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Authors note.

As always, a big heart filled thank you to “R” my editor and friend.  

I am a little ADD so it is hard for me to sit down and write. I will not do it if I do not get feedback. Nifty give us an outlet to write things that we cannot talk about in the real world, so donate fty/donate.html  and be sure to give the authors feedback on what you think after you read their stories..



Finding Amanda


Owen”s dad Mr. Thomas Jackson


I woke up to find my pride and joy laying snuggled up naked next to me still asleep. I can”t believe that I was finally able to take that sweet little cherry cunt of his. I can”t possibly count the number of time I thought about it and jacked of dreaming of the day that I would take it.

Before Owen, I had never thought of putting hands on a child and hated all those guys I saw on the news who had done it. However, something about my relationship with Owen changed something in me. Maybe it was the way he looked up to me with pure love in his eyes. Maybe it was the pure love I felt for him that allowed me to cross that line. I don”t know what it was, but it was powerful.

The path was set from the time he was about three and would just sit there and play with my cock and balls so tenderly that, although, I knew I should stop it, I couldn”t. I never forced myself on him and if he ever said stop, I would have. I know that sounds stupid, I mean he was just a little boy. I know all the arguments, I had them with myself daily. I just believe that we as humans, are sexual beings and that we know what we want and what is going to make us happy. My cock always seemed to make Owen happy, and it sure made me happy.

I guess the only time that I ever really hated myself for what I was doing with Owen was last night. I wanted to mount him so badly, but when he screamed as I entered him it almost killed me. I tried to pull out a few times, but he knew what I was doing and screamed harder. Then of course, I got to the point where even if I wanted to I couldn”t stop.

I leaned over and kissed his cheek, “Owen sweetie, it is time to wake up buddy.”

Slowly he opened his eyes, stretched, and yawned. He looked at me and a smile broke out on his beautiful face. “I am so happy, I thought it was all a dream but here you are!”

He wrapped me in one of his amazing hugs, “No baby, it was not a dream. I am here with you my wonderful boy.”

He pulled back all of a sudden, “Daddy, you have to go. Amanda needs you, and I need you to bring me my sister.”

“I will be going to get your sister, but I am not sure what I will do afterwards. I guess she will have to go to a boarding school somewhere.”

“No daddy, I want my sister with me.”

“I wish I could do that buddy, but we live in a world that she is not a part of. Amanda is twelve almost thirteen and I am not sure she would want to be a part of our world. She could not live here with us because she is not a Crossman.”

“Then what we need to do is get rid of the people that are in my house and move in there. That way she can live with us. What I don”t understand is, if you knew she could not live here why did you set a room up for her?”

“That is a good question buddy. I guess the only real answer I can give you is that in my heart, no matter where I am, I want my babies with me. You are right, Amanda is more important to us than being a Crossman. I will call the lawyer on Monday and ask him how we would go about getting the house back.”

I hugged him again. I could not believe this smart, caring boy is the one I left here two years ago. I pulled the covers off and as soon as Owen saw my morning wood he attacked it with his mouth. He licked every inch of my cock and balls with a passion. He gently licked my ball sack and took each ball into his mouth so lovingly. Then it was back to my cock where he licked the whole thing like it was the best lollypop he ever had. When I was close to cumming, he stopped licking my cock and went back to my balls. I wondered how he knew about edging. When I calmed down he went back to my cock and sucked me till I had the best orgasm of my life. I didn”t expect him to be able to swallow it all, but he did. I am so proud of this boy that I could just burst.

We got out of bed and headed to pee and to the shower. As I got near the toilet, Owen dropped to his knees and opened his mouth. “I am sorry Owen, I know that this is a Crossman thing, and maybe I will be able to do it in the future, but for right now I am just going to pee in the toilet.”

Owen stood up and said, “That”s ok daddy, the biggest Crossman rule is that no one has to do anything that they are uncomfortable with. I am sure that means daddy”s as much as it means boys.”

I hugged him again, “You just amaze me little man.” We jumped in the shower, then it was breakfast, and out the door. I dropped him off at the Walters house and with lots of tears and hugs, I left to find my daughter.

I planned on driving straight through, but no matter how wonderful I think my Ferrari is, it is still a tight fit and not the most comfortable car for a long trip. I stopped at a hotel Saturday night and started driving Sunday morning after an unhealthy McDonalds breakfast.

It was about two in the afternoon when I got the call from the lawyer handling the custody case that I didn”t think my ex-wife even knew that we were in yet. After pushing the button on the steering wheel to accept the call. “Hello?”

