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The cabin lights of the plane were already dimmed when the stewardess rushed her in and guided her through the half-empty plane to the back row. She decided to ignore the reproachful looks of the passengers whose plane she had just delayed by 10 minutes. The plane had almost left without her and this was not an experience to be repeated, she reminded herself as she stored away her luggage. It was a miracle that she had been allowed to check in at all, which might have been partly to do with her dotted red and white dress, big smile and pleading look at the teenaged steward at the check in desk. The air inside the plane was nice and fresh and the blue leather seats felt smooth and cool on her skin when she let herself fall back into them. Leaning back, she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and relaxed.

‘Is this place taken?’ she heard a warm voice behind her.

She looked up and caught an inquisitive pair of brown eyes smiling at her. She felt a sting in her stomach that irritated her.

‘I think it is…. Have you checked your ticket?’ she said coolly whilst trying to meet the gaze of his eyes.

‘Oh that is a shame.I was looking forward to talking to you.’

He came closer to her accidentally brushing her shoulder with his arm and she could see his radiant golden brown eyes closer up and smell his warmth. His shirt was immaculate and she could see the outlines of his strong arms and big hands. She could not help imagining the touch of these hands — strong and manly…. She blushed.

‘Hhmmm…. I don’t think anyone is going to sit there, so if you insist.’

‘I insist!’ he replied with a smile and sat in the middle seat moving past her. She stretched her legs out into the corridor and snuggled up under her blanket whilst the plane took off. She was trying to switch off and relax, but could not help eying him from the side. He must have rushed onto the plane after a long day of meetings, because he was still wearing his suit and tie — both of alluring blue fabric that she wanted to feel with her fingers. He looked relaxed with a five o’clock shadow showing on his cheeks. His hands rested on his legs — tanned and covered with dark hair. Her gaze followed the line from his strong chin along his soft neck trying to guess whether his chest was as manly as his hands were. He caught her eyes and she blushed.

‘Do you come to New York often?’ she asked trying to compose herself.

‘I am actually from Chicago — the windy city. But I spend a lot of time in NYC through my jaaab.’ She wanted to ask him otele gelen escort about his job, but felt that whenever she was alluding to the topic, he became shy, like a schoolboy, and skilfully avoided answering the unasked question. It made him a vulnerable, yet mysterious appearance.

They started talking about New York and the time they had spent there, when he suddenly cried out:

‘Oh look…. What a beautiful view… the sun and the sea. You don’t get that in London too often, do you?’, he exclaimed and leant over his seat to get a better view and turned toward her smiling – ‘you must take the window seat to enjoy this view — you can even see some boats!’.

Bemused by his enthusiasm and insistence, she moved to the window seat. Squeezing past him, she could feel his knees brushing her legs and his hands that supported her frame remained on her hips a moment longer than necessary. The warm pressure sent trickles down her spine. His eyes smiling at her and she could not help but feeling trapped by these eyes that pinned her down to her seat and gently taking every layer off her. She abruptly turned away to look outside the window.

‘It is true — you can see some boats’ She was leaning against the window, when she felt his body gently pressing into her from behind, as he was trying to catch a view out of the window of the plane. His head was close to hers, their cheeks almost brushed. Whilst leaning forwards his arm brushed her chest and a ripple of excitement went through her whole body.

‘Yes’ he said quietly ‘the boats, the radiant blue sky and the ocean beneath us. Gorgeous — just like you!’

She was lost for breath for a moment when she could feel his fingers gently stroking her neck following the frame of her shoulders up – touching her hair… she gave out a quiet moan leaning back into him. His hand lifted her chin and gently turned her head around. She got lost in his warm brown eyes and could feel his whole body humming and buzzing with excitement and joy before relaxing into the kiss. His lips were soft and warm and she felt as if she was going to fall into him — his arms securely holding her. He came for more tasting her, kissing her, pulling her closer.

‘Would you care for something to drink?’ the stewardess looked slightly embarrassed.

They both looked at each other and laughed out loud.

‘Orange juice, please. No ice’ she managed to say breathless. ‘And a water’ she added glancing at him.

‘You pendik escort are gorgeous’ he said gently touching her cheek ‘I saw you talking to this steward trying to convince him to check you in. You looked so flustered and desperate to get on this plane — I could not have refused to check you in myself.’

