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David was enjoying his new more comfortable wife. It had been a few weeks since Sammie started incorporating her tit play every once in awhile into his masturbation sessions and now he wanted to introduce her to something else, but he wasn’t sure what to do.

That Saturday evening when they had their weekly missionary sex after he blindly felt his way quickly into her tight pussy. He felt a pang of guilt that her tight little cunt was always so dry and he wanted to do something to get her wet. So he leaned into her and kissed her neck softly, Sammie sighed and it encouraged him to kiss her shoulders as he slowly worked his dark cock deeper inside. He worked his way down her chest and lightly kissed each nipple and it quickly lead him to fucking her with more abandon than he had ever shown before. In the process, he sucked the mound of her right breast hard as he came in hot long burst.

She smiled and quickly grabbed a hand towel to cover her soppy lips and darted to the bathroom. He watched her ass giggle and thought everything was ok until she finally came back her expression neutral. Wrapped in a big towel she quickly stepped into white panties and purple PJs.

He waited a few days before asking what happed to make her mad. He noticed she wouldn’t even bring the new DVD’s in from the mail.

After she started up on the porn, again the next day he asked when she was about half way into it “Sammie?”

“Yea…” She didn’t sound happy.

“What made you so upset?”

“Nothing, don’t worry about it…”

“I can’t help it. I don’t want you to be upset.” He paused trying to decide if he should say anything more but let it drop for the time being.

That Friday she reached over and touched his arm as the lay in bed and he turned to look at her.

“Tell me why you were upset, or I’ll be afraid to hurt you again.” His mind raced for the hundredth time. Did he fuck her to hard, or make her self-conscious?

She turned to look at him eyes flashing for a moment, “You left a mark” she whispered accusingly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” He said and meant it. “Tell me what happened and I’ll make sure I never do it again.” He promised.

“You left a bruise on my breast.” She cupped the top of her right breast.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he said truly meaning it “You’re beautiful, and I just wanted to kiss your gorgeous flesh. Does it still hurt?” He asked.

“No not anymore, but it did for a few days.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok, you didn’t mean to?” She asked eyes wide.

“No, I would never mean to hurt you or make you mad.” casino şirketleri He smiled and leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips. She smiled a little smile at him. “Is it still bruised?” He asked curious.

“Yes, but just a little.” She massages her tit lightly and her nipple grew hard, he felt his cock rising at the fact that she seemed unaware of her own physical reactions.

“Is it black and blue?” He grew harder thinking about her walking around with his mark sore and dark on her tit, to reminding her of him fucking her.

“No anymore it’s just a little yellow.” She looked down at his hand resting lightly on the sheet over his erection. Silence filled the bed for a moment.

He asked, “Can I see the hickey I left behind, so I’ll know not to ever do it again?”

She thought about it for a moment and didn’t believe for a minute that he truly meant it. “Ok.” He was surprised she agreed and shyly she sat up and took off the t-shirt that she had donned everyday that week. Her soft white breasts slowly revealed themselves to him as he worked his concealed cock harder in his hand. Finally, she revealed the tiny yellow star resting there. He sighed softly.

It had never occurred to Sammie that he might not have meant to leave that trashy hickey on her or that why he seemed now to find it so appealing.

“I think it’s trashy.” She whispered, “But why do you like it?”

He looked up into her worried eyes, “only because you are an amazing wife,” she looked away from him, “I loved that you wanted me to kiss your love your body. Now knowing it left a mark makes me fantasize that you could feel my where my mouth had been on you all day long.” And he left it at that.

“If I let you kiss me there,” she said pointing to her hard petal pink nipple, “will you promise not to hurt me?” She asked.

“I promise,” he whispered leaning in to kiss the tiny bud floating on sea of pink. It was a warm, dry kiss and she held her breath in anticipation. David leaned back and she looked at him expectantly. “Do you want me to kiss you again?” He asked.

She nodded and he kissed her softly and for just a few moments longer. He kissed her on the cheek and lay back down. She looked at him and wrinkled her forehead as he pushed back the sheet to finish jerking off. He hid a smile at her frustration because it was the first time in their marriage she seem to not want him to do stop. He was going to enjoy it if only for a moment. He came into the washcloth she had ready. She left it on his cock and rolled over with a grunt to sleep.

David wanted to say something casino firmaları to her because he didn’t want to make her mad again. Then decided it might be good for her to think about wanting more.