“Hello Tom, this is Sam.”

“Well, hello Sam what”s the good word?”

“Amanda has been taken into custody by CPS (Child Protective Services) about an hour ago.”

“Is she ok, and did her mother put up a fight?”

“She is fine and is where she needs to be for now. As for her mother she may not even know this happened yet.”

“I don”t understand.”

“I will explain it all when you get here. I just wanted to let you know that she is safe.”

“I am still about four hours out, so I will meet with you in the morning, right.”

“Yes, meet me at my office at seven so that we can go over everything.”

“When will the hearing be?”

“Your ex has been served with the papers, and the hearing is scheduled for one o”clock tomorrow afternoon.”

“Wow that was fast, I thought it would be at least a few days.”

He laughed, “Things move fast when you are a Crossman.”

“It sounds like there doesn”t even need to be a hearing.”

“You would be wrong to think that way. Although being a Crossman has its advantages, that will not guarantee that you would win the case. The Judge, who by the way is a Crossman and a graduate of the Crossman School for Girls, will always, without question, decide in the best interest of the child. Unless we can show cause, she would not take the child from her mother.”

“But there is cause?”

“Oh yeah, lots of cause.”

I was waiting outside Sam”s office when he got there at six thirty. “We did say seven didn”t we?”

“We did. However, I didn”t sleep much last night. You know it has been about two years since I have seen my daughter and I can”t wait to wrap her up a huge hug.”

We spent the morning going over the case. I blew up a few times as I was shown what the investigators had found. I added to the file with pictures and reports of the abuse to Owen. We finished up around eleven and went to find something to eat. My stomach was in knots and I barely ate anything. In fact I was fighting the urge to throw up.

At twelve forty-five, Sam and I entered the empty courtroom and took our place at the table to the right. Sam spread his paperwork on the table and went through it again to make sure it was all in order. A few minutes later, another man joined us. He introduced himself as Peter Wallace with CPS.

About ten minutes later, my ex Kathy walked into the courtroom. She looked horrible, how could the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, turn in the woman that I am looking at now. The bailiff guided her towards the table on the left. Just as she was sitting down she turned and saw me at the other table. At first she said nothing, but I could see the hatred in her eyes. “You bastard,” She yelled, “First you take my son and now you are after my daughter.”

She got up to come after me when a man who I am guessing was her court appointed lawyer got in front of her and said, “Go ahead Mrs. Jackson, go over and attack him. Just don”t expect to ever see your daughter again afterwards. She will probably be in college before you get out of jail.”

This got her attention and she sat down. She talked with her lawyer until the bailiff announced, “All rise, this court is now in session. The honorable Elizabeth Myers presiding.”

We all stood and watched as a stern looking woman entered the courtroom and took a seat behind the big desk. “You may be seated. This is case number GBF14378619 Jackson V. Jackson. Mr. Thomas Jackson is requesting full custody of the minor Amanda Jackson twelve years old. Before we start I want it understood by both parties that my job here today is to make sure that the child, Amanda Jackson is safe and in a healthy environment. The only side I am on here is hers. Therefore, I will not allow this to become a screaming match between parties. Do not address each other at any time during this hearing. You are to only address me or the lawyer. Have I made myself perfectly clear here?”

We all agreed, and the Judge continued, “Will the lawyers please rise and introduce yourselves to the court.”

Both lawyers rose and Elizabeth”s lawyer spoke, “John Williams for the defendant your honor.”

“Samuel Perkins for the plaintiff your honor.”

“Thank you gentleman. Are there any motions before the court?”

Mr. Williams rose, “Yes your honor. Mrs. Jackson just found out about this hearing yesterday afternoon, so we are requestioning a continuance. This would allow us time to prepare.”

Sam rose, “We object your honor. We will show a pattern of abuse, both physical and emotional. We will show how the defendant, on many occasions, didn”t even know the minor child was away from the house for days at a time. We don”t believe that a continuance will change anything and will keep the minor child in foster care for no reason.”

Sam sat down and we waited for the Judge to make a decision. “I am going to deny the motion for continuance. Based on the reports I have; I do not see where a continuance would make a difference. However, if I see any indication that I am wrong, I will look at the motion again. Mr. Perkins, you may make your opening statemen.”

Sam rose and said, “Thank you your honor. I don”t do much in family court because you see some of the most horrible abuses to the weakest and most innocent people in our society. I as well as yourself, afyon escort have seen the bodies of physically abused children. Although, we will only see minor physical abuse today, the real issue here is the mental abuse suffered by Amanda Jackson as well as the neglect that could have done real damage to her if it weren”t for other people taking her in and protecting her. We are here today to show the court that Amanda Jackson will be in a safer and healthier place in the custody of her father Thomas Jackson. Thank you your honor.”

