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Sylvia and I worked together on my last ‘real job’ before I moved back home to start my business. We gravitated toward one another. We became daily lunch companions. We talked about everything. Including sex. She was brash and ballsy and outspoken. We were very close. It was hard on both of us when I moved. We still got together, but only once every few months. We exchanged visits, or had lunch when I was in the city on a supply run.

It was on one such lunch visit when she hit me with all this.

Sylvia was a beautiful, raven-haired woman with dark eyes and olive skin that showed just a trace of her Hispanic heritage. I always thought she was gorgeous, but she was insecure about her looks. She always said her butt was too big, her boobs too small and her cellulite too obvious. Now, over the years, I had seen her in swimsuits and gym clothes. I thought she had great hips. Her tits weren’t big, but were nice. And I never saw any cellulite. She always complimented me on my figure, which was silly since I look like a boy with tits.

On this particular day, we had not seen one another for over two months. Karen was brimming over with excitement. And she looked great. I remember thinking that she has spent some money on a Victoria Secret miracle bra because her very low cut blouse was showing some serious cleavage that I did not remember.

After we exchanged chit chat and placed our orders, she said, “I’ve got something I have just got to show you. Come on!” She grabbed my hand, and we headed for the ladies room. Inside, she flipped the latch on the door, turned toward me and began to unbutton her blouse. Imagine my surprise when she opened her blouse to reveal that she had no bra on at all. Those were her tits standing up big and round and proud. My little Sylvia had gotten a boob job.

“You like them? John got them for me for my birthday.”

John, the guy she had been dating for over a year, had most assuredly gotten them for himself, they were just on her. But, I kept that thought to myself.

“They are really beautiful, Sylvia. They did a nice job with them,” I stammered. More than the boobs, I couldn’t get over the nipples. A boob job doesn’t affect your nipples. Hers were huge. She must have been mostly nipple before. I think I licked my lips

“Want to feel them? I just love feeling them. I never masturbated much before, but now I feel up my boobs and masturbate like a banshee.” Just then someone tried to get in the bathroom. Bare-chested, Sylvia went to the door, unlocked it, opened it and said, “Do you mind waiting just a minute? I was just showing my friend something.”

“Sorry,” the blushing lady stuttered, not taking her eyes off Karen’s perfect spheres.

“Well, wanna cop a feel?” she asked again. What could I do? I felt. And they felt really good; not like natural tits, but really sweet nonetheless. What I really wanted was to suck on those huge nipples, but I restrained myself.

“We’d better get back to our lunch,” I said. “Besides, there is some lady out there pissing herself.” Sylvia laughed and we returned to our table.

“Whatever possessed you?” I asked.

“Well, you know how I never liked my tits, too small and all, kind of pointy too. I hated them. When John said he’d buy me a new set, I jumped at the chance.”

John was a sandy-haired hunk who thought way too much of himself for my tastes. He worked out at the gym all the time, which made his body sculpted. He thought this was enough to make him God’s gift. I didn’t think so. But Karen liked him. He spent money on her and treated her well enough, so I had no beef with him. Except of course, when he hit on me at parties after a few beers. I was able to fend him off, so I never told Sylvia about it. I always had the feeling that he was perfectly capable of cheating on her at the drop of a trouser leg, but she said he hadn’t.

“Sex with John was always pretty good, but now it is incredible. John loves the new tits and we fuck now more than ever. He even tit-fucks me,” she declared proudly. Now that was something that had never happened to me.

“I have been enjoying my new boobs so much, I have begun to wonder what I can do for John that might measure up, so to speak. His birthday is coming up next month, and I’m not sure what to do. I thought of Viagra. As a matter of fact, I got some and slipped one in his beer. The sex was great and he stayed hard for over two hours. I lost count of my orgasms and felt reamed out the next day. But, I couldn’t take his ego trip. He walked around for a week like he was fucking super-dong man. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was chemically induced, but I certainly can’t handle the big head; the one on top bursa escort of his shoulders. I have no problem with him having a big head between his legs.”