The next night Sammie came to bed topless and the little yellow hickey had faded completely away. He was glad she felt comfortable being topless again. He went to pick up his book and she just sat there on her side of the bed staring at him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked flipping open the pages to the earmark.

She sighed and shrugged, “Nothing,” she murmured. He was afraid he blew it and put the book down giving her his full attention. She paused in pulling back the covers to look at him.

It took her a moment but she asked, “Why did you stop last night?” He wanted to ask her stop what but he knew and if she wasn’t ready to talk openly about something as simple as her tits, he didn’t want to embarrass her.

“I didn’t want to hurt you again.”

“But you weren’t hurting me.”

“But unless I know for sure that you like something, I wanted to play it safe.”

She pouted just a little, “But I don’t know how to tell you I like something.” That was obvious but he wasn’t going to say that to her.

So instead he said, “Well, if you like what I’m doing you can rest your hand on me somewhere,” he leaned in towards her left snowy mound, “and if you don’t like something you can tap me to stop.” He picked up her hand and placed it on the back of his neck. She felt a shiver run down his spine and it made her take in a deep breath swelling her chest up even closer to his face. He had to restrain himself from sucking down her whole tit.

Instead, he lovingly kissed all over her left breast and then the right. He could see her breathing speed up until she pulled away. “What’s wrong?” He asked trying not to grow frustrated.

“I don’t know what you’re going to do next.” She murmured into his ear. He smiled into the soft curve of her shoulder this gave him the perfect excuse to talk to her.

“I’d like to softly lick the very tip of your nipple, is that ok?”

She whispered, “Uh huh.” Her finger gripped his neck as his soft wet tongue brushed the taught nub. She tried not to gasp.

“Now, I’m going to lick your other nipple slowly.” This time he dragged the length of his tongue across Sammie’s other bud feeling it rise up hard to greet him and he dreamed that one day it would be her clit.

“Then I’m going to wrap my lips around this huge beautiful pink petal and suck just a little and I promise that I won’t stop until you tap me and güvenilir casino I won’t suck harder unless you tell me to, ok?” He asked ask his lips came down to pull at her mound.

She softly cried and lay back on her pillows as he gently suckled her. She began to knead his neck and after a few moments, she asked, “Please a little more?” and lifted her other breast to his mouth. He greedily engulfed it between his lips.

She had been playing nervously with his dark curly hair for sometime as she lay there enjoy the new sensations when she opened her mouth to make her second request.

“Will you be just a little bit harder?”

David moaned softly and happily obliged for sometime as she began to rock her hips back and forth he told her. “I’m going to lick your tits just a little bit hard with my tongue.” And he forced the tip of his tongue back and forth against her tormented flesh as she grabbed his hair and stifled a moan.

“I want to hold you with my teeth, just a little bit, just to know that I can…” and griped her ever so gently and pulled. She gasped and after letting him roll it back and forth until the sharpness of it became too much and she squealed, but he didn’t stop and she panicked and slapped his face with a pop. Slowly he released her and they both throbbed painfully. Sammie sobbed twice while holding him to her chest.

He gently licked at the inflame nipple and she sighed, “Yes, yes, yes.” Gently he kissed and sucked at her widening the area on each mound paying attention to where the flesh met her ribs and armpits. He sucked softly at the underside of her breast until she requested more.

“I might leave a hickey and I don’t want to hurt you.” He warned.

“Just a little one,” she told him and pointed to the fleshiest part along the outside of her right breast.

“Ok” he agreed and sucked carefully until he was sure he left her a little hickey to see the next day.

“One more?” She asked him.

“Ok” he hid his smile as he moved up to where her breastbone sloped up to her breast. This time licked first then sucked tentatively nipping her just a little. After a few minutes, she chirped and this time tapped him on the back of his head.

“That’s enough for tonight.” She told him sweetly.

He lay down beside her, held her right breast in his hand as she reached over, and turned out her light.

“Thank you.” He told her and lightly squeezed her warm throbbing breast, and taking pleasure in keeping it slightly agitated for the next few hours.

Sammie lay there her breast aching and a pulse rippling through her body. She figured if David would have asked for sex she would have agreed, but he didn’t and she couldn’t figure out why and she realized that it made her just the slightest bit angry that he didn’t. That seemed to be happening a lot lately.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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