During Sam”s opening statement I overheard Beth say to her lawyer, “They are lying, I never hit Amanda.”

“Mr. Williams, do you have an opening statement?”

“Yes your honor. The plaintiff states that he would be the better parent to this child, however, he has not even seen Amanda in almost two years now. Most of which, he was in jail for securities” fraud in a Ponzi scheme. He also disappeared with his minor son Owen Jackson keeping him away from his mother even while he was in jail. She still has no idea where he is or if he is even still alive. With this information we believe that Amanda Jackson is better off with her mother where she belongs. Thank you.”

“Thank you Mr. Williams, but I will be making an entry into the court transcripts at this time. You inferred in your opening statement that the minor child Owen Jackson may be deceased. I have before me school transcripts, medical records, and testimony from multiple parties that Owen Jackson is not only alive but thriving. Ok, Mr. Perkins, call your first witness.”

“I would like to call Paul Taylor to the stand.”

The courtroom doors opened and in walked a man. He was about five foot eight, with crew cut of brown hair, no facial hair, and a bit of a beer belly. He was dressed in a brown suit that actually fit well on him, he had a grey stripped tie and white shirt. When he got to the front, the bailiff said, “Please raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god?”

“I do.”

“Please be seated.”

Sam walked up to him and said, “For the record, would you please state your full name and occupation?”

“Of course, my name is Paul Michael Tayler. I am the owner of Paul Taylor construction.”

“Thank you Mr. Taylor. Would you please tell the court how you know the minor Amanda Jackson?”

“Amanda is my daughter Sara”s best friend.”

“Have you ever been forced to bring Amanda into your home for her own protection?”

“Forced, no. However, on multiple occasions I have felt it better for her to stay at my home instead of staying in her own home.”

“Mister Taylor, I am confused, can you please explain why you felt it was not safe for Amanda to be in her own home?”

“There were many time that Sara would bring Amanda home with her after school. The first time Amanda was running a fever. I called her mom who answered the phone in a panic and came right over to pick her up. I felt like something was wrong here, and my daughter was very worried about her.”

“If you were worried about her, how come you didn”t call someone like CPS?

“Because I have read many stories of families being torn apart by a neighbor reporting something they thought they saw. I know this could have ended much worse and wish I had done more sooner.”

“But in the end you did call CPS. Can you tell the court what made you change your mind?”

“It was a series of events, I guess the first time was just after a school function. It was around five in the evening. My son, wife, and I were there to pick up Sara. Sara told my wife and I that Amanda was going to walk home because her mother was not there to pick her up. Well, I was not going to let her walk home, so we offered her a ride. We decided to stop at a pizza place on the way home and have dinner. We tried calling Amanda”s mom to let her know, but there was no answer. We arrived at her house at around six thirty and the house was dark. I told Amanda to go inside and that I would wait for her to let me know her mother was home. I started to worry because Amanda was taking so long. All of a sudden she came running out of the house crying. My wife and I jumped out of the car and ran to her. She just kept saying that she thought her mother was dead.”

I watched all of this with such pain in my heart. I could not fathom what my little girl had been through.

Paul continued on the stand. “I had my wife take Amanda back to the car while I went inside to check on her mother. What I encountered turned my stomach, the house smelled horrible. I have watched enough crime shows that I was sure it was a dead body, until I got to the kitchen. There was trash everywhere, the dishes were piled up in the sink, it was disgusting. Realizing that it was the kitchen that was giving off that smell, I continued my search for Mrs. Jackson. I finally found her naked on the bathroom floor. When I reached down to check her pulse, I saw that she was breathing. I shook her a few times, but I could smell the booze on her and knew she was drunk.”

Mr. Williams rose and said, “Objection your honor. That is pure speculation on the witness part.”

The Judge looked to the witness, “Mr. Tayler, was there anything besides the smell that would lead you to have believed Mrs. Jackson was drunk?”

“Yes your honor, all the empty alcohol bottles around the house and the one laying on the floor beside her.”

“Objection overruled. Please continue Mr. Perkins.”

“Mr. Taylor, what did you do then?”