So what are you going to do for him?” I asked. Personally, I thought she had done plenty with the boob job, but I kept that thought to myself as well.

“Well, I couldn’t think of anything, so I finally asked him. I was pretty surprised by his answer. He said he wanted a threesome; you know, sex with me and another girl. I really didn’t know what to say.”

“What do you think? Are you going to do it?” I asked. My first thought was that it was a way for John to get some outside pussy without feeling guilty or getting into trouble with Sylvia. Again, I kept that to myself.

“I’ve thought about it for quite a while. I was a little leery of the idea at first. I’ve played kissy face and feely with another woman, but, I have never actually had sex with another woman. So, I thought about that. You know, the woman would have to be very special. She would want to have sex with me, and I would want to have sex with her. And of course, it is for John, so he would have to want to fuck her, too. Of course, guys will fuck almost anything with a hole, so that’s not that tough.

“I finally decided I would do it if I could come up with the right woman.

“You remember Donna, the dyke in research? I know that she wants to have sex with me. She tried to feel me up at the last office Christmas party. But I couldn’t imagine myself touching her. She’s kind of ugly and she wears those lumber-jack shirts all the time. And, I don’t think John would want to fuck her, either.

“Then I thought about Karen, from the law office across the hall. She is hot. Great tits, sweet ass. She always dresses so sexy. And she is so smart. She’s way smarter than all those uptight lawyers. Now her, I would fuck. Then I remembered that John met her once and hated her. She was none too impressed with him either. He said that she ‘thought’ she was smarter than anyone else, which meant she was smarter than he. And she said he was an ignorant asshole.

“Then there is Susan in advertising. She’s blonde with really big tits and claims to have her way with men. She’s sexy enough that I think I could fuck her, and I know that John would jump her bones in half a second. Then I began to think that might be the problem. I caught her trying to kiss him in the bathroom at Ruthie’s cookout last summer. She had her knee in his crotch and her hands all over his bare chest. Now, he might like that too much. I am not interested in setting him up with a mistress.

“No, I needed someone that I wanted to fuck and someone that he would be happy fucking. But that person couldn’t be so interested in fucking either one of us that they would get carried away.

“So, you know who I came up with?” Sylvia asked.

“No idea,” I replied.

“You,” she answered simply. I had absolutely no reply. I suppose I looked shocked.

“Close your mouth, it’s not becoming,” she said. “Don’t you see? I love you and you love me. You’ve had sex with a woman, so you will help me. I have always loved your little body, and I could tell in the bathroom that you liked my new tits. John is always flirting with you, and he has talked about you in sexy ways before. He’d be pretty happy fucking you. I know you care for him that much, but I think you might enjoy fucking him. His dick isn’t that long, but it is really fat. He spreads my pussy lips and can get me off in just a few strokes if I’m not pissed off at him. Come on, Mikie. You’ll have fun. What do you say?”

I really didn’t know what to say. She was right. I would have absolutely no problem fucking her and her new tits. Hell, I’d have fucked her and her old tits. She was also right that I didn’t like John much. He wasn’t really my type. Of course, I do like a thick dick. She was a dear friend. And I knew that he would never be cheating on her with me, although I didn’t guarantee I wouldn’t fuck her again without him. Still I was somewhat reluctant.

“It is against my better judgement, but I’ll do it. Just for you. But we have got to plan. I absolutely do not want him to know in advance that I am going to have sex with him. It has to be a surprise,” I said.

Sylvia giggled. “Of course it has to be a surprise. What good is a birthday present if it isn’t a surprise? I kind of have a plan, but I know you’ll have some good ideas. Where do you think we should start?”

“Well, there has to be a setup…”

Two weekends later, I pulled into Sylvia’s driveway behind her house. John’s truck was there, and he and Sylvia were washing it, as planned. I hopped out of my little car. I was wearing my usual bursa escort bayan cutoffs and a low-cut halter top.

