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Mommy came on me, coating my face with her cream. She was moaning loudly, crying out every time a new wave crested. I was still eating her out, lapping up the juices as quickly as she could produce them. I was a little too energetic, though, and one of my fangs scraped her clitty. Mommy sucked in her breath and moaned again at that little bit of pain. I was finally getting close to climaxing myself. The buzzing in my pussy and ass were driving me crazy with lust. I tried rubbing my clit through the panties but my paws prevented any stimulation. But, that didn’t matter. Mommy saw what I was trying to do and, smiling, pressed her phone again. I thought that she might turn off the good button or even hit the bad button for me nipping her, but the vibrations increased in power, finally sending me over the edge. I sprayed my cum all inside my panties as I let out a long, catlike moan. I could feel droplets of dew running down my legs as the powerful vibrations continued inside me.

I was on all fours still, arching my back, enjoying the orgasms that mommy had given me with her toys when she leaned up and started petting my fur, from my head all the way to my tail. I pressed into her hand as another mini wave of pleasure crested in my loins. Finally, Ankara escort she turned off the vibrations and i collapsed in a heap on the bed, spent from the wonderful sensations mommy had given me. I looked at her face through half lidded eyes. I had never seen Katy so…peacefully happy. Her expression was that of a human enjoying her most loved pet. She continued stroking me gently, from my rump, down my leg to my paw. After a few minutes of this, mommy made me stand and unlocked and removed my panties. “We can’t have little Nikki kitty running around all sticky, can we?” My panties were literally drenched with my cum. Thick strands connected the fabric to my skin as she removed the panties, wiping them with the towel from the bathroom. She made me spread my legs apart and delicately dabbed my inner thighs and pussy dry. The terry cloth towel sent shivers through me as the fabric tickled my clit. Mommy’s finger began pulling on the ring holding the egg in my pussy. I let out a growl and batted her hand away. She giggled again and I realized that she was only teasing me. I smiled back, showing my fangs, silently letting her know that I would bite if she tried to take my toys away again.

Mommy put my panties back on me, locked me in and Ankara escort bayan walked to the living room. I followed on all fours as best I could but ended up walking anyway. As she sat down on the couch, I plopped down and curled up, resting my head on her lap. We watched TV for a while. Well, more accurately, she watched TV and I took a little catnap as mommy petted my head. She hadn’t bothered getting dressed again and it felt so good for my cheek to be against her bare skin. Waking up, I realized I hadn’t cleaned my face. I licked my paw and gave myself a bath as mommy’s hands started stroking my titties. I purred loudly as her hand fondled me and lightly teased and pinched my nipples until they were poking out proudly. I stopped bathing my face and began licking mommy’s titty tips, stroking her breast with my paw. We fondled each others breasts, each enjoying the sensations the other was giving. I had never felt so close to Katy as I did at that moment. She was right again. It was so much fun to just let go and be her pet. I only wished that it could last longer than just a day.

Around noon, mommy got off the couch and went to the kitchen. I stayed there on the couch, enjoying the view and the warmth from where her body had been. Escort Ankara Mommy called me into the kitchen after a little while. I saw and smelled a big bowl of tuna fish and another bowl of milk. I ate hungrily, licking my bowl clean. Katy laughed at the sight of me eating, with my messy tuna and milk covered face. I sniffed at her as I sat on my haunches and cleaned myself off. She laughed again at my expression. I stuck my tongue out at her and she laughed even harder.

And so it went for the rest of the day. She played with me, turning on the buzzy toys buried in me and I licked and nipped various parts of her delicious body. The day passed too quickly and bedtime was upon us, I couldn’t help myself and began to cry. Katy looked at me so tenderly and held me close. We both knew why I was so upset. Neither one of us wanted this day to end. She cupped my chin in her hand, wiping my tears away with the other before touching her lips to mine. “Little kitty, please tell me what is wrong. You may speak.”

“Oh mommy,” I said, choking back the tears, “I don’t want this day to ever end!” It was true. I had never been so happy as I had been that day with Katy. She held me close, petting my head gently as the tears continued to flow from my eyes, unabated.

“Oh pretty kitty,” she said, in her gentlest voice, “sleep with me tonight. We will talk about the future tomorrow.” I closed my eyes and smiled as she held me tight.

That is how I became my mommy’s kitty.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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