“I tried to wake her, but it was no use. I picked her up and put her in her bed. I wrote a note telling her that Amanda was at our house and to call when wakes up. I found Amanda”s room, expecting to find another mess, and was surprised to find it neat as a pin. I looked into her closet for a clean school uniform for the next day, but only found a basket of dirty clothes. I looked through it to makes sure there was underwear and socks as well, and when I was satisfied that there was, I grabbed the whole basket and left the house after making sure it was all locked.”

“Why would you take all of her dirty clothes with you sir? I don”t understand.”

“It seemed obvious to me that her mother was not going to do the laundry for her, so I decided that we would to it at our house so she would have clean clothes.”

“Ok, so Mrs. Jackson had one bad night and fell behind on the house cleaning, it happens. That does not make her a bad mother. So why did you call CPS?”

“I agree that one bad night does not constitute a call to CPS. Last thing in the world I wanted to do was to have CPS separate a mother from her child. However, what I described was just the first time, and that was a month ago. During this month, Amanda has spent more time at our house then hers. He mother never called to check on Amanda, even though I left notes with my phone number on it for her to call me. Calling CPS was the hardest call I ever made. Amanda became like another daughter to me and my wife, and a sister to my son and daughter, but I couldn”t just keep her, so I called CPS. They came to my house yesterday afternoon and took a crying and screaming little girl with her. My heart broke. I got a call from you last night asking if I would testify and my family knew we would all be here to help Amanda.”

“Mr. Taylor, I would like to thank you for everything that you did for Amanda. You are a hero as far as I am concerned.” Sam looked at the Judge and said, “No further questions for this witness.”

“The Judge looked over and asked, “Mr. Williams, do you have any question for this witness?”

“No your honor.”

Beth was furious and jumped to her feet, “Ask her some questions stupid. You are supposed to help me keep my little girl.”

Mr. Williams was mad and responded, “What would you like me to ask him? Did he lie? You tell me what he lied about, and I will cross examine him. Otherwise shut up and sit down.”

Beth was shocked that he would talk to her that way and was going to say something until she heard the Judges gavel hit the desk. “I warned you about outbursts Mrs. Jackson. The next time will be contempt and jail. Now, do what your lawyer said and sit down.”

Beth sat down hard in her chair. The judge said, “Thank you for your time today Mr. Taylor, you may step down. Call your next witness Mr. Perkins.”

Sam stood and said, “Thank your honor, I would like to call Nancy Porter to the stand.”

This upset Beth bigtime. At least she did it quietly this time. The courtroom doors opened and in walked one of my favorite ladies. She had her serious face on, so she didn”t look my way. The bailiff gave her the oath and she took the stand.

Sam walked up to her and asked, “Would you please give your name and occupation to court?”

My name is Nancy Amber Porter, and I was a Nanny, but now run a small daycare center.”

“Thank you Mrs. Porter for taking the time to be here today. Would you be so kind as to tell the court how you know Amanda Jackson?”

Mrs. Porters face went from very serious to very happy as soon as Sam asked about Amanda. “I have known Amanda Jackson since the day she was born.”

Acting surprised Sam asked, “Really, how is that?”

“I interviewed for the position as Amanda”s Nanny about six months before she was born. Three months before she was born I got the call asking if I would accept the position. I was so impressed with the Jackson”s that I accepted right then a there. I was with Mrs. Jackson in the delivery room when the most beautiful baby girl was born.”

I looked over at Beth to see tears rolling down her cheeks. Nodding Sam said, “Ok, so let me get this straight. You were hired to care for this little girl so that her mother would not have to?”

I could see Beth about to blow when Nancy jumped in with, “Absolutely not. I was there in a supporting role only. You see back then Mrs. Jackson knew from the start that she had no idea how to be a mother. That is true with all new mothers, but Mrs. Jackson wanted to be a good one, so she hired me to help her, not be Amanda”s mother. Let me make this very clear right now, Mrs. Jackson loved her little girl and spent a lot of time with her. However, after about six months she felt like she needed to get back to doing what she loved and went back to work.”

“So she abandoned her daughter to go do some frivolous job.”

Nancy was getting mad, “No sir, not at all. She was an amazing lady who didn”t work for money for herself. She was in charge of multiple charities. I was at a few events with Amanda, so she was close to her mother. I have never seen anyone working so hard to help other. The money she helped raise saved many lives.”

“So I am confused, if you believe that she is such a great mother, why do you think we are here today?”

“Because somewhere along the way something happened to change her.”

“What do agrı escort you think happened?”

