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Jan was a farmer’s wife. They had been milking 250 head for 15 years. Her husband worked all the time which had for a long time left him too tired to service her needs. He had bought her a selection of toys as a compromise but she missed the sensation of a hard hot cock inside her.

At 48 her libido was growing and each morning after he left she would reach for her favourite vibrator and masturbate numerous times while watching porn on her tablet. Her fantasises were far wilder than the sex she had with her husband. Whilst she closed her eyes and fingered her dripping hole her mind was filled with images of DPs, and gangbangs she’d watched on her computer. Sometimes Jan would even go to the trouble of shaving her pussy smooth so that she could watch herself in the wardrobe mirror plunging her fingers deep up her wet cunt.

The rest of her day was usually spent cleaning, washing and baking for her hungry man. Jan went outside to check her washing line before going into town to meet her friend for coffee. Today was the milk hand day off. The 18 year old milking hand lived in the granny flat at the end of their large farm house for 6 months now. Today she noticed that another pair of her panties had disappeared from the washing line. It had happened a few times now and always on his days off. She wasn’t happy about this, was it just coincidence, it was too much and today she was going to have it out with him.

She didn’t knock as the door was a jar a little so she pushed it open and looked inside. Jan was taken back with what she saw. Naked on the settee was the muscular David. He had wrapped her panties round his huge cock which he gripped tightly, beating it furiously. On his wide screen TV photos of herself were scrolling. David was unaware of her presence and continued with his frantic masturbation. Jan’s pussy melted instantly, the gusset of casino şirketleri her knickers becoming quickly soaking. It was impossible for her not to think about the pleasure it would give her sitting on his thick length, having him thrust it up her needy cunt. God she wanted to wank so badly too.

So David must have been shooting his cum into her panties all this time. He must really want her. At 48 she had a little more flesh on her than in her youth. Jan’s breasts were now 38DD and her nipple prominent. Thinking about it now, she could recall he did pay her a lot of attention when she wore her tighter tops which did nothing to hide her nipples.

I was impossible to resist. She slammed the door open and stormed in.

“Well David what the hell do you think you are doing, Brian’s going to kill you when he finds out about this. Have you been stalking me?”

David released his cock and grabbed a pillow to hide his swollen embarrassment.

“Sorry Mrs Cooper, sorry, please don’t tell Brian. It won’t happen again.”

David searched around for his clothes as Jan seated herself in an arm chair and watched.

“Well if you don’t want me to tell him then I’ll have to punish you, won’t I?”

“Anything Mrs Cooper.”

Jan lifted up her skirt revealing her stockings and wet panties. She parted her thighs.

“You can start by taking these off and putting them in your mouth.”

David got down on his knees in front of her, his cock erect and swinging. He pulled them down, all the while staring at the aroused pussy that came into view. She lifted her feet ant he took them over her heel. For a moment he looked at the coating of pussy fluid before pushing them into his mouth. Jan slowly rubbed her clit parting her lips to show him everything.

“Now eat the real thing slave boy.”

He removed to soaked panties and casino firmaları placed his face to her quim. The sweet smell of pussy honey was thick in his nose. His tongue lapped at her hole as she writhed and held his face into her open sex, the old slut gyrated her clit and came quickly on his mouth.

“Now fuck me and don’t cum before I do, stick that fat cock up me. I know you’ve been dreaming of emptying your balls in me.”

“God yes.”

David got his cock head to the dark entrance to her love hole and pushed. The heat and wetness was heaven. Her cunt was tight and youthful, but she took his full length eagerly. As he fucked her he pulled her blouse open and uncovered her breasts. Jan held his ass cheeks and forced him up her harder. David mauled and sucked on her nipples. Jan gasped and cursed as his fucking got her closer. Eventually she tipped into orgasm.

“Yes yes cum, cum now, yes fuck yes.”

David pumped harder shooting stream and stream of semen into her.

“On the floor now David, lay down I’m going to punish you, you’ve been very bad. You shouldn’t be wanking your cum into my panties.”

David lay down and Jan straddled his face. Looking up he saw the older woman’s pussy, her lips splayed open by her own fingers, his cum running out and down her pale thighs onto her stockings. He watched nervously as she lowered herself over his mouth. Then leaning forward she gripped his slim covered cock.

“Eat it slave, eat your cum, clean me up.”

David held her ass cheeks and ate as he was ordered, eating all that remained of this copious ejaculation. As he delved deeply he could inspect closely her perfect virginal anal ring. Meanwhile Jan took his still potent member into her mouth and worked her tongue around the ridge of his bulb after she had pulled his foreskin fully back. The youth licked and she ground güvenilir casino her pussy across his face till another orgasm made her shudder.

“I’ve not finished with you yet you wicked slave. You need that wickedness washing from you.”

Jan raised herself and using 2 fingers to direct the flow started to pee into his face and chest.”

“Say thank you mistress, go on say it.”

As she sprayed his shocked face he mumbled out her wish.

“Louder slave.”

“Thank you Mistress” he shouted as her flow caught him across his mouth.

Jan got up and mounting the sofa placed her head as low as she could and her ass as high. Then using her own cum juices she lubricated her own sphincter.

“My lucky slave you’re going to cum in my ass aren’t you?”

Jan started masturbating, and pulling her ass apart. She’d watched this so many times in the porn videos, but had never even asked her husband to violate her anus. It thrilled Jan to display herself to the young man. She knew her beckoning ass would arouse him. David’s cock was hard as her dildo. Standing behind her he pressed and pushed at her anus, eventually winning the battle sending his rod deep into her anal passage. Jan stifled a shreek as he stretched her ass for the first time. Now living a fantasy in her head she told him to fuck her dirty ass hard, to empty all his cum in her. Her slave held her by hips and drove into the tightest hole he had ever fucked. Jan felt 7 thick inches fill her anal cavity.

Her ring gripped hard and it wasn’t long before she drew the last of his cream up her ass. Jan’s fingers worked feverishly on her clit to bring herself off at the same moment as her slave was in spasm, delivering his load in her back passage.

Relaxing and sitting back on the sofa the sweating David admired his efforts. His mistresses anus gaped and his cum oozed out of it. Jan was feeling it too and rubbed some up her pussy with 2 fingers.

“I think you enjoyed that too much young man. I might even forgive you if we go to bed and you fuck me again but this time with some kissing and holding.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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