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Ling’s mouth pouted as she observed Alex and Elisa flirting, a small physical rebellion against an absent brain.

She had a tendency to become lost in moments like these, as if her mind was watching the scene from afar as it unfolded. In some ways Alex and Elisa also lacked a presence of their own: so animated and carefree together, it was as if all human self-consciousness had fled their forms.

Elisa had a figure that could carry being brainless, Ling thought, somewhat jealously. Elisa’s breasts had a fullness that pushed into the fabric of whatever she wore, always seeming to be yearning to burst free of whatever modesty was secured over them. Even though her own breasts were large for an Asian, they snugly fitted her B-Cups, a recalcitrant modesty that left them undifferentiated in a crowd.

Since the other guests had left, though, there wasn’t much of a crowd to blend into. She was suddenly aware of a silence, and that they were both looking at her.


Elisa laughed, and moved over to put an arm round her. “I told you she wasn’t listening!” she motioned to Alex. “Always off in her own little world.”

Ling smiled weakly. But the teasing between the three of them was warm, and the smile was genuine. And she enjoyed the closeness, as the two resumed their banter.

Elisa had been her friend since university, and they’d moved in together after into a two-bedroom apartment in New York. Though different on the surface, they’d grown together; Elisa was more grounded and sensible than she gave the appearance of, and Ling was more open and outgoing than her initial demeanor suggested.

Alex had the rugged handsomeness and casual air of a Manhatten yuppie, but didn’t seem to have found contentment in either the finance or dating lifestyles here. Perhaps that explained why he was the last one still at their apartment in the early hours. Again.

The conversation spaced out, slower and slower, talk of who was dating who and the vagaries of existence winding down. Ling’s reverie was broken by Elisa’s yawn in the final silence. Eventually, all nights fall prey to entropy.

Alex grimaced. He had a habit of breaking phones, leaving the prospect Ankara bayan escort of trying to hail a taxi at three in the morning as the chance to get home. Elisa came to his aid.

“Just crash here if you want. I can sleep with Ling. If she doesn’t mind.”

Ling shrugged. “Fine by me.”


They lay there in silence a little more, lethargy pulling out the minutes. It was Alex who slouched off first. Ling lay there a little more, Elisa pressed into her shoulder. These little moments were nice, in a bustling city like New York. It wasn’t that she liked to be alone, it was just nice to exist sometimes.

She shifted, and Elisa woke.

“Come on. Time for bed.”

Ling woke, groggy, as morning light’s first rays tentatively explored her room. Her head slightly ached from the alcohol, though it was her need to pee that really commanded attention.

Elisa’s arm was stretched over her chest. She gazed at her friend’s lightly freckled face, relaxed and peaceful in the morning light.

They’d slept together a fair few times after parties, during university, and after Elisa had gone through a rough patch when her parents had passed. She didn’t think of her as a friend, though not particularly as a sister either. Just as Elisa, something separate and unique. She closed her eyes and involuntarily breathed in the scent of her, primal and musky in the dawn.

But her bladder was pressuring her. She slowly, so as not to disturb Elisa, slipped out the side of the bed, and headed to the bathroom.

She kicked off her panties while sitting on the toilet, managing to land them in the washing basked in a neat pile.

It’s nice when little things come together, she thought, getting up and walking out the door back to her room. And colliding straight into Alex as she rounded the door, his bare feet near inaudible on their softwood floor.

He caught her by her shoulders as she stumbled reflexively, grip firm even in his bleary-eyed state of surprise.

She gasped for a second, shocked.

“You alright?” he intoned softly, baritone muted through recent slumber.

“Yes,” she intoned. And then, “Thanks.”

“No problem,” Escort bayan Ankara concluded the conversation.

They stood there for a second, awkwardly, his arms still gently holding on to hers.

She’d never really spent time with Alex one on one. They didn’t really have a dynamic for the small-talk phrases people develop after a sufficient amount of close companionship. He smiled softly at her, which she returned. And then he looked down, and she realized she wasn’t wearing panties.

She took a sharp intake of breath, and pulled her T-shirt down. “Ah, hey, I’m sorr-” he began, eyes now up and fixed on her face.

“It’s fine.” She blushed, keeping her T-shirt pulled firmly down. “Toilet’s free.”

“Thanks”. He escaped gratefully, and she squat-walked down the corridor to her room, shirt still pulled down as shield against past indiscretions, to dive under the covers as she made it back to her room.

If only that were the end of it.

“I’m jealous,” Elisa’s voice tinkled with mirth. “I live with you, and I hardly ever get to bump into you half-naked.”

Ling groaned inside her head.

“Though I suppose I do get to cuddle up to you half-naked now, which is something of a bonus.” Elisa shifted to be face to face with her, eyes twinkling with mirth. Ling buried her face into the pillow.

There was a pause. Then, in a somewhat different voice, she heard Elisa speak.

“So like … was it pretty?”

Ling looked up. Her friend was looking at her differently now. She would normally treat such a comment as a joke, but she knew Elisa well enough to know when she wasn’t joking, though she still wasn’t sure what this question pertained to.

“I guess so?” she replied. “I mean … I didn’t really get a good look.”

Elisa cocked her head to look at her again. “You didn’t look?”

Ling blushed as Elisa continued, “I mean, you are cute. I wonder if Alex is jerking off while thinking of you right now.”

Her mind flashed to the image instantly. He was certainly hot … and the thought of his body taut, straining, as her moved his fist up and down his shaft, was a thrill. Thinking of her.

Elisa was staring straight Bayan escort Ankara at her, eyes unfocused, breathing shallower, and Ling realized with a start that her friend was extremely turned on.

She’d half been on the defensive, expecting this to explode into a tease at any moment. But seeing her friend’s arousal made her realise there was no barb here.

This was desire, open and vulnerable. And it emboldened her. She met Elisa’s eyes.

“Maybe he is,” she said, looking down shyly, to continue in her cutest voice. “Or maybe he is imagining the two of us, in bed together.”

She looked up into Elisa’s eyes as she said it, and felt a thrill at seeing them widen and her breath catch on her words. She was surprised to find how much she enjoyed being able to drive these reactions.

“Maybe he’s thinking of our bodies pressed together and interlocked,” she continued, “kissing, touching, rubbing…”

Elisa moaned, closing her eyes as she did so.

With a shock, she realized Elisa was touching herself.

In her bed. To her words.

“What else would we do?” Elisa whispered, voice low.

Ling reflected later that it wasn’t as if time slows down at certain moments. Instead it seems to elongate out, like a rubber band, each subdivision of seconds stretching out for a single moment, before snapping back to reality. You carry on as if nothing has happened, but your mind is running hot, reeling from the whiplash.

“My hands would be running over your thighs”, she continued, moving her face closer to Elisa’s, drinking in every twitch and breath. “While my tongue licks around your earlobe, one finger coming up to gently enter into …”

It wasn’t a moan as much as a small cry, as Elisa shuddered, and her eyes crunched shut. It took Ling a few seconds to realise what had happened. But there was no mistaking the orgasm for anything other than it was.

More light crept into the room, and the faint specks of dust swirled as Elisa’s breathing slowed. Her eyes remained closed.

Ling lay, watching, her arousal tempered for now by the gravity of what had just happened.

At length, Elisa slowly turned away from her, and Ling wondered for a second if their relationship was changed forever.

And then in a small voice, “Can you hold me?”

She moved in, and on seeing the small shakes of her body, gently draped an arm over her, nuzzling the back of her neck on impulse.

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