“As I said, she was a wonderful mother, but I noticed subtle changes in her. She was devoted to Amanda, but when Mr. Jackson who was away a lot would walk into the room, Amanda”s face would light up. All she wanted was her daddy, and that seemed to really bother her mother. She went from a fun-loving mom to angry as soon as she saw Amanda reach for daddy. As time went by she just got angrier. Mr. Jackson saw this too and figured if he could get away with his wife for a week things would get back to normal. Mr. Jackson love his wife so much, his face lit up whenever he saw her.”

“I am sorry Mrs. Porter, what does that have to do with anything?”

“Well nine months after the trip, sweet little Owen was born.”

“Owen would be the second child of the Jacksons, correct?”

“Yes Sir, and a sweeter boy you have never met.”

“So, you were the Nanny to both Jackson children?”

“Yes Sir, at first.”

“What do you mean at first?”

“There was something about Owen, he would not bond with his mother. Every time she would pick him up he screamed and cried. I would take care of him and Mrs. Jackson concentrated on Amanda. I had a family thing that took me away for a few days and Mrs. Jackson said that she could handle the kids alone for a few days. I left on a Wednesday and Mr. Jackson was due home on Friday. However, when Mr. Jackson came home he found Owen in bad shape and had to run him to the ER. That weekend he brought some people in to do construction on the mostly unused wing of the house. He built a kitchen and put doors on the hallway that could lock. I recommended my sister to be his Nanny and that is why I said at first.”

“Wow, that is a lot. Thank you. Are you still Amanda”s Nanny?”

“No, I was let go when Mrs. Jackson lost the house.”

“Have you had any contact with Amanda since?”

“Yes, Mrs. Jackson never told the school that I was not her Nanny anymore so I would go over once a week and have lunch with her. She would tell me what was going on. I worked on becoming a foster parent so that I would be able to take her in if she ever needed me.”

“Did she?”

“Yes, I got the call yesterday and she was brought to my house once she was picked up from her friend”s home.”

“Thank you Mrs. Porter, no more questions.”

“Mr. Williams, would you like to cross?”

“No your honor.”

Over the next two hours both Amanda and I were questioned. Amanda talked about her mom”s drinking and her living conditions. I talked about why Owen has been hidden from his mom for the last two years and the abuse he suffered at her hands. I thought I would have to wait a few days for the verdict, but the Judge awarded me full custody and issued a restraining order against Beth. That set her off and she grabbed a pen off the table and came at me with pure hatred in her eyes. She was stopped by Sam, and John grabbed her and held her till the bailiff got cuffs on her and she was taken way.

I turned when I heard, “Daddy!” I almost fell over when Amanda hit me hard and wrapped me in a hug. “I have missed you so much. Is Owen with you?”

“No sweetheart, he is in school, and I have missed you too. I am so sorry I had to leave you behind. Please forgive me.”

“I forgive you. Can we leave now? I am really hungry.”

I really expected her to be more upset about this. However, I realized that I was hungry as well since I missed breakfast and didn”t eat more than a few crumbs at lunch. “Yes baby, we can get out of here. What do you want for lunch?”

“I really want to spend time with you talking, do you think maybe we can get some Subway and go to the park and eat it?”

“I think that is a wonderful idea. It is a beautiful evening to sit out and have dinner together.”

We went out to the parking lot and all of a sudden Amanda screamed. It took me a second to realize why, “Daddy, you still have Blue.” She yelled jumping up and down before she ran over a hugged the Ferrari. When I first got the car, she was the first person I had to take for a ride. I forgot that she named it Blue.

“Of course I still have her. She is third in line of my favorite things.”

She smiled that incredible smile that both my children share. “I know the first two.”

“No way can you know that.” I said with a grin.

“Yes I do. It is me and Owen.”

“Ok, I guess you do know.” I laughed. “Let”s mount up and hit the road.”

We went to Subway and placed our orders, then headed to the park. Once we settled at a picknic table she asked the question that I didn”t have an answer for. “Daddy, when are we leaving for my new home? I have missed Owen so much.”

“I have to figure that out. You may be going to a boarding school.”

Tears started flowing from her eyes, “If you didn”t want me, why didn”t you just leave me where I was?”

“Oh god baby that is not what I meant. I am not sure that you would be very happy where Owen and I live, and more than anything in the world I want you to be happy.”

“I will be happy anywhere you and Owen are. Why don”t you think I would be happy there?”

I was not sure how much to tell her, so I decided to tell her the truth, but not the whole truth. “You see baby Owen and I belong to a wonderful group called the Crossman and…”

I stopped when this huge smile crossed her face. “You and Owen are Crossman, really?”

“Yes we are, how do you know about the Crossman?”