She looked embarrassed. ‘Yes, turning up late at airports is a very bad habit and it is slightly stressful to always have to convince people to let you pass — first at the check-in and then to fast track you at security. Somehow it always works though.’

‘I can see why. Your story did sound very convincing — getting on the wrong metro line, having your credit cards cancelled… you must have had a nightmare getting here’ he whispered and pulled her close to him.

‘You are making fun of me’

‘Not at all’ he smiled. ‘I have to pay for the privilege to get fast tracked. I am always flying first class.’

‘What are you doing here at the back of the plane then?’ she looked at him inquisitively.

‘Well, what do you think I am doing here?’ he whispered looking around the plane. The cabin lights were dimmed and the few people sitting two rows in front of them had fallen asleep. His fingers gently touched the inside of her arms…

‘I came here to get you…’ he said in a low voice fixating her eyes, his fingers continued stroking the inside of her arms.

‘To get me?’ she asked hesitantly.

‘Yes, to get you — close to me’ his voice sounded more insistent as he wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her close to him ‘very close…’ he whispered as he pulled her even closer. His embrace was almost forceful — holding her very tight — laying her down onto her seat and across the three seats of her row. She offered no resistance.

‘… and you want me to get you too’ he whispered in her ear holding her.

‘I… No! Not here — the other people’ she was breathing heavily trying to push him away from her.

‘Oh yes. Here, and now!’ he whispered whilst using all his force to hold her securely. His weight was pinning her down and she could feel his fingers slowly following the outlines of her body: her sweet neck, her soft arms, her curvy hip and her lean yet muscular legs. She held her breath when his fingers started stroking her legs and she flinched when he touched the underside of her thigh.

‘No, be careful’ she answered looking up to him mesmerised and half heartedly tried to push him away.

‘I don’t care. rus escort I came to get you and I will.’ he continued whilst his hand gently found his way under her skirt and started stroking the insight of her thigh. Her heart was racing and she could feel his fingers slowly working their way up and pushing her pants aside, feeling her with his fingers. She moaned softly.

‘Shhh’ he covered her mouth with his hand looking around the plane, but everyone still seemed to be fast asleep and only the lady two rows in front of them had stirred her head a little.

‘I am going to drive you crazy’ he whispered whilst losing his hand under her skirt again.

‘Ohhhh!’ she whispered pleadingly whilst opening herself to him.

‘Yeeees’ she moaned let herself be rocked by the movements of his fingers.

‘You want me to rub your pussy? His hand was rubbing her faster and faster.


‘I am rubbing your pussy and I am driving you crazy you little witch. I will rub you until you melt in my arms and beg me to stop, but I am not going to stop until you are completely worn out.’ His voice was hoarse and he was holding her very tight.

‘Ohm YES, please don’t stop. AHHHH. YES’ She screamed out and twisted in his arm pressing herself back into him. He was holding his hand over her mouth whilst his other hand continued stroking her.

‘AHHHHHHH’ She tensed up against him and finally relaxed in his arm.

She was lying very still in his arms and he was holding her very tightly, whilst he was gently stroking her back, rocking her in his arms.

‘It is OK, sweetie.’ His voice reassuring and warm ‘it is OK’.

‘I have never… before… I don’t know what happened’ her voice got lost.

I know. It is OK. Are you feeling good?

She nodded quietly.

‘I am feeling very good as well and I am not running around seducing women on planes either. Just you; I could not resist, OK?

She nodded again quietly and smiled at him.

She was leaning her head against his chest and felt the fabric of his shirt coolly against her skin.

‘Can I tell you something?’ she looked up to him questioningly.

‘Of course — anything’

‘I like writing sexy stories and something like this might happen in one of my stories, but I never thought that it might happen in real life.’ she told him hesitantly.

‘Sexy stories?’ he asked surprised

‘Yes… about my fantasies. What is your favourite fantasy?

‘Other than meeting a beautiful woman on a plane and being allowed to get close to her? He said laughing quietly.


‘Maybe going home with her and meeting her sexy friend’ he said and then hesitated ‘I am sorry — I should not have said that’

‘It is OK. We all have our fantasies and I like the idea about the sexy friend…’ she murmured cuddling up against him closing her eyes and she was soon fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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