“Hey guys! How are you doing?” I called. Sylvia was dressed almost identically to me. Her top was wet and her nipples were standing up tall. “Sylvia, I sure have missed you. Hey, John!” Sylvia walked up to me and gave me a kiss. We began to kiss deeply. Then we held each other tight, first rubbing our breasts, then slowly grinding our pussys together. John didn’t really pay any attention until we slid a hand down each other’s shorts. He just stood there watching with the hose running water onto his truck. When our shorts dropped around our ankles, his jaw dropped open. He got an eye full as we slid fingers up each other’s slits.

“My gosh, that feels good,” Sylvia whispered in my ear. “Is he watching?”

“He’s staring,” I answered.

We kissed and licked and felt each other’s twats for a few minutes and John just stood there. I whispered to Sylvia, “You’re going to have to get him to move or I’m going to come on your fingers. He’s just standing there with a huge woody.”

“Let’s hop in the bed of the truck,” Sylvia whispered. “He usually equates bed and sex.” He still stood there.

“Well, are you coming, birthday boy?” She asked him. Slowly the light dawned. He grinned, dropped his shorts and joined us. In short order, we were sucking on his dick, much to his delight. Of course, we did not neglect each other. I could not keep my hands off those new tits, and she couldn’t keep her hands out of her own pussy. Her tits were just as delightful as I imagined, and his hard cock lived up to its billing, as well.

Sylvia and I had scripted this out pretty closely. We had decided that we would let him fuck me first, since it would be strange and new. But I wanted sex with her at the same time. I made her promise not to neglect me while his dick was up my cunt. And we wanted this interlude to last a long time, so she had already slipped him a Viagra mickey. He may come, but he’d stay hard for hours; long enough to satisfy both of us. Oh, yeah, and him too. That was actually the least of my concerns, but I didn’t say that, either.

Sylvia pushed him back against the frame of the truck, and jacked his shaft a few times. Then, I put my arms around her and she lifted me like a baby and lined my up to drop down on his cock. He got the idea and helped lift me. Sylvia French kissed me as she pushed his dick up into my pussy. That was something I had never felt before, a woman pushing a cock into me.

The two of them bounced me up and down on his cock. I was hotter and wetter than I ever thought I would be with John’s dick in me. But Sylvia kept kissing and biting me and rubbing my clit. The combination of her attentions and his fat cock sliding in and out of me was more than I could handle. I came loudly. I screamed and moaned. Then John began to grunt. His fat cock started to throb and he squirted into me. He loaded my pussy with his come.

After we all caught our breath, they helped me slide off John’s dick. He looked really surprised when he looked down and saw his cock still standing at attention in spite of his orgasm. He grinned at it. Some men are so simple.

I lay down in the bed of the truck and Sylvia lay on top of me. We started to kiss and rub our pussies together. Our tits rubbed. We were very into each other. John decided to participate. He climbed behind her and stuck his fat hard dick into her from behind. She gasped and kissed me harder. He started to ram in and out of her. I pinched my own nipples.

It was really incredible to feel up Sylvia’s wonderful body as it slid over top of me while John was fucking her like a dog. Those huge nipples on her new tits were standing up tall and proud. This was way better than I ever thought it would be. John was so into having sex that he didn’t say anything stupid. Come to think of it, he didn’t say anything at all. That was really nice, because Karen was right, he was an ignorant asshole.

It was really sweet to feel her pussy rubbing against mine while John’s dick was pounding in and out of her. She was whimpering and moaning. Those new tits were bouncing back and forth. I would have fondled them, but she was pinning me down while he was fucking her. It was enough that I felt her cunt up against mine. Her sweat was dripping on me and so was her pussy juice. He was ramming it in pretty deep. She was loving it. The Viagra was making his dick hard and long as well as fat. Sylvia was coming and coming hard. Her pubes were intertwining with mine as he pounded his dick into her. It must have been incredible, because she started to scream and rub her pussy hard against escort bursa mine. John squirted again and filled her up, throbbing hard inside her. Sylvia couldn’t help it, she came again. I couldn’t help it. I came again.