“Do you promise you won”t get mad?”

“Now I am worried, but I will do my best not to get mad.”

“Ok, when things started going really bad with mom I got so scared sometimes. I didn”t really have anyone to talk to except my best friend Sara. She really wanted me to come to her house but said that I wouldn”t like it. I let it drop, but things got worse with mom and she knew I need a place to feel safe. She finally told me that her family were Crossman. She said that because of the Crossman rules women and children are not permitted to wear clothes in the house. She also told me that men were always in charge and that the women and children always did what the man told them to without question.”

“Wow, she could get into a lot of trouble telling what your brother calls Regulars about the Crossman.”

“I know, and that is why she said that I couldn”t come to her house. She said that I would not be allowed to wear clothes there. I thought about it for a few days but didn”t bring it up again, because I didn”t want my best friend to be in trouble.”

We were eating as we talked, and I said, “I feel that there is a lot more to this story. So far, there is nothing to be mad about, so tell me the rest.”

“It was a few days after she told me about it that I came to school dirty and not feeling well. She asked me what happened, and I told her that my mother was drunk and yelling at me, so I went outside to hide until she calmed down. I didn”t know that she was going to lock the doors and then pass out. So I had to sleep outside and walk to school. Daddy, I didn”t even have my books or homework.”

I moved over to sit next to her. I wrapped my arm around her and said, “I am so sorry that any of that happened to you. Here is where I am confused. In court, Mr. Taylor said that you spent many days and nights at his house. How did you do that considering how they live?”

“I am trying to get there, I am just scared that you will be mad at me.”

“Ok, I didn”t before, but I am saying it now. I promise that I will not get mad at you or anyone else for what you are going to tell me.”

I could tell that she was relieved by this and continued her story, “Anyway, when I told her that I got locked out of the house, she got really mad. She said, “That”s it Amanda, you have to decide what you want to do. If you want me to help you, you will have to come to my house. The only way you can do that is if you are willing to be naked in front of my family.” Daddy, I wanted her help so bad. She cared about me and I needed that. I asked her if she would get into trouble if I came with her and she said, “A Crossman is supposed to help those in need, and you are in need.” We went to the bathroom and she helped me get cleaned up, but I still felt sick.”

I could not believe what I was hearing, but I wanted to hear the rest. “What happened next?”

We went to her house and into the garage. We took off all of our clothes. I should have been embarrassed to be naked there, but I was really feeling bad. We walked into the house and her mom asked from the kitchen who was home. Sara answered that it was her and told her mom to come here she needed help. I was lying flat on my back on the couch when her mom came in naked. She said, “Sara what did you do?” Sara said, “Mommy she needs help, I had to do it.” I tried to get up, but my head hurt so bad. Her mom put a thermometer to my forehead and ran off. She returned with some medicine and sat me up to take it. Just then her fourteen-year-old brother came walking in just as naked as we were except he had this thing on his dick.”

“Wow, that must have been embarrassing for you.”

“I guess it would have been except I just didn”t care. She asked Jr, he is named after his dad so everyone calls him Jr, to help me to the bathroom. She went ahead to start a bath and he helped me in. He left and I soaked with Sara watching over me. I was just starting to get hair down there, and I realized that Sara didn”t have any and that Jr didn”t either. Sara told me that in the Crossman lifestyle only men had hair on their bodies. Mrs. Taylor came back into the bathroom about twenty minutes later and checked my temperature again. It must have come down, because she called Jr back in to help me out of the tub. I laid down on Sara”s bed till her dad got home. Sara and I walked naked to the living room where he was the only one with clothes on.”

“I bet he was surprised to see you.”

“Oh yeah, I waited for him to blow up, but he sat down and asked Sara for and explanation. She told him the truth about everything, and he told her that he was not happy about her bringing me there, but that he was proud that she cared so much about her friend. Then he spent the next fifteen minutes telling me about the Crossman and how nothing gets said outside this house. I promised and then you know what happened daddy?”

“No, what?”

“Mr. Taylor took off his pants and sat back down. I have never seen a man naked before and his cock, as Sara called it, was huge. I looked at Jr for the first time and realized that I could not see his because he had this thing covering it. Then Jr crawled between Mr. Taylors legs and started licking his balls and cock. I couldn”t believe it. After a while he started moaning and Jr was swallowing fast. I thought at first he was peeing. When Jr let the cock go from his mouth, there was white stuff all over it. I figured it must be akdere escort cum. I have heard of it, but never saw it before. As soon as Jr moved away Sara was there licking up the rest. Mrs. Taylor called us to dinner, and I was not sure I could eat, but it turned out that she made me soup.”

