as his heart pounded in his head.

Sam clung to him, trying to catch her breath, to stop the trembles that kept echoing in her body. She smiled before lifting her head to stroke her tongue along his neck. His groan made her laugh. “I think that was the best shower I’ve ever had,” she murmured, nipping at his ear.

“Shower? There was a shower?” he managed, “All I remember was one hot woman…” Her laughter made him smile as he lowered his forehead to hers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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