I wanted more of Sylvia. I stood her up so that I could lick her pussy. John was still ramming her from behind. His dick was so pumped on Viagra that he didn’t miss a beat. I began to wonder how much she had given him. I didn’t care what he was doing to her, I licked and sucked as much as I could. I stuck my tongue up her pussy. I licked her clit. I squeezed her thighs. And those tits. Her new tits were actually quite something. They were big and perfect and those huge nipples were special. I licked them while he rammed that dick in and out of her. I fingered myself to an orgasm. Sylvia squealed with one and John just kept sliding it in and out. I played with her clit as he fucked her and I finally got to suck on those big nipples as much as I wanted.

Sylvia started to breathe words into my ear. “Keep fingering me. I love your fingers on my clit. Don’t let go. Suck on my nipples. Suck hard. Take my whole tit into your mouth. You are what is making me come. His dick is just filling my hole. You are the icing that is making me come. Keep fingering me. Stick your fingers up there with his cock. I want to feel your fingers and his dick inside me at the same time.” I finger-fucked her as much as I could.

I licked her tits and I started to finger-fuck myself. His dick was sliding in and out of her. I just felt like I needed to have something inside my cunt. The only thing I had were my fingers. And I worked them for all they were worth. John was actually coming again. He moaned and groaned and shot again. I was massaging my clit and Sylvia was massaging hers and John was unloading into her. She intertwined her legs with mine while he pumped his jizz into her.

I really loved Sylvia, she had been right about that. I loved making love to her, and I didn’t even mind old John. He did have the dick and the jizz from time to time. Sylvia had given me multiple orgasms over the course of the afternoon, but I thought it was time to move in and conquer.

“Sylvia, let’s take him now!” I said. We had decided that we would tag team him at this point. Sylvia had had the dick enough. It was my turn. She had been bragging on his pussy licking ability. Now was the time to prove it. It was her orgasm that was in doubt. I was going to be riding the dick. I was going to get off, no matter what.

We laid him down in the bed of the truck. Sylvia spread her pussy lips and dropped them down on his mouth. He knew just what to do and he did it with a vengeance. I slid my pussy down over his fat dick. Together, we started to rock back and forth, both of us wanting as much male attention as we could get at that time. Sylvia rocked back and forth over his tongue, feeling up her clit the whole time. I slammed my pussy hard up and down on his welcoming cock. I needed it hard and fast, and he was willing to deliver. When he wasn’t pussy licking, that is.

I was sweating and fucking and riding a cock up and down hard. My friend was having a tongue stuck up into her pussy. I was into it totally. I was all about the dick in my pussy at that point. I grunted and cried. Sylvia moaned and squirmed. We both came. Finally, John squirted another load into me. I loved it.

John was still hard, just as we planned. Sylvia said to me, “Take the dick for yourself. He can’t hold out much longer. You have been there for me so much through this whole thing. You deserve to have the last jam. He’ll pound you until he has no more dick left. It’s all yours.”

“I want his dick up my pussy, but I want to kiss you. I want to feel more of those great, new tits. I want to run my fingers through your hot, wet, pussy. I want to lick your clit while I get pumped. Do you think we can arrange that?”

“His dick seems to be yours, and my whole body is yours. Lick me, suck me, make me come.” John began to fuck me dog style while I dove me face into Sylvia’s pussy. Everything I knew about pussy licking, I used on her cunt. My face became slick with her pussy juice.

At that point, I started to come. Sylvia felt me coming and she came. Amazingly, John came again, squirting more jizz into me. I didn’t quit licking Sylvia’s pussy until we were all done coming.

John pulled his dick out of me, looked down at it and said, ”Mother fuck. The son of a bitch is still hard. I even amaze myself.”

“Shut up you dumb bastard, “ Sylvia said. You are just hard to keep us happy. Enjoy your orgasms and be quiet.”

John didn’t know what to say, so he didn’t say anything.

That afternoon, Sylvia and I were completely satisfied. John didn’t say much, I got to play with those beautiful tits, and Sylvia and I learned what it was like to fuck each other and share a dick. What a great day!

Happy girl, happy pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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