“Boy, that is a lot to take in, how did you feel about that?”

Blushing she said, “I thought it was cool. I went there every day after school for a few hours and spent the night as often as I could. Mr. Taylor and some other men that would come over taught me how to suck a cock and swallow their cum. I watched as Mr. Taylor mounted Jr and Sara. I asked if he would do that to me and he said no, that because I am not a Crossman that I could not have it done. I did learn to kiss and really loved kissing Jr. One day he told his dad that he and I would be married someday. His dad said no that I was not a Crossman and that he would not allow his son to marry me.”

“Really Amanda, marriage?”

“Really daddy. Now I will be a Crossman and I will be able to marry him.”

I couldn”t believe my twelve-year-old little girl was talking about marriage. I thought I better talk to Paul about it and thank him again for taking care of my girl. I got the number from Amanda and called Paul. I asked him if we could come over and talk. He agreed and we headed over.

Amanda showed me how to get there and we walked up to the front door. I had just rung the bell when a realized that Amanda was not with me anymore. Paul opened the door and invited me in. “Where is Amanda?”

“I have no idea she was with me a moment ago. Maybe she went to get something from the car.”

He invited me in and introduced me to his family. I met Jr, and I have to admit he is a cutie. They were all dressed so I could not check him out. Just then another door opened and in walks Amanda, naked at the day she was born. I almost laughed at look of shock and fear on their faces.

Amanda ran to Jr and wrapped him in a hug, “We can get married now, I”m a Crossman!”

I put my hand on Paul”s shoulder, “It”s ok, I know everything that happened.”

He looked at me still in a little shock, “I am sorry if I crossed a line with your daughter. She just became part of my family and we have our ways, but she was never mounted.”

“Paul relax, it is all good. I understand the Crossman way and all I know is that you were there for my little girl when she needed you.” I wrapped him in a hug and when I let go I had tears in my eyes. I turned around to see four naked bodies. Once the wife and kids realized that there was no danger, they all stripped. I found Amanda in a lip lock with Jr. I always thought I would kill the boy I saw doing this with her, but they looked so cute.

We talked for a few hours while Paul and I got our cocks sucked by Sara and Jr. I asked Amanda not to do anything here. I told her that I would like our first night together to be special.

We left there at about ten and went to the rundown structure that my ex and daughter called home. Sam told me that Beth was now on a seventy-two-hour psych hold, so I knew we have plenty of time to get anything that Amanda wanted. We walked into the house and the smell hit my like a ton of bricks.

I saw the mess that my little girl has been living in and could not believe it. I followed her to her room and could not believe what I was seeing. Paul was right, it is neat as a pin. “Baby if you kept your room so clean, why didn”t you clean the rest of the house?”

“Because I got yelled at when I did. I don”t know why she got so mad about it, but this is my room and I spent all of my time in here.” She collected a few books, stuffed animals, backpack, and pictures of me, Owen, and one of her and her mother. The ones of me and Owen were hidden under her mattress.

“I am so sorry that you had to live like this baby. I promise you will never have to live like this again.”

We left the house and went back to the hotel. We took a shower together where I helped her shave herself clean. I had her display for me, and she is beautiful. Her pussy is a work of art, and that cunt is just beggin for a fucking. I was so horny, and I carried her to the bed. She went under the covers and gave me an amazing blow job. I woke up the next morning to her sucking on my morning wood. I hate to pick one, but I think Owen does it a little better. We got dressed, her in a nice blouse, and a skirt with no panties.

Once we hit the road, I called Ken Walters, “Hello, this is Ken.”

“Hello Ken, this is Tom.”

“How”s it going? I know you are worried about Amanda not fitting in here, but your son is adamant about his sister living under the same roof.”


Both Amanda and I laughed, “Ken, you are on speaker phone with me and my beautiful little girl.”

“Oh, I am sorry. I hope I have not messed things up here.”

“No, it turns out that she has spent the past month in a Crossman home learning the ways. So I have a few question I need to ask you. I know that there is a Crossman School for Girls, but it is fifteen hundred miles away. Are there any schools that she can attend closer?”

“Sure, there is a school for Crossman girls right on the ranch. It is a day school, and the girls live at home. It is very similar in educational structure to FSB only there are no Regulars.”

“Great, will she be able to start right away?”

“Of course, when will you be back?”

I should be there Wednesday night.”

“I will call Jane over there and set you an appointment for Thursday morning. What else can I help you with?”

“Well now that you mention it, I need some new cars. I feel like I may end up hauling more children than the Ferrari can handle. I would like something big for the kids, and Owen has not stopped talking about your Jeep. He said that there were some off roading areas on the ranch and he really wants to do that.”

“He must have learned that from Brian. I have not had a chance to take Owen yet and the Jeep in only set up for one child in the back seat. Ok, for the big hauler, Call Mike over at the Ford dealership in Clayton and for the Jeep, call Ash over at Jeep of Clayton. Make sure you tell him you have two little ones that need safety harnesses. They are both Crossman and have special discounts for us.”

“Cool, I will do that. If we get in early enough Wednesday we will stop by and introduce you to my girl.”

“Evelyn is going crazy wanting to meet her.”

“Just make sure you guys keep this to yourself. I want to surprise Owen.”

We stopped at a Ford dealership we were passing and found what we were looking for in the Ford Excursion. I took the vin number off of it and texted it to Mike. I did the same with the Jeep. Both men said that they had similar vehicles and texted me prices with wiring instructions.

We made good time and were home by four. I texted Ken when we were close, and he invited us for dinner. When we pulled into the driveway of our house, there, sitting in the driveway were our new cars.

I pulled old Blue into the garage and helped get everything into the house. I didn”t even have to tell her, she stripped right there in the garage and headed into the house. When she saw her room, she just started crying.

“I am sorry if you don”t like it. We can change anything you want.”

She turned and looked at me and through tear filled eyes, “You didn”t forget about me. This is the way my room looked at the old house. Thank you so much daddy, I was sure you forgot about me.”

“Oh baby, there is no way I would forget my little girl. I love you so much. Without you, both Owen and I felt something missing. We were a family, just not a complete one. Now that you are here my family is together and nothing will tear us apart again.”

After we got cleaned up, “It”s time to go to dinner sweetheart.”

“Ok daddy, but what should I wear? I don”t have many clothes and I want to look nice.”

“That”s easy, you don”t need to wear anything. I am told that here on the ranch, most of the children and women don”t wear any clothes at all.”

“Really, I can go like this?”

“Sure sweetie, I like you like that. Just take a dress with you just in case.”

I was thinking about taking old Blue over with us but decided to take the Jeep instead. I wondered where they left the keys but found them in the ignition. We headed over to the Walters for dinner. As soon as we pulled into the driveway Evelyn came running naked out of the house.

She went to Amanda”s side of the car and pulled open the door. “Oh my god, look at you. You are so beautiful, and you look so much like your brother.”

Amanda got a serious look on her face, “So you think I look like a boy? That is not very nice.”

“I am so sorry, I just meant that you have a lot of the same facial features of Owen.”

Laughing Amanda said, “I was just kidding, I know we look a lot alike.”

“Oh you little devil you. I know a little boy who likes to mess with me too.” Evelyn said laughing.

We all went into the house and sat around the dining room table with a big plate of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy. “Evelyn, when did you have time to cook all this?”

“Oh it was nothing, although, I did have to slave over the drive thru at KFC to make you a nice meal.”

This got a laugh out of everyone. Amanda told the story of what happened and how she managed to get involved with a Crossman family while we ate.

I said, “I was very surprised to find out that there are Crossman living outside of the communities I had heard about.”

Ken spoke up, “It is not uncommon. There are about six families that I know about living right in the middle of Clayton. Through out the U.S. and many other countries there are gated communities that are exclusively Crossman, but in some cases it is easier for work or school to be in the city somewhere. Of course the families in Clayton are always invited to events that happen here on the ranch and have access to the community center and the girls school as well.”

“I learn something new every day.”

“Yeah, like it or not.” Ken said with a laugh.

Evelyn asked, “When are you going to let Owen know his sisters in town?”

“Well, I guess it will be Friday when I pick him up from school. I would like him to know we are here, but that might be disruptive.”

“I have a better idea… But for now, Amanda, are you done eating?”

“Yes mam.”

“Ok, first call me Ma. Your brothers best friend decided that, and it is what your brother calls me.”

“Ok Ma.”

“Next question. Tom, do you have your credit card on you?”

Confused I said, “Yes I do.”

“May I have it please?”


“Because your daughter and I are going shopping. It sounds like she has very little to wear.”

“Oh man, I never thought about school clothes.”

“I thought she was going to school here on the ranch?”

“She is.”

“She is already dressed for school on the ranch.”

“What? Oh right, the ranch, never mind.”

I gave over my credit card while Amanda put on her dress. Then they were gone.

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